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My young Cuckold Lover

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Female Ejaculation

My young Cuckold LoverMany years ago my husband and I were clubbing one night in the Bavarian Alps. We were in one particular Après Ski Club that was extremely crowded. My husband had been in a down mood all week and I was tired of trying to be Miss Upbeat. Our sheet time had suffered and I was more than a little bit horny. I was wearing a lacy button up shirt and a yoga pants that had me feeling quite sexy. Combining the dancing with the alcohol had me ready to jump his bones. However, as much as I tried to get my husband “in the mood” he just laughed off my playfulness and wanted to sit like a bump on a log.As the night wore on different guys would see me sitting on a couch in the club next to my husband, pretty much dancing in my seat, and would ask me if I wanted to join them for a dance. German men seem to have no problem asking an accompanied lady to dance. So I ended up on the dance floor with quite a smörgåsbord of men throughout the night, all of them looking and feeling sexy considering my state of mind. My husband just got sulkier and sulkier as he downed several drinks.I was dancing with one younger guy, enjoying the sensations the deep throbbing sound system caused in my body. I was sweating quite a bit and had undone about half the buttons on my shirt, enjoying how sexy the exposure made me feel. My dance partner pulled me in close and ground his pelvis against mine as we moved to the heavy beat. I could feel his erection against my body and was excited that I was creating his reaction. Although I really didn’t intend for anything to go anywhere I wasn’t stunned when he leaned into me and gave me a kiss. My mouth automatically opened when his tongue pressed against my lips and we engaged in a long türbanlı ankara escort sensuous exploration of each other’s oral cavities. By the time the song ended my heart was pounding in my ears.I returned to the couch and sat next to my all but comatose husband. My new friend friend sat next to me. I took a sip from my drink and then offered it to him. While he sipped I grabbed the cocktail napkin and used it to wipe the sweat from my cleavage. He sat the drink on the table, grabbed the napkin from my hand and used his other hand to undo another couple of buttons before reaching in my shirt to “help me” wipe the sweat from my chest. The crisp roughness of the napkin on my nipples sent electric shocks right down to my groin.I looked over at my husband expecting a reaction and got pissed to see that he was engaged in a conversation with two girls on the other side of him. The combination of the alcohol and my arousal had me throwing all caution to the wind so I grabbed my partner’s hand out of my shirt and led him back to the dance floor, not bothering to return my shirt to a more modest alignment.We bumped and ground our way through a couple of songs. Our hands were all over each other. I stroked his sizable erection through his slacks while we again explored each other’s mouths on the dance floor. At one point I felt another body press up behind me and reach around to unbutton the rest of my shirt and grab ahold of my breasts. I just went with it for a while and then turned around to see that it was my husband. At last he was interested in something besides drinking.I enjoyed the attention of both men for the next couple of dances. Other hands and bodies became türbanlı ankara escort bayan involved as the dancing crowd packed tighter and tighter. Eventually my husband grabbed me and led me off the dance floor, complaining that things were getting a little out of hand and he was feeling pretty uncomfortable about where things were going. I was fine with that realizing that he was finally getting into the mood.We left the club and walked the half block to our hotel. I was more than ready to engage in some marital activities but my husband was eager to call it a night and get some sleep. He was quite drunk. I took a shower and came back in to the room to find him sound asleep under the covers. No big deal, I climbed under the covers with him and began stroking his cock to hardness. When I lowered my head to take his cock in my mouth he uttered something rude and pushed me away. I was pissed! I don’t think he even heard my reply as he started snoring.I was all revved up and needed release. I took matters into my own fingers and brought myself to a quick but unsatisfying orgasm, which made me even angrier. Totally pissed off I got out of bed, put on my robe and slippers, grabbed a bottle of wine and a corkscrew and went out on the balcony hoping the cold air would calm me down.I was standing at the railing drinking straight from the bottle when I saw the young dancer walking down the sidewalk in my direction. I began to heat up as he saw me on the second floor and stopped below my balcony to chat. He would refer to me as “My American friend” as he talked about how much he enjoyed dancing with me. His conversation was bold as he described how he enjoyed our türbanlı escort ankara dance floor interlude. He asked about the guy I was with and I told him he had passed out in bed. He invited me to join him for a late night walk.I walked back into room and heard the sound of snoring. I quickly donned my shirt and pants I had been dancing in, not bothering with underwear, put on my shoes and coat and headed out the door. I met my friend down on the sidewalk and we took a very short walk to his hotel another block away.The details can take forever to describe, but we ended up having some of the wildest and most satisfying sex I’d had in years. I returned to my room around eight o’clock in the morning half expecting to find an angry or at least concerned husband. Instead I found him sleeping in the same position I had left him in, snoring loudly. I took a quick shower and again climbed under to covers with him. I quickly fell into a deep and satisfied sleep.I awoke around noon to his stirring about in the bathroom. I was still more than a little bit irritated when I climbed out of bed and walked over to the table by the window. I stared out at nothing and took a deep drink from the bottle, not caring if my husband saw the marks of passion on my body as I stood in the nude. He came of the bathroom and pulled me into his arms for a hug. He then kissed me and stated we better get our day started before it was gone.He appeared to not even be aware that anything had happened that night, and I wasn’t eager to talk about it. We ended up doing some sight seeing and then returning to the same club that night. My husband’s mood had lightened up quite a bit and he was much more attentive that night. I didn’t see my young dance partner again and I’m not sure how I would have reacted if I had. As it was, I was again a happily satisfied wife…. for a few more years before we split up. But I did manage a few more (hot) nights to myself during that time. One of them was with Jerome – a black guy – who used to love to tape the sessions we had. here is one memorable picture from then.

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