Mar 14

My Public Sex Addiction 1

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My Public Sex Addiction 1It’s hard to imagine how much restroom sex I’ve had. I go into every one I see, everywhere, anytime. Colleges, airports, malls, department stores, bookstores, arcades, theaters, parks, subways, courthouses. I’ve jacked and sucked off so many cocks in public places I can’t remember most of them, but when I get to counting, I’m well over 100 of just the memorable ones. What follows are some highlights.The very first time I witnessed another guy’s cock in a public john was in a small mall mens room when I was probably 14 or so. I peeked through a really small hole into the next stall while a young man (18? 22?) stood facing the stool and jacked off really fast. I remember watching his cum spray out in tiny drops in a shotgun pattern all over the toilet. After he left, I went into his stall and looked at the spray of cum drops. They covered everything in the booth. Jesus, he may as well have sprayed a garden hose full of cum over that place. I don’t know why, but I wiped up most of what covered the toilet seat and flushed it, but I left the rest. But that wasn’t the end of it. I left the john and went out to the pinball hallway, and there was the guy, just leaning against the wall. Of course he knew I was the one that had been in the john when he jacked off, and he was watching me. I was too young and too nervous, and when he came over and asked me if I wanted a blow job, I was too surprised to even answer. I said, A what? He says, Blow job, you know, get your dick sucked off. I say no (go figure).Years later, I spent hours in the college johns trying to see guys cocks any way I could without really getting involved myself. Sometimes they would play with each other under the stall partitions, and I remember seeing one really big cock dangling between some older guys legs a few stalls down from mine, and then his neighbor leans over and just deep throats the thing. He is bobbing down on this enormous cock and apparently takes the load down his throat, cuz he quits, gives it one of those really long, slow, last sucks and pulls off of it. But the guy just lets it hang there and jump a little, and some more cum drips off and onto the floor. Now I was watching all this by leaning over and twisting my head under the wall, and it wasn’t comfortable, but my own load pumped out into the bowl in an intense way that only jacking your own cock can produce. Man I shot some big loads into those toilet bowls. But I never let anyone touch me, although they sure seemed to want to, and a lot of guys stood up on their stools to look over the top of the wall and watch my slim legs spread 180 degrees while my big young dick was openly stroked for them. Those times I would usually just shoot the load wherever it went, and I knew I could shoot a huge load a long way. I’ve actually measured the first and sometimes the second spurts at over 8 feet, and when a big cumm blast that powerful hits a stall wall just a couple of feet in front, it is a sight and sound to remember.My “big young dick” seemed really big at 17. I was slim and trim and had a flat, tight stomach and cute ass, and a 7″ cock. Well, the cock’s the same size now, but it doesn’t seem so big on a bigger, heavier frame. And the skin on my legs isn’t as smooth, and the hair on my balls is thicker and coarser, but when I shave them and wear my 2″ steel cock ring, things get back to where they ought to be. Fuckin A.No gloryhole/restroom action for a while after college, then it starts up again at the local bookstore. When I worked up the courage to go into the arcade, it was the a new life of gloryhole cocksucking, and even a little ass fucking. The first guy took me out into the alley (hey, I knew enough to leave my valuables at home), and just blew me. Nothing memorable except that it was the first. But after that, man I could spend practically all night in there cruising. I’ve jammed my cock into some pretty hot guys, and some young guys, too. And I’ve sucked all kinds of cocks, but I have to admit I’m a size queen. I just jizz over trying to get really huge meat into my throat. And I ‘ve found that black guys do seem to have bigger cocks on average. I’ve never seen a small black cock, and I’ve sucked off some real horse cocks on black guys. They act so indifferent, like, Man, it’s just hanging here. If you need some cum pumped down your throat, go ahead.But even though they’re big, the biggest cocks I sucked at the glory holes belonged to two white guys, and they were gigantic. You know how porn star’s dicks always seem to be measured from their assholes, even though they are bigger than average? Well, that sort of thing makes it hard for me to estimate these cocks, but they both gagged me easily, and I never worked so hard on a cock to get my lips down to the pubes. I could get three fists on each of them, so they must have been somewhere near 