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My webcam pet. Chapter 8

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My webcam pet. Chapter 8Chapter 8I told her that her begging wasn’t good enough, wasn’t convincing enough. She smiled sweetly as she said “Oh please my Master. My body craves your direction and aches to do as you tell me. My pussy is on fire at the thought of you teasing it more and my ass is aching for you to have me please it for your pleasure until you see fit to let me explode in a screaming wet body shaking orgasm.” You’re learning I told her. I instructed my pet to get a low, thin, long end table that would be perfect for what I had in mind. She did as instructed and waited to perform her next command. “So your ass wants to serve me eh?” I asked. She enthusiastically shook her head yes. I want to watch you fuck your ass for me was my reply. I told her to take her small toy and stick it on the table. She lubed it up as instructed then turned her back to me and straddled the table. This girl has a gorgeous ass and she knew had to position her hips properly to take a cock deep inside her ass. She arched her back and hips to put the head of her toy against her eager waiting asshole. “Please Master, may I fuck my ass for your pleasure Master? Please?” she asked in a cute voice with a smirk on her face as she looked back over her shoulder for my approval. “You may my pet. I won’t direct you on how to do it though. I want you to pendik escort do it like I am telling you how to though, do it like I was directing you.” I replied. I wanted to see how hot of an ass fucking show she could put on of her own free will. I figured she would lean towards putting on a better show knowing how I might have instructed her to do it. I was not disappointed. She started by rubbing her clit in between her legs and slipping a few fingers inside her pussy then moving them back to her puckered asshole to lube it up. Back and forth she went several times to get her ass good and ready for riding the toy. I could see her legs quiver and shake each time she slipped her fingers inside either hole. Her moans were erotic beyond belief. Finally she positioned her waiting ass with the head of the toy against it. She rocked her hips back and forth just a little and her eager ass started sucking the toy inside. She squealed a little and admitted she had never hot a cock start going inside her ass so easy. She rode just the head inside her for a few moments, moaning with every movement. She kept her face towards me as she was moving so I could watch the expressions on her face. My cock was rock hard watching her. Moving her hips up and down a little more she got another inch of the toy pushed inside. She was biting her lip escort pendik at the pleasure. She kept slowly, deliberately pushing the toy inside her ass about a half inch at a time from there til she was finally balls deep in her own ass with it. From there she rode it all the way up til it almost slipped out before pushing slowly all the way back down. Her eyes were locked onto the webcam, I could feel the burning desire of her gaze through my computer screen. She was grunting and groaning more than moaning now. The ability to hold off from orgasm was getting more and more difficult. My pet then began riding her filled ass faster and harder, full cock with each thrust up and down. Her grunts became louder, she wanted her ass fucked good and hard and she was going to have it. Every thrust created a sound from her throat. Every ride up the shaft was followed by a harder push back down it. She was in a good rhythm and now had closed her eyes though she still had her face looking at me over her shoulder. It was at this point I told her to stop and complemented her on the excellent job she had done but now I was going to direct her some. I had my pet spin around on the table with the cock still buried deep in her ass. She moan as she felt it twist inside her. Facing me, I had her arch backwards a little so I could see the shaft as I pendik escort bayan had her start moving back up and down. Initially she had both hands on the table to help her stay balanced. Once she had a good rhythm going again I instructed her to start rubbing her clit with one hand. Her lips allowed a moan to escape but her eyes betrayed her passionate plea to let her cum finally while do so. I told her to ride the shaft slow and hard with each thrust of her hips so her movements wouldn’t impede her from continuing to rub her clit. Her face was contorted in pleasure and passion. Riding the cock in her ass while rubbing her pussy was almost to much to bear but she kept up as commanded. “Faster pet” I told her and she obeyed. “Harder pet” I instructed and she obeyed. “Deeper pet” I encouraged her and she obeyed. Every instruction brought more sounds from her, grunts, groans, moans, whimpers. As her aching desire mounted she finally began pleading for me to allow her to orgasm. “Please Master. Oh please Sir. Fuck! Fuck I need to cum!!! Please, please, please my Master. Damn it! I so need to explode! Let me do it Master! Please!” My response was what she had expected but there was something a little different about her this time. She knew what was coming and she desired it. She wanted to see how much I could put her through. She had known for awhile that when I finally gave her my approval that her orgasm would be beyond belief. I told her to stop fucking her ass and rubbing her clit. “It’s time to tease your pussy now my pet” was my response…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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