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MY HONEYMOON-VACTION IN TENERIFEWe were on our honeymoon when we met Emma and alex. She was smoking hot, he was sexy also i was often checking her out by the pool in her sexy bikini, wow she looked amazing my husband never give her a second look. This happened over the last few nights, we were all at bar drinking my husband was drunk so he went back to our room. They invited me back to their room as they had some alcohol to finish off. I didn’t think anything of it they seemed a close couple and had shown no sexual interest in me. But after a few drinks, alex asked if i thought Emma was gorgeous tonight. I agreed and said she always looks gorgeous. Alex grinned and said, ” i thought as much by the way you’ve been eyeing her up all week!!!” i went red but Emma said she took it as a compliment. She’d never been fancied by a girl before and it had made her pussy tingle. Then she learned forward and kissed me and said she wanted to see if that made her pussy tingle.Then Emma pulled me closer and i began roaming my hands all over her body. We pulled each other’s tops off and i saw out the corner of my eye maltepe escort alex wanking. This got me more turned on and i started nibbling at a moaning Emma’s buds. ” you dirty bitch,” she panted. “you’ve seen nothing yet,” i replied. I ran my fingers up her thobbing crack and pushed them up her wet tunnel. She gave an almighty moan so i sped up till she came stickily all over my fingers. Alex came over and wanked his amazing load on his missus’s pussy and i was straight down there to clean up the juices. As i sucked on her spunk-splattered clit she came hard.I lapped up her juices and gave her a taste of two loads of cum by sticking my tongue down her throat and kissing her. Then Emma sucked Alex’s cock, getting him back to a raging hard-on, as she wriggled beneath my tongue.Emma told Alex she was so horny she wanted to see him fuck me. We all agreed so i got on all fours and Alex rammed it up me. He fucked me hard and fast, the way i love it, while Emma flicked herself off watching us fucking. Alex was nearly there so he told me to sit next to Emma. Then he sprayed his jism all over both our escort maltepe pussies. Emma licked his cum off my pussy it was her first taste of cunt. She didn’t want to share it and swallowed all my gushes of cunt cream. Alex sat there in amazement as he saw this dirty new side of Emma unfold. They thanked me for helping them open a new chapter in their sex lives. Alex asked for one last favor tomorrow our last day will spend the day with Emma and fuck her its her fantasy to have one-on-one sex with another woman. Also can we tape it so i can have my pleasure. We all agreed to this.The next morning alex and Emma came to our room. Alex talked my husband around to join him on lad’s day out Emma looked amazing and very sexy. She had a two way dildo it was 12 inches long, love to try this with you donna that looks fantastic Emma, we grinned and smiled at each other. ” This is going to fucking amazing ” i grinned and Emma took the dildo and made me lay on the bed. She positioned herself between my legs and placed 4 inches of the dildo inside of me and moved closer so she could get the other end in maltepe escort bayan her. ” Oh i breathed loving the felling of the dildo in me. She put the other end of the dildo inside her and she closed her eyes. “ready babe?” she asked pushing towards me. ” Oh fuck, Oh fucking yes.” we both moaning and groaning, and started to rock back and forth. ” fuck yes, fuck me.” Emma breathed and started to rock faster, causing the dildo to fuck me harder. “Oh my fucking GOD.” i breathed pushing back at her. My pussy was going crazy, i could fell the orgasm building in me already. “Oh yes,yes,fuck yes, Oh my fucking GOD.” we breathed having our orgasm’s and we started to fuck each other again finding a new amazing rhythm that felt fucking fantastic.”were in so close now.” we breathed rocking towards each other faster. “fucking ready babe?” she breathed looking at me and i closed my eyes.” fuck yes.” i moaned and she moved of the dildo quickly and started to pull it out of me. “fuck babe your amazing fuck.” she started to slam the dildo back into me, hard and fast till i orgasm again. We both had a time out then we repeated this fucking our ass-holes this was amazing day Emma was a amazing fuck i agreed to come to Australia in six months time on our next vacation.TRUE STORY ABOUT DONNA HALLTELLING THIS STORY WAS DONNA HALLPUBLISHED BY SHAUN HAWKES

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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