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Subject: My Nephew Matt- Chapter 5 My Nephew Matt – Chapter 5 by Greg Stevens – ail I spent the rest of the day in my room alone. I could not go into town without Matt following me, I could not even go into the woods without him. The next best thing was to stay in my room alone. At about 6pm Matt knocked on my door and asked if I wanted anything for dinner? His voice was the same and betrayed nothing of what happened earlier in the day. I replied, “no thanks Matt” trying to sound casual. I still could not get the memory of what happened out of my mind. At times the memory would fill me up and make me horny. It would almost make me feel more masculine if that is possible and at the same time make me feel a bit sick and weird. My leather jacket was draped over the chair and every time I looked at it I would get a warm sensation in my groin. It was as if the jacket had become a sexual item. Every time I looked at it or smelled it, my dick would stir in my pants. What was it about Matt and what was happening to me? Sex with guys? What was it with Matt and the leather jacket. “What the FUCK!!!!” I wanted to try something. My mind was locked on to it. I stripped down and picked up the jacket. I slipped it over my naked hairy body and went into the bathroom to look at myself. I was taken back. The look of this G-1 leather flight jacket that I had for years and never gave any thought to, now over my naked body took on a different feeling. A different look. It was a sexual look not just a jacket to be warn for warmth. It became a sexual item. As I stood there my dick started to get hard. Rock hard and started to ooze precum fast. I placed one hand on my nipple like Matt did and the other on my cock. I stood looking at my body framed by the leather in the mirror and started to stroke my hard cock. As my body warmed it made the leather smell intensify. I pulled the collar up to see how that looked. I had to admit that I really liked how the fur collar felt up around my neck. My fingers continued playing with my nipple as my other hand stroked my cock. My mind flashed on the image of Matt bent over the bed fucking himself with the dildo. I wanted to pull the dildo out and shove my cock in. I wanted to rape his tight ass. Fill him with my hard 8 and show him what it would feel like. Get back at him for teasing me. I thought about grabbing his hips and riding him hard. Harder than any woman I ever fucked. My hand pumped my dick hard as I imagined this. I could not get the image out of my mind. Fucking Matt was so intense, so raw, so dirty. As I started to get close, I abrubtly stopped stroking. Fucking Matt was wrong, taking him roughly as I imagined was wrong. My body sagged as I stood in front of the mirror. I let my dick slip from my hand. I pulled the jacket off and put it back on the chair. I had to talk to Matt. I had to put an end to this. I threw on some cloths and went downstairs to find Matt. He was sitting on the sofa in a tight tank top and some running shorts. Why the fuck did he have to be such a good-looking guy. “Hey Uncle Danny” Matt called out as if nothing had happened. “Hey Matt” I replied trying to stay calm. “Matt, I think we need to talk” Matt looked up at me. “Yeah Uncle Danny, what’s up?” My mind raced, What’s up? was he serious? A few hours earlier he blew me in the woods and his question is what’s up? I tried to find a place to sit but Matt was sitting right in the middle of the sofa. No matter where I sat I would be sitting right next to Matt. I picked a seat and flopped down. I began “Matt, what happened today was wrong and it can never happen again” Matt’s look turned serious. “Why is it wrong Uncle Danny? You liked it I could tell.” “Matt, that’s not the point. There is nothing wrong with being gay but I am your Uncle.” Matt interrupted me, izmit rus escort “You aren’t really my Uncle.” “That’s not the point” I shot back. “I have known you since you were a kid, plus I am not gay Matt” Matt’s look turned serious. “Uncle Danny, you do not have to be gay to enjoy the feelings, I know a lot of guys from school that love a blowjob and they aren’t gay. It’s just a way to relieve stress” Matt was not getting my point and it was making me mad. I needed him to understand that this could not happen ever again. “Look Matt, I am not some fag and I do not want a fag kid trying to get into my pants.” The words left my mouth much stronger than I meant them to. There was a painful silence for a few minutes. Matt did not say anything and I just wanted to take the words back. “Matt” I started, but he stopped me. “It’s ok Uncle Danny, yes I am a fag I guess. I knew I liked guys for a long time. I will leave you alone from now on. Don’t worry.” Matt stood up and wasn’t facing me. “I am going to head to bed” Matt said and I could hear a tremble in his voice as if he were crying. He left the room and went to his bedroom. I sat there for a few minutes feeling terrible. It wasn’t all Matt’s fault what had happened. I should have been able to stop it anytime I wanted to. In any case calling him a fag was wrong. I knew I had to apologize to Matt. To make him understand. I went to his room and knocked on the door. “Matt can we talk?” No response. “Come on Matt, I want to explain what I said” Still no response. I decided to take my chances. I opened the door and entered the room. Matt was sitting quietly on the side of the bed. He was hurt, upset. I stood in front of him. “Matt please talk to me” Matt would not reply. He was hurt, and softly sobbing. He wasn’t the man I spent the last couple days with, he was the young boy I first met several years prior. He was vulnerable. I reacted in a parental manner reaching down and pulling him up. