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My pantyhose fetish origin

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My pantyhose fetish originPart of what I find erotic is the pursuit of the feeling you got in your belly those very first times you were sexually turned on. What was turning you on and how intense and erotic it was as your hands were shaking and you were all nervous and aroused. Probably similar to d**g addicts always trying to get that first buzz feeling. For me it was, and always has been, pantyhose. Not stockings and that, but nude or suntan pantyhose. Probably a symptom of growing up in the 70’s. I don’t even really like black pantyhose that much. But to me writing is what gets me off, and this is all true stuff about my life in pantyhose. I have no reason to lie about any of this. As a matter of fact, these stories I’m going to write arent’ that sensational, like Penthouse forum stories, so you probably WON’T have a hard time believing their validity. Also, since I’m writing these to turn myself on, then why would I embellish? Those true first time memories are as strong an erotic image as one can have since they’re products of your own mind.A little bit about me. I’m a white male in my mid 40’s. I grew up in a medium sized midwestern town and went to school in the 70’s and 80’s. I’m not a very big guy at 5’8″ and 165, but I was always extrememely athletic and all throughout my school years I was always a varsity wrestler and hockey player and runner. I’m also pretty good looking and always had good looking girlfriends and basically had a great adolescence. This is about my sex life however, but that plays into it as I always had willing girls to participate in my panythose fetish. Looking back, I always had the ‘power’ to make it more grandiose, but feeling wierd about having a pantyhose fetish always made me sheepish about asking for TOO much participation lest they think I was a perv. boy. Oh to know then what I know now, but isn’t it always that way? I mean I had these girls that literally would have done anything for me, and I only occasionally asked them to dress up for me. As a matter of fact, it was usually when they already had their pantyhose on and I just asked that they leave them on for a while during foreplay. And since it was the 70’s and 80’s, girls didn’t wear skirts or dresses without hose.Also, I have a pretty good sized penis. It’s not John Holmes, or even some of the hogs I güvenilir bahis see on here. But it’s a good 7 1/2″ – 8″ and looks big on me since I’m not a big guy (look up my photos in my profile). Also, I like sheer to waist, nude or suntan pantyhose and tights. Once again, I have no idea why, but I imagine it was all the aerobics and skating and shit that my hometown was famous for. You’d see moms everywhere in their toast colored tights and leotards going to aerobics and since we had a skating rink and I played hockey, there were always figure skaters running around. So I like what I like. I also like sheer toe hosiery. Once again, product of my times. The outfit of the days was nude pantyhose and those shoes called Candies, so the girls didn’t wear reinforced toes, nor did the teachers; the good looking ones anyways. You did have the old ladies that wore their reinforced toes proudly, but I didn’t like those.So I was a good looking, popular, jocky k**. But with a major pantyhose fetish that I felt I had to hide. That led to some crazy times when I was either a) home alone, or b) babysitting or something where I had access to the lady of the houses’ pantyhose drawer. So that’s my backstory and now I want to talk about the beginning; all the way back to my c***dhood. Then I’m going to put some pantyhose on and start writing of the ‘milestone’ pantyhose happenings of my life. Most all of them are with girls. However, since I was ‘alone with my fetish’, I felt there was something wrong with me and ‘was I gay?’. I didn’t feel like it. However, since I was a very fit young man with a raging, large penis, I spent simply so many hours masturbating in front of mirrors and things to look at my panytyhose, that the sight of an erect penis in pantyhose or tights, really turns me on. Probably conditioning from so much time seeing that image. Also in the early Leg Show magazines, the pantyhose girl always had a nice penis to play with. So it was all part of it. I did act on that a few times (only masturbation and fellatio), but always ended up back hounding after women. But when lots or your erotic times are in the seedy parts of town in the adult bookstores, then you are exposed to a lot of erect penises! Just the way it is. And I would get so horned up, I often times let another man suck me if I had pantyhose türkçe bahis on and would occasionally experiment