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My life changed for ever – Part 2, The 1st evening

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My life changed for ever – Part 2, The 1st eveningAfter the episode in the airport and then in the car on the way to the apartment, I was a little dazed and confused but had started to understand my position, or lack of position. I had hired an airbnb apartment, it wasn’t too expensive at all, and it was private, decent rooms, plenty of space, and clean. We walked in, looked around and he nodded his head in approval.‘Good choice slave, I like it, come with me.’I followed him and he lead me to the bathroom, he pushed me into the shower and pushed me to the floor, he stripped of his clothes and wow, he was even hotter naked. His tanned, dark body, strong and powerful legs, big strong muscular arms, lean, and tight torso, compared to my useless, pathetic pale body! ‘Open your mouth.’ I did as he asked, he stepped into the shower, his cock was soft but still big and thick, I was staring at it, he slapped my face, I looked at him in pain and shock.‘You will drink my piss, every time I need to pee, you will drink it from my cock, no matter where we are you will drink it, and after you will lick my cock clean.’ I nodded, I had no choice, he was bigger, stronger, a real man, I was inferior, pathetic. He pushed his cock into my mouth, I wrapped my lips around it, he smelt so good, musky, manly, I looked into his eyes, he smiled, moaned a little, then my mouth started filling up with his pee, I swallowed and kept swallowing, so much, there was so much! It felt like a good minute, I had never done this before, it smelt like you would expect and tasted not much better! But I had managed to drink every last drop, I licked his cock clean, he started to get hard.‘Brush your teeth slave then come meet me in the bedroom.’ I did as he asked and then walked into the bedroom, on the bed was an array of toys, it took me by surprise, chains, collar, my dildo’s and a new monster one, sounding, bahis şirketleri hood, women’s sexy clothes and panties, a muzzle, a bar of some sorts and other things too. “Time to turn your ass into a real pussy boy”. I walked over to the bed, he pushed me, face first and immediately cuffed my hands behind my back, it was pretty uncomfortable, he pushed me onto all fours, put a muzzle over my mouth and spread my legs, removing the plug that was still in my ass. I turned round to look and got a hard slap on my ass, I looked forwards and decided that it would be a bad idea to look and see what was happening. I could hear the lube being used but didn’t know on what, a dildo? His cock? My head and shoulders were pushed into the bed, ass up and open, legs spread, just waiting, like a lamb to slaughter! Then I felt something pushing into my hole, the head popped in, he waited, then a little more, it was my big dildo, it was OK, i’ve trained my ass to take it, he pushed it all the way in, all the way out, in, harder, more forceful, out, in and even harder, out, faster, harder, twisting it as it was going in and out, opening my hole more and more. I was moaning, it was painful, but also pleasurable too, I was beginning to relax and enjoy it. He left it in deep after a few more minutes, then I felt a finger go in, then two, stretching them apart, opening up my hole even more, then three, wow, this had never happened to me before, I felt so open. He pulled the dildo out, I relaxed, next second there was something else being pushed in, and it was tight, it was the monster dildo, I don’t know how big it was but maybe about 12 or 14 inches if not more and thick as a can, or it felt like that. It was tight, he was forcing it in, I relaxed, and the head popped in, fuck! Wow, I was in shock, I expected master to be gentle at first but he was forcing it in hard and wasn’t messing bahis firmaları around, all of a sudden there was a surge of pain and I felt the base hard against my ass, it was in, all the way. He waited, I was feeling dizzy, it was tight and painful, he pulled it back, not all the way and in deep and hard, again and again and again. I almost passed out, there was pain, but so much pleasure too, he didn’t stop, I was handcuffed with a muzzle, head in a pillow on the bed, ass up being used and abused.I wondered if he would ever stop, he did, well for a minute anyway! He pulled it out, I was all over the place my head was swimming, my hole was open wide, he forced it back it hard, no remorse, fuck! He pulled it all the way out, in, out, he was a machine, my ass was his toy and he didn’t care about my feelings or the pain, harder and harder, more and more force, my ass was ruined! He pulled it out, finally I had a chance to catch my breath!‘Good boy, you did well my slave’, he stroked the back of my head, I could feel his big, thick dark cock rubbing against my white ass, my open ass. ‘You are mine, your ass is my property, I will use it however I want, whenever I want and right now it looks like a pussy more than an ass. You have a pussy now, and it is mine to fuck.’ And with that he pushed the head of his cock inside me, we both moaned at the same time! Then with one hard, forceful thrust he was all the way in, balls against my ass, then he pulled it out, forced it back in, out, in, hard and fast, my head started swimming, I was all over the place again. He slapped my ass hard, then he slapped the back of my head, he was really getting into it, and he just wasn’t stopping. Slapping my ass and head, again and again, fucking me harder and deeper, slapping me, fucking me harder, faster, slap, deeper. It seemed like hours were going by, I had no idea how long he had kaçak bahis siteleri been fucking me.‘Take it you dirty slut, that’s it, your pussy feels so good’, then he stopped, taking a breather, leaning forward he whispered into my ear. ‘Soon you will take my superior, strong semen inside you, my DNA will spread inside you, I will forever be inside you, you will be forever mine, as my DNA takes over and dominates you, whilst I dominate your behaviour, my DNA will dominate you from the inside. Turn around, I want you to see your eyes as you feel my superior sperm shoot deep into your guts.’I turned around, and looked into his eyes, on my back, looking up at this superior, stronger, beautiful and handsome muslim man, a god, I looked with admiration, love and a realisation that this was my purpose, I was surrendering to him, this was it, this was the moment. I was truly his. He leant forward, his face just above mine. He removed the muzzle, I could finally breath, ‘thank you master’.‘Open your mouth for me boy’, I did as he asked, he dropped huge droplets of his spit into my mouth, ‘drink it boy, taste me, you are mine now, forever mine.’ He started to make love to me, with so much strength, holding me in his arms, I was losing myself in his eyes, being hypnotised by him, I had never felt anything like this, he bit my ear, fucking me harder and harder.‘I give myself to you master, I am yours forever, you are amazing master, I love you.’‘Will you give your body and soul?’ ‘Yes’.‘Will you do anything and everything I ask?’ ‘Yes’.‘Anything?’ “Yes, anything master.’‘Good boy.’ And with that he groaned and shouted something out loud that I didn’t understand, he grunted like an a****l, he grabbed my throat with one hand, tight, slapped me with the other hand on the face, and again, grabbing my throat tighter. He must have shot 10, 11, 12, I don’t know maybe 15 shots of his superior semen into me, all the while holding my neck tighter, I couldn’t breath and was starting to pass out. He let go and dropped his body onto of me, his big cock still inside me and whispered ‘this is just the start my slave’.

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