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My Friends Feed Me Cum

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I had a pretty normal life growing up in the Baltimore suburbs, and since I was active in sports and played football in high school, I had a lot of good friends. Most of us went on to college, and only two of my best friends and I were able to get jobs back in the Baltimore area and raise our families here. My name is Ed, and I was fifty years old at the time of this story and married to a lovely woman named Leslie. I met her in college, and we have two children who are now grown and living on their own.My friends are also married and have grown children, and we had been able to remain friends and often got together socially over the years. We meet for barbeques in the summer and sometimes met to play cards, and we were fortunate that all our wives got along well with one another and with all of us guys. We are the same age with our wives being a couple of years younger. Sometimes just the guys go out to the bars drinking, but we didn’t do that very much, at least not until we were approaching fifty years of age.My best friend is Keith, and he is about my size at six feet and two inches tall and weighing one hundred and ninety pounds. He has always been the best-looking guy in our group and had the best luck with the girls in school since he was the star quarterback on our team. Lamont is a black guy, and at six feet tall and one hundred and ninety pounds. He is powerfully built and had been a running back on the team. He was also very popular with the girls.When it was just us guys together, the topic almost always turned to sex, so we all pretty much knew how the others’ love lives were going, and I soon noticed a trend. As we guys approached fifty years of age and our wives were in their late forties, the wives wanted less and less sex. Maybe that was due to menopause or just the age factor, but we were getting less sex and more and more horny all of the time.We eventually started going to strip clubs when we went out without our wives, and although it wasn’t openly discussed, I could tell from some of the comments that the guys were masturbating after our nights out at the clubs. I at least knew that I sure was. They were both always talking about at a minimum wanting a blow job since they weren’t getting any pussy. We were at one of the clubs one night, and I saw something that surprisingly got me aroused.We normally sat right by the stage, but that night we arrived late at the club and had to take a booth near the back. There were some new, young strippers who couldn’t have been more than twenty years old, and they all have big tits and very nice asses. We were sitting kind of bunched up in the middle of the booth so we’d all have a good view of the stage, and I was in the middle with Keith on one side and Lamont on the other. As the dancers stripped, I sensed some slight movements on both sides of me and looked down to see that both Keith and Lamont were rubbing some very large lumps in their pants. Istill don’t know why seeing them rubbing their cocks was so arousing to me because I had never had any interest in other men. I remember from high school in kaçak iddaa the shower seeing a lot of the boys’ cocks, but I never paid much attention to them. I did notice back then that both Keith and Lamont have large soft cocks, and I still remembered seeing their soft meat and large balls swinging between their legs, but it was of no interest to me then. But that night, I found myself staring at them playing with their cocks.The strippers were then totally nude, and my friends must have lost total control of themselves. Keith was the first to unbutton and unzip his pants and pull his cock out, and it looked to be fully hard and nine inches long and as thick as a summer sausage. He was openly stroking himself, and as I looked over at Lamont, he also had his cock out of his pants.It is black of course, and had to be ten inches long and almost as thick as my wrist, and I found myself looking back and forth between them. I could then see why they were so popular with the girls in school. My dick was hard from just watching them, but it is only about five inches long and a normal thickness, so I felt like a little boy next to them.I couldn’t help staring at them and just hoped that they didn’t see me showing so much interest, and I soon realized that I was rubbing my own dick through my pants. It would have looked pretty funny to someone if they noticed us, with Keith and Lamont looking at the girls and jacking off, while I was looking at their cocks and rubbing my own little dick.That went on for another five minutes and then I saw that both guys had closed their eyes and were tensing up, and I heard their cum splashing on the floor under our table. The smell of their semen filled the air, and for the first time in my life I found myself thinking what it would be like to feel another man’s cock, and to even feel and taste their cum. Following their ejaculations both guys were quiet, and we left for home without discussing what had happened.I was driving and dropped Lamont off at his home first, and then I continued to Keith’s home. I pulled into the driveway and Keith said, “Turn off the engine for a minute, Ed; I need to talk to you.”I had no idea what Keith wanted, but I turned the key and then turned to listen to him. He thought for a few seconds and said, “I’m sorry about what Lamont and I did in the club tonight, but I just got so turned on by those young cunts that I had to take care of my hard, throbbing cock. But, the thing that surprised me was how intently you were watching us jack off. I don’t know if Lamont noticed, but you really had a look of hunger on your face. Tell me what you were thinking.”It was really embarrassing for me to get caught staring at their cocks, but since I knew that at least Keith had seen me looking, I decided to be honest with him saying, “I’m not sure what I was thinking, Keith. I have never seen you guys lose control like that, and I never had an interest in looking at another man’s cock. But I have to admit that it was arousing to see you guys stroking those huge cocks, and then the smell of your cum really excited me.””I certainly kaçak bahis can’t explain the