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My sister and Our Neighbors.

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My sister and Our Neighbors.My sister and Our neighbors.I had finally done It and now the with the last debug finished, it was working perfectly, I had got 1 + 1 to equal PLUS 1, not two, my old Maths tutor would have a fit. I looked at the sign above my work station, ‘A MACHINE DOES NOT THINK’Let me explain, I write computer programs, C++ and I had been working on this one for a month and a half after a friend complained that just enlarging something was not good enough, you loose contrast, definition, everything goes blurry and when you are talking about pictures from the Hubble you want definition, It can take weeks to get the telescope in just the right position and costs a fortune to get it re-alined. My program doubled the size of each ‘bit’ of information before the final transition to a picture, thank God for digital.I had told it to do, not think.I had used a boom mike mounted on the roof and aimed into the woods behind our place and used bird songs as my source to confirm my work, they were pure sounds that I could overlay after the process, I still had the headphones on and was listening to the sound when I heard the bang, I thought it was the last of the summer storm that had just passed over. That was so loud I had taken the phones off after the first crash of thunder nearly deafened me, I took the phones off again, just in case and realized it was coming from the front door, It wasn’t a knocking it was a pounding.One of the reasons s*s and I still lived in the old home after Mon and Dad had died was its location and its distance from town, few distractions, no door to door. I had better see who wanted what as most of my work was done from home, it could be business.I opened the door and…, I looked at my sister, she was soaking wet and holding a ruined umbrella out to me and had her small travel bag leaning against her leg.”I wet”, she said in a little girl voice, her lips quivering. “M’ Lady should take shelter when it is raining!”, I said using my best chauffeur’s voice. We had played the parts of Lady Penelope and her chauffeur from the Thunderbird’s since we were young. She wasn’t only wet, she looked like a drowned rat“I was taking shelter until this cheap umbrella turned inside out, the Car was not at the bus station when I arrived and I decided to walk, One needs to walk after 4 hours sitting in a plane”. My sister had flown back from England but declined the offer of a lift from the airport.“Me thinks M’ Lady would better enter from the back verandah, I will fetch some towels and your robe, I will take your bag to the bedroom”.We have a covered decking that is closed in for the winter firewood and the outdoor furniture, while the furniture is out, there is lot’s of enclosed space.s*s disappeared around the side and I headed to the bathroom to get some towels, I could not find her robe so I grabbed mine and headed to the back door.s*s was unzipping her skirt, all the rest of her clothes were in a heap at her feet, she stepped out off her skirt and reached for the towel naked. This did not bother either of us, Mom and Dad had belonged to a nature club and had taken us along as c***dren, but I did notice something different, she hadn’t trimmed her pubic hair and no tan.“Does the sun no longer shine in England M’ Lady?”.s*s had wrapped a towel round her hair and was drying her breasts with another, she looked down and opened her leg’s, she used the towel between her thighs.“Apart from a couple of days here and there, I have been inside for six months. You don’t know how much I have looked forward to sunbathing again, now, the first day I get home and it rains!, dry my back please”, s*s asked as she turnedI held the robe and she slipped it on, I went to boil some milk for her chocolate, “How was England anyway?” I asked, there was not a lot about her work she could tell me. As a partner in an international law firm, she dealt with some of the big hitters but it had been the same when I worked for our Government, the old saying, ‘you don’t ask, I won’t tell’.I finished making her drink and because she had not answered I took it to her bedroom, she was standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair, she had dropped my robe on the bed and was wearing something, sort of.”What do you think?”, she asked turning a full circle, it had no belt and it floated out from her body. “Well, you look great and you can see through that and ‘welcome home’ by the way”.“You are supposed to see through it, It’s a bed robe, I got it in Paris, I went over for a weekend and did some shopping, It feels…, nothing, it’s there but it isn’t.., I love it, W’at’s you been up to?”, she slipped between England English and New York English.I told her about my work and she asked to see, we went to my study and I pointed out why I was so long coming to the door, she put on the headphones and smiled when she heard the birds.”How close are they?”, she asked, I had been training the mike on a pair of doves I had spotted about half a mile away and told her. s*s leaned back in my chair and the robe fell open as I leaned over and showed her how to change the direction of the mike.”Stop, she cried, there’s a Jay out there, I can hear him like he’s in the room with us, can I play”.