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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 14

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My Philippines Adventure Chapter 14After a few more drinks we relaxed by the pool with our suites on enjoying the perfect day in PI. It was a combination of the hard fucking and numerous drinks that caused the poor dad to fall asleep on the lounger chair. He didn’t even waked when we all moved his lounge out of the sun and into the shade. The girls went back in the pool and I enjoyed the view. My sex Toy was getting horny again and started playing with the Mom’s sexy body.Her hands were running all over the ample tits and curvy hips and the Mom really enjoyed the attention from such a sexy young girl. It was apparent that we released the once dormant Mom’s wild side. I came over to the pool and sat on the edge with my legs in the water. My Toy was behind the Mom massaging her breasts over the sheer bikini top. I could not see at first but soon My Toy’s suit came floating by so I fished it out and put it on the deck. My Toy was grinding her small titties inot the back of the mom will fondling the big tits. The Mom was moaning and I could she those large nipples starting to push the fabric of the bikini cups. After a long bit of rubbing the Mom reached back and undid her top. Now my Toy had full access and I had an awesome view. My Toy began to pull on the huge nipples and kiss the neck of the Mom. All the Mom could do was to moan more and enjoy the experience. The Toy was pulling on those big nipples so hard and the Mom loved it. Soon those nipples and breasts were really being stretched out about as far as My Toy could pull them. The Mom was in heaven having those titties pulled and she reached down and undid her bikini bottom. My Toy had got the Mom naked and very, very horny. They moved closer to me and I reached out to grabbed a tit so I could give them a tug as the Mom shuddered with my touch. My My Toy had a hand free to assault the bare pussy and she did. They moved even closer so I bent down and started to kiss the Mom. She was very receptive to the kissing and soon we were locked in a fierce tongue battle. My Toy wanted some too and she spun the Mom so she could deeply kiss her as well. It is always awesome to see two women really kiss. They were really going at it until suddenly the Mom grabbed My Toy by the waist and put her on the edge of the pool next to me. Once seated the Mom spread the Toy’s legs and buried her face into the young girls snatch. She slowly licked and sucked on the young girls pussy lips while reaching up güvenilir bahis to rub the girls harden nipples. I leaned over and put my tongue in her mouth and started rubbing the other nipple. The Toy responded and started to tongue fuck my mouth and grind her wet pussy against the soft lips of the Mom. Soon she was bucking her hips and grabbing the woman’s head pushing it deeper into her crotch. The Mom kept licking and sucking until the girl finally started to cum. Switching gears she now stuck two fingers into the pussy and finger fucking it had. I stood up and put my cock into My Toys moaning mouth and started to face fuck her. All this became too much for My Toy as sh started to buck wildly, so wildly that I had to pull my cock out of her mouth for fear that she may bite it off! I just stood there slapping and rubbing my hard cock against her face will she was in bliss from the hard work of the Mom. The Mom looked up with her wet cheeks and chin and saw my rod waving in the sun against this slut’s cute face. She came over to the edge of the pool and closed her eyes while opening her mouth. So I moved over and stuck my hard cock into her mouth while grabbing her head from both sides. I was determined to give her a good mouth fuck and I did. She gagged and gasped while I rammed it in that hot mouth. My Toy while stile recovering started to rub her own sopping wet gash. After a few minutes of some awesome head I bent down and picked her out of the pool. Once out I could finally see that body up close. She was only a little taller than My Toy so she did not have to bend down so far to get some more cock in her wanting mouth. I moved her over to the shade and laid her down on the deck I straddled her chest and started titty fucking those huge melons. I had to stop and put some baby oil on them so I would slide better. I titty fucked her while slapping her melons for a while and she loved it. She wanted me not to cum yet because she wanted it in her mouth. I called My Toy over and commanded that she eat out that pussy. With great joy. My Toy was slurping away when suddenly the Dad woke and saw the scene. He just laughed and fell back asleep telling us to have a good time.I climbed off those tits and pushed My Toy’s face from the sloppy pussy and was so ready to stick it in when she stopped me. She was only going to allow her husband to fuck her pussy. She felt that it would be like cheating if she did as she stroked my cock. I said that türkçe bahis I understood and