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Subject: My Step-Brother Jacob – Chapter 5 DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then – I hope you enjoy it! My Step-Brother Jacob Chapter 5 —————————————————————————- “You shouldn’t be spying on people like that!” I said. Harry’s eyes diverted from gawking at my hardon, and riveted to my own eyes. “Well, you should’ve shut the door tighter,” he said very timidly, looking completely terrified now, because he thought I was mad that he had been spying on me as I masturbated. We stared at one another for what seemed like minutes, but was actually mere seconds. I could see tears beginning to well up in his eyes. This snapped me to, and I said “Hey! It’s alright. Really! Come on over here.” Harry looked at me rather uncertainly, but finally, moved toward me. “Where’s Jacob?” I asked. In a somewhat shaky voice Harry said, “He’s on the phone with his father, and said he’d be a few minutes.” “So you got bored and came looking for me?” I asked. “Yeah,” Harry said. “Well, I guess you found me,” I said, with a half smile, “and you’re right – I should’ve shut the door tightly.” I noticed Harry’s gaze had returned to my crotch, to my still half-hard prick, which then began to stiffen up again. Harry’s penis remained hard, still firmly wrapped in his hand. “Like it?” I asked him. “Huh?” he asked, his eyes jerking back up to meet mine. “You like my dick?” I asked. “Um – well – yeah – I guess,” Harry stammered, going pink in the face. I stood up and said “you can touch it if you want to.” Harry looked up at me, his big green eyes searching my face to see if I was trying to trick him. I smiled down at him. He gave a small smile, then looked at my penis, and removed his hand from his own penis, and very cautiously wrapped his fist around mine. He looked back up at me, as if to seek approval. “Go ahead,” I said smiling at him again. He gave me another small smile, as his hand began to move back and forth, pumping my penis. “Mmmm,” I moaned lightly, “that feels really good Harry! Keep going.” Harry kept on pumping my hardon, periodically looking up at me to see if I was still OK with what he was doing. I was. After a minute, I reached down and unfastened Harry’s jeans, and pushed them and his briefs down to his knees, being careful not to hurt his hard penis which had been sticking out his fly. He moved his legs a bit, and his pants fell to his ankles. I took Harry’s hard 4-1/2″ uncut cock in my hand, and began massaging it. He moaned and said, “Oh John, that feels great!” I noticed that he’d begun looking at the porn photos I’d displayed on the computer screen. I felt the hand job he was giving me become a bit more urgent, as he began to really get into what we were doing. After about a half minute, I said “Stop! I’ve got an idea.” Harry dutifully let go of me, and I released his penis as well. “What’s your idea?” Harry asked, looking up at me, his hardon twitching a little. “This” I said, and I dropped to my knees in front of Harry. His penis was pointing at my neck. I looked up at him, and he smiled down at me, his eyes twinkling. I took his penis in my hand, and licked the precum off the tip of it, causing Harry to gasp and shudder. His juice tasted wonderful. Slowly I licked around the head of his hardon, then slid my lips down over his cock, sucking his full length into my mouth, being careful not to scrape his shaft with my teeth. “Oh!” Harry gasped, as I buried my nose in his little mound of dark pubic hair. I felt him place his hands gently on my head, as I began sucking back off of him. When I had pulled almost completely off of him, I felt him begin, almost inperceptably, to push my head back down onto him. I willingly slid my mouth back down all the way, as Harry sucked in his breath sharply. I began to suck up and down his engorged shaft. Harry’s hands rubbed my head gently, and he began moaning softly. I fondled his hairless balls gently with one hand, as I sucked on him. A couple of times I felt them pull up close to his body, as he began to feel his orgasm building. It didn’t take long before Harry was breathing heavily and groaning. I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth, and the pressure of his hands on my head increased a little. I sucked up and down on him a bit harder and faster. A few more strokes and Harry gasped, “I’m gonna cum John!” I kept sucking on him, and I felt his hips begin to pump back and forth as he tried to fuck my face. Harry’s head was tilted back, his eyes were closed, and he was fucking my face as I sucked up and down his cock. Suddenly I felt his balls pull up against his body again, and his whole body tensed up, then he gasped and fired a gob of hot cum into my mouth, hitting me in the tonsils. “ANnnggghhh!” He groaned as he fired another spurt into my mouth. This was followed by a third squirt. I greedily swallowed all that he produced, savoring the flavor of it. All