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My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 07

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The rest of the class gradually filtered in. Tony ignored them all.

Finally, a few minutes after the bell had run, Ms. Miller came into the class.

Ms. Miller was dressed in a drab outfit that looked like shapeless military fatigues. She wore an olive green shirt which appeared large enough to fit two people. Her pants had an old style of camouflage print, and looked cut for a two hundred pound man.

She was also wearing a green cap which covered all of her hair and most of her face. Finally, she had resumed wearing her thick black-rimmed spectacles which served to distort the appearance of her entire face.

After a few stunned moments, the class took in the return of their old calculus teacher, and her ridiculous outfit.

“Mousy Miller is back!” someone cheered from the back of the room, and the entire class erupted in rude guffaws of laughter.

Tony was himself stunned by this turn of events. Ms. Miller looked nothing like the woman Tony remembered. The last time he had seen his teacher was before their holiday break. She had dressed in increasingly confident clothing that managed to flatter her figure while still remaining professional.

In fact, Tony had to remind himself, he was one of the major instruments of Ms. Miller’s conversion from her habit of dressing in horrific, shapeless clothing. She had invited him over because she somehow thought that she was fat. She had invited him to judge her awesome body. He had run his hands all over her legs, stomach, and ass, and told her the truth: she had an awesome body.

Ms. Miller had seemed to take his words to heart, and had begun dressing in a much more appealing way at school. Her popularity had increased rapidly as a result.

That had also been the beginning of Ms. Miller’s relationship with Tony, and they had begun a variety of escalating sexual encounters, beginning with a titfuck after a nearly naked study session. He had lost his virginity with her after going to prom together, and he had fucked her from behind in the dressing room of her favorite store.

Then Ms. Miller had left town for the break, and Tony’s cousin Caitlin had initiated a relationship with him. Tony’s cousin, after their first fuck had gone bad, had texted Ms. Miller using Tony’s phone about Tony’s cheating.

Then there had been silence. Ms. Miller had not returned after the break, and they had endured a substitute teacher for calculus class.

So that was how things had stood, until Ms. Miller’s return today.

Tony felt incredibly uncomfortable with how things stood. Had Ms. Miller received Caitlin’s text? Was she angry? Why was she dressing this way?

Her first calculus class back was awful. Ms. Miller’s voice had seemed to diminish to nothing, and soon the class was out of control, obliviously talking over their shy teacher.

When class was over, Tony waited for the others to clear out.

When he arrived at her desk, he was the last person in the room.

“Ms. Miller…” he began.

“Yes, Tony.” Her cold tone made Tony stop his question in his tracks. Her blue eyes peered at him from behind her enormous glasses, and he could see her hand gripping her desk tightly.

“Never mind. I’ll figure it out myself.” Despite the fact that they were alone in the classroom, he couldn’t bear to ask her what was going on.

At home, Tony tried to sort out what was going on. He didn’t really understand his relationship with Caitlin. He was attracted to her physically: that he definitely knew. He and Caitlin would text each other and chat when they were online. Tony felt good about communicating regularly with Caitlin, but didn’t really think of it as a real romantic relationship.

After all, they were cousins. There was no way they could tell their parents what they had done. And since she was so far away, they weren’t able to have sex.

So for now, Caitlin was basically out of sight, out of mind.

But Ms. Miller was definitely not out of sight. Each weekday, Tony had to sit in her class, miserably trying to pay attention while still thinking about all the firsts he had done with his teacher. His first kiss, his first blowjob, his virginity.

Ms. Miller seemed to have returned entirely back to her old manner of dressing. Today, she was wearing a hideous mix of brown and grey splotched clothing. Again baggy. Again shapeless.

The return of her old look had emboldened all the idiots in class to return. The desks in the class were no longer arranged in neat rows, but in little clusters of desks where students openly talked during class. On a daily basis, Tony could barely follow what was going on because of the ruckus.

Tony realized he still very much cared for his teacher. Did he like her more than Caitlin? Both were illegitimate, secret relationships. Caitlin because she was his cousin. Ms. Miller because she was his teacher.

And what did Ms. Miller now think about Tony? Tony had slept with Caitlin over winter break. And Ms. Miller knew it.

