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My Wife’s Study Group Weekend Get Away

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Double Penetration

My Wife’s Study Group Weekend Get AwayMy wife Debbie and I were spending the weekend at an old cabin with her college study group for the after exam get away. About fifteen of us shared the small two-bedroom cabin. At night everyone laid their sleeping bags out on the floor of the main room. It was the middle of winter and with only a small fireplace to heat the cabin the shared warmth of everyone sleeping close together was welcomed. Over the past few days I noticed one of the other guys on the trip, Kevin, had been pay a lot of attention to my wife. He is younger than I am, so we were all close in age. I didn’t pay much attention to it the first two days, but he is getting a little to forward with her. It started out with him carrying her luggage and helping her unpack, sharing his lunch with her, and whatever else a guy can do to be nice to a girl without outright flirting. Yesterday I overheard him asking her about our sex life and other intimate details. I asked my wife if anything was going on there, but she told me “Kevin is just a sweet guy trying to make friends”. That might have been enough on its own but on top of that he is the touchy feely type. Always getting a big hug when coming or going, brushing his hand against hers, and making some kind of physical contact as often as he could. My Wife has always been a little naive and easy to take advantage of, but maybe he was just a nice guy. So the next night everyone was asleep in a big pile on the floor. I woke up around 2 am to use the bathroom. I noticed he got up about the same time and went outside to smoke. I got back from the bathroom and decide to curl up and sleep on the recliner. My back had been sore from spending the previous few nights on the wooden floor. I quickly got comfortable and fell back asleep. It wasn’t long before my arm began to cramp from being pressed into the chair. I woke up and shifted to my other side. Just before I dosed back to sleep I noticed the spot on the floor I left vacant next to my wife had been filled. I squinted to see who it was, but it was but they were completely covered by their blanket. The soft light from the fireplace was enough to see the silhouette of my sleeping wife and whoever curled up next to her. I drifted off as my need for sleep outweighs my curiosity. I woke again this time to the rustling of someone moving around in a nylon sleeping bag. I looked over towards my wife to see the 12-inch gap between them had disappeared. He was lying right up against her back with an arm around her waist. I sat quietly not sure what to do. I watched as he slid his hand up and down under the covers feeling up her leg and rubbing her ass. After a few minutes I noticed her body start to respond to his touch. He slid closer to her until his crotched pressed up against my wife’s ass. His hand canlı bahis continued to explore her body beneath the covers as she seemingly slept. Physically Kevin and I were very close in size and build, so it isn’t a surprise that she wouldn’t notice it wasn’t me. After all she was exhausted after being up at the crack of dawn all week. I figured after a while of feeling up my wife he would get bored and go to sleep. As I quietly watched him m*****ing my wife in her sleep I realized it had been more than a week since we’d had sex. We tried a few times during the trip, but always got interrupted. Knowing my wife after a week without sex she was horny as hell. It became more and more obvious as she started rocking her ass against Kevin’s crotch. As time went on Kevin got braver with his moves. I started fuming when he reached around to get a handful of my wife’s huge tit. I should have stopped him then, but I continued to watch. After fondling my wife’s breasts for a few minutes his hand moved down her body and disappeared between her legs. I froze in disbelief at what he was doing to her. It wasn’t long before I heard her softly moaning. She never wore more than panties and a small t-shirt to bed even in the cold weather. So there was no doubt in my mind that he had his fingers in my wife’s pussy, and she was enjoying every minute. Watching another man finger my wife’s pussy right in front of me was just as infuriating as it was erotic. My dick started to grow a little when he first slid his hand between her legs. Hearing her moan from his touch got fully aroused. Just then I recalled something that had happened just a few months ago. I had woken up in the middle of the night with a very determined erection. I tried to wait it out so I could go back to sleep but it wouldn’t budge. In a last ditch effort I pulled the covers off my wife and me and slowly slid my dick against her ass. After a few minutes of slow rocking I was able to push my cock between her thighs. She started to rock back against me just like she is now with Kevin. It wasn’t long before I slid her panties aside to go further. My dick slide across her pussy to discover she was soaking wet in her sleep. After feeling her wet pussy on my cock I didn’t care if she was awake or not. I pushed up between her thighs until the head of my cock slid into her steaming hot pussy. She pushed her hips back on my dick as I slid my cock in and out of her wet slippery hole. I remember the sound of her moaning as I pumped my dick faster and faster into her. The sound of her soft whimpering moan drove me over the edge. I buried my dick inside her cuming harder than I can remember while filling her with cum. I pulled out and leaned over to kiss her to discover that she had be asleep the entire time. Thinking about that night turned me on even bahis siteleri more. And the very real possibility that she could