Mar 28


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MY RUSSIAN MATURE (with PICTURES!!!)This is a true story, and for the first time, I’m actually going to include some photos. If you check my photo gallery, I uploaded 3 pictures. I cut her face out of them and distinguishing marks so she’ll never be identified by anyone. For anonymity I will refer to her by a generic Russian name: “Sasha”. The doctor’s office I go to, here in NYC is in a Russian/Jewish neighborhood. There are usually older Russian women there , but every now and then you get hot “bombshells” walking in who’d put the majority of James Bond girls to shame. Tall, leggy, long hair, beautiful in the face, etc. Sasha is 49 years old while I’m 30. I don’t speak Russian. Sasha’s husband recently died of Leukemia and she was left all alone with her boys and their coffee shop. When I met her, he was still alive, but was basically an invalid because of the damage done to his body by the disease. We made fast friends online and texted each other back and forth – just typical chit chat about our day, our jobs and other regular conversation. During this time, her husband was still alive, but with one foot in the grave. Sasha – without notice – texted me a picture she’d taken in her bathing suit. With regular clothes on, I didn’t find her especially sexy, but when I saw her in her bikini, suddenly, I felt that she was incredibly attractive for her age. She was slim, had decent A-cup breasts and a decent waistline which was covered by the türbanlı yozgat escort bikini. I wanted to see more. I sent Sasha a test telling her that I wanted to see more and I let her know that I thought she was attractive. Sasha explained to me “she wanted to have sex” in those very words. She explained that she hadn’t had any sex in 3 years. Sasha waited until nighttime and used her camera to shoot pictures of her breasts outside of her bra. I wanted to see more and I told her to send me more pictures. Almost immediately, Sasha rattled off 4 photos of her secret place. It was extremely hairy and her pussy lips completely exposed, looked saggy from age, but I felt horny for her and wanted to get inside her. As she was taking pictures of her pussy, she was rubbing herself – making herself come while thinking of me. By the time she’d finished, she claimed she masturbated herself to cumming 3 times. I drove over to Sasha’s house around 11 and with her boys sleeping, she snuck out of the house, got in my car and I whisked her away. No guilt in me – her husband was dead and she was desperately in heat. Once I got her into my bedroom, I turned off the lights and began to kiss her on the mouth. My tongue entered her mouth and I gave her a big, tight hug – pulling her close into myself so she could feel my penis bulging, preparing to penetrate her. I laid her down on my bed for some quick foreplay. türbanlı yozgat escort bayan As I sucked her nipples they grew twice their size in seconds. I licked Sasha’s stomach after her breasts and worked my way down to her hairy snatch. It smelled as musky as I expected it to from her pictures, but I was so turned on that I powered on. As I licked her swollen clitoris, she rubbed her vaginal lips. I used my hairy chin and stiffed my tongue to stimulate her as much as I could. I could tell she was as excited as she could possibly be – arching her back against my face and pulling my head deeper with her legs and hands. I was so hot for her, I didn’t need her to suck my cock. It was already as stiff as could be. I climbed up on top of her and kissed her neck – licking it with my tongue. She grabbed my penis with her right hand, my balls with the left and guided it into her sloppy, hairy, wet, pussy hole. I plunged into her and she moaned – uttering in my ears unidentifiables in Russian. Sasha wanted every little bit of my dick and she bounced herself against me to keep rhythm with my thrusting. Her kisses and moans turned into loud groans, heavy/ labored breaths and nibbles on my ears. She dug her fingernails into my back as I pounded her – screaming: DA, DA FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME MORE. I fucked Sasha like a rabid dog. Every single thrust was as stiff and unyielding as jamming türbanlı escort yozgat a pencil in a pencil sharpener over and over. Because she was a petite woman (157cm) and I was so much larger (2M), my dick was completely squeezed by her pussy walls – despite the fact she’d had k**s many years ago. I got closer and closer to orgasm and my thrusting became even more vicious and urgent. The headboard banged the walls and the rhythmic knocking of her pussy translated to rhythmic squeaking bed springs. As I felt the semen surge through my pole, I moaned words to her:I’m coming, baby.I’m coming in that hairy pussy!I’m cumming in that fucking hairy pussy!Holy fuck that pussy’s so tight!!!The load of semen had built up so much pressure by this time that I’d lost all control of my muscles. I banged her cunt harder and deeper and ejaculated what felt like thick pudding. The first spurt splattered against her inner walls. I roared “Oh FUCK” as the follow-up spurts left my body. I thrusted so hard and fast I could have broke the bed in half. She pulled me into her and squeezed me with her thighs demanding every single drop delivered into her waiting womb. She moaned something in Russian: “Ya Konchayu” (I’m cumming) over and over. She titled her head back into my pillow and grit her teeth. I licked and kissed her all over her face and neck and my hands just went wild like flailing tentacles. I passed out next to her and got very, very dizzy. I started to come around later. I pulled her towards me – spooning her and drifted off into a deep, c***-like sleep. If only she wasn’t 49 – so much older than me –and a widower – I’d marry her. Unfortunately our affair will just be raunchy sex and fun until I decide to settle down with someone else. I may post more pictures in the future so be sure to check for them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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