told, I think the boy must’ve shot six or seven blasts of his juice into my mouth and down my throat before he finally began to relax, his last bit of cum oozed slowly out of his piss slit and onto my tongue as I finished sucking him off. I pulled off Harry’s cock and looked up at him. His face had big red splotches on it, and he breathing rapidly and deeply as he looked down at me smiling. “God! That was great!” he said. Just then we heard a gasp by the door. We both turned quickly, and there stood Jacob. We’d been caught. Jacob looked upset, like he did when he found me and Andy sleeping together. I grinned and winked at him and said “Hey Bro, c’mon over here and let me do you too!” Jacob appeared to be thinking for an instant or two, but then walked over toward us. I turned to Jacob and smiled up at him and winked again as I undid his belt buckle, unfastened his jeans and pulled them and his briefs down to the floor, exposing his rapidly rising cock. He finally smiled down at me as he felt me take his hardening member in my hand. I turned my attention to his penis and started licking around the head of it, illiciting an “ooohhh” from him. I began sucking up and down his shaft, and saw Harry reach behind Jacob and start rubbing his hand all over Jacob’s bubble butt. He also reached for one of Jacob’s nipples and began pinching it lightly. I fondled Jacob’s balls while I sucked up and down his cock. It didn’t take long for Jacob to begin to feel his orgasm building up. He was moaning continually now. He was moving his hips forward and backward as I pumped up and down his hardon. I tasted a tiny bit of pre-cum. It was delicious! “Oh God! It won’t be long now!” Jacob exclaimed. I sucked up and down him a bit harder and faster, and Harry, leaned in and began sucking on his nipple. He began tweaking the other one with his hand, and continued rubbing Jacob’s ass. I could feel Jacob’s balls increasing in size slightly and pulling up toward his body. “I’m gonna shoot guys!” Jacob cried out, and seconds later he cried out “AAaaaawwwwwnnnnn!!! I’m cumming!” I felt his first wad of jism shoot into my mouth. I swallowed it while still pumping my mouth up and down his penis. Harry was still sucking Jacob’s nipple and rubbing his ass. “Oohhh!” Jacob cried and shot another gob into my mouth. His cum tasted so good as I greedily swallowed it, waiting for more. I only had to wait a second or two, as with a gasp, Jacob fired another volley of his boy juice down my throat. He shot another 2-3 times, before finally, his orgasm ended. Harry stopped sucking on his nipple and rubbing his ass, and I pulled off his cock, and looked up at him. Jacob was looking down at me, red in the face and breathing heavily, but smiling. I saw a last drop of cum ooze out his penis, and greedily licked it off, sending a shudder through Jacob’s body. I noticed Jacob’s legs were shaking a bit, as he backed up to and sank down onto the couch. After everyone had sat quietly a minute recovering, Harry said “Hey Jake! John hasn’t gotten off yet!” He was grinning at Jacob, who smiled back and said “well we should take care of that, don’t you think? But let’s go to a bed to do it!” They both looked at me and I just grinned back. Jacob stood up, and I got up off the floor. Harry was still standing, and I noticed his dick was getting hard again! We all pulled our pants off completely, and Harry and I followed Jacob to his room, where we climbed onto his bed. Jacob reached for me first, and began massaging şişli travesti my hardon, then Harry laid down between my legs and pushed Jacob’s hand away from my dick, and he began sucking on me. He was only able to get about a third of my hardon in his mouth, and I felt his teeth rubbing on my shaft. I told him to watch his teeth, and that stopped right away. Jacob said “Hey, I want to help, Harry turn around so you’re in a ’69’ with John, and John pull your knees up to your chest. Harry spun around and suddenly his dick was in my face. I pulled my knees up, and then Harry started sucking my cock again. Jacob meanwhile crawled down under me and began licking my asshole! God that felt great! Since Harry’s hard cock was slapping me in the face, I sucked it into my mouth and began sucking him off again. Harry and I were both moaning, as I sucked him, and he and Jacob worked on me. Harry was doing a pretty good job sucking me off, and Jacob was tongue fucking my asshole. I could tell it wouldn’t be long till I shot my load. The dual action on both my cock and my asshole was incredible! Jacob really knew how to eat an asshole out, and he was giving me one of the best rim jobs and tongue fuckings I’d ever had. That alone was enough to send me over the edge, but combined with Harry’s hot wet mouth sliding up and down my shaft, it was awesome! I was squirming around and groaning, as the boys worked on me, and I sucked on Harry. Harry was whimpering a bit himself. I reached up and took his