let another man fuck her while she slept drove me wild with excitement. My dick grew harder and harder as I watched him working her pussy. She shifted her legs to give him better access. I could almost hear how wet he pussy must have been. He moved his head closer to hers while he continued to finger her clit. I could not believe what I was seeing. Kevin slid his other arm around her and was holding his hand over her mouth. She still managed to get out a quivering moan as she came in his arms. Listening to my wife moan as another man is giving her an orgasm was almost enough to make me cum in my pants. I slid my hand into my boxer and started stroking my cock under the blanket. Kevin pulled his hand back from my wife’s pussy and seems to be fidgeting around with his pants. A moment later I heard the zipper of his jeans open just before he wiggled around to slide out of his pants. He quickly cuddled back up to my wife, only this time I knew his bare cock would be pressing against her skin. For the first time in my life I was torn between feelings of rage and extreme arousal over the same situation. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. I knew it would only a few minutes before my wife will feel another man’s dick slide into her pussy. At this point I’m not sure whether or not she was still asleep. It seems impossible for her to have slept through an orgasm like that. And if she is awake does she know that another man’s dick is a few short inches away from slipping inside her. All the uncertainty added to my excitement. Kevin has been grinding his hips against my wife’s ass for a few minutes now with no sign of giving up. Kevin moved his head closer to my wife’s ear. Putting everything on the line he whispered something into her ear that got her attention. She arched her back and lifted her leg giving him full access to her sure to be aching pussy. He shifted to position himself behind her guiding his cock between her legs. He wrapped his hand around her waist took a deep breath and pushed into her. They both remained silent but there was no doubt in my mind that Kevin had his dick inside my wife’s pussy. Kevin held her tightly around her waist as their bodies rocked back and forth into each other. I couldn’t move my hand any faster up and down the shaft of my cock as I watched my wife, who may or may not be sleeping, fuck another man right in front of my eyes. Their bodies moved in unison as Kevin’s dick slid further and further into my wife’s aching pussy. By now I’m breathing heavier than either of them as I jerked my dick as hard as I could. I was so close to orgasm but didn’t want to blow my load before then finished. “Fuck! Oh my god!” My wife gasped. güvenilir bahis She sounded more startled than orgasmic. Kevin continued to pump his dick in and out of her pussy. I stopped jerking off to listen closer to what was going on. I noticed my wife was no longer rocking and pushing her ass back into Kevin. She wrapped both of her hands around a pillow hugging it tightly as she lay on the floor motionless. She must have just realized that the big hard cock buried in her pussy belonged to someone other than her husband. Kevin continued to fuck my wife like nothing had changed. She tried to scoot away only to have him grab her pulling her back on to his cock. It was clear she was not at all interested or comfortable with what was happening. I heard her whisper to him begging for him to stop. Hearing my wife beg this man to stop fucking her while she was seemingly holding back a second orgasm, was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. Apparently Kevin was turned on as much as I was as he pumped his hips faster and harder. I continued to stroke my cock watching as my wife is getting fucked against her will. She whispered something else to him I was unable to make out. Kevin started thrusting into her, as he was getting closer to cum. “Please don’t cum inside me.” I heard her pleading to him. “Please don’t cum in my pussy.” She whimpered. Hearing my wife begging him not to cum inside her did the opposite. Kevin immediately sunk his dick deep in her pussy as he exploded inside her. Her tearful pleas quickly turned into moans of pleasure as his cock throbbing deep in her pussy brought her to another orgasm. Hearing my wife having a second orgasm on another mans dick drove me over the edge. I came so hard I almost passed out in my chair. I sat, as still as possible hoping she didn’t hear me cum, or notice I was even awake. Kevin pulled out of her and stood up off the floor. Just then I realized what my wife had minutes earlier. His dick was still mostly hard as I caught a glimpse of it in the light. His dick was at least 3 or 4 inches longer than mine. For the first few minutes my wife had no Idea I wasn’t the one fucking her. When he finally worked his full length into her pussy it was clear to her that she was getting fucked deeper than usual. His dick fucked places in her pussy that mine has never touched. I fell asleep covered in my own sticky mess while my wife recovered from her orgasm falling back to sleep herself. The next morning we all had breakfast before packing up to head home. She didn’t mention a word of what happened the previous night. I want to talk to her about it, but if she finds out I watched jerking off while some guy ****d her wouldn’t make her too happy. I did make sure to say goodbye to Kevin. I asked for his number to make plans for an upcoming weekend while she stood silent next to me. I hoped that would make her say something to me, but she kept her mouth shut. Meanwhile I’ve been dying to ask her one question. “How good did his dick feel while he was fucking deeper than I’ve ever gone?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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