11-12″ or more. Man those guys loved to shove rus escort ara those huge hoses into your mouth, and just plug then deep into your stomach and pull ’em out slow so you can breathe, then ram ’em in again. The one named John like to shoot while he was still as deep as possible, and he’d just unload into your gullet, so the sensation you get is when it swells up to cum and then you can feel the cum pumping up the cumm tube underneath his cock where it rides on your lower lip. That simple pulsing against your lip is one of the horniest things you can imagine, cuz you know its cock juice forcing its way up that thick fucking shaft out the plugged in head and into your throat.Troy’s dick was just as big, but a lot harder. He liked to pull it out and jack off his load onto your face, and it just kept cumming. Shot after shot after shot of just the most powerful jets of cream. Ricocheting and splashing off your face. I wanted to see it all myself, but I had to shut my eyes as the pumping spray went all over me. Then he was arching his cute slim body back and wiping that giant cock across my face. He brought me a warm towel to clean up.Marty had a fairly big dick, too, although it was really only a little bit bigger than mine. But he was really cute, with medium length blond hair and a nearly photo model face that had eyes just a little too far apart to make any real money at it. But man he could make money hustling, which he did, practically everywhere. I never gave him any money for the sex, but I still paid him in other ways. He always wanted me to suck him, which I was always ready to do, but he only swallowed my cum once. He was pretty selfish, I guess it comes from selling your cock so much. I sucked him off in all sorts of places, like cars, parks, tearooms. I got him to stop wearing underwear and his cock was always showing down his jeans leg. I could pop the buttons and have his cock down my throat in 3 seconds, almost anywhere. He could cum fast, but never a whole lot, and when he jacked off, he always used just the tips of his fingers, like you’d hold a rose, instead of grabbing the shaft like a baseball bat. Marty’s cum was sweet, but it didn’t shoot far, just flowed out of his cock. He was about 25, and claimed he fucked girls, too, and maybe he did (he had a son from somewhere), but I’d catch him secretly fucking some young k** with a big cock, so I was pretty sure that dick was his main interest.I started going to the college restrooms again. It’s pretty easy to find them, you just read the walls. Now you can get more information off the net. I have now had literally hundreds of cocks in them in practically every way, from just watching each other jack off, to full butt fucking, and lots of cum eating in between. You get the true student, the young guy, hopefully with some major meat, but lots of times it just other cruisers looking for the same thing. And lots of the young guys are looking only for other young guys like themselves, so they’re not interested in just any sex, even if it’s from a great cocksucker. Sometimes they strike out, though, and then you find them showing you their hard young cocks with a quizzical look on their face. I have never pass that up, and I can usually make k**s cum in just a few minutes if necessary. I’ve sucked one guy off there many times – nice but average cock, shaved balls, cute butt, very gay acting – and he often comes in after having two or more previous encounters for the same thing, so he always apologizes for his small load. Hell, I don’t care, I just want to feel that young rod pulsing with the cum shooting at the back of my mouth, and even when he’s not able to get fully hard, I can pull up his load in a few seconds. Sometimes it’s cool just to suck semi-hard cocks. They fit better, for one thing, when they’re just about full length, but not rock hard, maybe a little bit bendable. Perfect for sucking, maybe not so much for getting fucked. And I’ve taken loads from almost hard cocks lots of times. They can and do shoot perfectly well. Marty’s was like that, too.I think it’s cool to find k**s wearing cock rings. Hard to mistake what that means. In the college john, a little Mexican k** with long black hair steps up to the urinal beside my stall and hauls out an enormous uncut cock, and I see the flash of light off the chrome cock ring. But before I get out to grab his adorable little ass, some other guy comes in and just pulled the k** back from the urinal, shoves him against the wall, and swallows his big dick completely. Hey! That’s my cock to suck! I come out and start groping the k**’s ass and actually get some fingers up his hole. Then the other guy turns out to be willing to share after all, so I get down on the cock, too, but when he shoots his load, he pushes both of us back so all three of us can see the big white spurts arcing out toward the urinals, rus escort bayan ara while I’ve still got control of his tight little asshole and I’m