So Tony didn’t know what to do. He kurtköy escort decided to go to Ms. Miller’s apartment. It was Saturday afternoon, three weekends after the end of winter break.

Tony reviewed again what he wanted to say. Then he rang her doorbell. Just when Tony thought that nobody was home, Ms. Miller opened the door. She was dressed in a purple long sleeve knitted sweater with khaki pants.

She was dressed a good deal better here than she did at school, Tony noticed.

She did not look surprised to see him.

“Yes, Tony?” It was the first time she had spoken directly to him in weeks.

At least she didn’t seem hostile, Tony thought.

“Ms. Miller, could we talk?”

“About what, Tony.” She said it as a statement rather than a question.

“Well, Ms. Miller, about the way we’ve been treating each other lately.”

“What way?” Her voice was frigid.

“I thought we were friends!” Tony said lamely. He had rehearsed what to say, but a lot of his words felt like they were being torn away from him. Tony felt like he was about to cry.

Ms. Miller’s face darkened. She stuck her finger in his face and Tony thought she would poke him in the forehead. Her anger was explosive.

“We were friends, Tony. We had something special. Something fun. And you had to go around and stick your dick somewhere else. What the fuck kind of friend are you?”

She slammed the door in his face.

Tony just stood there, stunned. Well at least he knew where she stood now. Ms. Miller was angry, and justifiably so.

Tony carefully thought about what he was going to say, and then knocked again on her door. “Ms. Miller?”

“What?” Her muffled voice came outside. It sounded like she was crying.

“I’m sorry. Would you please open the door? I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Tony. Go the hell away,” she said.

“Caitlin found out about us. She read my text messages on my phone while my family was visiting her house,” Tony said. After he had finished speaking, he held his breath. He hoped that this would work.

There was the sound of a lock turning, and Ms. Miller opened the door just a crack.

“What?” She said. Ms. Miller was crying, Tony realized. Her eyes looked puffy, her hair was unkempt, and her mouth was creased in a frown. She wasn’t wearing any makeup.

“Caitlin took my phone when I wasn’t looking and read my text messages,” Tony repeated. “Then she made me promise to sleep with her so that I wouldn’t tell anybody.”

Tony watched as Ms. Miller processed this new information.

“Really?” She said.

“Really. I slept with Caitlin to protect you. So no one would find out about us.”

“Why did you send me a text message about it?” Ms. Miller said.

Tony had thought about this too. “After… after we did *it*, Caitlin stole my phone again and sent the message.”

Ms. Miller thought about this. “How did Caitlin get your phone in the first place? I thought she lived two hours away.”

“She does. My mother is her father’s sister. So we went over there to spend Christmas together.”

Ms. Miller said, “What’s going to happen now? Do you have to sleep with her again and again to keep… to keep our relationship a secret?”

Tony said truthfully, “I can confidently say that Caitlin will not tell anybody about my relationship with you.”

Ms. Miller said, “How are you so confident?”

Tony knew that he had a bunch of pornographic pictures of Caitlin on his phone; she had agreed to let him take them to ensure that she wouldn’t tell anybody about Ms. Miller. But he didn’t want to tell Ms. Miller that.

“Let’s just say that it was a one-time deal, and I think Caitlin will keep her word,” Tony said. That was still truthful.

Ms. Miller said, “Did you enjoy it?”

Tony froze. He hadn’t prepared for this question at all.

Ms. Miller asked again, “Caitlin is really hot. Did you enjoy fucking her?”

Uh oh, Tony thought. This is going the wrong way.

Ms. Miller persisted. She took a step closer to him. She was two inches taller than he, but standing next to her right now, Tony felt like a little kid. Her words bored a hole into his skull. “C’mon, you definitely liked it. Caitlin’s got awesome tits. I saw you look at her ass during winter ball. She’s probably a great lay.”

“Of course Caitlin is not as pretty as you,” Tony said finally.

“That’s not what I asked, Tony. And you better tell me the fucking truth. Did you *LIKE* fucking your cousin?”

Tony closed his eyes.

He swallowed once, and then said, “Yes.”

Ms. Miller said in a voice thick with anger, “This is all bullshit. Get the fuck off my doorstep.” Then she slammed the door.


And life went on. Days passed by, then weeks.

When Tony stayed after class, Ms. Miller answered his questions calmly and efficiently, and left no room for conversation.

