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Subject: Nailed It Chapter 58 ***. Standard disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people or events is purely coincidental. Locations within Florida have been used by the author to create the setting. Don’t read if you shouldn’t because you’re under 18 or live in an area where it would be illegal. I appreciate all the positive comments and constructive feedback I’ve been receiving. Please continue to email me at ail. Enjoy the story! **As always PLEASE keep Nifty free by donating to the website! Even small donations go a long way. Please support the Nifty Archive! At the following URL: fty/ ========================================================= Nailed It: Chapter 58 Count Down Day 5 -Monday Homecoming week was extremely busy. Coach Lee scheduled an extra practice for Monday. Sean busied himself getting ready for Saturday. He stopped in to see Mr. Langford who got him a band uniform. Langford also showed Sean his plan for the big reveal. “I love it!” Sean stated. “If this doesn’t knock his socks off I don’t know what will. Thank you for thinking of it Mr. Langford. Next on his list was the celebration party. Sean called MamaG at the restaurant. “MamaG this is Sean Walls.” “I remember, you are Clay’s boyfriend.” “Yes Ma’am, I was wondering if you can handle 29 people for Saturday night? It’s a joint dinner for both of our families.” “Sounds like an very special party! Let me check. Can you do 6 pm to 8 pm?” “Yes, it is special. It involves rings. We can do 6 to 8. The game will be over by then.” I can bring you a check to cover the bill and tip.” “That will be fine Sean. Do you have any requests?” “MamaG whatever you fix will be wonderful.” “We make it extra special!” “I’m sure you will. Oh, Clay doesn’t know. See you tomorrow.” Sean said ending the call. Next Sean called his mother. He got her voicemail. “Hi Mom, I forgot you started back to work today. I’m having Harry’s deliver Homecoming flowers to the house Friday afternoon. There will be wrist corsages for all the ladies. Please distribute them. Oh and tell everybody we’re going to dinner after the game. Love you.” Sean put a call in to Martha. “Hi Mom, this is Sean.” “Is Junior all right?” “Oh yes, healthy as a horse. I just wanted to clue you in on a few things. First, plan on going to dinner after the game. I’ve made the reservation already.” “That’s very kind of you Sean.” “I’ve ordered homecoming wrist corsages for all the ladies. They will be delivered Friday afternoon to the Alford.” “You know how to spoil the ladies don’t you.” “I do try. Lastly, you need to know about my name. Y’all are fine referring to me as Sean. My family will know who you’re talking about. However, if they talk about Andreas, they are referring to me. All of we kids are called by our middle names.” “OK Andreas, I think we can handle that. Anything else?” “Yes, I know Clay was born in September but I don’t know the date.” “Easy one Sean, He was born on the first of September. He was 2 days late. He weighed in at 8 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches tall.” “Thanks Mom. Love to all! I’ll see you Saturday.” “Love you too! See you Saturday,” Martha replied. Harry’s was next. “Harry’s Flowers how may I assist you?” “I’d like to place an order for Friday afternoon.” “Pickup or delivery Sir?” “Delivery to two locations,” Sean informed the clerk. “First location please.” “The Alford in Winter Park. The reservation is under the name of Leon Reed III.” “What would you like delivered?” “6 Japanese Mum wrist corsages with black ribbon.” “Ah Homecoming. Thank you for ordering early. Names for the corsage bags please.” “Martha Reed, Mary Reed, Hannah Reed, Granny Reed, Morfar Carlsson and Becky Carlsson.” “Second address please.” Sean provided his parents’ address. “Same thing Homecoming corsages, seven this time. Names for the bags are Melissa Walls, Cora Walls, Andrea Walls-Stewart, Alexandra Walls, Crystal Walls, Isabella Walls and Ethel Rice.” “That will be $390 for the corsages and $40 for the two deliveries. How would you like to pay?” Sean gave him his debit card number. “Thank you, Mr. Walls. Is this a good number with which to reach you? “Yes, it is.” “Very good Sir, thank you for your order. They will be delivered between 3 and 5 pm Friday. Have a good day.” Sean was feeling pretty good about his efforts. He grabbed 6 hardboiled eggs and mashed them up to make egg salad. He prepped two sandwiches for Clay and one for himself. He