“M’ Lady’s clothes need picking up, would M’ Lady like steak for dinner?, I will be back in a minute”, she nodded her head, waved the edge of the robe in one hand and shooed me away with the other. The Regal Lady.After our household chores were done and I had got a couples of steaks out I wandered back and by the look on her face decided not to say anything, she smiled and put a hand to her mouth, “Oh my, oh my goodness”, she murmured, “yes”.I had no idea what she was listened to so I waited, “No you can’t, well…, maybe, if he’s that big, oh yes, yes”. I could not stand it any more. “What are you tuned into”, I asked her, she put a finger to her lips, she moved her legs apart and gave a long drawn out yes.I thought she had picked up a couple out in the woods having fun, this was a side of s*s I had never seen before, she took the phones off.“You naughty boy, you have been listening to our neighbors, what else have you done, you are quite the centre of their attention, I mean, what they want you to doand what they want to do…, I mean it’s quite xxx rated”.“What the hell are you talking about, those girls next door, they only moved in a few months before you left. I have only seen them a couple of times, what do you mean, ‘what they want to do to me’, have we got a couple of axe murderers next door?”.s*s swung round on my chair with her legs open, the robe was a waste of time and her nipples were tight. This was all new, had she meet someone in Paris, I could not keep a single line of thought going.“No brother Dear, they were having sex, very hot sex and you were the subject of their attention, they were telling each other what they wanted you to do to both of them, exactly, in detail, I think one is a lesbian and the other is bi but they are both interested in you, very interested and I don’t think it’s the first time. They have been watching you in the backyard and going into the woods, what have you been going into the woods for brother Dear?”.I did not want to spoil the surprise I had worked on for her so I just told her about the birds I had been listening to. “Which birds”, my sister asked, I covered that question by asking how far she had turned the mike but she just laughed.”I do believe you had no idea but now that we know, what do you think we should do, Invite them over, they are our neighbors?”, she inquired, “I would like to watch what one of them wants to do, I don’t think it’s possible”. s*s rubbed her breast.“Come on, lets get dinner started, I’m hungry”. After seeing s*s and hearing what the neighbors wanted I was getting hungry too, the last time I had been ‘out’ was with my sister before she left, she headed back to her room and I went to get the salad ready.s*s had just come in when the front door again resounded to someone knocking.”I just got home, no one knows I’m here so it must be for you”Damn it, I wanted peace and quiet not Grand Central, I went to the door and s*s followed.Well well well, it was the girls from next door, had they seen the mike pointed at there place I wondered.“We are sorry to annoy you but we have a problem we can’t fix, we don’t have any tools”, this brought a little cough from s*s, “we need something stiff and flexible to clear the hole”. This started a fit of laughing and coughing from s*s.“Sorry, I was not laughing at you it’s just that this is the second time in an hour he’s had to rescue a lady in distress, I got drowned in that rainstorm and turned up in a hell of a mess, I take it you have a blocked drain, lets start again, I’m Jane and this is my brother Dave”.She got off that nicely I thought trying to keep a straight face, The taller of the two stepped forward to take Jane’s hand.“I’m Sue and this is Ann and yes the drain is blocked, I think it will flood the basement soon”.“I’ve got some stiff flexible nylon hose in the garage and some waders”, turning to s*s, “Would M’ Lady mind waiting dinner until I have helped these ladies in there hour of need”, then back to the girls, “would you like me to give you a hand?”. Both girls nodded and said “yes please”, I headed off to the garage to get the stuff while they looked at s*s as if to say ‘what’.I came back just as s*s was finishing telling Ann and Sue about the words I had used, all three were laughing and smiling like old friends, Sue asked where she could find a butler and I told her in my best England English, “I am a chauffeur M’ Lady, not a butler, we do a lot…. more”, s*s cracked up again and I tried to look down my nose at the suggestion that I was a butler, “if the ladies are ready we shall sally forth”, I gave a small bow and said, “after you”. s*s called out, “Bring him back in one piece please, I would hate to have to train another”.There was a pond around their drain and I could see leaves floating on top,”You need to clear the drain every now and then, the leaves from the woods tend to block things up”, I suggested and poked the hose where I thought the drain was, It did not take long for the pond to disappear. Well, if s*s suggested inviting them over, why not.