attraction, but we have been friends too long for me to lie about it. You have to admit that it was pretty brazen of you two to bare yourselves and ejaculate on the floor. Imagine the poor janitor who has to clean that mess up.”Keith laughed when I mentioned the mess they made and then he said, “Yeah that was quite a mess. I hadn’t shot my load in two weeks, so I know that I squirted a lot of juice onto the floor. It’s just that I’m getting so horny since I’m not getting much pussy anymore, and I didn’t think you guys would mind if I gave myself a little relief. But I still can’t get over how you were staring at us.”I then said, “Okay, Keith, if I figure out why seeing you guys do that got me so aroused I’ll let you know. Maybe it was that I never realized how big your cocks are since I had only seen you guys soft in the shower back in high school.”Keith then paused as if he was deciding whether to say what was on his mind, and then he said, “I guess I’m not sure what to say, but if you ever have any interest in getting a closer look, then just let me know.”I left Keith’s home and was veryy conflicted as I drove home. My best friend had just offered me his cock, and I was actually considering it, just like it was the most natural thing in the world. I knew that I liked women and pussy better than anything, yet there I was thinking about another man’s cock. I got home and had a fitful night’s sleep, and then got up early the next morning and went to my home office and turned on my PC.I couldn’t get Keith’s offer out of my mind, so I started doing web searches on various topics like bisexual, cocks, cock sucking, and others. Then I found some websites that discussed men who develop a taste for cock later in life, usually after their wives lose interest in sex, and found that it isn’t all that uncommon. At least I felt a little better knowing that I wasn’t alone in my desires, but I still had no urge to take this farther.The next few weeks were kind of interesting, because I noticed that whenever I was with either Keith or Lamont, or even when we were all together, the conversations always turned more quickly to sex, and they were both always talking about how great it would be to get a blowjob. It was obvious to me that either Lamont had seen me looking at his cock in the club that night, or Keith had told him about that and our conversation afterwards. I had still not made up my mind about how I felt about everything and my urges that were only growing stronger. So, I just laughed and said nothing whenever they talked about it. Things changed the next time we went to the strip club.We arrived early at the club, but Keith still chose to sit in a booth in the back of the room, even though there were plenty of tables available next to the stage. He maneuvered things to have me to sit between them as before. The evening was proceeding normally, and then as it got later those younger girls came on stage, and I could tell that my friends were getting turned on by them. I watched illegal bahis as they first started rubbing their cocks in their pants, but soon they had unbuttoned, unzipped, and had pulled their pants and underwear half way down their thighs.I saw those big hard and vein-covered cocks just like last time, but then I saw their big balls hanging heavily on the seat and moving up and down as they stroked their thick cocks. I was so turned on watching them that I didn’t even try to hide it. I had just looked up at the stage to watch the girls, and then it happened. Both Keith and Lamont reached over and pulled one of my hands to each of their cocks.Although I resisted a little at first, I soon became intrigued by the feeling of their thick, uncircumcised cocks in my hand. They were hard and at the same time soft and pliable, and I really liked the thickness and weight of them, especially when compared to my little dick. I was amazed that they were so sure of themselves to assume that I would rub their cocks, but I was even more amazed at myself for just going along with it with little resistance.They started moving my hand back and forth on their cocks, and soon let go of me and I was stroking them on my own. Both of those big shafts were damp from the precum they were leaking, and I could smell their virility and semen. I could hardly believe that I was sitting here stroking my best friends’ cocks, and they were just smiling and looking at the stage, like nothing was happening.After jacking them for a few more minutes, both guys reached into their shirt pockets and took out magnum condoms. They opened the packages and gave me the lubricated condoms, and I rolled them onto their huge, hard cocks, without a word being said. I continued jacking them for only a few more minutes, when I felt both of their cocks stiffen up and begin throbbing and pulsing. I felt the vibration of their cum loads as they shot from their cocks and into the condoms.Then Keith looked at me and said, “Oh shit, Ed that felt great and much better than jacking myself off. Go ahead and finish jacking the cum out of our cocks and then take them off and tie a knot in them, so we don’t make a mess.”I reached down and slid Keith’s condom off first, and I got a little of his cum on my hand as I slid it off and tied the knot. I was surprised by the weight of his cum in the rubber. I’m not sure what they expected me to do with the rubbers, and they probably thought I would just drop them on the floor, but instead I sneaked it into my lap. As I was moving my hands over to take off Lamont’s rubber, I unconsciously brought my hand to my lips and licked off Keith’s cum that I got on my hand. It tasted kind of salty and a little tangy; probably from all of our drinking.I was also excited by the smell of his cum, and I still don’t know why it turned me on so much. I then slid Lamont’s condom from his softening cock, and tied a knot in it and also put it in my lap. I had a taste of Lamont’s cum as well. Keith and Lamont really smiled when they saw me taste their juices, and I’m sure they felt that it was only a matter of a little time before I would be sucking their cocks and swallowing all their cum. As we got up to leave, I carefully put the used condoms into my pocket, and I didn’t think they saw me do that.

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