His friends were already getting “Senioritis,” an excuse to be lazy that high schoolers developed malatya escort for themselves. Those who had applied to college were all waiting for the results of their applications.

But Tony refused to accept that his torrid fling with Ms. Miller was really over. Now that he had more time, he spent it working hard during calculus class, and trying to rack his brains to figure out how to get Ms. Miller to meet him again.

The answer came to him one day as he was playing basketball in the park. Near him, a group of Europeans were playing soccer.

Soccer! Ms. Miller was going to play on a soccer team the first time he had seen her, the first time that he had noticed her as a woman.

He spent his entire Saturday driving to parks in the area where they had met, looking for soccer games. At last, he found someone who told him that there was a women’s soccer league which had games each Saturday morning. The start time of the game was about half an hour after the time when he had met Ms. Miller that first fateful day.

He settled into the bleachers at the park early the next Saturday to watch the games. The first game was a 90 minute waste of time. During the second, he saw a familiar blond figure jog onto the field. She was again wearing her clinging blue shirt that had so attracted him the first day.

Damn! Tony thought. Her figure is amazing! Why does she hide it so much?

Tony changed quickly into his athletic clothes. He joined a pickup basketball game that was adjacent to the soccer field where Ms. Miller was playing her game. He kept an eye out for her, and, when the game was over, he made sure to head over to the water fountain in the direction she was walking.

“Tony?” Ms. Miller asked? “Is that you?”

“Ms. Miller?” Tony forced himself to be casual. “Good to see you again.”

“What are you doing here?” Ms. Miller asked.

“Playing basketball,” Tony said, “There’s a really great pickup game that I play in every week.”

“And it’s right here? Where my soccer game is? What a coincidence.” Ms. Miller said dubiously.

“Well, what can I say? I got to play basketball where the games are.” Tony hoped his answer wasn’t too strained.

“Fine then. Well, I’ll see you later,” Ms. Miller said. She wasn’t smiling.

The next week, Tony repeated his pattern. He watched his teacher play soccer, then, as her game was ending, he went to the basketball court and shot around a little.

She greeted him with some surprise again. Tony might have been overthinking it, but her reaction did not seem as negative this time.

As she walked away for a second time, Tony felt disappointment. Sure he’d seen her and they’d talked, but so what? They could have had the same brief conversation during calculus class, where he saw her five times a week.

Then he turned to hear Ms. Miller’s voice. “Just don’t go showing up to my yoga class Sunday morning workouts at Thompson Park. Then I’ll know it’s not a coincidence.”

Tony felt a surge of hope. It sounded like the door was open – just a crack, but still open.


Tony wondered again whether doing yoga was worth it, even to see Ms. Miller again. For three weeks, he’d been coming to a class full of women. Almost all of the women in the class were in their fifties and sixties. Not for the first time, Tony wished that they would cover the sagging features and expanded waistlines – or at least wear clothes that weren’t so tight.

Ms. Miller typically dressed in conservative sweat suits for class. Today she was wearing black pants and a red stretch top which concealed most of the shapely features Tony knew were there. He did notice that his teacher easily completed all of the most difficult stretches.

Tony wished he could spend the yoga class watching her, but he had to spend most of his concentration on just not falling over because of the poses he was attempting. He was inflexible even for a male, and he had tried and failed at all sorts of the contortions from the class.

After yoga class, he lingered, hoping that she would speak with him. Yes, he was stalking her, he thought to himself ruefully.

Usually, she said no more than a few polite words to him. In his opinion, this was worse than saying nothing at all.

Today during class, he had actually fallen over. Somehow, every other woman in the class was able to do the “Crouching Crane” position, but he had no ability to balance on one foot while contorting his body in the way the instructor was doing.

He made a loud thump when he landed. The yoga instructor had rushed over to make sure he was not hurt, and he was being laughed at by a flock of elderly women. Perfect.

He got up gamely, massaging his butt, and continued the class. He did not turn to look, but did Ms. Miller just pause and watch him thoughtfully?

After class, he was packing up his stuff.

Ms. Miller bent down to speak to him.

“Tony, why are you still here?”

“What do you mean, Ms. Miller, I’m kayseri escort just putting away my stuff?” He replied innocently.

