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My neighbors petite hot wife!

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My neighbors petite hot wife!My wife and I are pretty good friends with the neighbors that live across from us. He’s a very well educated scientist and works for a large company near us. From time to time he’s away overnight and occasionally for several days at a time. His wife is a MILF of the highest order! She takes very good care of herself and is very petite. She has a curvy hourglass figure, firm breasts that just beg to be fondled and a tight ass. Often when she’s out walking her little dog she’ll stop over and talk. The conversation is usually about nothing in particular but since both of us own dogs, it’s a convenient excuse to come over and chat.When I’m home alone (my wife works evenings as a nurse supervisor)she will often stop over and chat. When she does she seems to take every opportunity to give me a long, lingering down blouse look at the twins. She always wears sexy, lacy (probably Victoria’s Secret) bras that really accentuates the cleavage. She will stand right in front of me, queenbet güvenilirmi bend over to pet the dogs and let her blouse hang open for a good long look! (She NEVER does that when my wife or her hubby is around, so I know it’s for my benefit!!) I’ve gotten more bold here of late and just the other day I let her catch me giving her a good looking over. She just smiled sweetly and let me look!!!!! I’ve even admired her form, very much on purpose to allow my cock to put a nice bulge in my pants. I caught her just once giving me a look, but it was erotic and fun and made my heart rate go up a little! One day, I hope to be able to turn the conversation more direct and I’m going to tell her I think she’s a very attractive woman and very pleasant to be around just to see how she responds! If and when I get the chance, I’m going to fuck the living hell out of her and leave her tight little body dripping from every hole! I have a huge fantasy of her calling me up on the queenbet yeni giriş phone (she’s done that before!) and inviting me over on some pretext of needing my help on some minor thing. Once accomplished, to show her gratitude, she’ll slowly wrap her arms around me and give me a long, deep kiss while undoing my belt and letting my pants drop to the floor. She’ll reach inside my undies and fondle my cock and balls. She’ll quickly learn that I have an above average, thick cock that gets very hard! She will be powerless to resist! (I can’t imagine her little hands could go around my cock and it will be hugely erotic and sexy to see her wedding rings rubbing on my hard cock!) By then, I’ll have her blouse and bra on the floor! I’ll tell her how much I’ve enjoyed her tits and how long I’ve dreamed of sucking on her pert nipples until they get tight and hard! Without more delay, she then will go to her knees so I can rub my cock all over face, neck, ears and lips and then queenbet giriş gently feed it to her little by little. Soon my cock will be banging the back of her throat and she will taste my precum for the first time! I’ll take her upstairs to the master bedroom and lay her out on her bed. I’ll position her so I can drive my thick 8″ cock down her throat repeatedly! I’ll finger her hot wet pussy and asshole and bring her to orgasm while I let me cock soak in her mouth.Just when I feel my cum starting to rise, I’ll position myself between her legs and in one big push, I’ll drive my cock balls deep inside her soaking wet pussy! I’ll fuck that gorgeous little pussy with long firm strokes until the last moment when I drive into her hard to empty my cum into her. When I cum, I often have four or five long thick streams of cum that fly out with very good force! She’ll feel my sperm splattering the walls of her pussy and womb! When my cock goes semi soft it will fall out of her drenched hole with a very satisfying, sloppy wet noise, completely covered with her cum and mine! She will become my fuck buddy and whenever her husband is out of town, she’ll let me know so I can go over and ‘help’ her with something….and leave her dripping and satisfied! I can’t wait for the phone to ring!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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