pressing his cock ring down against his flat tummy to make his big cock seem ever bigger. The k** is staring down at his cum spurting cock as he jacks it off with the cutest look of surprise, like he’s never seen anything so amazing, and the other guy is doing something with his balls and talking to him and has another hand up his shirt. The other guy never even gets his dick out, but mine is just as stiff and huge as it’s ever been, but it’s sticking out all by itself as we’re too busy with this k** and his little body to do anything about it. The he zips up and grins a little and just leaves, and so does the other guy, so I just grab my cock and splash my load on top of the k**’s all over the floor. Crazy. I saw the k** again a long time later, and persuaded him to follow me to a different tearoom, where he let me suck him off under the stall. Same cock ring, but this time he was a lot more nervous and seemed like he didn’t even remember me, but he could have been stoned or something.Lately I’ve been hooking up with the flower shop guy, who owns a shop with his boyfriend, but doesn’t want him to know he fucks around, so it’s kind of hard to get together. But this guy (about 35) has one beautiful cock. It just one of those perfect pieces of meat, big, of course, about 8″, perfectly proportioned, cut, huge balls to go with it, which he shaves every day and man they are smooth. his body isn’t perfect, but it’s ok, and it is the cock I want anyway. He’s a redhead and his skin including his dick is really fair, with a small trimmed patch of reddish pubes. I gave him one of my cock rings a few months ago and he just loves wearing it. Around those shaved balls and big cock, it just sets everything off perfectly, and as you know, cock rings make your balls hold themselves up and out from between your legs, so this whole package of big dick, huge balls and cock ring, make it all show as just enormous in his jeans. Plus he loves to fuck face. I can barely get his soft cock in my mouth before he ramming 8″ to the back of my throat, holding my head and thrusting his hips, slamming his cock so the cock ring is hitting my teeth. I like it too, and I hold on to those hips, thrusting back and forth in fucking mode, grabbing those smooth balls and circling the package with my fingers, maybe rubbing his hole a little. He’s not really a talker, but he always tells me he’s about to cum, so we slow down just enough to make sure his cock gets past the gag point, all the fucking way down my throat, and he keeps going with little short but deeply embedded strokes until he unloads with his meat plugged as deep as he can get it and his arm wrapped around the back of my head and I can hardly move. With him, I like to jack off while his cock is still in my mouth, but he’s not afraid to suck me off and will pull me up to do it unless I’ve already cum. He doesn’t want me to cum in his mouth, which kind of pisses me off, but the rest is so fucking cool that I don’t really mind while it’s happening. We always do it in a nearby mens room, or sometimes we just meet in other places and find the nearest toilet. I know he’s getting sucked off by some other guys, too, but this k** is always so horny he’s got cum enough for everyone.Last week I was cruising around the college trying to avoid some old troll when the flower shop k** suddenly drove up as I was about to get into my car. My cock was just jumping down my leg as I followed him back to the tearoom and I wanted to fuck that cute ass, but we never have done that before. So we went into the same stall and he put the steel cock ring I had given him on (now he can do it so fast you hardly notice, but the first time he tried to put it on his dick first, and he couldn’t get his balls through). Then I dropped down and just inhaled that cock, man there’s nothing like sucking a big young cock to full, stiff, magnificent pulsing hardness. You know how it gets when you’re so hot for it that there’s nothing you can’t or won’t do to try to get more cock? I deep throated that monster and licked and sucked and ran my hands up his crack and fingered his hole and reached around to massage his balls from between his legs. And he’s weak kneed and humping that long shaft into my mouth and groaning and breathing real hard. Of course his cock shaft and big smooth shaved balls have swelled up to make the cock ring tight, but I can keep pushing it back toward his cute flat tummy and it makes his big equipment thrust out even more. But before he cumms he pulled me up to sit on the stool and sucks my big tool. Man he really goes after it with enthusiasm and he’s sucking that thick shaft really fast while he jacks off the base of the shaft along with his head bobbing. escort rus ara But I’m not that crazy about his sucking, because he doesn’t have a lot of full mouth suction, you know? It’s mostly lips and spit, but I like forcing my thick cock into a tight hole that’s warm and tight and wet all