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My Jekyll And Hyde

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Victor and I were eight months into our relationship when the below happened. It is the most erotic experience of my life.We enjoyed an adventurous sex life with only two rules: No solo masturbation, No watching porn alone.We greatly enjoyed exploring kinks together. In this phase of our relationship, Victor liked to be dominant. He asked if he could take me whenever he wished. I did not need much convincing.This permitted him to use me like his whore whenever he wanted and he did so at least once a day. He stormed into the room, bent me over, pulled panties down, and fucked me while his hands spanked my cheeks and he called me his filthy little whore. I loved every second of it.One night, I forgot to put my phone on charge. By morning, it was dead. We overslept by an hour because we used it as our alarm clock. There was no time for our usual morning lovemaking. We had to get dressed, brush our teeth and rush out the door. I worked as a librarian. Victor was retired (he’s in his seventies), but he worked various part-time charity jobs.Neither of us liked to be late, so we rushed around the house and barely acknowledged each other while we got ready. I opened the door to leave and looked back to see Victor struggling to knot izmit escort his tie. His hands trembled at times of stress. I rushed to help and gently put his hands to his sides.”Here, sweetie,” I said softly while I knotted his tie.”But you have to go,” Victor mumbled quietly and frowned; his boyish blue eyes widened in panic.I tightened his tie up to his collar and put his trembling hands in mine.”I am late, yes, but taking a few seconds to help my love will not change that.”I leaned in and tenderly pecked his lips. His mustache tickled me slightly. The trembling eased.”Good,” I smiled approvingly.”Now you have a good day, ok? I’ll see you tonight. I love you, baby.”I pressed my head against his and closed my eyes. I tried to burn this moment into my memory so I could cherish it forever.”I love you too, my dear. Your beauty calms even the stormiest of seas,” Victor smiled warmly.I blushed and stroked his cheek. “You’re sweet…”We locked lips once more and I reluctantly turned away to leave the little house we called home.I looked back for one final glance at my handsome man. I loved how he always tucked his shirt in because it emphasized his large, sexy potbelly. I yearned for his love but had no choice but to yahya kaptan escort go to work.It was a busy day at the library, with several, tense meetings that outlined how we were going to cope with our ever-dwindling budget. My boss wanted me to handle a challenging inventory check while also dealing with customers at the same time.”Sure, just let me fetch my cloning machine so I can be in two places at once,” I said internally. I both loved and loathed this place in equal measure.Throughout the day my stress level rose and rose. I kept getting interrupted whenever I tried to start the inventory check. By lunchtime, I was exhausted and just wanted to go home to snuggle up to my love on the sofa, drink some whiskey and listen to Mozart together. By 3 pm I finished the inventory check and was at the customer service desk. I yawned, zoned out, and thought of ways to avoid the next meeting that was going to take place in twenty minutes.I glanced around out of boredom and was very surprised to see a familiar, handsome man making his way to me hastily. This was irregular, as I hadn’t told my colleagues or anyone about us because of the fifty-year age gap. We agreed that Victor would gebze escort never come to see me at work.”Hey, you. What are you do-”  He interrupted me. He never did that.”Male toilets, furthest cubicle from the entrance door. Two minutes,” he said in a gruff, gravely whisper.“O-okay,” I stammered, confused by his voice, demeanour, and intense look in his eyes.I waited for one minute and thirty seconds before I opened the door to the men’s room. It creaked loudly. Just like in the women’s there was another door just in front of the first one. I opened this as well and walked to the furthest cubicle. I did not want to be caught in here. It felt naughty.I hesitated and felt uneasy, but forced myself to gently knock on the cubicle furthest from the door.”Sweetie, are you o-“Before I could finish Victor opened the cubicle and pulled me inside, before he closed and locked it behind us.He pushed me up roughly against the side of the cubicle and sleazily licked my cheek and ear. I felt his warm breath on my neck.He placed his hand over my mouth and squeezed so tightly I could barely breathe. My heart raced, my eyes a restless, frantic mix of fear and arousal. Adrenaline coursed through my veins.I felt his other hand lift my skirt up over my bottom and pull my panties down to my knees. Within seconds, I felt the tip of his warm, erect manhood run downwards between my buttocks. I heard him shudder with anticipation when he reached my pussy. He pushed all four inches of his gorgeous, wrinkly old cock inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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