“No, what I mean is: why are you still in this yoga class? Why don’t you just go to the mall or the park or wherever it is that boys like you usually go to?” Her emphasis on the word “boys” cut him.

He thought over his answer carefully, and then responded slowly: “I would go to those places if I thought that I would meet you there.”

His answer visibly stunned her.

“Tony…” her voice trailed off.

“Ms. Miller, although you’ve cut off our relationship, that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. I miss you, Ms. Miller. I miss studying together and working together. I miss laughing with you. Can’t we just hang out? No funny business, no tension, just be friends?”

She thought for a moment, and looked at him with a hard squint. Tony held his breath and waited for her response.

At last she smiled, a very slight smile, and said, “I guess we could just be friends, Tony. No fooling around, no funny business. Just friends.”

Tony returned her smile.

“Thanks, Ms. Miller. It’s such a relief just to be talking again.”

“So what were you thinking? Friend?” She rolled the last word off her tongue like it was an unfamiliar flavor.

Tony thought a moment, and then said. “Maybe we could go jogging together? Your house is on my route!”

Ms. Miller appeared to be considering a moment, and then said, “I’m going running tomorrow morning. Meet you at my house at 9?”


Tony blew on his hands and rubbed them together. It was freezing cold. Tony shuffled up to the door of Ms. Miller’s house and rang the doorbell promptly at 9. He was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.

When Tony opened the door, his breath just about froze in his mouth.

Ms. Miller was wearing the briefest of sports bras and sports shorts. Her entire outfit looked about two sizes two small. Her large breasts were crammed tightly into the skimpy tube top, creating visible strain marks in the stretchy black material. Her nipples stood out clearly in the cold weather. The bra shaped and uplifted her large breasts, creating a nice expanse of cleavage. Her stomach was completely bare, and Tony could easily make out her shapely abs.

Her shorts were just as revealing. Also black, they had a thin white stripe running up each side. They were extremely tight against her hips, outlining his teacher’s awesome ass. Staring at her, Tony thought he could almost make out a camel toe where her shorts outlined her crotch.

The best part of seeing Ms. Miller again wasn’t even her outfit. Ms. Miller had a wide smile on her face for him, the first he had seen on her face in what seemed like forever.


Tony pushed himself to try to keep up with his teacher as they fought up the next hill. She was much faster than him, and had better endurance to boot.

Tony regretted what he was wearing just a little bit into their run. Despite the biting cold, he was sweating profusely. After his sweatshirt was soaked, he’d tied it around his waist. His sweat left him freezing. Ms. Miller, on the other hand, seemed utterly unphased by the weather as she sprinted down each stretch of road.

Tony felt his lungs burn, and his legs ached at the pace. The cold weather froze his face. He was so cold that he felt his eyes tearing up.

All he had was pride at being a man to keep him at her withering running pace.

That, and his lust.

The bottoms of her butt cheeks protruded from her shorts as she ran. That pushed him to catch up to her, to stay close. He focused on the small of her back, those hips, and that ass as he followed her on mile after pounding mile.

Just when Tony was about to collapse, Ms. Miller suggested that they stop and stretch. For a few, blissful minutes, Tony had an excuse to watch her from close up. Her skin was glistening with her sheen. Her face glowed from her perspiration. Her bra and shorts were visibly darkened from her sweat.

Their run had taken them in a wide loop, with the starting and ending point her home.

Gratefully, Tony slowed his pace down until they arrived at her apartment. As he stopped, his legs were shaky.

“That was awesome!” Ms. Miller said. She was already stretching, with her legs straight out in front of her, and her fingers reaching for her toes.

“Yeah,” Tony felt like he could barely breathe, and gratefully sucked down each breath, exhaling it in large steaming clouds.

“We’re about the same speed,” Ms. Miller said, oblivious to his pain. “We’re good running buddies.”

“No, you’re much faster than me,” Tony said honestly. “You’re in really great shape.”

She paused her stretch and looked up at him sharply. “You’re just saying that,” she said flatly.

“No, really, Ms. Miller. I already knew you were hot from that first time in your apartment, and I can see that your body isn’t just for show.”

Ms. Miller seemed to genuinely hesitate at that, and said in a small voice, “I don’t really believe you.”

“How come?” Tony said slowly.

“You are still the only person to have seen me. Up close, I mean.”

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