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My WINTER Diary – “Caught in my bedroom”

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My WINTER Diary – “Caught in my bedroom”BASED ON MY OWN REAL DIARY WRITINGS — I would go to class and in the afternoon something would be different in my bedroom. The comforter wasn’t in place properly, my favorite stuffed elephant wasn’t guarding my room resting on my pillows, and it just felt like something was wrong. Are there ghost in this house? I needed to know. I borrowed my friends security webcam and set it up on the ceiling above my bed. I would have freaked out if it really was a ghost. The wireless signal would digitally record on a server cloud. Allowing me hours of recorded footage while I was at school. When I got home I was notified that there was movement in my bedroom while I was away. I was shocked when I saw my 41 year old stepfather naked on my bed thrusting onto my pillow. In the audio I could hear him saying my name. Calling me a “fucking cunt” and moaning how he was going güvenilir bahis to “fuck you, BabyGirl, full of my cum”. I couldn’t believe it. How many times has he fucked like this on my bed? I watched his entire fuck session from beginning to end. I was shocked when he shot a big load of hot wet sperm onto my pillow. He moaned, “Fuck!! BabyGirl, take my cum in your cunt!!!” He got up, wiped the load off with a towel, and then remade my bed. Again, forgetting to put my elephant back in its guardian position on my pillows. For the next few months I watched him fuck and cum on my pillows. I’d change the location of the spy cam. I’d buy new bed linens. Change out my comforters. Buy new pillows and throw out the used yellow cum stained ones. He would return to fuck my bed three or four times a week. During his Carla pillow fucking he would curse me and use my name every time. “Fuck you, Carla! Teasing türkçe bahis little cunt. Take my big cock you slutty hole. Take it! Take it!” He would grunt and moan and cum every single time. His 41 year old cock was rubbing and fucking against my bed, my pillows, my worn panties, and sometimes all three of them would get a big burst of his cum on them. One time it looked like he was forcefully fucking the pillow. Screaming angrily out loud, “Don’t say No!, you fuckin’ whore! Don’t you deny me your wet fuck hole! Don’t you dare fight me off. Don’t you dare, you lil cock tease!” Every time I would see him fucking his imaginary Carla. Smelling my perfume or my body aroma on my sheet. He’d grunt and cum. Big loads of cum coating my brand new pillows. Each time my horny Stepfather would fuck my bed pretending he was fucking me. I would see and hear him taking advantage of my private bed, empty house, güvenilir bahis siteleri and his sexual lusty attraction to me. Dangerously close. Knowing that he was doing this was both scary and flattering. He wanted me. He was hungry for me pussy to be his. He wanted to use me. And… I could tell by the amount of sperm he left on my pillows that he wanted to seed me. Open me up and blast a big load of his manhood deep into my young wholesome vagina. He was obsessed. Eventually I showed him the spy cam. I told him if he really wanted to fuck me all he had to do was ask. BUT… we would have to fuck on his bed. He agreed. My 41 year old stepfather took my hand and guided me into the master bedroom where he and my mother slept. He didn’t care. He was finally going to have his wish come true. Take my pussy. Open me up. Fill me with his sperm. Every day for months my Stepfather fucked me. Living out his dream. We’d find time in the most interesting places for him to stuff me full of cock. I have lost count the number of times he shot a huge blast of cum into my young and willing pussy. I love this Step-father /daughter arrangement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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