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My hot virgin sister in law

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My hot virgin sister in lawMy hot virgin sister in law100% fiction!This story that happened in my life a week ago. The story is about how I fucked my virgin sister in law (sil). Her name is arthi (name changed) and she is 23 yrs old and has a sexy body 32D-28-34. I have been attracted to her since my marriage. Last week my mother in law was admitted in the hospital for a surgery so my wife was accompanying her at the hospital. Since my mother in law needed to be admitted in the hospital for a couple of days, my wife suggested that I go along with my sister in law to her place to collect some clothes for my mother in law. The idea of me driving her home alone triggered me ideas of tasting my sister in law and I had an instant erection.All through the way I had the erection and I also noticed that my sister in law was also eyeing that. When we reached her place she opened the door and went inside my mother in law’s room to grab her clothes. I locked the main door from inside and silently went behind her. I watched her from behind collecting the clothes. Seeing her ass swaying from side to side I couldn’t simply resist. I went and hugged her from behind. She immediately reacted adiosbet yeni giriş and pushed me away.She then told me that what I was doing was not right. I replied back that all is fair in love and war. She then insisted that her sister (my wife) will feel bad if she ever comes to know about it. I assured her that not a soul will know about this. I pulled her towards me and started kissing her lips. Initially she resisted but when I started caressing her boobs she submitted herself to me.Milf Bang Videos videosWe kissed for full 10 minutes while I was caressing her boobs and rubbing her groin. I undressed her tops and then I sucked her breasts over her bra. She gave light moans when I gently bit her boobs. My hands were roaming on her back massaging it and I slowly unhooked her bra. Her boobs were milky white and were of the size of small melons with a brown nipple. I started sucking her nipples and made her unzip my pant to release my throbbing cock. She also pulled down my underwear. She was surprised by the size of my cock as it was the first time she was seeing a cock in reality.I made her sit on the cot and told her to take my cock I her mouth. Initially adiosbet giriş she resisted and I assured her that it would be nice and erotic. She accepted and took it in her mouth meanwhile I took off my t-shirt. Now I stood completely naked in front of my sil and fucking her mouth. She could only take half of my cock inside as it was fat and long. Though she sucked like an amateur, she did a good job at it.I then made her stand up and kiss me to suck my own juices from her mouth as I unzipped her jeans. Now my sil was wearing only a panty and I made her lay on the bed. I went on top her kissing and licking all over her body. I went down towards her groin and licked her pussy over her panties. It was wet from her pre-cum. I removed it immediately and there it was, a clean shaven pussy dripping wet. I would have imagined that scene a thousand days before that day and at last that dream has come true.The moment I went down on her pussy and started licking it, she gave a shudder and started cumming. I drank all her juice and said her that was jus the beginning and there is lot more to cum.I then lay myself on the cot and made her come on top of me in the adiosbet güvenilirmi 69 position. I ate her pussy like a hungry dog and she came thrice during that time she also stroked and sucked my cock hard. We changed positions immediately to man on top. I whispered to her that the time has now come to loose her virginity to me. I also told that it might pain a little initially and after that she would be enjoying it.I rubbed my cock over her wet cunt and slowly thrusted it inside. It was tight but since it was well lubricated I was able to push half of my cock inside. She cried me to stop as it was paining but I didn’t. I gave on slight push and my cock was all inside. I assured her that the worst part is over and then on its only pleasure. I fucked her slowly until her pain receded. Now the crying stopped and she started moaning. I increased my tempo and fucked her for full 15 minutes. By that time my balls tightened and I spurted huge loads of cum inside her pussy. She came twice when I was fucking her and she came the third time when I came. Her legs were shivering and trembling after she came. She could’nt even stand and walk properly. I took her to the wash room and told her to use the hand-held shower to massage her thighs and pussy. I helped her in adjusting the right temperature for hot water.I watched her washing her pubic area with the shower and I had an instant turn on. But I controlled myself and kept that for the next episode…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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