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him attempting to comfort him. “It’s ok Matt. I am sorry for what I said. I was mad but that is no excuse.” Matt collapsed into my body. He softly sobbed and wrapped himself around me. I felt so bad for hurting him. Matt just laid in my arms. I held him close and his warm body felt good against my body. I felt like I was making good on my apology. As we stood there holding each other I could feel Matt relaxing even more. I could feel something growing between us. Matt was getting an erection. His huge cock was growing fast and I could feel it. This made my own cock stir. I could feel Matt’s beard brush against my beard. I could feel our cocks pressing into each other. Part of me wanted to pull away and another part, the stronger part, did not want to move at all. My hands started to run up Matt’s back. I could feel the strong hard muscles as I pulled him closer. Everything was happening both quickly and slowly all at the same time. Matt’s lips were on my neck. I could feel the warmth of them as they parted slightly and his tongue licked my neck. A chill ran up my spin. I started to pull back, to try to back away. Matt looked up at me, he had the most sexy, lustful, innocent look I had ever seen on a person and without thinking I brought my lips to his, gazing into his eyes and started to kiss him. At first my kiss was soft and gentle, then it intensified and grew with the lust I was feeling. I had never kissed anyone like this. Not the first girl I had sex with or the first woman I fell in love with. This was a kiss like no other. It was hot and passionate and filled with more desire than I knew I had in me. It was without abandon and was both rough and soft at the same time. My tongue probed Matt’s mouth. As if I were rapping his mouth with my tongue. It was a masculine izmit escort kiss but more than a kiss and no matter how hard I kissed Matt he met my kiss with the same intensity. I could feel Matt’s hands on my body. I knew this was wrong but I had no way of stopping this. I am not sure I wanted to stop it. Matt pulled open my shirt and started to run his fingers through my chest hair. His warm, strong, rough hands caressed my body and made every fiber tingle with excitement. I pulled Matt’s shirt up over his head and looked down in awe at this strong boy’s body. The hard pecs and tight abs. The way the strawberry blond hair swirled almost perfectly down over his chest, down his abs and into the top of his shorts. I wanted to taste Matt’s nipples. I wanted to suck them. I lowered my face to his right nipple and took it into my mouth. It was firm and hairy, very different from the soft smooth skin of my wife’s tits. A low hiss left Matt’s lips as my mouth closed on it. Under his breath Matt grunted “harder”. I reacted and closed my lips hard on his nipple. Then I used my teeth to close on it. Matt let out a loud masculine moan. As I sucked on Matt’s nipple, my hands probed his strong muscular body. I worked my hands to his pants and eased them down over his hips. Matt’s cock sprang out nearly hitting me in the face. Matt’s dick was huge. If mine was 8, Matt’s was closer to 10. It was thick and had a slight curve upward with a bulbous head. I had never been this close to another man’s cock. I could smell it. His cock had a pungent manly smell that was hot and raw. The smell reminded of the leather jacket. I wanted to grab Matt’s cock but he stopped me. He reached out and unzipped my pants, my own cock springing to life. He lowered them to the floor and helped me step out of them. He took me by the hand and led me to the bed. I laid down and Matt climbed on top of me laying his body on mine. Our cocks pressed together as Matt’s mouth found mine. I wrapped my hands around Matt pulling him closer to me. I felt like he could not get close enough. My fingers instinctively went to Matt’s ass. It was firm and round and well-muscled. Matt spread his legs a bit and gave me entry into his warm hole. It was tight and reacted easily to my touch. This caused my cock to get even harder and precum oozed from the tip of my cock. Or was that Matt’s cock oozing precum? I fingered Matt’s ass with my index finger. I found it easy to slide it in and out in a fucking motion. Each time I trust in Matt pushed back onto it as if he wanted more. Matt’s lips never left mine. I placed one hand behind Matt’s head to hold him while I kissed him. I could feel Matt’s cock stir with each thrust of my finger. Matt’s moaning