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My Plan To Show My Mom

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My Plan To Show My MomSo when i was younger around 18 i needed to get circumcised. My foreskin was too tight and could not be retracted properly. Everything is ok now and back then i had no desire for i****t, but that would change one day.Anyway a couple of days after the operation i was worried i was not healing correctly and i mentioned this to my mom. She listened to me and seemed concerned and she asked me if i wanted to show her so she could take a look as my farther had this done a couple of years ago. I blushed and said no right away, so i made a doctors appointment and there i had a checkup, everything was ok according to the doctor.So a couple of months past and all was good i was healed and perfectly over it. One day i was surfing for some porn and accidentally stumbled across some brother/sister stuff. So out of curiosity i had a little look at it and found my self extra aroused by the idea of i****t. So i then found my self looking at mom/son stuff. A couple of days later i found my self wishing i had reason for my mom to see and maybe touch my penis, the idea of it was making me so horny.So i deiced that i would talk to my mom again about my circumcision. I was like last time she asked to see and i said no (was kicking my self for that now) So thats bornova escort what i was going to do. I found my mom and told her that i had finished healing but was a little worried that it left a mark around the edge of where the cut was. Disappointingly she told me that was normal (i new it was, it was a very small and minor mark) and that i should not worry about it. I agreed with her but i also told her i was still worried and was unsure if it would cause any future issues. So she told me i could either go to the doctors again or she could look and see if she thinks its anything to worry about. Yes! i thought to my self she asked to see it again!So i said i did not want to trouble the doctor again if it was nothing so i told her i would let her look to see what she thinks. I think i saw a smile one her face when i said that. So we closed the blinds to the room we where in and my mom sat on a chair i stood in front of her and dropped my pants to the floor. My penis was more or less level to her face and only maybe half a meet from her. She was now looking directly at my penis, she stared for a moment at it before telling me it looked normal. For now she had only seen the front of it and my heart was racing but amazingly i was still escort bornova soft. So i told her she had only seen the front of it and i was worried as the mark was all the way around. So she said she would take a better look. Then she reached out her hand and started to pick it up and roll it from side to side so she could see all the way around. As soon as she started touching me i started getting a hard on. But this did not seem to bother her just continued examining me, and i could definitely see her smiling while she was holding my penis.When i was half way to been fully erect she stopped rolling my penis around and she just left it on the palm of her hand and watched it grow to full erection. She was still smiling. When i was fully hard, she told me everything looked normal. I thanked her for calming my nerves over it, and also told her i had been worried girls would have not liked it. When i said that she she then wrapped her hand around my now fully erect penis and give it a little squeeze and said girls will love it. I asked her if she really meant what she said. She told me she did and that i had grown up well and also that my penis looked nice, and big. I blushed when she said that and my hart was beating really fast now. I bornova escort bayan was so horny and i had finally got my mom to look at feel my penis, as far as i was concerned this was a win. But as i was about to find out it was going to get even better.The time had come for me to pull my pants back up and i had finished asking her to check. As i reached down to pull up my pants my mom stopped me and mentioned i was still hard, i told her i would have to take care of it later. Then out of nowhere she apologized and said it was her fault that i had gotten an erection and she said she would like to make up for it by taking care of it. As she said then she took hold of it again and looked at me. I could not believe it she was waiting for my approval for her to give me a handjob. I said yes straight way. So she started ti stroke me.While she was doing this she admitted to me she was glad i had agreed to show her as she had been curios to see since she new i had to have the operation. She also told me she was surprisingly happy to see me grow to erection my her touch. Eventually the handjob came to an end, and i had got the i****t experience i was after. After that i lost interest in i****t, maybe because after i had experienced it was no longer the unknown and the fantasy had been complete. We never really talked about it and nothing else ever happened. I dont regret what happened but if i got the chance to do this again i would say no. I dont want to go too far and we have a good relationship and i dont want to ruin it or make it complicated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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