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My sisters sleepover -part 1

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My sisters sleepover -part 1Over the years I’ve read quite a few stories, in various magazines, and with the internet, online. I’ve always had a wild imagination,as a k** it was outer space, and as a teen, what else, sex! And as I grew older reading stories about sex gave me ideas of things to try with either girl friends or my wife. I always read these with skepticism, was it true, that was a dream it only happens in stories. Stuff like that. And its funny because there were times in my life that I actually had to pinch myself to believe that it really didhappen to me and I was not dreaming!Case in point, I was your typical guy, into sports, mainly baseball, played whenever I could, had great friends who shared similar interests. Now for looks I thought I was average, long brown hair, (it was the 70’s) blue eyes, muscular and a tiny hint of a tan. I thought I was average too in the penis department, 6″ fully hard, hell what did I know, I didn’t check out my buddies junk in the shower after gym. My parents were working class stiffs, and my sister, Sara, was a little chunky, 2 years younger, long brown hair & brown eyes, average looking, probably a “C” cup and a pert ass. We lived in a great house 3 bedrooms upstairs, a large living room & dining room, and a full, finished basement, that my parents used to entertain as well as us k**s for parties. This friday was no exception, my sister turned 16 on tuesday, but had her party on friday nite, my dad had to work so my mom had me help my s*s do all the heavy stuff to get it ready, move furniture, lay out tables for food & games, make sure the fridge had plenty of drinks and all of the sleeping bags & extra blankets were there if they needed them.Now a 16th birthday party with her friends coming over back then usually involve digitalbahis yeni giriş some timid drinking, my parents did not openly approve,but they also did not “disapprove”, so I figured, knowing some of her friends, that someone would bring something to drink in the way of beer or alcohol. Since this was in our house & it was a sleep over, they felt they had control of the situation. It was nearly 7pm when Stephanie arrived, Sara’s best friend, they grew up together in the neighborhood & in school. Steph was prettya little popular with the stoner’s in school, she dressed like a hippy, wore a little makeup, average build, probably “b” breasts and a bigger ass than my sister. Sara answered the door, Steph was carrying a few bags of chips for the night, said her usually hello to me, “jock”, “burnout” I said, but that was common for her, nothing mean, just the truth. Neither of us thought any more or less of each other because of it, it was just the way we came to say hello. They walked past me & Steph yelled “hi” to my mom who was in the kitchenmaking pizzas for the girls. “Need any help?” she asked, “No, thats what Bobby is for!” my mom replied.A little while later another one of Sara’s friends was at the door, “SARA!” I yelled to her in the basement, She came running up the stiars to answer it, it was Cindy, or as she was known in school, Sin dee. She had that name because a coupleof years earlier while she was babysitting she got caught naked giving a blow job to her, at the time, 14 year old brother by some ofmy friends. Yea she claimed it was all a lie, but Vince to this day did not deny it. Cindy is 17 now, great body, long blond hair, blueeyes and boobs a playmate would die for, 33DD (Vince stole one of her bra’s on a dare) a great ass digitalbahis giriş and a reputation as a slut. I never tried a anything with her, because she thinks I’m the one who started that rumor about her.She greeted Sara with a hug and again I got our usual hello, a middle finger, she always flips me off, I just smile, knowing it pisses her off!”Who’s all here?” asked Cindy,”Only Steph, but, Linda, Denise & Lori are coming” replied Sara.Oh great! Now I know who’s coming, Linda was a burnout cheerleader, tall and skinny, long legs, long curly black hair, dark eyes, small perky breasts and a tight ass.Denise was a book worm, straight “a” student, not very popular but friendly, short about 4’10”, long brown hair, glasses, blue eyes, tiny not “a” but not “b” breasts and no ass what so ever.Lori, well to me was a trouble maker, she grabbed my ass several times a week, it happened so much, I almost ignore it, but when I grab back she runs to a parent or teacher & complains! She’s athletic, a swimmer, short brown hair, brown eyes, very firm “b” breastsand firm shapely legs and ass. She was also the 1st girl I kissed back in 4th grade on the playground on a dare.Shortly before 8 the other girls arrived, I let them in, they must have all shared a ride, each was carrying things for the party, I didn’t look in the bags, but I could smell chicken, Denise was carrying a box & looked to be struggling with it, “where’s your mom?” she asked, “in the kitchen, busy making pizza’s” “good” was her response, as she moved past me with the box, I heard the familiar clanging of bottles. Booze? I thought, Denise?They all yelled “hello” to my mom & ran down the stairs talking loudly, trying to coverr up the noise the bottles were making.From here, I stayed out of the basement, digitalbahis güvenilirmi but the girls had the door closed & only came up stairs to use the bathroom & grab the pizzas.Mom & I were watching TV, music was blaring downstairs, I could hear the laughing and talking, obviously playing games. Slowly 1 by 1 each of them came upstairs to use the bathroom & changed into they’re pajamas, and of coarse Cindy flipped me off.I layed on the floor watching TV, but could hear some of what was going on downstairs, my head was right by the vent for the heat. It sounded like they were playing games, I ignored it until I heard “ok, truth or dare”, I was not sure who said it, but I listened intently.”truth” was the response, “have you ever let a guy get to 3rd base?””whats 3rd base?” someone asked & they all laughed.I was doing my best not to make it obvious I was listening, but still too far away from the vent to make out who was talking.I missed the response, DAMN!Now my curiosity was going, I got up to go to the bathroom, it was right above where I cleared an area in the basement for them tolay out the sleeping bags to sleep. I locked the door behind me & layed on the floor listening, ” wow, really, you let him do that?” I knew that was Denise, the others started laughing.”truth or dare, Sara, have you ever seen your brother naked?” There was a little giggling, “yes” she replied, What? When? I thought to myself, “tell us about it” was Denise’s response.”ok, he was in the bathroom, just got out of the shower & was toweling off, the door was open slightly, but I could see his back & his ass was right there! I don’t think he knew I was home because he usually locks the door. Well as he was drying off he bent down to dry off his legs,” said Sara.”did you see his cock?” asked Lori. Of all people I thought, Lori?”yes” she replied with alot of hesitation.”how big was it?” again asked Lori.”well a, average!” replied Sara”was that the first one you ever saw, or the only one?” asked Linda.I think she was embarrased, because I didn’t hear her answer, only alot of laughing.

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