ass cheeks in my hands and kneaded them a bit, then I started to tickle his asshole. He stopped a moment due to the new sensation. Then he resumed his work. I quickly licked my finger, and started trying to penetrate Harry’s anal muscle ring. With little effort, my finger slid through and I began finger fucking the boy. He groaned with ecstasy! I could feel that I was going to cum soon, so I stopped sucking Harry’s cock, long enough to warn them. Neither stopped working on me. I felt my body starting to tense, and my genitals were churning with that feeling you get just before you explode. “I’m gonna shoot NOW Harry!” I bellowed. The boy continued sucking on my shaft, but gave it two quick squeezes to indicate he’d heard me, but didn’t care. Jacob began shoving as much of his tongue as he could, as quickly as possible, in and out of my asshole. Harry sucked up and down my dick faster. The feeling of ecstasy kept building, then finally, with a groan I fired a huge gob of hot sticky cum into Harry’s mouth. He swallowed most of it, and kept on sucking. After I fired a second shot, Harry swallowed it, but then I felt his body tense up too, and he fired his own load into my mouth too, his anal ring clamping on my finger at the same time. Jacob pulled his tongue out of my ass, as I’d clamped down on it too hard with my sphincter…he began lapping at my hole instead. Harry began sucking on my cock again, and I continued sucking his, as we both continued to orgasm together! The feelings I was having were incredible! I shot 5 or 6 more gobs of cum into Harry’s mouth, and he swallowed it all, and kept on sucking on me. Finally, both of us finished cumming, but the boys kept on sucking, so I had to say “OK Guys! Enough!” as they wouldn’t stop sucking on me. I chuckled as they both pulled away from me. Each had a grin on their face, so did I. Harry rolled off me to one side and spun around, so his face was up near mine, and Jacob crawled up next to me on my other side. I lowered my legs, and drew both the boys to me, and hugging them to me, we all laid there together recovering. The phone rang while we were resting yet. It was Harry’s mother, she said she was coming to get him in a few minutes. We all got up and dressed and got our hair combed. We got back downstairs just as she arrived. We both gave Harry a hug, as we said Good-bye, and he was gone, and it was just me and Jacob again. I suggested we take a shower and get cleaned up, then make our dinner. We spent a leisurely half hour or so in the shower together, washing each other, and giving each other another blow job. We stayed in the shower until we’d drained all the hot water from the hot water tank, at which point we both jumped abruptly out of the shower and vigorously toweled each other off. Then we dressed and went downstairs to fix supper. I made cheeseburgers and fries, and we each had a beer with them. As we ate I asked Harry what his father had wanted. He wasn’t due to see Harry till the following week, and he never seemed to call, ever. In fact, I’d never met or talked to the man. Harry looked a little guilty, but finally said “he wants to see me tomorrow, because he won’t be able to next weekend like he’s supposed to.” “What’d you tell him?” I asked. Jacob looked more guilty, took another bite of his burger, and didn’t seem ready to answer to quickly. So I said “so you agreed then?” He looked even more guilty, and finally nodded. He swallowed his mouthful of burger, then in a rush, he said “Please don’t say NO! And, you CAN’T tell Mum when she calls!” His eyes glistened, like he was getting ready to cry. He sat staring at me blinking, waiting for my reply. “Maybe you’d better explain to me again just what the situation is with your father, because I’m still not really clear on why you’re not allowed to be left alone with him, and by the way, who’s going to be with you two if I do agree?” “Um, I kinda thought maybe you’d agree to come along?” he said looking hopefully at me. “I kinda thought that’s where this was headed,” I said. “It still doesn’t explain why you can’t be alone with him though,” I continued. Jacob sat looking at me for a minute, but finally launched into the explanation of the situation involving his father. It seems that while his parents were married yet, Elizabeth came home one night and caught Duke (Jacob’s father) in bed with a 16 year old boy. Apparently it was a neighbor boy and Duke had asked him to come over and help him move something heavy. Then he had given him a few beers and shown him some X-Rated movies, and finally he had seduced him. When Elizabeth walked in on them, her husband was giving it to the drunken boy up the ass. Jacob was only a little guy, and was in bed sleeping already in the next room when all this was going on. Elizabeth had been horrified. The boy sobered up quickly and was mortified about what he’d done, and that they’d been caught. He pulled his clothes on and left. He