headed into the Locker Room to work on a few assignments. Clay came home with his usual `Man on a Mission,’ statement. When he emerged from the bedroom he was naked. Sean was seated at the table. Farm Boy came over and kissed his boyfriend. “Thanks for lunch,” he said before biting into his sandwich. “Clay, I booked all of us for dinner Saturday night at Geno’s. Hope that’s OK with you?” “Chief you’re amazing. You are a planner as you said. Thank you for thinking about it.” “You’re welcome. I’m going to make a table chart so we can mix up the families. Let them get to know each other.” “Will you be at practice today?” “Yes I’ll be there.” “Great. I need to run. I have to meet with my academic advisor about adding a minor in business.” “That will make your folks happy.” Sean kissed Clay goodbye. Sean went back to studying. He left for the stadium at 3:30. The team was already on the field when he arrived. At 4:30 it started to rain. Some of the FWBs left. Sean sat through the shower which lasted 20 minutes. At 6 PM he moved to the players’ gate. Clay came out and smiled as he saw Sean. “Chief we need to get you home and out of those wet clothes.” He guided his lover to a shuttle. When they got home, Clay turned the water on in the shower to full hot. He helped Sean finish undressing. As he led him into the bathroom they were hit with a wall of steam. Farm Boy adjusted the water temp and got Sean in. As Sean washed up; Clay made a cup of hot tea. He heard the water turn off. When Sean came out of the bathroom Clay was there holding his bath robe. “Here you go Sir. Don’t need you getting sick before homecoming.” He installed Sean on the couch and placed a blanket on him. Then brought him his hot tea flavored with lemon juice and honey. “You relax and I’ll tell the guys we’re not joining them tonight. Then I will start dinner,” Farm Boy told him. Sean was touched at how much of a fuss Clay was making over him getting soaked in the rain. He thought, “It’s nice to be pampered.” CJ answered when Clay called. He listened as his teammate explained. He told Clay, “No need for you to cook. I made chili for tonight. How about I run two bowls up to you guys?” “That would be great. See you soon,” Clay replied. Fifteen minutes later CJ dropped off the chili. Sean and Clay both thanked him for cooking and apologized for not hosting Monday Night Football. After CJ left, Clay reheated the bowls and brought them to the couch. The two watched the pregame show while they ate. After they finished the chili, Clay cleaned up the kitchen. “Sean I’m going to work on some of my assignments. Do you want to join me?” “I finished my work earlier today. I’ll sit with you though.” Sean grabbed a pillow from the couch and his blanket and padded into the Locker Room. He lay down on the leather futon they got from the gym. Clay was working at his desk. Sean pulled out his phone and started checking things off his to do list for Saturday. He got an email from Professor O’Connall. “Evening Sean, Sorry for the late notice but my model for tomorrow’s class is sick. Are you available to do a costume piece tomorrow? Shamus O’Connall” “Damn, I had other plans for tomorrow.” “What’s the matter Chief?” “O’Connall wants me to model tomorrow.” “Tell him you have plans. If he wants you it’s double the rate.” “Great idea! Perhaps that will put him off.” “Dear Professor, You are correct is it is very short notice. I have plans made for tomorrow afternoon. If you’re willing to double my sitting fee, I’ll change my plans. Otherwise I’ll have to pass. Sean Walls” He hit send. A few moments later he received the professor’s response. “Dear Sean, I can’t increase the fee. Have a good day. Shamus O’Connall” Sean said, “Good he declined!” “I hope that doesn’t mess up any future modeling sessions for you.” “It is what it is Clay,” Sean responded. He went back to looking at things on his phone. When Clay finished his assignment an hour later Sean was sound asleep. Day 4 – Tuesday Sean woke up in the Locker Room at 5 AM as Clay’s phone alarm chimed. His boyfriend lay on the floor next to him. Clay looked up at his Chief and smiled. He sat up and gave Sean a quick peck on the cheek and scrambled to the bathroom closing the door. Sean yelled after him, “There goes a man on a mission!” Both men laughed. Sean closed his eyes. He was feeling achy. He hoped he hadn’t caught a cold. By the time Farm Boy came out of the bath his Chief was fast asleep again. Clay quietly grabbed what he needed and started out on his