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My Friend’s Girlfriend

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It was another one of those post exam wild summer nights at Sean’s house. With his parents working abroad, his house was the ideal location for our group of pals to soak up the rest of the lazy Irish summer before all of us would head to university that September. Since our exams had concluded that June, the house had seen a copious amount of drinking, given that word had gotten around that Sean’s house was the place to be that summer. Many nights had seen us make attempts to chat up and score the girls that expectedly arrived for various evenings that Sean had organized. That particular night had seen a particularly vociferous gathering. Despite Sean’s girlfriend Ciara being at the party; he had drunk himself into an insurmountable stupor before 12 o’clock, much to her intense annoyance. Ciara was a girl that we only knew through Sean: she hadn’t been to our school and mostly stayed with her own friends when coming to Sean’s place, who gathered around her like giggling bodyguards. Tonight they had not made an appearance for whatever reason, meaning that Ciara spent the rest of the evening looking sullen and ignoring the rest of the party goers while Sean slept it out upstairs.

Little by little, the air went out of the party as people slunk away into the night, some to get taxis home and others to venture into the city to try continue the party on elsewhere. Eventually by 3am all that remained as party evidence at the house were us four lads drinking beer cans on the patio outside in the twilight of a summer night while Ciara sullenly sat on the couch inside. She seemed to be making a point of going to bed as late as possible so that she wouldn’t have to lie next to the unconscious Sean.

Mark nudged me on the shoulder. Towering well over six foot tall, he was the largest of us four guys. An avid rugby player, at 19 years old he boasted biceps worthy of any man and a chest which his plain white t-shirt clung tightly around. His chiseled looks had caught the eye of many girls over the course of the summer, yet his shy personality often meant that a flirty look was met with an embarrassed blush as opposed to a witty retort. ‘Should we go talk to her, so?’ he asked, gesturing at Ciara sitting indoors. Perhaps the evening drinking had mustered up some Dutch courage.

‘Yeah, why not?’ said Matt, overhearing from his seat on the opposite side of the patio. Of all of us, Matt had the best luck with the ladies. Although not conventionally handsome, a full beard at 18 years old and a filled out frame had resulted in some memorable stories of pulling girls much older than him, including a 34 year old on a night out who he had convinced he was a 28 year old trainee dentist. Dara tipped his head in agreement in the seat next to him, sipping from his can. ‘Sure she hasn’t said much all night’.

Grabbing a can from the bucket of cold water outside, I nervously stepped through the sliding glass doors at the side of the house and poked my head around the door. Ciara sat curled up on the low couch across the room, sliding through her ankara ucuz escortlar phone with a bored look on her face. She was wearing a low navy dress which she swept under her feet, as well as a white denim jacket draped around her shoulders. Her straight auburn hair fell naturally onto her shoulder and I could just make out her faint freckles on her face illuminated by the glow of her phone screen. I waggled the can.

‘Err…we’re still drinking out here if you’d like to join us?’

She looked up with a confused look before cracking a smile. ‘You’re the first person to actually talk to me all evening’ she said, before swinging her legs around and getting up. ‘I would like to join ye’. I handed her the can and we walked back to the patio, where we all hurriedly introduced ourselves and quickly got stuck into the remaining beer cans that were floating in the bucket. With a girl in our presence the conversation we were having had swiftly changed from reminiscing about various sports games to girls and our various interactions with them. At times it must have had borderlined boasting, but Ciara seemed to be enjoying herself and laughed along at all the right times. Buoyed by alcohol the stories seemed to get bawdier and bawdier, Dara brought up the topic of who he thought had the best tits, while Matt decided to give an expose on the perfect vagina. It was at this that Ciara piped up.

‘And what about the perfect dick?’

We were all taken aback by that question and erupted in laughter. When this had finally subsided, Ciara sat there defiant with a smile on her face. Finally Matt piped up.

‘It’s obvious isn’t it? I’ve got the perfect one’

There was howls of derision from the rest of us at this statement, with all of us proclaiming the same and talking down our friends. Finally this reduced into laughter as the five of us fell about the place. ‘I think’, Ciara chuckled, ‘that we should have a competition to see’. We exchanged a look with each other. ‘You mean between the four of us? Who would be judging?’ we asked. ‘I think I should’ Ciara said sweetly. ‘Given that I would be impartial and all that’. We exchanged a look again as if to believe that this was actually happening. ‘Go on’ she goaded softly. ‘Just one look’.

Whether it was by alcohol or sheer stupidity in the silence that followed I had convinced myself that it was a good idea. With a sense of bravado fit for the stage, I stood up out of my seat and, undoing my belt buckle, pulled my trousers and underpants down to my ankles in one sweep. Standing directly in front of Ciara, I saw her jaw drop and her eyes widen in surprise. In what seemed like seconds my buddies had joined me at my side, pants around ankles.

Immediately Ciara burst out laughing. After what seemed like an embarrassing age, she regained her composure. ‘No no no no’ she sniggered. ‘I can’t judge them like that’. We exchanged a confused look. ‘I’m going to have to see them hard to compare ‘ she said. In some part of my brain I had hoped that this was where sincan üniversiteli escortlar she was going with this, but up to that point I hadn’t admitted it to myself. I was conscious to the fact that her boyfriend, one of my closest friends, was asleep just meters above our heads and now we had shown her our four cocks while she requested we get them hard. I looked to my right to see that Matt had taken matters into his own hands and was busily handling his cock. ‘I’m going to take the crown’ he shrugged, ‘but I’m going to need some encouragement’ he said, turning to Ciara in the seat.

