Ağu 04

My Slut’s Needs Ch. 03

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I withdrew and on shaking legs moved around in front of L pressing my messy softening cock against her face causing her tongue to appear and clean up our combined juices. she suckled on my knob until it began to swell again then looking up at me she pulled at my hips so I descended into her gullet and pressed until her nose was pressed into my public bone. I was moaning in delight as I became as hard as ever deep in her throat, her gullet began its peristaltic pulling on the head trying to swallow it down into her guts. As my arousal soared L sucked hard and deep then suddenly pulled free pushing me off so I fell back onto the lounge.

“Lie back so we can 69, I need to be drained out before you really get to stretch me out.” She commanded

Twisting around i was lying along the lounge, 1 foot on the back of it the other on the floor, spread wide open, my recently sucked clean cock hard along my belly. L rose off the table and moved over to stand beside my head. I looked up between her parted thighs, her shaven mound and long slack lips only inches from my face, reaching up I inserted four fingers into her drooling gape watching her face as she moaned, eyes closed and squatted slightly to ease more inside her.

“You’re loose and full to the brim slut.”

“I know, its run down to my ankles! I’ve been so fucking horny all day nearly raped him in the mens at the pub. Sucked his balls dry then brought him home to drill me.”

“Who’s a filthy fucker?”

“Oh fuck.” She groaned and moved to straddle my head, her openings, both gaped and drooling directly over my face where I could see inside her, the cum, his and mine, the lines trickled down her inner bahçelievler escort thighs, the strong smell, bitch in heat, cum slut filled.

“Momma is going to get wrecked tonight or I’ll bust you.”

She was squatting to engulf my face in her widening gape. I now slid three finger from either hand into her cunt and pulled it wide open allowing a large splash of juice to fall onto my outstretched tongue.

“Yes Miss. Use me to satisfy your needs.”

Then she settled onto my face so I was gagged, smothered in her huge cum filled bucket of a cunt, her leaking arsehole just before my eyes. I gurgled and delved into my slut relishing her perverted offering.

L began to ride my face, I knew she’d be twisting and pulling at her nipples, lifting her heavy 44DD tits up by her large black nipples, she ground her hole across my face mashing her clit on my nose, across my probing tongue.

She moaned, “Suck it all out my slave, eat his cum out of my cunt then you’re drinking every last drop you shot up my arsehole.”

Calling me her ‘slave’ further excited me, she’d be demanding and rough!

Her cunt poured juices into my mouth as she relaxed even further, I’d managed to double fist her a few times and L was LOOSE tonight! she began to hump my face hard, grunting with each impact, fucking my face.

“Make me cum slave, stretch momma really big and suck me inside out! she commanded loudly.

S would be getting an aural porn show, again. She’d told me previously that she sometimes wanked off listening to mum fucking and this thought just further added to my excitement, the daughter frigging her cunt to the balgat escort sounds I was forcing from her mother.

I slid another two finger of each hand into her cunt, 8 now and pulled her open further until the flesh was pulled tight and my two thumbs were pressing into her clit, crushing it against the bone beneath. L grunted and moaned as her orgasm approached slowly lying forward until she was atop me.

I began to suck on her now available clit, harder and harder until it began to really swell and lengthen as it does when shes close.

“Please, please do it! MAKE ME CUM!”

I sucked her now tiny cock like clit hard, slid my thumbs into her cunt and then made her cum. she screamed, squirted and pounded my face. I bit into her clit so as she moved it was stretched roughly, held by my incisors. my hands were rammed into her cunt up to the knuckles where the bones were crushing her soft tissues and I was covered in cum and piss as I couldn’t swallow the copious flow.

I tried to cope with the overflow of passion, the aroma of fucked slut, the violence of L pounding out her orgasm using me as a toy. I could just gasp air enough to stay at the task of satisfying a slut. As she ground down on my face my cock was rubbing against her face, banging against her lips, smearing goo across her face, being licked every now and then.

That L NEEDED it tonight was clear. ‘Get this into you.’ I thought as I rammed my two hands forwards into her cunt. I felt the tightness of her opening stretch once more then as L screamed even louder I was inside, her hole fucked and my slut two fists wide and cumming about those fists.

L screamed, batıkent escort “Oh gods yes, it hurts so fucking good! WRECK my bucket cunt, ream me out, NOW.” as she pushed herself up into a more upright position. What was S thinking of what she could hear?

Her drooling arsehole now available I sucked her pucker into my mouth and probed as deep as i could reach.

“Oh fuck yes, eat my arse out slut. Suck the scum from my bum.” she demanded loudly.

I eagerly sucked L and tongued the cum from her arsehole as her wrecked cunt tried to contract about my two hands.

L stayed atop my head for a few minutes, squealing, grinding, cumming until she began to sag forward across my body.

“Oh please slut, easy, gentle. mommas a bit fucked out right now.”

I began to lick her arse and about my wrists where they emerged rrom her cunt.

L moaned, “Please slut, pull them out, slowly and suck out my insides.”

with some difficulty I withdrew both hands together ensuring her bucket cunt would be stretched even more as I did so.

L was moaning, it rose to a squeal as my knuckles passed her opening then groaned in release as my fingers left her hole and she lost bladder control to empty her bladder into my mouth.

“Drink every drop slut.” she demanded then she took my cock in her mouth and deep throated me.

I gasped, choking on her piss before adjusting to her vigorous self face-fucking, balls deep.

With every swallow L pulled off my cock then sucked it down balls deep grunting as she did her cunt and arse contracted and I got another splash of piss.

I was getting close to cumming, moaned loudly and L just swallowed me allowing just the contractions of her gullet to drag my balls out and into her guts as I muffled myself by burying my face in her open cunt so I had my nose and mouth inside her.

We were exhausted for now and lay orally engaged passive, just wallowing in our joint satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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