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My Grans Friends

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My Grans FriendsSo i recently moved to my nans and her friend wendy is always here and shes 78 with short dark hair and about 5.10 tall.so i have never really found her attractive but then something happend and whenever she was around i would just be super horny and my 8 inch dick would be come erect in no time.so one day after i had come home from school and gone to my bedroom i heard them chatting downstairs about some TV shows then i heard someone walk out the door so i went down to check who had left, and it was my gran and she had left wendy herewhilst she had gone to the store.so i go into the living room and find wendy there smoking a cigarette with a long skirt and a top witch gave her some nice cleavage, and i sit down on the couch next to her and we started to chat about some random stuff, until i turned the mood a bit personal.”so wend have you ever been married” i asked”nah chris i havent but if you find the right girl make sure you do, okay” she replied.so i had canlı bahis some knowledge of her and knew that she’s been living on her own for quite some time now so i ask her “whens the last time you were in a relationship?””god it must be 14 years now” she replied.”wow 14 years thats quite some time, i means c’mon 14 years” i said”why are you so shocked?” she said my face suddenly grew red and i thought should i tell her the truth or make some ridiculous lie. i though fuck it may as-well take the opportunity, so nervously i said “well 14 years..without…ya know..Sex”she blushed and said “well thats not that long besides my sex drive has sort of faded away””thats a big shame” i said”whys that” wendy said curiously to which i replied “because id love to give you one”she was shocked and at this point my gran walked through the door as i walked off back up stairs wendy saw the huge bulge in my pants and her eyes almost lit up.DAY 2:so after yesterdays encounter with wendy i wasnt bahis siteleri sure if she would be back at my grans anytime soon but to my surprise she did.i walked downstairs entered the living room and sat on the couch opposite and we were eying each other up and down the it seemed to go on forever until my gran left the room for a few moments then wendy quickly came over to me and sat down.”go to my house now im gonna give you the time of your life” she said whilst she had her hand rubbing my crotch making me insanely horny.so i shot up said gran im off out for a bit, as soon as i was out the door i ran to her house and 15 minutes later she arrived.”get in now go upstairs and strip and il be up” she demandedi went upstairs and followed her orders, and lay there just imagining what was going to happen.she walks through the door wearing a black bra and panties with long black stockings on staring directly at me she came over as i sat on the edge of the bed she climbed over güvenilir bahis me , lay me down and lowered her hairy wrinkly and sweet smelling pussy on to my face i started teasing her with my tongue she moaned so loud and then i placed my tongue inbetween her pussy lips and tasted the sweet taste of her wet pussy and moments later i felt her pussy spazaming and she came all over my face it was the best feeling ever.until i lifted her up and sat her on my lap where i grabbed her saggy tits and tarted sucking those succulent erect nipple and then she gripped my dick and placed it inbetween her lips i pushed her with force onto the bed and then slowly pushed my throbbing cock into her 1 inch at a time until she Screamed “fuck me as hard as you can”i gripped her legs put them around my waste and started fucking her as hard as i could her pussy dripping wet and silky smooth in minutes she was eady to orgasm, me too i felt it and before i knew it i was thrusting cum in to her pussy with every push of my dick and she at the same time orgasmed it was truly amazing.since then we have fucked on multiple occasions and sometimes even when my gran has gone to the store she’ll give me a quick blow job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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