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My wife naked for Black Master Clarence

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My wife naked for Black Master ClarenceI am a true white cuckold that was born with one of the smallest white peepee , that only inch and half fully erect. I seen this hot white Goddess i became to serving her any chance i got. I would be close and let her know if there was something i could get or do for her please allow me to. She used me as her personal little bitch as i would jump on her command . She began to humiliated me for her entertainment , and others she had me take her and buy her dinner and cloths . Then she had me drive her to this town next to ours where she had this two older guys that had taken her Virginity when she was only 13 . Before got there she had me stop on the side of the road and take all my cloths off which i did exposing my tiny excited little pp. Which she had heard it was small , as she laugh and handed me my first pair of pink panties and told me to put them on. I did as fast as i could then she had me to take her cloths off and put all them in the trunk be this new crotchless purple panties and garter and white stocking and White 5 sarıyer escort inch pumps.I was looking at that beautiful smooth pussy as she told me my tiny little dick would never be in her pussy. I said i understand and i ok with that , she told me to call her Mistress from now on. As she was in the back seat as i drove her to main strip where everybody went . Until she stopped Ronny and Vic who was about drunk, Mistress had me stop beside them . They told her to get in there car which she did and told me to follow them to the football field where than fuck her on this cements pick nick table. When they both where threw they order me to come clean her pussy up which i did with total excitement while they watch laugh and call me names.Well she allow me to marry her not as husband and wife, our relationship was She was my Mistress and i was the boi wife i did all household duty and waited on her and other as a slave. Well we moved to B,ham and i always encourage her that she should find out how Black Men esenyurt escort not just have Big Dicks but they can fuck better . I got a job as a bartender at this 24-7 gay bar on the grave yard shift Thru, – Sunday and my Mistress work the door on the weekend. We started doing and sale coke for the manager of the bar who got it from this tall handsome nonsense Black dealer. Late at night when all the other bars close everybody would come to our bar. So we always sold the most of any Master Clarence street dealer and my mistress was the first to turn all the bills the same way which got Sir. Clarence attention he like that . When jody the one we got from found out it was my big tit hot Mistress that did it, that he be waiting there the next night to meet me and her. We had heard from jody how he had several his babies with married white wivies and some single. He told us that he new of 4 wife that there husband didn’t leave that just except and was raising he black babies that everybody could see that big black dick and balls and avrupa yakası escort his blackness . There white wife where proud that Clarence could come into there house anytime he wanted and fuck her.So when we got off from the bar i told my wife that i wish she let him know i needed help with my hot wife pussy. I always kept her pussy shaved and she never wore a bra or panties, she had on one her old wore out jeans that was at least 2 small size . That as she walk her ass cheeks flop back and forward , and when she seat down the few treads showed off her big pussy lips. I didn’t know that she was as excited as i was she always walk infront of me as my Superior Goddess . She walk straight to him and seat as close as she could to this well dressed tall black man that was a black man that could fuck any White pussy. He didn’t waste a min. he have his big black hands man handle her white tits, right in front of me and everybody else in the room . Then i got a surprise when he order me to bring a pin and paper to my wife, where he had her write where i had to go pick his money. That was on the west side of the city which is all black, he didn’t how that turn me on even more, i left and before getting in i strip to my pink collar and matching panties. With a chain from my collar where i strap down my boiclit and all that was showing was this nipples claps down on both of them. ( part 2 is coming)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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