“My sister has just come back from England and will have lots of video, why not come over, we are going to barbecue some steaks, isvecbahis yeni giriş we can have a ‘meet the neighbors’, I’m sure s*s would love to share her video’s”.Sure and thanks came out at the same time. “What time?, what can we bring?”, Ann asked. “Why not now, we can have a drink and get to know each other, we have white wine, what do you like?”.I’ll grab a bottle, Sue added, and went inside. “Are we alright dressed like this, I mean…, like, we were trying to clear a drain”.“We’s all hillbillys here living in the wood, an’t got no dress code here, jus’ com’ on over, wh’t ev’r yous got’s fine”, It was Ann’s turn to crack up, a good healthy laugh.Sue came out carrying a bottle and pulling the door behind her, ‘What’ she asked.“Get your dungress girl, we’s gon’g ah vistin our hillbilly neighbors is wh’t”, and started laughing as Sue smiled and asked if she needed her teeth or should she just gum it. Her hillbillys accent wasn’t as good Ann’s but hey, it looked like we had gotten lucky with our neighbors, happy and friendly, very friendly from what s*s had said, we all headed back home.“Would you like me to light the fire M’ Lady, you have guest’s you should look to”, I asked my sister when we got home, “I will chill the wine”.“Are you sure we can’t at least borrow him some time, just for a while”, Sue requested.“I don’t know, He’s been in the family for a long time, He is certainly useful, does all those man things and is a whizz with his… fingers, He can get his tongue around those… words I have trouble with and He can cook, He’s just so good…., I would be in a mess if He did not clean and well, everything…., I suppose if it was something special”.I thought s*s was laying it on a bit thick but she was enjoying herself, playing with words, it was good hearing her laugh and to see her smile, she could not do it at work and she really could not in court.The meal was great and we found we all had things in common, like trial bike riding, I did not want to tell s*s I had been in the woods laying out a trail for us until she was ready to ride, but after the meal, the drinks and the video I thought it would be a great way to get together with Sue and Ann again so I asked if they could bring their bikes over in the morning, that I had a surprise for s*s and they were welcome to join us.Sue looked downhearted, maybe she had to work. “My front suspension is soft, I don’t suppose you could pump it up?”.s*s had just taken the last of her wine and spluttered then coughed trying not to laugh, “Went down the wrong way”, she explained, “sure, bring it over, Dave has a big pump, won’t take a minute”. She was going to explain that one.We said our good-nights and I started to clean up while s*s loaded the dishes.“Sue is bi and Ann is a les from what I heard, they both want your cock, badly, Sue, from her voice, wants you to play with her breasts and suck her, she wants you to suck them into your mouth, all of them, that why I laughed, Ann wants you to do some interesting things with your tongue but I won’t tell you, let it be a surprise, but I would like to see how, they are a nice couple. Now, what is tomorrow all about”.“That’s why it’s called tomorrow, that’s when you find out, now go to bed, you have had a big day and I don’t want you to waste any time tomorrow sleeping, ‘love you”.It was warmer this morning and I got up feeling great, s*s worked hard to get her position at the firm and seemed to work harder because of it, today would be her day. I had walked a trail through the woods and then cleared away any branches, stones or rubbish, this was going to be ‘our bike trail’, I had put red and green ribbons on some trees to mark the trail and tried it, slowly at first then at a good speed. There were no big slopes but I had found ‘the dip’ and left it as it was.I poked my head in my sister’s room to see if she was awake, she was, sitting up in bed with just a sheet covering one lower leg the other knee propping a law book she was reading, today the sight brought out a new feeling, not only could I see her body, today I looked between her legs, the lips of her pussy were red and full.“Breakfast, what would M’ Lady desire?, bacon and eggs or cereal and toast?”.s*s looked up and then looked down, “Hummmm, decisions, bacon and eggs and do we have any sausages?, I would like a nice big one”. “Your wish is my command” and headed for the kitchen, while I was working from home I normally cooked.After eating I changed into my lycra riding gear and got the bikes out, I had done the maintenance already wanting today to be free of hang ups and saw Sue walking her bike up the drive with Ann behind, these neighbors were not wannabes, the gear was not new but looked after, I mean their bikes, their riding gear was pretty good too.Sue brought her bike to the entrance of the garage where I had put the pump. “How hard do you like your ride”, a nice play on words I thought.”Can you pump it up a little then I can see if I want it harder, she smiled. Caught at my own game, I fitted the pump and brought it up to what I thought she would like, the bulge in my shorts was also coming up and I caught Ann peeking. s*s came out and asked if we were ready, she always looked good but today in her skin tights, well this morning had been an eye opener, she looked the same except now she was black with red stripes.”For the first time follow me and keep the green on your right, lets go”.Sue was the first to find ‘the dip’ and the rest was fun for the next couple of hours. We stopped for a rest back at the house and Sue got off and rubbed between her legs.”I think I need a softer ride, how was yours”, to her friend. Ann, who was rubbing her butt, replied, “I think I need a bigger seat, how was yours Jane?”