was so distraught he tried to kill himself the next day, but was found in time by his older sister. He’s since been through a lot of psycho-therapy, and made a relatively complete recovery. That night, Elizabeth and Duke ended up having a huge fight, and Duke puncheded her in the face, then left. Elizabeth lost no time packing a couple bags. She took Jacob and left. She divorced Duke, and because of all that had occurred, which she told the judge about, Duke was only able to see his son if an adult, approved of by Elizabeth, was with them. Jacob ended his story with “it’s kind of ironic, don’t you think, that my mother’s worried that my father will rape me or something, but here I am willingly having sex with my step-brother, and a friend all the time!” I had to agree. In the end I agreed that I would accompany Jacob and his father for their visit. I also agreed not to tell Elizabeth or Dad till they came home. That night, there was no discussion about it, but Jacob just walked, naked, directly from the bathroom, into my room and crawled into my bed. I snickered as I followed him, and climbed in next to him. We were both exhausted, and Jacob said “could we just go to sleep right now? And wait till morning for sex?” I snickered, flipped the light off, and said I thought that was a pretty good idea. He snuggled over to me then and I wrapped an arm around him. He turned onto his side, and laid his head in the crook of my arm, so it rested on my arm, shoulder, and chest. Jack was laying on the other side of Jacob, with his back up against him. We laid together silently like that, and within minutes were both fast asleep. The next morning when I woke up, Jack was sleeping on the floor, and Jacob was lying on his face, his side pressed up against me, snoring softly. I turned onto my side, facing him, positioning my morning hardon flat against his hip. Under the covers, I rubbed his bare back and ass gently. He didn’t stir. I decided to see how far I could get without him waking up. So I reached behind me and found the night stand’s drawer. Inside was a tube of KY jelly, which I pulled out. I squirted a gob of it onto my middle finger, and ran my hand back beneath the covers to his ass. I then reached to the bottom beylikdüzü travesti of his ass, and ran my lubed finger between his cheeks, and pressed right into his anus! I began gently massaging his hole with my finger. After a few seconds, Jacob began to moan lowly in his sleep. I continued rubbing his hole. I stopped, leaving my hand between his ass cheeks, as I felt him push his hips up off the bed, and his right hand reached down, as if to adjust his dick, then he relaxed down onto the bed again, pulling his hand back out. His soft snoring resumed in a couple minutes. I began rubbing his asshole again with my lubed finger. He began groaning and then his hips started to press up and down lightly, like he was fucking the bed. Apparently his dick was hard, and he was rubbing it up and down on the bed! As I continued massaging his hole, I finally began pressing down on it, gently at first, but then as I pressed down about the fifth time, my finger suddenly pierced through his anal sphincter and went right up his ass. Jacob let out a groan when that happened. I waited a few seconds, until his breathing returned to normal, and then began to slowly finger fuck him. Within a minute, he was whimpering softly, as he continued humping up and down. I fucked him a bit harder with my finger. Suddenly, as he continued moaning, his eyes flew open and he said loudly, “Jeeze are you ever gonna stick your dick up there – or not???? I looked at him and snickered. “How long have you been awake?” I asked. “The whole time!” he snorted! I jammed my finger up his butt really hard then, illiciting an “OOOOOOHHHH!! OWWW!!!” from him. He had a hurt expression on his face. “I’m sorry!” I said, feeling bad. “Well, you don’t have to get back at me that way,” he said, “Come on already, lube up and climb on, I want to feel you all the way up inside me!” I needed no second invitation. I pushed the covers back, exposing us fully, and grabbed the tube of lube. Jacob spread his legs apart and pushed his butt up into the air a bit. I crawled between his legs and greased my tool up, then I pressed it against Jacob’s anus, and gently pushed forward. I felt Jacob pressing back toward me, and suddenly my dick slid right into him. “Oh Yeah!” Jacob exclaimed, as I slid all the way up inside him. Gently I began pumping in and out of him, as he moaned contentedly, and moved his hips up and down slightly, rubbing his own hard cock on the bed below him. His asshole gripped my cock as I slid out of him with each backward pull, and relaxed each time I pushed back inside him. I laid gently on top of him, being careful, not to squish him under me. His warm naked body under mine felt great! “Mmm, Go faster John!” Jacob purred. So, I increased my speed a little, and was eventually