Oca 17

My Little Piece Of Paradise.

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I lived in a tiny flat above the town’s bakers shop. My husband ran away with his fancy woman years ago. Needless to say when his money run out she left him. I was fifty-four years old and had just about given up on life, and I hadn’t had a job for over ten years.One morning as I passed the newsagents on my way to the butchers, I saw an advert in the window, all it said was office assistant wanted, and there was a phone number. Curiosity had got the better of me. I went to a nearby phonebox and dialed the number.A pleasant man by the name of Peter answered, I simply said that I had seen the job advertised and was enquiring about it. He explained briefly about the job and the location was Edwards garage, which was about a ten-minute walk from my flat.He seemed keen to employ someone rather quickly. An appointment was şişli escort made for ten am the following day. I arrived a few minutes early and was taken upstairs to Peter’s office, he was very friendly and looked about the same age as my youngest son.We had coffee and biscuits and chatted about the job generally. It seemed that Peter was very disorganised, there were papers in piles on his desk, and even on the carpet. We seemed to get on just fine, but he did indicate that he had several applicants for the job.On my way home it began to rain quite heavily, and I did not have my brolly with me. I rather liked the rain, it reminded me of the times that I would cycle over to black Crow woods with my brother Simon. We enjoyed being naked together and getting a good soaking, and we always ended up fucking behind şişli escort bayan the bushes.The best times were when I was pregnant, no precautions were needed. There was something rather pleasing about the feeling of his warm milky spunk being spurted deeply into my most willing slit.When I got home I slipped off my wet clothes and gave myself a pleasing rub down with a soft pink towel. I caught sight of myself in the full-length mirror, and I must admit that I rather liked what I saw. Three days later I received a badly typed letter from Peter, I had got the job, and he wanted me to start the following Monday.I just could not believe it. The big day duly arrived and I turned up at the garage about two minutes late. Peter was outside waiting for me, he introduced me to the six mechanics, and also the garage mecidiyeköy escort cat called Percy. The place had a good feeling about it.I was right about the office being in a bit of a shambles. It took me three days to file everything in my own filing system because Peter never had one. There were a couple of small things. He would touch my arm, or rest his hand lightly on my shoulders when he was leaning over me explaining the paperwork. What he didn’t know, was that I welcomed his discreet touches.The mechanics always finished early on Fridays and went down to the local pub for a few drinks. There were no facilities available for me, if I was in need I had to walk the short distance to my flat. I had a slight chill in my stomach which was proving troublesome, and it was once again raining.There was only really one thing for it. The mechanic’s toilet was a rather dirty place but it had to do. As I sat there I noticed there was writing on the walls about me, most of it was rather nice, but a few lines were rather suggestive and a little sexual.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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