As if electrified, Ciara jumped out of the seat. She began walking up and down the line of us, pausing to have a good look at each of our cocks. Matt had already built up an strong erection and she watched with fascination as he pulled back his foreskin and showed her the throbbing purple head of his cock. With a deft movement, Ciara leaned forward and hitching up her dress, pulled down her lacy knickers to expose her round, pale ass. This was all the encouragement we needed and we grabbed our cocks eagerly as she pulled her cheeks aside to expose her pink puckered bumhole. At that point I was taken by lust, jittery about wanking my stiff cock in front of my friend’s girlfriend and watching her put on a show for us. It must have been a surreal sight to an outsider, with four lads standing and stroking their bulging hard cocks while a girl pranced before them, offering encouragement. I could feel my cock getting ever harder in my hand, thick veins pulsing as I felt the first slip of precum as I pulled my foreskin forward and back over my smooth purple head.

‘I’m going to have to help myself too’ she announced. Turning around, she sat down in the seat and pulled her dress up. Spreading her legs open, we finally could see her beautiful pussy. Brown curly hairs covered her mound, leading to hairless lips and a glistening scarlet hole. Moving down, her hand found her plump clitoris while never taking her eyes off the four marvelous cocks standing to her attention. Moaning softly she rubbed herself gently but firmly, sometimes venturing two of her fingers to her glistening slit, where she could feel how wet she had gotten in the situation. In her excitement she transferred these fingers straight to her mouth, tasting her incredible hot pussy. In that moment I wanted nothing more than for her red lips to be eagerly around my cock, to slide my hard rod into her expectant pussy and to plunge it finally into her tight ass, all the while telling me how good my cock was compared to Sean’s.

To my left, Dara furiously jacked his cock while squeezing his hanging balls with his left. To my right, Mark slowly pulled on his stiff dong, transfixed by the scene in front of him. Matt held his shirt up with one hand and yanked his cock upwards, mouth slightly open as he watched Ciara play with her pussy. For what felt like an age the only sound that could be heard was the slap of our hard cocks as we beat them off coupled with the elvankent vip escortlar heavy breathing and gasps as the tension got ever hotter. Occasionally we could hear the sound of Ciara’s wet pussy as she furiously attacked her clit while surveying the dicks in front of her. Eventually, the inevitable came.

‘Where can we Cum?’ said Dara breathlessly.

With a smile, Ciara cheekily stuck out her tongue. Shuffling forward, Dara swept his dusty blonde hair out of his eyes and upped the pace, beating his cock as hard as his arm would allow him. With a loud grunt, Dara bucked his hips and ejaculated upwards, shooting a strong, watery rope of cum over Ciara’s mouth and splashing onto her beaming face. She giggled as he writhed and churned out faster, powerful squirts of cum which dripped on her forehead and nose. A final shake of Dara’s cock gave one last salvo onto her waiting tongue.

‘That was the right idea’ she grinned, as Dara made his retreat. ‘I think they should all be on my face. Who’s next?’.

As if by command, Matt stepped forward. I noticed Ciara blushed slightly and increased the intensity of her own pleasure, as she greedily eyed Matt’s cock and torso. Holding her head back in the seat, Matt groaned and hovered his cock over Ciara’s flushed face. His cock convulsed as a thick stream of hot semen slid out of his cock and landed on Ciara’s now -closed lips and chin. She cooed in delight as he moved his cock around over her face, depositing his load on her cheeks and forehead. As Matt moved away content, Ciara ran her hand across her face collecting cum and rubbing it onto her tongue.

This was more than I could take, feeling the familiar hot rush in my throbbing penis. Stepping forward, I made sure to stay a step back, knowing the nature of my orgasms. With one final frantic attempt, I felt the cum rising in my stiff cock. I let out a low growl as my cock erupted, shots of cum flying into the air. Ciara yelped in delight as hot shots of sperm landed across her pretty face. Cum also leapt into her hair and across her neck as I furiously jacked off my knob. Leaning forward, I churned a single rope out of my cock onto her cheek, where it dribbled down toward Ciara’s grinning face.

Mark grinned. ‘The best until last’ he said. Stepping forward, Mark upped to pace, his arms bulging in his tight shirt. ‘I’m going to cum!’ he announced. Thrusting his hips as if he was fucking his closed fist, Mark straddled Ciara and pumped one final load on her face. She groaned as his fat cumshots landed across her face. Finally Mark stepped back panting, balls emptied across Ciara’s face.

Ciara groaned in delight. ‘I think’ she said, ‘that we’re all winners tonight. And the show isn’t over!’ Nodding our approval, we watched as Ciara tasted our combined sperm around her mouth while working on her now soaking pussy and clitoris. After the performance we had put on, she didn’t have long to go. With a despairing sigh and a series of jerks, Ciara orgasmed powerfully in front of us, continually rubbing her pussy with our cum splattered across her face.

When he woke up in the morning, Sean didn’t notice the knowing gaze we gave each other as we gathered our things and went home. Although the years have passed and him and Ciara didn’t work out in the end, there are some things; we thought, that he is better off not knowing.

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