.”Dave knows exactly how I like my… ride… and the trail is perfect, thank you Dave”, she learned over and kissed me.”Ohmygod I forgot, you did all the work and I, we have not thanked you, I think you should have a kiss from both of us as well”, Sue winked at me and walked over.This was not a kiss on the check, she put her arms round me and pulled me to a full, on the mouth, tongue probing kiss and did not let go. When we finally parted she told Ann to show her appreciation as well. Ann had been watching the bulge get bigger as Sue and I kissed, she looked at s*s, got the slightest of nods and walked into me, I had to put one foot back to stop falling over and Ann moulded her body into mine before lifting her head to kiss me, my cock was now fully hard and pressing into her stomach, “Hey, not fair, I need a stump to stand on”, she said. I leaned down and held her head and bent to kiss her, she leaned back so my erection was pushing on her pubic bone, that’s when all hell let loose and I stood up, lifting Ann off her feet, I turned to face my problem maker, I knew what had happened.s*s stood there with an empty bucket in her hand and a big smile on her face, “You were muddy from the trail, I just wanted to help”.Ann, still in my embrace laughed. “It will help him cool down as well”, she added.I love a challenge and the hose was just there, I put Ann down not looking at the hose but giving s*s the eye and picked up the hose.“Me thinks M’ Lady could be a trifle muddy” and let her have it. I turned the nozzle to spray and got Sue as well.Ann cried, “Good, a wet T shirt competition, I always wanted to enter one” and moved into the spray, she held her arms to the side and moved her breasts through the spray as Sue joined her but s*s stopped the display when she took her top off, turned and bent over. “If you would be so kind, there is mud in the crack”.Lycra is good, wet lyca is better and I had a front row seat to the best show in town, as I hosed my sister down she spread her legs, this seemed like a signal to Ann and Sue as they took their tops off and assumed the position, three butts in the air, I did not want to play unfair so I gave them all a good wash, I then turned the nozzle back to jet and knelt down to get the angle right, s*s was first to get the new feeling and squealed, we had never played this game before but the way she pulled her cheeks apart and moved her ass I knew she liked it.Sue was next, she must have looked at s*s because she moved in the same fashion but with Ann rubbing between her legs.I moved closer to Ann as I directed the jet of water up between her legs, she did not move but bent further, I wondered whether the water would penetrate the lycra when my shorts were pulled down, my sister had done it again. As soon as I was distracted she would attack and had grabbed the hose while she was at it.”Come on girls it’s Dave’s turn” and aimed the jet at my hard cock, my sister relented and turned it back to spray, “grab the sponge off the step and give him a good wash”. Sue and Ann looked at Jane and then at me, they must have decided everything was good, Sue bolted for the sponge and returned, “and don’t forget to share”, s*s said as she turned the hose off, “and I don’t mean just between the two of you, I get a turn”, as she wiggled out of her shorts then took my top off.Ann had been watching us, she put her thumbs under the waist band and pulled her shorts down and stepped out.She stood in front of us, she was the smallest of us but in perfect proportion, her nipples were enlarged and standing proud, aroused, her mound was bald. “Are you sure?”. Sue had stopped and was watching as well.“Dave and I were going ‘natural’ with our parents when we were c***dren and have never seen the need to change, when I got caught in the rain yesterday I stripped in front of Dave and he gave me a towel, what would you have me do, walk through the house dripping water, we are okay with being naked in front of each other. I hope you are too because you are the best thing that’s happened to Dave in a long time”.I stepped up to s*s and kissed her, hugged her and looked at Sue and Ann. “You are also the best thing that has happened to s*s, I have not heard her laugh and just have fun for a long time. I think you got one of her court room speeches, they are impressive. I can never win an argument”. Sue quietly lowered her shorts and stepped toward Jane. “This is the sort of love I wanted from my brother but never had”, and embraced Jane and started to cry softly as I put my other arm around Ann and pulled her into our embrace, we stood there hugging until Sue quietened.