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my panty fetish

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my panty fetishHow i got started to love nylon panties.At age 12, i rode my bicycle to school which was several blocks away from home. I would pass by my aunts house on the way to school. one day i had to use the bathroom and didn’t think i could make it home in time, so i stopped by my aunts house. She lived alone and never married, because she said she never met the right man. I went into her bathroom and while in there i noticed two pair of panties hanging on the shower rod. I was sitting on the toilet and reached up to touch her panties. they were nylon and still very damp from just being washed. My aunt had a washing machine but like most people, no clothes dryer. I reached up and pulled a pair of her panties down from the rod and rubbed them on my face, and got an instant hardon. I rubbed my hardon for a few seconds and then rubbed her damp panties on my hardon and cum shot out of my cock all over her panties. This was my first time to masterbate and it felt good and scary all at the same time. I quickly put her panties in the lavatory and washed them with soap, rinsed them and hung them back on the shower rod. My knees were still shaking with excitment when i come out of her bathroom. After i calmed down, i went home. All that night all i could think of was those big damp nylon panties.The next day in school, i could hardly wait until it was time to go home. I stopped by my aunts house again and ask for a drink of water. She give me a cola and told me she tuzla escort loved for me to come by and visit because she hardly ever had visitors. I called home to tell my mom where i was, and she said that was OK . I told my aunt i had to use the bathroom again, just to go and see if those panties were still there. They were there, but one pair was dry and the other pair was still wet. I shut the door and dropped my jeans and underwear. I pulled the dry panties off the rod and smelled them while rubbing them on my face and I got a instant hardon again. I pulled the wet panties down on wrapped them around my hard cock. It only took 10 seconds or so to shoot a big stream of cum in those wet nylon panties. Still weak at the knees after cumming, i turned and sat down on the toilet.I started looking in her panties at the tag which read, vanity fair, size 10, nylon. I told myself i will never forget that. I waited for my heart rate to get back to normal, so i could wash the cum out of her panties and get them back on the shower rod. I looked down at the bottom of the bathroom door and saw her shadow moving right outside of the door. I waited and listened while watching her shadow. She moved away after a couple more minutes. I put her panties in the lavatory , washed and rinsed her panties like before and hung them back on the shower rod.I left the bathroom and went back to the kitchen table, scared that she was going to say something.She told me sancaktepe escort to come by everyday after school if i wanted too, and she would make me a sandwich and have a cola, and i told her i would love to and smiled.This went on everyday for months, even on the weekends. Everyday i would go to her bathroom and wait untill i saw her shadow come up to the outside of the door, then i would get undressed and masterbate with her panties. Just like clockwork, she always had one dry pair and one wet pair of her panties on the shower rod. I went though her panty drawer and counted 14 pairs of panties, and all of them were white except for one pair of black. For a couple of months the thought of her watching me masterbate excited me even more. I finally got brave one day and left her bathroom door open about a half inch. I got naked and sat on her toilet with one pair of her panties around my cock, and the other pair ready to rub over my face. I waited until she got to the outside of the door, then i covered my face with the other pair of her panties. I learned to masterbate real slow by this time. I leaned back and peeked as i rubbed her panties over my face and there she was looking through the opening of the door. I shut my eyes, scared that she might stop me or worse. After a minute or two, I could not hold back any longer, and i started masterbating harder and i even talked out loud this time, saying ” oh yes, oh yes, ohhh”.I cum in üsküdar escort her panties more then than i ever have before. I peeked from her panties and saw her ease away from the door. I know she watched the whole thing now. After washing her panties out I returned to the kitchen. Still scared about what she might say, i sat there quiet.She called me by my name and said, ” Honey, when you get through with my panties, lay them on the washing machine and i will wash them so they will be clean for you the next day”, i turned a little red faced and said OK.She then told me that i didn’t have to hide, that what i was doing was normal for young boys.The next day was very exciting for me. I took all my clothes off and put the wet pair of panties on, instead of putting them around my cock. I walked out of the bathroom with her panties sticking way out because of my hardon. I walked into the kitchen where my aunt was sitting and she said go to her bedroom and do what you want to. I went and laid down on her bed with her wet panties on.Seconds later she was standing in the room beside the bed in her white panties and a bra watching me. She told me once more, go ahead and do it again. I started masturbating while looking right into her eyes and down at her crotch of her panties. She started smiling while rubbing her panties between her legs as i shot cum through the nylon material of her panties. When i finished i laid there for a couple more minutes watching her. I got up and pulled her panties off and took them to the laundry room where i laid them on the washing machine. i washed off and put my clothes back on.She has been passed on for a long time now, but i remember her like yesterday. I will always love her and miss her for ever.Pete

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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