run. When he returned Sean had moved to the bedroom. He had left his boyfriend a note. “Clay, I’m not feeling well. I’m achy and have a sore throat. Don’t bother fixing anything for me. I took Lysine, Vitamin C and Elderberry elixir. I suggest you do the same as a preventative. I’ll go to see Christine when I wake up. Love you, Sean” Clay fixed his own breakfast. He took the same mix of supplements as Sean suggested. As he entered the bedroom Sean was snoring lightly. The quarterback crept around the room quietly. He took what he would need for the day and left the room. He dressed, picked up his lap top back pack and headed out. He didn’t notice Sean’s phone was on the charging pad on the desk. Sean finally stirred around 9:30. He figured he’d slept close to 11 hours. He dressed, retrieved his wallet, phone and keys and headed to see Christine. Dr. Velez was having a busy day. She had diagnosed 45 cases of strep throat so far that morning. As Sean arrived there were 13 students in front of him. He signed in and took a chair in the far corner to begin his wait. Clay returned to the apartment at noon to find Sean gone. He pulled out his phone and called him. gaziantep travesti “Hello Clay. I’m at the clinic.” Before he could say more, Janice was calling, “Walls, Sean.” “Gotta go Clay, it’s finally my turn.” He followed Janice back where he was weighed and his temperature and blood pressure were taken. Janice told him, “You’re 171 pounds. Your temp is 101.2 and your blood pressure is 121 / 78. What seems to be bothering you today, Sean?” “Achy, fatigued and I have a sore throat,” he answered. “I am going to put you in room two,” Janice told Sean. He followed her to the room and sat down. “Dr. Velez will be with you soon.” Twenty minutes later Christine came in. “So Sean let’s find out what’s happening with your body today. When did it start?” “Last night I was achy and went to sleep around 9:30. I woke up at 5 with a sore throat. Went back to sleep and woke up around 9:30 today.” “How long have you been feeling the fatigue?” “That’s hard for me to say. I push myself to get everything done before I go to bed. SO I’m usually tired when I retire.” “Are you tired when you get up?” “Yes, that’s been going on for maybe a week.” Dr. Velez checked his throat and listened to his breathing and his heart. “I’m going to order 2 tests. The first is for strep by throat. That’s a throat swab. The second is for mono because of the fatigue. It’s a blood test and I’ll have the results in an hour. The strep test only takes 15 minutes to process. I’ll be back then.” Janice came in and did the throat swab. Otto followed her a few minutes later to take a blood sample. Sean sat down to wait. He sent a text to Clay. “I’m still here. They’re testing for strep and mono. I’ll keep you posted. Love, S” Fifteen minutes later Dr. Velez returned. “The good news is it’s not strep. I’ll prescribe Amoxicillin to get you on the right path. We will change that if it turns out to be mono. I’ll call with the results in about an hour. You’ll need to rest regardless.” She put the orders into the computer. “No classes or going to Clay’s practice either. Tell your boyfriend to sleep in another bed for at least tonight.” “OK doctor,” he replied. Sean paid his copay and picked up his prescription. He had been at the clinic for 3 hours. He drove back to the apartment. Clay was waiting for him when he got upstairs. “Don’t try to hug or kiss me Clay. I may have mono. The Doc says we can’t share a bed for a night or two.” “That’s OK as long as we get you well. I made Mom’s chicken soup. You get comfortable and I’ll get a bowl ready for you.” Sean went in their bedroom. Clay had changed the sheets and set up a TV tray next to Sean’s side of the bed. Sean’s laptop was on the bed. He stripped off his clothes and pulled on a pair of pajama bottoms. Clay came in and placed the soup on the TV tray. He gathered the clothes he would need. “Sean the soup is in the crock pot if you want more. I put gator aid and water in the small cooler beside your night stand. I’ll be back right after practice. If you need anything, just whistle before I leave. I’ll be in the living room.” “Thank you my love. Sorry I’m puny right now. You can sit in here if you want. Chances are you’re already exposed.” “I’ll sit with you while you eat. I already told Gina you’re sick. I promised to help the FWBs with their comedy skit since you’re ill.” “I completely forgot about the skit,” Sean managed between spoonfuls of the soup. “This