moving in and out of the boy at a good pace. We were both moaning and grunting, as I fucked in and out of him. After a couple minutes, Jacob growled, “Oh God John, I’m gonna cum!” “Me too!” I gasped. With a couple more shoves, both of us began to climax together! Just as I began to shoot my load up inside of him, coating his bowels with my juices, Jacob let out a cry, and I felt his sphincter clamp around my penis, as he fired his first shot of cum onto the bed sheet underneath him. We both continued to shoot our loads out, just at the exact same time! “Mutual Orgasm” had taken on a whole new meaning for us. After about 6-7 spasms, I was pretty much through, and so was Jacob, and I could feel the tension leaving both of our bodies. Jacob, all hot and sweaty, collapsed in a heap on top of the mess of cum he’d squirted all over the bed, and I, also hot and sweaty, collapsed on top of Jacob, my dick still stuffed up his ass, oozing its last bit of cum out, deep within his rectum. We laid for some time that way, both breathing heavily. Finally, Jacob said “My God! That had to be the best one yet!” I grinned and kissed him on the cheek and said “yeah!” After a minute, I pushed up off Jacob, and rolled over onto my back on the bed next to him. He rolled over on his far side, exposing the mess of cum he’d made on the sheets. “Damn!” I exclaimed, when I saw how much he’d shot. “You really shot a huge load this time!” I added. Jacob smiled at me, half embarassed, half proud of himself. Then he looked at the clock and said, “We have to shower and get ready, my Dad’s coming in less than an hour!” So we jumped up and went into the bathroom. Jacob showered while I shaved and brushed my teeth and took a dump, then we traded places. Afterwards we both dressed in jeans, sneaks, T-shirts, and sweaters. Then we went downstairs, and I made some griddlecakes for our breakfast. Jacob didn’t eat much, and he appeared very nervous. The phone rang about 15 minutes before Duke was supposed to arrive. Jacob ran to answer it. It was Elizabeth calling to check on us. She talked to Jacob a couple minutes, and he gave her rather abrupt answers. Then handed the phone to me, and I found myself talking to my father, who was asking me what was wrong. “Nothing” I said. “Well, what’s Jacob so nervous about?” he asked. “Nothing” I lied. “Well, something’s not quite right – and I want to know what it is,” my father continued. “Everything’s fine!” I replied. “Are you lying to me?” my father asked. “Why would I lie?” I answered. “I don’t know. I just sense that something’s wrong. Is everything really OK?” he asked, sounding desparate now. “Dad!” I said, “everything’s fine, and if it wasn’t, I could handle anything that comes up anyway!” “Well I hope so” Dad said, “We’ll be back by supper time” he added. “OK” I said, “we’ll see you then.” The line went dead, so I hung up. Jacob was looking at me with big eyes. “You OK?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said, “are you?” “Yeah” I said. Then a horn sounded in the driveway. Jacob looked more nervous than ever. I sent him out to greet his father, while I picked up the last of the dishes, and let Jack out to do his business. I filled Jack’s dishes with food and water, and got him back in. Then I went out, locked the door and found Jacob chattering with a man who looked a little bit like Jacob, only taller, although he stood a half foot shorter than me. I towered over Duke as we shook hands while Jacob introduced us. Duke didn’t seem perturbed that I was joining them, on the contrary, he said he was pleased Elizabeth or my father wasn’t the one joining them for a change. Jacob looked much less nervous now. So I climbed in the back seat and let Jacob ride up front with his dad. We went first to Duke’s apartment, which was a small, cluttered, studio apartment in a not-so-nice neighborhood. We only stayed long enough to decide what to do, and pick up Duke’s camera. We went first to a park along the Thames, and walked along the river, since it was such a nice day. Duke took some pictures of the two of us, and I offered to snap some of the two of them too, which he seemed to appreciate. At one point, Duke sent Jacob to a vendor to get some sodas for us. While Jacob was gone, Duke asked me if I could let him and Jacob have some time alone together. I told him I couldn’t do that, but that if they wanted to talk privately, they could sit a few benches away, but within sight of me yet. He seemed pleased with that, so I think I gave him more than he expected. When Jacob returned, Duke took him a few benches down the walkway, while Jacob looked behind toward me, a look of complete surprise on his face. I watched as the two of them talked for about a half hour, then they got up and walked back to me. I saw Jacob had been crying, and I got angry, but when I looked at Duke, I saw he had been too, so I was rather confused. “Are you OK?” I asked Jacob. He looked up