as we were talking My Toy went over to the Dad and pulled down his suit to reveal a raging hard on. It seems that Dad was playing possum with us and wanted to see his horny slut wife fucked. Now My Toy had his cock in her mouth and was bobbing up and down on it. The Mom’s eyes were fixed on the site of her hubby being blown by the same woman that just ate her cunt. I reached down and started rubbing her clit and started getting her juices flowing out. I stuck two fingers and fingered her while she watched and then a third. In and out the fingers went when finally she moaned that she was going to cum. She closed her eyes while I continued to finger her and stroke her engorged clit. I whispered to her that her hubby was getting blown just like she got ate out. That was it for her as she started erupting and squirting all over my hand. Her sounds where enough to make My Toy look over with a cock in her mouth. As soon as she came down she started begging me to fuck her. I asked about the earlier statement and she moaned to fuck her and fuck her hard.I looked over at the Dad to see my Toy climbing on him and was lowering her horny pussy on him. I spread her legs and put the tip of my cock against her wet pussy. I started to rub the head against her pussy lips and now huge clit. I told her to open her eyes and watch the tiny slut slide up and down on her husband’s hard pole. She begged again for me to stick it in her. She grabbed it from beneath and tried to pull it in. I asked her again and told her to say it loud. She answered in a loud voice to please fuck her with my hard cock. With that I slammed it in. She moaned saying that she was not ready for how big it was. I started ramming her and slapping her tits and nipples. She loved it and told me to abuse her with my cock. It was her saying the word ‘cock” that really turned me on more. I whispered for her to tell her hubby how it felt and what else that you want to do. She moaned out that she wanted her ass fucked and for he hubby to fuck it. I continued to pound her while she spewed out the details and hubby was slowing down his pumping of My Toy. My Toy climbed off and started to kiss the Mom while I pulled out. The Hubby came over and high five me as I handed him the baby oil for lube. His wife lifted her legs and My Toy grabbed her ankles to pull her back. I placed some towel rolls under the small güvenilir bahis siteleri of her back and Hubby lubed her and himself. I reminded him to go slow and he did as he entered her hole. She moaned with both pain and pleasure as he slowly pushed in and pulled out. It really was a great scene and I grabbed My Toy to face fuck. She loved oral and let me really fuck her throat. The couple was in heir own world as they fucked away. I got my Toy up and headed for the stairwell. It was time that the staff sees my fuck the shit out of this horny little bitch. As we headed for the stairs I looked back to see the Dad still fucking away on his wife’s asshole and the Mom mouthing the word’s “thank you”. We opened the door to see two of the waitress’s locked in a deep 69. My Toy went over and spread the girls on the tops ass cheeks and I stuck my tongue into her tight hole. My Toy had my cock back in her mouth as I lapped that sweet ass. The girl on the bottom was happily eating and being eaten. I looked up and there was the mom standing in the doorway watching with her hand on her pussy and cum running down her legs. I motioned her over and had her join me at the asshole. Our tongues flickered all over the poor girl as she kept cumming. I stood up and stuck my cock into the waiting mouth of the Mom and told her I wasn’t done fucking her. I pulled it out with a pop from her mouth and bent her over the railing. Back inside I went as I fucked her with long slow strokes. My Toy had wound up in the middle of her two co workers and was having fun. The Mom was moaning that she had never been fucked so much in her life and loved being ass fucked. I started picking up pace and her moaning increased. The hard I pushed the more she moaned so I really fucked her hard as my hips slapped against her ass and her tits slapped the railing. I was getting that feeling in my balls and kept pumping her hard. She started to scream that she was cumming again and begged me to shoot my cum into her. I was getting closer and closer to cum when My Toy came over and pulled my hips and me away from the sloppy cunt and put her wet mouth on my cock. That was it for me as I started shooting in her mouth and down her throat. She loved cum and had been wanting another load. I kept pumping and she kept sucking until my balls felt empty. The two girls came as well and were dressing as I pulled my cock out of My Toy’s mouth. The Mom dove down to try to get some of my seed out of the toy’s mouth. We all calmed down and went back to the pool. It was getting late so we said our good byes. I did not notice until later when I was taking a shower that the Mom had slipped their room number into my bathing suit.

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