tastes great. It’s my first food today.” “Glad you like it. Oh, Jeff Olsen called earlier too. He’s one of the wide receivers. His girlfriend, Brigette, told him you’re planning a party.” “Damn she has a big mouth. It was supposed to be a surprise! Sort of a House Warming for your new digs.” “Well when were you planning to host it?” “What about Sunday evening. I’ll call management and see if the Club Room is available. Well ask Larry to be in charge down there while we host folks up here. They can eat pizza and drink in the Club Room and have a tour here.” “I’ll ask Larry at practice.” An hour later Clay left for practice. Sean went to the kitchen and fixed another bowl of soup. He was eating when Christine called. “Hello Doctor Velez.” “Hello Sean. I apologize for the delay, but I’ve been swamped today. Your Monispot test came back as negative. If the fatigue continues for a few more weeks well run it again. Do you have any questions?” “None Christine thank you.” The call ended and Sean finished his soup and went to bed. After the Comedy Night Skit, Clay came home to a dark and silent apartment. Sean was sound asleep Day 3 Wednesday Wednesday morning Sean woke at 7 to find his coffee waiting. There was orange juice and buttered toast on the TV tray. There was a rose sitting there as well. A note on the tray said Clay was working on a project this morning with a couple of his classmates. He also wrote that Larry said agreed to being the co-host. Sean took his temperature. It was 99.1. He emailed his professors that he was ill and still running a temp and would not be in class. He added Dr. Velez had prescribed an antibiotic and bed rest. He asked for assignments. He tackled his breakfast. He was still hungry afterwards, so he went to the kitchen. Clay’s pillow and blanket were on the couch as he passed. He raided the fridge and found there was an unopened package of hard boiled eggs. He grabbed two and the salt shaker. After he finished the eggs Sean called the Apartment Management Office. The Recreation Room was available from 7 to 10 PM for that Sunday. Sean reserved it. Then he sent an email blast to the FWBs as well as Larry and Clay. `The Reed – Walls Household invite you to attend a House Warming Party this Sunday at the Corner Apartments Complex Recreation Room from 7 – 9 PM. Join us for pizza, pasta let’s eat. I’ll set the table and call you.” Clay busied himself in the kitchen getting things to set the table. He carried the crock pot and ladle to the table placing it on a trivet. “What do you want to drink Chief?” “Hot tea, please and bring that jar of honey Corabeth brought me.” Clay used the Keurig to heat the water and popped a passion teabag into it to steep. He called Sean to the table. Sean asked the blessing, “Grab it and Growl!” They ate leisurely. Clay explained that between the chicken soup and chili he had always recovered quickly from colds. They both ate two bowls with crackers and butter. Clay cleaned up the table and kitchen. He put the left over chili in a container for tomorrow. Sean decided he wanted a bath. He had just finished running the tub when Clay came in. “Let me bathe you Chief?” he asked. “I’d really enjoy that Clay,” Sean smiled at him as he stepped into the tub and sat down. Clay grabbed a washcloth and soaped it up. He started by scrubbing his boyfriend’s face and rinsing the soap from it. Farm Boy continued washing Sean from head to toe. He made him lift his butt up so he could scrub his ass. Taking the bar of soap he slicked up his right hand and started jacking at Sean’s prick. Chief scooted down in the tub to give Clay more access. He used his foot to click the toggle switch so the tub would drain. Farm Boy was playing with his Sir’s nipples. Sean played with Clay’s. Neither man had cum since Sunday. Sean shot his load on his chest after just a few minutes. Chief told Clay, “Jack off and shoot your cum on my chest.” The thought of shooting his load on Sean got Farm Boy’s balls churning. Sean spurred him on saying, “Jack that cock! Work it Farm Boy! Shoot that seed on your Chief’s chest!” Clay exploded in one huge gush of semen which splattered on Sean’s chest mixing with Chief’s own seed. Clay helped Sean stand and started the water again. He shifted the toggle and started the shower. He rinsed the semen from Sean’s body then washed himself. Sean stepped from the tub and dried off. He held a towel ready for his boy. Chief finished drying Farm Boy off; then the couple went to their bed. “Chief, I have to do some