at me and smiled and said “Yeah, and thanks so much for letting us talk alone!” Then he gave me a big hug. I looked at Duke. A tear ran down his cheek, which he brushed away, and he said “Yeah! Thanks so much mate! I owe you!” I looked down, and pulled Jacob’s face up so he was looking up at me. I looked searchingly into Jacob’s eyes, but he seemed OK, just – sad, at the same time as happy. He didn’t say anything, just squeezed me tighter. Duke said “Come on guys! Yer grandmum has made us a nice dinner Jacob!” Duke drove us to a small neat house in a nice neighborhood of all small houses. It was his mother’s (Jacob’s grandmother’s) house. Apparently she hadn’t seen Jacob in a few months, as she flew out the door and wrapped her arms around him, smothering him with kisses. Jacob appeared very happy to see her. She led him off into the house, chattering away. I pulled Duke back as they went in. “Would you care to share what happened with you and Jacob?” I asked him. He looked at me, istanbul travesti and his face clouded over. “Not really,” he said, “Look, I didn’t say anything to hurt the boy – really!” “Why was he crying then?” I asked. “Please,” Duke said, “don’t ask. I want the rest of our visit to be as nice as the first part has been. You’ve allowed us to have a really special day together – one like we haven’t had in a great while, because of his bitch mother.” Duke saw my furrow my eyebrows and narrow my eyes, and quickly continued “I haven’t been allowed to talk privately with my son since his mother left me 5 years ago. Today you allowed us to spend some time together. I promise you, you made the right decision. I didn’t say anything to hurt him. If he wants to tell you about our conversation, that’s OK with me, but whatever he tells you, please don’t tell Elizabeth about it. Can you promise me that?” I thought a minute, and replied, “I can only promise you that if it’s not anything I think could ultimately end up hurting Jacob in any way. If I think he could be hurt, I may or may not talk to her about it.” “That’s fair enough,” Duke replied, “I said nothing that would end up hurting him. Come let’s go inside, me Mum hasn’t seen her grandson – her only grandchild – in months. Elizabeth never has time to stop by with Jacob long enough for me to bring him here.” I followed Duke into the house. We had a very nice roast beef dinner with Duke and his mother. Jacob was so happy to visit his grandmother. Duke took more pictures of Jacob and his grandmother, and I took some of the three of them. About 3:30, I told Duke we’d have to be getting home. Jacob looked sad, in fact all three of them did. I said “I’ll see what I can do, so we can have a little dinner party like this more often, OK?” Jacob gave me a huge hug, his grandmother started crying, and Duke just stood smiling, with tears in his eyes. Finally, everyone said Good-bye, and we left. Duke drove us home. As we approached the house, I saw Dad’s car in the driveway, and said “oh shit!” Jacob looked terrified. Duke looked petrified. It was too late for Duke to stop and back up and let us out at the corner, Elizabeth was getting a bag out of the back seat of the car and saw Duke’s car. She let out a shriek, which brought my father out, who looked livid when he realized Duke had just pulled up. They both walked swiftly toward the car. Elizabeth ran over to Jacob, enveloping him in her arms and asking him if he was OK. My father approached Duke, and menacingly asked him how he dared take Jacob without permission, and without a chaperone. Then I finally managed to climb out of the backseat (it had tinted windows – so they didn’t realize I was in the car). Everyone stood silently for a couple of seconds. Then I said “Jacob is just fine. I was with them the whole time. And I gave them permission to see each other, as long as I was allowed to chaperone them, which I did. If either of you have a problem with this visit, your problem is with me, not Jacob or Duke! Jacob, go hug your father good-bye. Dad, Elizabeth, let’s get your bags in the house and we’ll talk inside.” Jacob broke away from Elizabeth and ran around the car to say Good-Bye to his father. My father walked back around the car, still glowering, but now at me. Elizabeth, just stood there wringing her hands. Jacob and Duke hugged and kissed each other and said they loved each other, then with tears in his eyes, Duke got in his car and left. Jacob stood watching and waving, with tears in his eyes as the car drove around the corner, then he walked back to me, hugged me, said “Thank you so much for today!” and then he ran into the house and up to his room. I turned and faced my father and Elizabeth, whose countenances hadn’t changed any. “Let’s finish unpacking your car and go inside to talk about this” I said, and walked to their car and grabbed the two largest bags, then continued into the house. I took the bags up to their room, then pulled my sweater off and tossed it onto my bed. I petted Jack, then poked my head in Jacob’s room. He was laying on the bed, watching TV, still wiping tears from his eyes. “You really OK?” I asked. He looked up at me and smiled and said “yeah, and thanks again!” “OK,” I said, “but we’re gonna talk more later about this, OK?” “yeah, OK” he said, and turned back to the TV. