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My Work Fantasy Ch. 03: Sharon 02

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My work colleague Sharon had been known as Miss goody two shoes for five years now, but after the relief of ending a failed marriage and a change of work roles, she had become sexually attractive – and available.

In an hour we’d gone from me unavoidably peeking both down her blouse and up her skirt, to her teasing me about it and eventually I’d licked her to orgasm, fucked her pussy, and then cum in her arse.

Goody two shoes? If only they knew.

She’d never had oral nor anal before then, and now there we were, alone in the building and stark naked, heading for the executive bathroom suite. We were about to try her third new experience of that day, but seeing where we were headed she grew nervous.

“Oh Dave. The exec bathrooms? If we got caught…”

“You mean getting caught naked somewhere else in the building would be better?”

She laughed; “Good point. Ok, let’s be clear though. This ‘new experience’ you promised me. It’s about peeing, right?”

“Spot on.”

“OK, but look. I don’t want to drink pee or anything, OK?”

“Eeeww, me neither. Don’t worry. Here’s what I’m thinking. We could watch each other pee, or we could pee on each other, that’s all.”

I could hardly believe it. Me and Miss goody two-shoes were walking naked, hand in hand, discussing watersports with each other as if we were choosing what to have for lunch.

Sharon agreed. “OK. I’m not sure about you pissing on me, but I’ll do it on you if you want.”

Serious negotiations over, we arrived ulus escort at the exec bathrooms.

“Dave, why here?”

“‘Cos there’s a bathtub in here.”

“Oh, I see.”

It was locked, but I knew where the key was hidden. Then we were inside, and she pulled me along: “Hurry up, I’m busting!”

“Good,” I replied, “Me too.”

I climbed into the bath and she followed. Then I think she realised what was happening.

“Oh Dave. I don’t think I can. I’m shy!”

“Don’t worry. C’mere.”

She got closer, we stood belly to belly, still sweating a little from an hour of fucking. I lifted my hand and cupped her mound, first and third fingers on her pussy lips and the middle one up inside.

She smiled and rocked back against my hand, gently fucking herself on my finger. She raised her lips to mine and we kissed, nibbling at each other’s lips. She took my bottom lip between her teeth and stiffened slightly, then I felt a hot spurt of piss on my hand accompanied by a sharp hiss. She laughed, pushed, and pissed some more.

I wanted to see it so I took a step back without letting my finger out of her vagina. She was smiling broadly, watching my eyes, then she was able to relax fully and pissed hard into my hand. The hiss as it left her was intoxicating, and it joined with the splash as her piss overflowed my hand and dropped to the bathtub floor.

She laughed with her whole body, stomach rising and falling and tits jiggling as Sharon revelled in the moment, pissing yenimahalle escort over my hand and onto my feet. It subsided gradually, and I took my hand away and watched the natural flow of it. Then Sharon got a horny idea. She parted her pussy lips with two fingers, and pushed hard. A jet of piss shot out and hit my cock, which jerked appreciatively.

She laughed hard and strained her hips forward as I stepped towards her so she could finish emptying her bladder on my dick and balls.

I got a little hard as the last spurt came out, and Sharon was giggling as her piss dripped off me into the bathtub.

Then I let go and pissed straight at her, hitting the underside of each of her breasts in turn. She erupted in giggles, and stood there cupping her own breasts as I pissed upwards and alternated my stream between her hardening nipples. Then I copied her impish gameplay by pissing directly at her bush. She was giggling less now and opened up her cunny while I played my stream on her clit. She jerked, and moaned a little. Encouraged by that, I got as close as I could so my gushing dick was in contact with her hood and the last spurts drowned her clitoris. As I finished, and before the last drops had even fallen from her pubes, I pushed forwards and into her. I was not even hard at first, but the warm wetness of her pussy welcoming me back soon changed that.

Sharon lifted one leg onto the side of the bath and we stood like that, in puddles of our own piss, and fucked each other.

After eryaman escort the intense session of earlier, we were not about to cum quickly. I turned her around, bent her over and fucked her doggy style. I sat on the rim of the tub and Sharon rode me, grinding her tits into my chest. When my bum got sore I stood her up again and kept her thighs closed while I thrust into her from the front.

There were no words, only grunts and moans. When I was close, I realised I didn’t know if she was on the pill or anything. She must have sensed my discomfort, and that I didn’t want to stop, so she pulled me closer with her hands on my buttocks and gave me an order: “Cum in my pussy.”

So I did, hard, spurting deep. As I did she tensed and jerked in her own little orgasm, and I marvelled at how we had managed to climax together.

Then she put her head on my shoulder and bit me gently. She said, “If we don’t get cleaned up and back to work the concert won’t happen.”

“Yeah, I know. Let’s get it done. Then, young lady, I’m going to see what ELSE you’re willing to do!”

“Like what, exactly?”

“Ever tried sex with dirty talk?”

“Oooh, sounds good!”

I slapped her bum and helped her out of the bath. We ran water to flush away the fluids of our lust, took a quick shower then as cool as cucumbers, we walked naked back to the main hall, dressed, and got back to work.

But that fox teased me constantly. I was half hard most of the time, she was frequently bending forward so I could see her braless tits down her blouse, or bending over pulling her panties down to flash me her arse and pussy.

I warned her. “If you don’t stop that I’m going to fuck you silly!”

To which she replied, “You can fuck me if you want, just don’t call me silly!”

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