assignments. Can I get you anything?” “I’ll fix another tea. You get your work done,” he stated as he got up and walked naked from the room. Clay went to the Locker Room to work. A few minutes later Sean came in with his tea. He sat on the futon and sipped his drink while watching Farm Boy work. Sean finished his tea. He walked up to Clay and kissed him on the top of his head. “I’m going to bed; you can sleep with me tonight.” “See you soon Chief,” Clay replied as he smiled at Sean. When Clay finished his assignments it was after 11 o’clock. He found Sean dead to the world. He spooned his backside against his Chief and joined him in a deep sleep. Day 2 – Thursday Sean returned to classes Thursday. After each one he thanked the professor for sending him assignments. He met Clay at the cafeteria for lunch. “I’ve got a few errands to run today. If it’s not raining, I’ll be at practice to annoy you!” He flashed his mischievous smile at Clay. He kissed Clay’s forehead and headed back to get his car. Sean drove through Winter Park and back into Orlando. When he arrived at The Smithy Jewelry Shoppe he had to wait for Danny to finish a consultation with another customer. Danny had a huge following among the LGBTQ+ community. His designs were remarkable. “Sean, my friend, it’s been too long! How have you been?” “I’m well Danny. How are Joel and you? It’s only been two months since we played tennis.” “Seems much longer. Joel decided 35 years was enough. He retired at the beginning of November. He said the new rules on how to teach were stifling him.” “Sorry to hear that. We need creative teachers.” “So tell me about your man,” Danny said as he pulled two ring boxes from the lock box behind his station. “He’s Clay Reed, the Stallions’ Sophomore Quarterback.” “You landed that ginger beauty! You go boy! I hope you two will be eternally blissful. We need to catch up, but on to business as there are two more guys waiting. I really hope you like these. They are understated as you requested yet unique.” He opened the two boxes towards himself and turned them both so Sean could see them. Two almost identical ring sets met Sean’s gaze. Both featured reworked koa wood enveloped gaziantep masaj salonları by beveled 18k gold band encrusted with a single round ½ carat gem to accent it. Clay’s featured an emerald and Sean’s contained a sapphire. The wedding band itself was a simple plain gold 18k band which was designed to lock into the engagement ring. “May I try it on?” Sean asked. “Certainly, let me help you.” Danny removed Sean’s set. He help Sean place it on his left ring finger. “Danny it’s perfect. I got the birthstone idea from what you did for Will and Arn for their 20th Anniversary Rings. I love the wood accent. I’ve not seen that before.” “Sean I am so glad you like them. Cash, check or charge?” “Debit card. Oh can you put the wedding bands in their own box?” Danny ran the card and wrapped the boxes for Sean. “Please invite Joel and me to the wedding. Do you have an idea of when?” “No later than Valentine’s Day. My sister is due in March and my sisters-in-law pop in April and May.” “I can’t wait to see his reaction. Joel and I will be at the game too.” “Just hope I get the answer I want. Danny thanks again for making these happen.” They hugged and Sean headed home to stash the rings. Sean took a shuttle to the stadium. He was late but he was prepared with a plastic rain poncho and an umbrella. The other FWBs made a big fuss over him. They really wanted him to meet Tony Armstrong their newest member. His boyfriend, Timmy Jones, was on the cheerleading squad. The two men hugged. “Welcome to the family Tony,” Sean said. The rain held off until after the practice ended. Waiting on the team Corabeth asked Sean, “Did you hear the news about Lisa Bonett? She and Joanne Rodriguez broke up. Lots of drama after last week’s game. Before Sean could comment Clay stormed out of the locker room. Sean looked at Corabeth, “Somethings got him steamed! Gotta go.” “Chief let’s get a move on and get home.” Sean kept up with Clay as he made for the shuttle. Once they were seated, Sean took Clay’s hand and ordered, “Tell me!” “MS Knox says somebody complained about us getting preferential treatment at the P-House. She has to conduct a review.” “No problem, we didn’t go last week. So we’re not trying to profit. But we’ll call Mr. Randall in the morning and involve him. Try not to worry. We have a fun time planned for this weekend. Homecoming Pep Rally, our folks at the game and the dinner