“ isvecbahis giriş M’ Lady’s could do with some warm water and soap, would M’ Lady’s like the Rose or the Lavender?, I will get some towels.”“Just a minute Dave, I owe the girls an explanation. Dave’s computer work, well, he has made a new toy and I was playing with it yesterday. It allows you to hear very well is the simple explanation and I overheard your conversation, you were making love and you talked about the man next door.I hope you don’t mind, after last nights fun I decided to give Dave a push in the right direction, he got an eye-full of my fanny this morning and I think your outfits finished him off. Now, with the fun we just had his balls must be bursting, so, if you meant what you said, who want’s to feel his cock inside her pussy and who want’s to feel his tongue, I just want to watch, unless…, well, I did hear you say some thing else…, and this cock is looking pretty damn good at the moment standing between the three of us, we need to do something with it, I haven’t shocked you have I?”.Sue reached between us and took my cock in her hand, “I want it in my pussy, Ann would like to try if you are gentle, you will be her first man, it’s Ann who wants your tongue and would like to give Jane’s pussy her tongue, do you think we could all do at the same time?” she asked Jane.”I told Dave I had over heard you, I did not tell him about all four of us but I did say I would like to try, why not just go one on one now. I have thought about a female lover and I think Ann would be a great teacher. one thing though, I would like it to happen in the same room, I think…, I’m kinky…, I want to watch, why don’t we all dry off and I open a bottle, no, lets go straight to bed, I can see Dave is ready for your fanny right now. Do you really want to be on top and ride his cock like a cowgirl?”.s*s took Ann around the waist and led her inside and Sue, still holding my cock led me, “I really like your sister, would you mind if I sucked her pussy, after of course. I need to take care of my new friend first”, and gave my cock a squeeze to reassure him, “I’m so wet thinking about him and it’s not from the hose… but we may need to try that again too, believe me, that was nice”.We followed Ann and s*s as they went straight into her bedroom, it had the biggest bed and watched Ann lay Jane on the bed and get into a 69 over her, Sue and I took the other side, Sue asked me to lie next to s*s and leave enough room for her legs and climbed on top, she held my cock and wiped it back and forward to get it wet.”Next time we will take it slower, right now I want this big cock deep in my pussy”. She put the head against her opening and tapped Ann on the shoulder, Ann, who had started rubbing my sister’s clit looked up at Sue and smiled, “You ok”, Sue was still holding above my cock leaned over and kissed Ann, “I love you” she said and lowered herself. Jane caught my hand in her’s and squeezed.We were all turned on, I knew I would not last long when my cock disappeared into Sue’s pussy, I had underestimated how turned on the girls were, Sue slid her fingers to her clit and started a fast action on my cock, she was pulling on a nipple so I rubbed the other between my thumb and finger as she got faster, lifting from the knees and giving my cock the full length of her pussy, I was getting ready to cum. I could not hold back when Sue dropped full weight on me as I was thrusting up, my cock jerking as my cum was delivered deep in her, I held the thrust as Sue rubbed our pubic hairs together. I could hear Ann telling s*s to suck harder, that she was cumming, I don’t think s*s could say any thing as she had pulled Ann’s hips onto her face and was buried there but her hand holding mine told the story and I tried not to spoil the moment for her as she crushed my fingers, when she eased her grip I gave hers a gentle squeeze. Sue dropped down on my chest and kissed me. “Thank you, I love Ann but…, I… well, I like a cock as well and I want to share, I think it will bring us closer and after I tell her about him…, what do you call your cock anyway?, I know she will want him. I know you will be careful and not hurt her. Do you want to know what else Jane overheard?.Ann wants, now we know who she is, she wants your sister to hold your cock as he enters her, and she really wants you to tongue fuck her”. Sue ran her hand over Ann’s leg and through Jane’s hair, I felt Ann rubbing my thigh.”I want to shave your sisters pussy like I shave Ann’s and I really do want to suck her, I think you will want to watch, maybe Jane would like to shave you if we all join in, it will fun, all of us together, Ann and I have been talking about you for awhile, there is lots we want to do and now we know, Jane can join us as well, she’s sexy “.After a naked lunch Sue and Ann ‘streaked’ home to get some dry clothes while I hung our wet gear on the line to dry and cleaned the bikes.s*s and I had not bothered with dressing and she was bent over working on the flower plot to get the yard tidy, she was enjoying the sun as I sat on the verandah to oil the running gear. I thought of the hose and her bum, her legs spread.”Do you remember the time with Mom and Dad when we where younger?” Jane called over.”Which time, there were so many?”, I replied.s*s was quiet for a while as she finished the last plot and cleaned up the weeds then came over to sit beside me.”I, well…, Dad used to kiss my fanny and lick me and he said Mom did the same to you. I played with his cock, did you play with Mom’s pussy?”