the way down. But at least he’s really hot and man he does love cock, and he can jack off as fast as anyone I’ve ever seen. But I love cock too so I pulled him back up and put the kind of suck on his young dick that I want on mine, with his hands gripping the back of my head, he always warns me that he’s going to come, so I make sure he can force his cock head just that much farther in (and even though I can take the whole thing, I know he wants to feel like he’s really jamming it past the back of my throat). Then I just let him hold it as deep in as he wants while I’m focusing on the feel of the underside of his cock shaft resting on my lower lip and tongue, waiting for the pumping, pulsing, throbbing fantastic sensation of his cum blasts surging up his cock and into my throat. Little short thrusts of his cock with his hands pulling my head even farther onto his dick and he goes, Uh, uh, uh, and that big young sperm load is so fucking forceful as his cock is swelling thicker with every spurt.My hands were busy holding his butt and reaching around for his nuts and rubbing his smooth flat tummy, so they are not jacking off my own cock, which is throbbing and twitching and thrusting out into the air. But I keep on sucking that big dick as I now jack my cock, and turn sideways a little so he can see it better as he’s looking down at my sucking mouth and my big cock with its own matching steel cock ring. I thrust my hips up and out so he gets a good look at my cock, but I just love sucking a softening cock while I shoot my load, so I keep on doing it, and he’s getting hotter watching all this, and I think, man, maybe I can get another load out of this young cock cuz it’s getting hard again. But then I go over and the first blast of my own load hits the wall about 4 feet away with a loud splatter. It was really a big wad and the k** goes, Jesus man, what a load!, and then there are about 5 or 6 more, some just about as big and they all shoot really far and he says, Wow, rivers of cum! I just finally sit back against the stool and squeeze out the last of my load and pull on his cock. He didn’t cum again. Next time he will.About 3 years ago I was in the bookstore and some young guy came out of one of the preview booths and went to the bathroom, but as he was going back in, he whispered to me to join him and his girlfriend. I was a little freaked cuz I’m not much into strange pussy, but he was cute, and he said they liked someone to watch, so what the hell? So I did, and by then they were both naked, except the girl has really little tits and she didn’t even take her bra off, but she’s on her knees sucking this blond k**’s 8 inch cock, with her little ass turned up so you could see her cunt from behind. They fucked in various positions for a while, and even asked me to join them, but it seemed like I was expected to fuck her, and I just wasn’t that interested. A couple of times he would be fucking her doggy and would lean way over her to get right next to my cock. He’d just stare at it and lick his lips while he was banging her cunt, so I kind of turned to face him and thrust out a little so he could suck my cock, but even though it was maybe only an inch or so away, he didn’t. Maybe he didn’t want his chick to look back over her shoulder and see him with a thick hard cock in his mouth. Later he was fucking her while she was on her back and I reached between his legs and played with his balls, and it was just like turning on a light. Man his legs immediately spread out and his ass turned up and he started groaning and grinding the base of his cock down into my hand, while he’s still fucking this chick. But she changed positions so I stopped. After just a few minutes, he rearranged her so he could stick his ass back toward me and then he looked back at me and mouthed the words, do it again. So of course I did, only this time I got down and really grabbed those swinging fucking balls and shoved them and the whole base of his cock up into her cunt. It was like I was fucking her cunt with a dildo only it was this k**’s huge cock. He is absolutely going wild and it seemed like the two of us were slamming the girls pussy together. She creamed a couple of times. Then I got my fingers around the base of his cock and balls and started pushing my thumb up against his asshole and he just opens up to me, squats down to spread his legs apart even more and throws his head back and crams every fucking inch into that cunt while I’m holding and encircling the base with my thumb up his ass. Then he starts spurting his load with his cock fucking buried in that snatch and I can feel everything. Man I love that. Afterwards they both watch me jack off a huge load of my own that goes at least 6 feet across the preview room and he says, “Wow, man. Huge fucking load.” Then he makes sure the chick saw my cock ring, and they clean up and leave. Plenty More If You Like……………….

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