afterwards. On Sunday, we have all our friends coming by to see our place.” “I’m glad you’re here to calm me down. I’m glad coach didn’t tell me about it until after practice. After dinner they both went to the Homecoming Concert. Day 1 – Friday Sean awoke to his cock being deep throated by a very horned up quarterback. Looking at his watch he saw it was just 5:30. He reached over to play with Clay’s asshole. He found it was lubed up so he slid one of his fingers in. Farm Boy wiggled his ass in appreciation as his Chief finger fucked him. He was very aware that Sean had added two more fingers to his itching hole. He pulled off the Chief’s cock and moved Sean’s fingers away from his ass. Straddling his boyfriend’s legs he lowered his ass onto the spit slicked prick. Clay sighed in contentment as 9 inches of throbbing dick sank into his body. He sat still enjoying the feeling of Sean’s prick throbbing inside him. “Are we going to fuck or not?” Chief demanded. In response Farm Boy started his bump and grind movement making sure Sean’s prick was hitting his prostate. Sean could see the sheer look of bliss on Clay’s face reflected in the standing mirror. Chief used his nails to lightly scratch and tickle Clay’s back. He watched as Farm Boy switched to long dicking himself. The boy’s bubble butt rising up revealing Sean’s glistening cock before plunging back down and grinding into Chief’s blond pubes. Clay executed a perfect 180 while impaled on his lover’s prick. Sean thought, “He’s getting better at these moves.” Farm Boy’s need was building. His face, neck and chest were flushed with sexual excitement. Chief was also feeling his balls churn. He began playing with Clay’s nipples then started jacking his boy’s cock. Farm Boy moaned and picked up his pace. He was doing Kegels to milk Sean’s cock. He nailed it as Chief exploded deep into Clay with 6 shattering bursts of cum. Farm Boy ground down onto Sean’s cock and shot 6 of his own hitting the headboard, his boyfriend’s face, neck and chest. Clay leaned forward and kissed Sean. “Thank you, I really needed you in me this morning.” “I should be thanking you. It was your idea!” Chief replied. The couple headed to the bathrooms. Clay used the Locker Room toilet while Sean did the one off their bedroom. After completing his morning toilet Sean started the shower. He also brushed his teeth and shaved. He adjusted the water temperature and step into the tub drawing the shower curtain. Moments later Clay drew the curtain back and stepped in to join his Chief. He snuggled up against Sean and nuzzled his neck before he kissed the back of his neck. Sean turned and embraced Clay. As he kissed his Farm Boy his left hand jiggled his boy’s balls and stroked his cock. Clay moaned into this kiss until Chief broke it, “We need to finish our shower Farm Boy. It’s going to be a long day.” He handed Clay a wash cloth. “I will wash you if you’ll wash me.” “You got it Chief!” Clay started washing his boyfriend. As he finished Sean, he returned the favor paying special attention to Clay’s ass. “Keep that up Chief and you’ll have to scratch that itch again.” The Chief laughed. The two finished rinsing then toweled off. Clay fixed Sean’s coffee as well as his own. He popped two egg bites in the microwave for his Chief and served them with cantaloupe pieces. Then he fixed 6 egg bites for himself. He picked musk melon for his fruit. Sean sat at the table outlining what he was going to say to Mr. Randall. He called Stephen at 8AM. “Good morning, Stephen Randall speaking. How may I have you?” “Morning Mr. Randall, Sean Walls here. Have you heard about the complaint filed against Coach Lee and Clay Reed?” “News to me Sean. Bring me up to speed.” “MS Knox dropped it on Coach yesterday and he told Clay after practice. After our victory a few weeks back, I invited the team to the P-House. When we got there, we waited in line to pay. When we got to the door we were told we were the guests of honor and the night was on them. The next home win Coach and his husband got the same treatment. When Clay and I arrived, Jonathan waived our entry fee and gave us guest passes again too.” “OK, I understand. So someone alleges Coach and Clay used their positions to get a free evening at the club. I know Jonathan. Let me call him and confirm what you told me. I’ll get back to you in an hour. ” “I’m in class until 11:00 today. We both appreciate any assistance you can provide. Talk with you later.” Clay came up behind Sean and wrapped his arms around