with them but that’s for some later stories.So how did this all happen? I haven’t a clue. I remember when I was a little k**. I was raised by a single mom and a sister and I had some time to play by myself in my room. I don’t know why, but running around my room and playing in my white socks and underwear, all tight and pulled tight, gave me butterflies and felt different than just playing normally. I did this for a while in my youth. God knows how long. I actually didn’t even have a desire to even do anything with pantyhose yet. My mom wore them all the time, as did my grandmother, but I always thought they felt odd in the laundry basket. Sort of scratchy and not appealing. I imagine it was that I like the look of them on girls so much that I pushed past my ‘non desire’ for nylon to actualy put a pair on. It also probably had to do with the fact that pantyhose were getting much smoother and stretchier right about that time. So for a huge part of my youth, I would sneak pantyhose out of my mom’s ‘old pantyhose bag’. I think every woman had one of those back then. I don’t know if it was because they were luxury items back in the war day or what, but literally every woman’s closet I had a chance to pillage in my youth had a plastic bag, shoe box, old purse or something of all their pantyhose and stockings that only had a snag or a single run or whatever. Pantyhose were literally every damn where and that was OK with me. Hell, here recently at an open house I went through. I went upstairs (I wasn’t there for pantyhose for God’s sake!) and in the walk in closet there were two canvas shoulder bags bursting with pantyhose and tights. So some women STILL do it. I stole both of them by dropping them out the window and getting them when I left. It was over three dozen pairs of hose. So I would put on my mom’s old pantyhose and just play in my room. I would get that butterfly feeling and would even get erections, although I was so young I didn’t know what to do yet; I only knew I felt very excited. So that happened from probably age 5 to age 11 or 12. By that age, I was literally soaking the front of the pantyhose with pre cum. I would produce so much since I was literally aroused for hours sometimes güvenilir bahis siteleri that it would actually run down to my scrotum! Still I had no urge to masturbate or have fantasies or antyhing that I remember. So fast forward to about 5th or 6th grade. Piano lessons. Since my sister and I both had the lessons, I had to wait out in this single ladies (she wasn’t hot, very plain) living room while my sister had her half hour. So I got to pillage! Well she was plain and didn’t wear nice pantyhose. All I could find were some very cheap pantyhose that were bought from like Woolworth or somewhere that were not a brand name. They had the panty, the toes and they were also all nylon and had no spandex. But, they were all mine! So that night I put them on in bed. I remember being very wet and hard when I went to bed. Well I went to sleep and woke up about 2 hours later. The front of my pantyhose were soaked with pre cum and my penis was so hard it was standing off my stomach like I was flexing it hard. I was obviously about to ‘wet dream’. I touched my penis and squeezed it. Then came the best feeling I’d ever had. I had my first ejaculation. It was scary and awesome since I’d never had one. I knew what it was though and wanted to do it over and over.Well I cleaned up and the fun was only about to get started! I slept in pantyhose many, many times for the next year or so, but couldn’t always get myself to orgasm, so the memories are spotty until about the 7th grade. That’s when I got really cranked up, and those are the memories I’m going to write in detail about. Please let me know if these stories are erotic to anyone. I imagine another pantyhose fetishist will read them with great interest as I think all of us “normal guys” that have this fetish had similar experiences. My hope is to give myself much material to remember and masturbate to. I am one of the lucky ones who has a wife that doesn’t think a pantyhose fetish is weird at all. As a matter of fact, she wears them a lot and almost always for sex. She’s cool. The funny thing is though, I don’t have much of an urge to wear when she’s around! I actually prefer it to have the woman have the pantyhose on. I pretty much only wear when she’s not around and I want to get off. She likes it when I wear, but not like I do on her, so that’s only happened once or twice over the years. But as any self respecting pantyhose fetishist can tell you; it doesn’t matter how much you get laid, there’s always time to put on some hose and be by yourself. Don’t know why, I just know it’s that way.

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