grew louder and more intense as my finger drove deeper and deeper into his tight hole. . I could feel Matt’s breath on my mouth my finger fucked him. Suddenly Matt’s body tensed and a low growl left his lips. Matt was having an orgasm. How was this possible? I never even touched his dick. I felt a warm flood of cum as Matt trembled and shot his load between us. Matt’s body was racked with intense sensation as warm sticky cum coated both our bodies. Matt lay on top of me and relaxed into me. His cock remained hard. After a few minutes Matt started to grind his hard cock into mine. His cum worked as lube and the feeling was intense. I held Matt close as he worked our cocks together. My own dick was close to shooting a load. Matt must have sensed this as he stopped his motion. It felt so good I did not want it to stop. Matt raised himself up so that he was straddling my legs. I looked up at his perfect body. The hair on his chest was wet from what was a huge orgasm. His dick was touching mine and there was a great look of satisfaction and lust on his face. Matt bent forward and kocaeli escort licked up some of his cum from my body. This sent a shiver through me. Matt licked up another blob of cum. This time he bent forward and placed his lips on mine. As he did his mouth opened and the blob of cum slipped into my mouth hitting my tongue. Matt repeated this a few more times, each time it felt dirtier, more intense, more sexual. On the third time I placed my hand behind Matt’s head holding him in place. I kissed him deeply trying to taste his cum. Our lips and tongues intertwined in what was the most intense kiss of my life. With one motion I flipped us over so that I was on top. I was looking down at Matt. I could feel his firm body under me. Matt’s legs wrapped around my hips and pulled me close. I could feel my dick near his hole and I knew I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to feel myself inside him. I am not sure if Matt tried to stop me that I would be able to stop. I was entering Matt whether he liked it or not. Matt moved slightly which positioned my cock head right at his hole. My dick was already slick from Matt’s cum and my own precum. I let the head slip into Matt’s ass. Matt closed his eyes and moaned softly. Oh, shit did I hurt him, I tried to back out but he stopped me. Matt pulled me closer to him, driving my dick inside him. Slowly inch by inch my hard thick 8 inches entered Matt’s tight hole. I had never felt a pussy this warm or tight in my life. I held my dick in place enjoying the sensation. I would pump it up feeling it swell inside him. After a few moments of just being inside Matt, I started to slowly pull out and push back in. I repeated this slowly enjoying the sensation. I looked down at Matt. There was an intense lust in his face. He looked up at me almost pleading. “Fuck me Uncle Danny” slipped from his lips. I grabbed him by the hips and started to fuck him. Slowly, cautiously at first but then becoming more intense, animalistic. Sweat dripped down my body. I was grunting like a bull in heat. I had never felt anything on my cock this great. Every thrust into Matt was harder than the last and Matt took it. I bent down to kiss Matt as my dick invaded his ass. Matt wrapped his hands around me and held on as I continued my assault on his ass. I started to slow my pace and change my rhythm as I started to get close. I did not want this feeling to end. I slowly pulled out just to the tip then pushed back deep inside him. Pushing deeper with each thrust. Each time I pushed in a bit further I expected Matt to feel some pain. He never did. He took whatever I gave him. This made it even more exciting and intense. I was holding my orgasm back, trying to mak the feeling last as long as I could. I bent down so that my tongue was roughly probing Matt’s mouth as my dick probed his ass. Matt’s hand grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into him. Then Matt reached around and slid a finger into my ass. Matt knew what he was doing and must have hit my prostate because my dick gave a wild jerk and my orgasm started. It was so intense, that my whole body shook. My dick swelled and my balls jerked up against my body. My back arched as I drove my cock deep into my Nephew’s ass. I recoiled from the full feeling and before I could do anything my dick started to fill Matt’s ass. I shot hard and my ass clenched tight on Matt’s finger. Suddenly Matt’s body tensed under me and I could feel his second orgasm as his dick shot a huge blast of cum that arched up over his body hitting him in the face. Matt continued to probe my hole as I continued to cum inside him. I bent down and sucked up the wad of cum off his hairy chin and then placed my mouth on his, just like he had done earlier. Matt sucked the cum off my tongue like a starving man. After what felt like an hour my orgasm subsided and I collapsed on top off Matt. I was spent. ——————————————————————————- Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/donate.html

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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