.I was stumped, yes I did remember Mom rubbing and kissing my cock but did not think much of it, I was younger at the time, was it a thing I had blocked or just put to the back of my mind. What was s*s doing bringing this up for now.”I do remember some things, mainly good things and yes Mom did do that, yes she got me to put my fingers between her lips, why?”.”I think Mom and Dad wanted to watch us having sex, my busy legal mind has thought about it for a long time, it is the only reason I can think why they did it. Why they both had the same line of thought, why they both just about had sex with us but not, to get you and me into the sex thing. I haven’t told you, but I get turned on watching porn. It could be where I got my kink for watching”.”We had a great time today and I really did want to watch your cock enter Sue, I…., wanted to hold your cock and I …., I wanted… hell I wanted your cock in me, is that so bad, this morning I was thinking about your cock in me when you came in, I was so wet you should have seen it. I was going to put a finger in when you came in”.I looked at s*s, I really looked at her body as she sat there with her head back looking up to me, her breasts full and nipples standing out, her flat stomach leading to the curling pubes, her legs, strong and slightly parted, yes, she was my sister but I realized she was also a beautiful sexy woman.”I have thought about it and yes.. , when I saw you this morning I did think about your pussy and how good it would be to join you in bed but there was something missing, not something wrong but just…. missing, maybe we do need someone watching. Do we need another to tell us this is right, we should make love like Sue and Ann, do we need another cog to set us on the right path, like, I am getting hard here as you can see, your fanny and those big tits look good. Big question, do you want my cock, now?”s*s turned around to face me and reached for my cock, “Fuck yes, I’m horny now and I want your cock, come on brother dear, let’s fuck, right here in the yard, right now, put your cock in my fanny, right now I need that big cock filling my pussy, If you want to suck Ann’s or Sue’s pussy, well, you can, after you do me, fuck and suck me, give me your cock, little sister is waiting. Sue wanted to watch us fucking”.To see Jane waiting for my cock was hard and I had to do something now, I had realized I wanted this as much as Jane and maybe our parents had started this longing a long time ago, now was the time to start the ball rolling, so to speak, I moved to her side and took her head in my hands and gave her a deep soul seeking kiss.My sister, my lover, we were bound together and now flowed together as one as my hands sought her breasts, her hands held my cock and we fell back to the lawn. s*s opened her legs and spread her lips, pulling my cock closer to her entrance, she rubbed my cockhead between her lips and pulled me in. Our bodies flowing as one in the joining, to be together heart and soul.Her pussy was mated to my cock as I slid into a warmth unknown and the world stopped for us and us alone, Jane cried out as I touched bottom and I joined her with a cry of my own as the passion inflamed us both, this was meant to be, at one with my sister.How many times had we seen each naked, how many times had we been together with nothing between us, until the other day, the easy way of life for us, the caring, sharing way of life that had now become one. A beautiful fortuitous one. We had seen Mum and Dad making love or was it just having sex several times, maybe s*s was right, they had wanted us to have sex, they had wanted to watch.Our bodies joined in the excitement of sex, more than just sex, the joy of loving, male and female, brother and sister.My cock felt harder than ever and Jane’s pussy was throbbing with a life of it’s own, holding me and gripping, not wanting to let go, I looked into her eyes, into her soul and knew love and knew the same was shining from mine as we kissed, we were one.Time stood still, there was no hurry as this was meant to be, we were joined and nothing was going to separate us until we were finished, my cock was fully em-bedded and Jane was working her body to get everything I could give and giving everything she could give, perfect.I slid out but without withdrawing and waited, Jane moved her hips and signaled to return, the rush was incredible, as if we had planed this and talked of all the possible ways this could happen, it just happened, it was perfection and more.Jane and I were making love as if someone was giving directions, each move and counter move set in the most beautiful style, a tableau of pleasure, the long strokes of my cock and her hips, our bodies pulsed together to give the up-most return as we moved in that age old rhythm, isvecbahis güvenilirmi there would be no going back, there was only the ultimate in front of us now.Jane had spread her legs as far apart as possible and I was moving my cock as deep as possible as we climbed the final peak, we needed to reach it together.”I love you Dave, together we are one”.”I love you Jane, together, we are better than one.My cock pulsed and I could feel Jane’s pussy clamp, we were going to come together, I pushed even deeper as Jane pulled me into her embrace and we flew into the heavens.I have never cum so much nor felt so happy as with my sister that afternoon and I think the same happened for Jane, there were tears in my eyes as I looked down at my sister and I saw tears in her’s as her body shook with the after affects of her orgasm.I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Ann, crying and kneeling beside me.”I didn’t want to interrupt but that was the most touching moment I think I have ever seen, you love your sister very much don’t you?”