him. “I love the way you take care of me. Most of all, I love being near you.” “I love you as well. I miss you from the moment we part until we’re back together.” He wiggled around to face Clay and kissed him, ramming his tongue into Farm Boy’s mouth. “I need to get dressed for class and so do you.” Sean headed out first. Clay left the apartment an hour later for his 10 AM class. Both noted the high number of people skipping class to get ready for the pep rally. Sean’s call from Stephen Randall came in as he was getting off the tram. “Sean, Stephen here. This has been a crazy morning. Jonathan called me back at 9:15. He confirmed your story. I put him on hold and called Knox. She wasn’t happy that I was involved. Anyway, I put Jonathan and her on the same call and he told her you tried to pay both nights in question as did Coach. She asked why y’all were selected. Jon explained that too. He told her the next Stallion home game win she could be the guest of honor for breaking the glass ceiling. Oh, I just received her email confirming the investigation is closed and marked as an unfounded accusation. I’ll forward it to you. She already copied Coach and Clay.” “Mr. Randall, thank you so much. Will you be at the game tomorrow?” “Yes, I would not miss your proposal for the world. See you on the field!” “See you later. Again thank you.” Sean opened the Lovense App and sent a blast to the Hush in Clay’s ass before setting it on its lowest setting. He started fixing lunch. At noon he increased the vibrations on the Hush to medium. He set the table and put the chicken salad on lettuce in the fridge to stay cool. He put the Hush on high. Five minutes later a red faced Farm Boy burst into the apartment! “Chief, we have got to talk about this!” he blurted out pointing to his cum soaked jeans. “Oh is there a problem with having an orgasm? We could lock your cock up for a bit if you like.” “That’s not what I meant. I was sitting with Anne Davis from 310. She was telling us how much they appreciated that we don’t stomp around. You kicked it up and my voice cracked. It was like I was starting puberty again. Then I shot. She must think I’m the stupidest fuck on earth.” “Oh you’re not the stupidest fuck Farm Boy. You’re the kindest, the smartest, and the handsomest as well as the most important fuck on earth!” Sean kissed him. “House Rules! Lunch is ready.” He grabbed the two salad plates from the fridge and brought them to the table. Clay came out of the bedroom naked after depositing his soiled clothes in the hamper. He took his seat and bowed his head to say a silent grace. “Seriously Sean, given the high profile I have on campus, I can’t have that happening. What if I’d been talking with Lee or Knox?” “Lee would have thought it funny. Knox would give you a smirk. But I take your point.” I’ll try to not embarrass you. Doesn’t mean I won’t, but I’ll try. I’ll begin by saying only wear it on your morning run.” Clay leaned over and kissed Sean on his cheek. Thank you my love.” Afternoon classes had been cancelled. Profs knew from experience attendance would be way down. There were a few adjunct professors who would schedule tests or pop quizzes. They’d learn they would get poor gaziantep escort bayan student evaluations at end of term. The couple spent an hour at the pool. When they got back, Clay dressed and got ready to head to the stadium to review films on the other team. “Last year we won the game 34 to 31. We expect the Green Wave will want to knock us down especially since its homecoming.” “You can only do what you always do Clay, try your best. Will you be home for dinner or should I just meet you at the Rally?” “I’ll be home. I think we’re expected at the guys’ for dinner at 6.” “I’ll be ready.” Sean said before kissing Clay goodbye. He spent the rest of the afternoon planning out the scene which would play out in front of the stadium and television audience tomorrow. For dinner Steve had made Texas Chili with chunks of stew beef mixed in with the ground meat as well as Texas toast. Sean told Steve, “You did a great job on dinner tonight.” “Thank you. My sister sent me the recipe. She married a Texan and moved to El Paso. She learned to cook it from her mother-in- law.” “Well it’s delicious and with just the right bite! Not too hot, nor to mild.” Clay helped Larry clear the table. “Remember tonight guys we wear team shirts with our numbers. Coach also wants us there by 8:15,” Larry reminded his teammates. “I wonder why he needs an extra15 minutes.” Clay