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. My father dropped the rest of the bags in their bedroom. He was about to say something when Elizabeth exclaimed “Oh My GOD!” from the living room. We both raced down the stairs, Jack at our heels. As we walked in, we found Elizabeth staring at the new fireplace doors, and the firewood. I’d totally forgotten about the surprise! They both looked at me. “Surprise!” I said. “It looks like you’ve had a VERY busy weekend,” my father said, “suppose we sit down and discuss it.” He went to the bar and poured himself and Elizabeth some scotch. I looked at him hopefully, so he poured a third one and handed it to me. “OK – spill your guts” he said. “First things, first” I said and I knelt and lit the fire I’d had laid. Almost instantly, a nice blaze began. Elizabeth said “but we’ve never used the fireplace…” “Relax,” I said, “Jacob and I had a chimney guy come and inspect and clean everything. We got the new glass doors to keep out the drafts. And, we got a pile of firewood too. Now we won’t get cold if the power goes out, and it really makes a nice atmosphere.” To add emphasis, Jack laid down on the rug in front of the hearth, stretched and sighed contentedly, then dozed off. We all laughed. “It’s an early Christmas present from me and Jacob” I said. They both thanked me and said it was lovely, and they couldn’t seem to take their eyes off it. But then my father got serious again. “What did you think you were doing, allowing Jacob and Duke to get together?” I launched into the explanation of Duke’s call to Jacob, cancelling next weekend, and asking to set up this weekend instead. Then I told them that I’d asked Jacob about why they couldn’t be alone together. Then how I’d granted permission, so long as I went along. I then told them about the nice day we’d all had, and that nothing bad had happened at all. Then I asked if they still saw anything wrong with what had occurred. They told me that it all sounded like it was a nice day, but then they asked if I’d left the two of them alone together at all. I explained about the conversation I let them have in the park, but that they were always within sight of me, and not too far away. Elizabeth looked stricken! Dad looked nervous. “What did they talk about?” Dad asked me. “How should I know?” I asked, “It was a private conversation between a father and son.” Dad said then, “look, we realize you think you were doing something nice for everyone, but there’s something you don’t know about. Duke tried to kidnap Jacob once after the divorce. That’s the biggest reason he’s not allowed to see Jacob alone. We live in fear that he will try again!” “Does Jacob know this?” I asked. Elizabeth looked at me and said “Yes, sweetie, he does, didn’t he tell you that part?” “Apparently not!” my father said. I thought a minute, while they just looked at me. “I’m going up to talk with Jacob a while” I said, standing up, and heading for the stairs, “I’ll be back in a bit.” “Something happened” I heard Elizabeth whisper to my father, as I went up the stairs, “I’m sure of it. Did you see how scared he just looked?” “Let him go talk to Jacob,” my father whispered, “Jacob might talk to him, but he’ll never talk to us about it.” Jacob’s door was shut tightly. I knocked. “Who is it?” he asked. “Me” I said. He opened the door, and closed it again after I’d gone in. He’d apparently been reading, as a book lay open on the bed. I marked the page and closed it, setting it aside. I laid down on the bed and motioned for Jacob to join me. He did, snuggling up to me. I hugged him to me and held him. “How come you didn’t tell me your father tried to kidnap you once?” I asked. I felt Jacob’s body jerk slightly. I looked down at him, and saw he was looking up at me. “I didn’t think it was important!” he said. “Why not?” I asked, “Don’t you think he could try it again?” “No!” Jacob said, emphatically. “Why not?” I asked. “Because I wouldn’t let him!” Jacob said. I thought a minute. Then I asked him “Why were you two both crying in the park when you came back from your talk?” “Did you tell Mom and Dad about that?” he quickly asked. “No, should I have?” I asked. “NO!” he said. “Talk to me Jacob, what’s going on?” I said. He was quiet, but when I looked down at him a few seconds later I could see tears in his eyes again. “C’mon, I need to know what you talked about” I said. He turned so he was facing me, and wrapped his arms around me and began sobbing… —————————————————————————- The next chapter in this series will be published shortly.

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