.”I have and will always”, as I looked down at Jane, she was smiling up at me. “And I love Dave, there will be lovers but there will always be our love, first and foremost, now give me a kiss, both of you…, my lovers”.Sue walked over with a basket of goodies, “What did I miss and who is going to help this good ol’ hillbilly with a bucket full of food?, and Jane, you are definitely going to loan out your chauffeur to us….. Overnight”.Jane and I started laughing, we were buck naked and still joined in the sex position, my cock still hard enough to feel Jane tensing her pussy, Ann and I were playing with her breasts and I could feel Ann’s fingers between our pubis. Our two partly clad neighbors were talking about food and my hire, it could not have been better.”I think we had better join the neighbors in their state of undress”, Sue said to Ann, “We don’t want to be outdressed or overdressed for the party”.I looked at Sue, she had a thong and a boobtube while Ann had the smallest bikini possible, not much to take off. As the two girls stripped I kissed Jane and pulled out of that beautiful pussy and tried to stand, Jane got me again!Lying there with her legs apart without a care in the world she grabbed my cock and said to the others “I’m full, who’s next”.Sue turned her lust filled eyes towards my cock and then turned to Ann, “If we play with Dave’s cock would you like to try to fit it in your pussy?, Jane will help I’m sure, she could hold it for you just the way we talked about”.Ann had the cutest smile as she came over and asked Jane if she could hold my cock, “I want to but I think I would like some help, it’s going to be different from a dildo but I saw what you and Dave shared, I would like that, the gentle loving”.I thought about putting my cock in a virgin and got a warm feeling, not just hormones going overboard but a loving kind of feeling. Ann was trusting me and offering me something special. As my cock grew in her hand, the pressure was relieved by Sue suggesting a break for food and Jane giving me a slap on the ass and saying “Down boy, think of food first, lots of things for your tongue to do”.We spread a blanket on the grass and sat like any family at a picnic, the fact that we were all stripped bare did not come up as we tried Sues ‘hillbilly’ bucket of food, tasty nibbles, cheese and wine.Jane asked the girls how they had come together which brought a laugh from Ann and a smile from Sue. “We both like sucking pussy and after a while you get to know what the other likes, so it’s not hard to ‘come together’, but it started at school”. Ann said, “We were loners from out of state and taking the same classes, it just happened one long weekend”.”It was raining cats and dogs, we stayed inside in front of a big fire with nibbles and a bottle of wine and Ann curled up in my arms, well….it just happened”, Sue explained.The next hour passed as we all told our stories and another bottle of wine disappeared, Jane told them of our parents, licking and sucking us, adding that this was why we were making love when they came back and Sue told us about her brother.”I walked into the bathroom we shared and saw him, he was masturbating with his eyes shut and didn’t see me, I stood there watching for a while, he had a nice cock, not to big, I wanted to watch his cock get hard, wanted to join him masturbating but when he looked up and saw me he yelled for me to get out. He shot his cum at the same time. I think he was embarrassed, he would not talk about it but told me not to tell Mum. I really wanted to do it with him, you know, just playing with ourselves. I think he was thinking about fucking Mom, she used to walk about home in her bra and panties, I had seen him get hard, I thought… I thought I wasn’t good enough”.Ann leaned over and gave Sue a kiss as I put my arm over s*s and gave her a hug.”The day is new for us to write upon”, I quoted, “There are beautiful things in the world for us to seek and beauty to hold”, not according to the real quote but I thought it was good, Sue and Ann moved to either side of us and hands started moving. s*s told Sue she could masturbate with us anytime she wanted.I felt a hand pushing me back and did not resist, I was flat on my back, Sue and s*s were rubbing my cock as Ann stood, she slowly turned and took a wide leg stand over my head, she looked down at me, a disturbing smile playing across her lips. Her body was no less beautiful from the bottom as it was the front. Her pussy was a single, firm line, smooth, hairless and rosy pink leading back to her dark hole and lovely cheeks, her belly flowed up, flat and tanned, her breasts were round and full, her legs seemed to go on forever.”Would you suck me first, please?”