May 21

my sis megan 2

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my sis megan 2My sister Megan is 19 years old and has always been a teasing bitch. Every chance she got she would take the piss out of me. Mom had always taken my side when Megan would go too far with her jokes or teasing. Now that I am 18 years old I thought it time to play a few tricks of my own. As for me my name is Tommy and now it’s time for me to be a little fucker lol. Around Halloween was when both the practical jokes and the teasing were at their worst. But this Halloween it was time to get my own back.After jumping out of the wheelie bin and scaring my sister half to death her practical jokes stopped. The teasing however was a different matter. We had gotten closer to each other and things had taken a dramatic change to the way she and I behaved around and with each other. Mon however was a different story, she walked in on Megan and me when coming home early and instead of giving us both a balling out and kicking us both out of the house she decided she wanted to have a little fun with both of us at different times and also together. There was mom sitting on the toilet with one hand on her bare tits and her other hand down her wonder woman pants strumming her clit.”Well now looks like I just came in at the right time.” Mom said as she looked at us both through lust filled eyes while playing with herself.Megan and I were rooted to the spot like dear in the headlights. I couldn’t have moved even if I wanted to my legs and deserted me and decided I was going to get any punishment coming to me. As for Megan she just burst into tears as she knew she could always get around mom when she did that. Tonight was no exception to that.”Don’t worry Megan I am enjoying what I am seeing and would like to join in” My mom said with her hands still under her wonder woman top playing with her tits.It was then that my legs decided to make a move and mom caught hold of my dick and led me by it into Megan’s room as Megan followed behind us. I collapsed on the bed as did Megan beside me as we both watched mom playing with herself still standing there in the middle of Megan’s bedroom. Soon enough she started taking her Halloween costume off and was then naked. Her tits looked fantastic and jiggled when she moved. Her pussy was shaved clean and bahis siteleri her juices were now running down the insides of her thighs on their way down to her ankles.By the time mom got to Megan’s side of the bed my cock was on the rise and of course both of then noticed. They couldn’t take their eyes off my crotch as my cock grew to a nice eight inches. Mom was drooling at the thought of devouring my cock while Megan wanted me inside her pussy. As mom got onto the bed o moved in between them so they could both feast their eyes on the prize before them before they mauled it.Mom was first to reach out and take my dick in her soft hand. Megan sat there watching as mom jerked my cock up and down a few times before dipping her head and taking it into her warm wet mouth. Megan decided she wanted some of it and took my balls in her delicate little hand. She began to gently massage them and eventually licking them and taking then in her mouth one at a time. Mom’s sucking of my cock was much better than Megan’s and between them they almost had me at the edge of no return in no time at all. I had managed to pull mom’s mouth off my dick before o exploded in her mouth much to her disappointment. I was also able to get out of the manipulations of my sister on my balls too.”How about you let me see you both kissing and touching each other?” I asked them.They both smiled and moved close together and embraced each other and their soft lips met as they kissed each other gently on the lips in a little peck. Then they kissed again which lasted a little longer than the first kiss. The third time mom opened her lips and slid her tongue into Megan’s mouth and she returned the favour. The kissed deep and long as both of their tongues explored each other’s mouth. Their hands were all over each other’s hot body. The massaged each other tits and tweaked each other’s hard nipples to the point I thought they were going to rip them off each other.My dick was now at full mast and I gave it a few tugs. I pushed Megan onto her back and got mom to turn around and get into a sixty nine position on top of her. Ad mom began eating her daughter’s pussy Megan reached up and pulled mom’s ass down to her face and buried her tongue deep inside of her. They were both canlı bahis liked wanton women the way they tongue and fingered each other’s pussy and asshole. Megan’s face was covered with mom’s cunt juices and I bent down behind mom’s ass and began licking her juices from my sister’s face. Mom tasted almost as sweet as her daughter. I lapped up her juices from my sister’s face then went straight to the source. I lapped at my mom’s juicy pussy as she ate her daughter out.Megan took hold of my throbbing prick and began to jerk it up and down as I ate my mom’s pussy and had her juices all over my face, chin and neck. Mom had squirted all over my face and I loved it. Her juices were dripping off my neck and chin down onto Megan’s chest area. After I had had my fill of mom’s pussy juice and Megan telling me to get out the way to let her at mom’s cunt I relented but only for a moment. Now was the time I had been longing for, I was going to fuck my mom and fill her with my baby batter.I moved over Megan’s face and moved her hands out of the way. She began to tell me off when she realised what I was about to do. As I lined my cock up with mom’s wet cunt Megan took my dick in hand and helped my slide all the way into mom’s pussy. Mom moaned out into Megan’s pussy which made Megan moan out to as she pushed my ass forward which pushed me as far into mom’s pussy as I could go. I just stopped moving once I was balls deep inside mom until she got used to my cock being there inside her.After a few minutes I felt mom back up against my cock and I began to thrust forward into her gently at first and once I got my rhythm I began to thrust harder and a little faster into mom as she feasted on her daughter’s dripping cunt. As I fucked mom Megan lay under me licking my balls and the underside of my cock as it slid in and out of mom’s pussy. She was massaging my balls again and between that and fucking my mom for the first time it wasn’t long before I was at the edge of no return again. As mom felt my cock begin to get a little larger inside her she knew I wasn’t far from cumming.”Don’t cum in me Tommy it’s not safe you might make me pregnant.” She said to each of my hard thrusts within her after she raised her head from her daughter’s pussy.The thought güvenilir bahis of making mom pregnant only spurred me on to greater heights. I was thrusting in and out of mom like a man possessed. Just as mom was about to tell me again not to cum inside she was too late. I felt cum shoot up from my balls into my shaft and deep into mom’s pussy. All she could do was hold on to Megan as she felt me cum inside her. Once again she buried her tongue deep in her daughter’s pussy as I filled her cunt with my baby matter and Megan sucked on my balls when she was able to. I must have shot about eight ropes of cum into mom’s pussy as she went into orgasm mode and shook like a jelly on top of her trembling daughter. As I came in my mom it set off Megan and mom almost at the same time. After I stopped cumming in mom both her and I fell off to the side of Megan so not to squash her. They were both still shaking as they came down from there orgasm. As soon as I touched their pussy it was as if I had sent a lightning bolt up their cunts. Once Megan was able to move slightly she rolled over onto her side and reached out to my cock. She pulled me by my cock to her mouth and licked and sucked as much as was left of both mom’s juices and cum off my cock and swallowed.As mom lay there in her afterglow she realised that I had cum inside her and she now wondered if I had knocked her up as she was not protected as she and my father had not had sex in a few months. When they did he always wore a condom which made me wonder why mom had let ne fuck her without one.”I hope you know Tommy that seeing you didn’t listen when I told you not to cum inside me that I might end up pregnant as I am not protected.” Mom announced to me.”Holy fuck Tommy you might be having a baby with mom.” Megan piped up.I lay there as it began to sink in that the possibility of mom becoming pregnant with my c***d. A smile began to grow over my face as both mom and Megan stared at me wondering what I was smiling at.”What the fuck are you smiling at Tommy?” Mom asked with a bemused look on her face at the possibility that I had knocked up and here I was with a huge smile on my face.”I am smiling at the thought of having fucked mom and her becoming pregnant with my c***d.” I replied still with a huge smile on my face.”Now I want to do the same to you Megan!” I said again as the smile on my face got a little bigger. Just then we heard the front door slam shut and my dad yell up the stairs.”Honey I’m home!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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