.Ann knelt astride my head and lowered her body so I could just kiss and lick her lips, she bent and joined Sue and Jane playing with my cock. I reached up to caress her breasts and she lowered her body allowing me a better contact with her pussy.I circled my lips around her clitoris and began to gently pulse-suck against her. I steadily brought her deeper and deeper into the vacuum of my mouth, pressing the soft, flat of my tongue against her exposed clit. I sucked harder now, I alternated teasing her clit with my tongue in a quick circular motion, increasing the pressure with every passing moment with sucking her deep within my mouth, occasionally gently holding her between my teeth as I pulsed. She sucked in her stomach.She had forgotten my cock. I read her body, watched her stomach muscles tense hard. Her thighs closed and I relaxed my attentions a little before I suddenly sucked her deeply into my mouth, she lifted up then, I watched as she dropped her jaw and cried out with desperation. “Your cock, I want your cock now, Jane, please help me”.s*s was kneeling over Sue with her head between wide spread legs and looked up as Ann changed position to sit over my groin, she reached out and grabbed at my wet cock, closing her eyes and drawing a deep lung full of air through her nostrils, I guessed Sue was doing wonderful things to her pussy, Ann positioned herself above my shaft, Jane teasing the head between her lips, before whispering…”gently… now”, and then reached for my hand.I closed my eyes as Ann lowered her body and my cock slid into her pussy, I didn’t want to move, not to spoil the moment for Ann as she took my full length, Jane squeezed my handI opened my eyes once more to watch her as she began to release tiny regular moans as she worked up and down on me. Her lips were soft and parted one moment, closed tight the next. Her eyes were shut and between her gasps and cries she took desperate breaths through her nostrils, teasing her lower lip mercilessly against her teeth. She sank down fully and rose again, I had no doubt that she was approaching her climax and as shock after shock fired through me, I knew I would find release with her.She suddenly straightened her body, arching her back and pulling my cock even tighter against her, I pulled at her nipples. Her strong muscles gripped my shaft forcefully and she cried out. There was that moment of absolute and beautiful tension for us both, before we exploded simultaneously.My mind swam as my cock pumped hot, sticky cum deep within her over and over again. It was quite simply the most sensuous experience of my life. Time and time again I spasmed, crying out as I came deep inside her.As I began to slow I became aware that she was still in the throws of her own, intense climax, a full orgasm. She gripped hard and painfully at my chest as she cried out, thrusting her breasts forwards and moaning wildly, I pushed my cock up again.She began to slow and then in time ceased her movements entirely. I looked up at her as she released a long, satisfied moan, her eyes still closed, but a soft smile of utter contentment playing across her lips, she had had her first man and it was good.I don’t think Sue and Jane had finished but they stopped and reached for Ann, Sue was kissing her eyes and mouth while my greedy sister was kissing Ann’s breasts, all three were hugging and crying and my cock was still tightly clamped in Ann’s pussy and we stayed that way for a while, it had been a big day for all of us.The sun was setting as we said our goodnights, Ann had not wanted to let go my cock and had kissed and praised him for giving her so much joy, Sue did not want to left out and had done a fair amount of kissing, sucking and rubbing but the day was done, I thought I could not get hard again.I put the bikes away as s*s brought in the clothes. I retired to the lounge to drop into my easy chair, s*s climbed onto my lap and wrapped herself around me.”Do I have to say thank you, for the track, for being so loving and gentle, for such a beautiful day, or can I just show you, I think we can get it up one more time, it.. I felt so sexy when your cock entered me, did you watch, did you see the head spread my lips and disappear up my pussy. I was sooo horny, my brothers cock sliding in. Oh, you forgot to suck me and I didn’t get a chance before. Come on, let’s go to bed, I’m not sleepy, yet, a nice slow suck might help”.”Yes, I did watch my sister’s pussy take my cock, you were sooo wet, I want you like that when I put my tongue in you. Do you really want a ‘slow suck’ of your pussy. Do you want me to…, can I lick your ass, you liked the water treatment this morning”.”By the way, Sue wants to be on top of me, licking me when I put your cock in her ass, she wants me lick both of you. She’s one sexy lady, and yes, you are going to put your tongue in my ass. Come on, my bed, we have all night to catch up on all those years”.

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