questioned. “Only way we will know is to show up,” CJ noted. “That’s a fact Jack!” Steve quipped. Clay and Sean returned home. Sean changed into his Black and Gold. He draped his FWB sash over his left shoulder. “I’m ready! Are we taking the tram or the team bus?” “Team Bus is going to the stadium first. So you might want to take the tram.” Sean’s phone rang. “Hello Gina! What’s up?” “We’re downstairs. Corabeth and I picked up Fiona Glasse, our newest FWB. We thought you might like a ride.” “I’ll be right down!” Sean kissed Clay. “I’ll see you after the fire!” Clay finished getting ready, locked the apartment and went downstairs. The bus was just pulling into the complex when he got to the loading area where about 8 other Stallions were waiting. They first bumped or high fived him as he walked up. CJ and Steve arrived, “Where’s Sean?” Steve asked. “He went on ahead. Some of the FWBs picked him up. “Gotcha!” Steve replied. They boarded the bus. Other team members started arriving and getting on. Antonio and Larry finally arrived. The team stomped their feet and chanted Larry’s name as he bowed and took his seat. Corabeth asked Sean, “Has your man been behaving himself?” “Oh yes, his attitude has been adjusted. We have little squabbles, but he doesn’t curse.” “How was Arcadia?” Gina asked. “Truthfully not as bad as I thought. I mean it’s out in the middle of nowhere, but I felt quite comfortable at his home. His one sister came at me with both barrels. I just returned fire. All went well. They’ll all be at the game tomorrow. So will my folks.” “Oh wow a meet and greet. Is that wise?” Fiona asked. “Yeah, they can answer each other’s question without Clay and I being in the middle.” “I’ll be back in a minute,” Corabeth told them as she got of her car and ran into her sorority house. Fiona said, “I’m so excited about being an FWB! Joey talks about the D-Line all the time.” Joey Wayne was one of the Stallions’ defensive tackles. He had just asked Fiona to be his girl. “You’ll love the group. We’re a little family.” Sean offered. Corabeth returned. She had sprinkled black and gold glitter in her hair. In a few minutes they were back on the road to the rally. When they arrived they parked in the Senator’s reserved spot. Other students were arriving from pre-rally parties. At 8:30 the Chorus sang the National Anthem, the State Anthem and Alma Mater accompanied by the band. The band then played the Fight Song, `Stallions Charge On!’ They did 5 other pieces as the Cheerleading Squad assembled on stage. At 8:50 they started leading the crowd in various cheers. At precisely 9 PM Lee Gabriel and Roberta Knox walked on stage. Lee made the official welcome. “Are there any Stallions out there?” he asked. “Yah!” the crowd shout back. “I can’t hear you?” “Yah!” The crowd screamed. “Welcome Stallions! It is my great privilege as Student Government President to welcome each one of you to our Homecoming Pep Rally!” More screaming arose from the crowd. “It is because of the support of you, the fans that our program succeeds. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to our Homecoming King and Queen….. Drum Roll Please….” The rat a tat of the drums could be heard. “Please welcome King Kevin Soffner and Queen Diana Geoffreys!” The trumpets sounded as the individuals came up out of the screaming crowd. Two assistants came forth and put a black and gold royal robe on each winner. “It is a high honor for me to present you each with your scepters and your crowns.” Lee presented them each with a scepter. He then placed a crown on each of their heads. Trumpets sounded again as the pair walked to one side of the stage and sat upon their thrones. “Stallions let’s welcome our Athletic Director Roberta Knox!” Gabriel yelled! The crowd cheered and Robi walked over to Gabriel in her black pants suit trimmed with gold. “Thank you President Gabriel! Congratulations to your majesties as well. I heard there might be a couple of Stallions running around out there. Where are you Stallions?” “Here!!!” the crowd screamed. “Oh! I see you now!” she laughed! “It’s a great night to be a Stallion! And it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to your team’s coaching staff led by our very own Head Coach Marshall Lee!” The 7 coaches walked out together. Coach Lee switched on his microphone. “Who’s going to run wild?” he asked. “Stallions!” “Who’s going to run wild?” he hollered. “Stallions!” “Who’s going to run wild?” he bellowed. “Stallions!” “Damn right Stallions!” the 7 coaches bellowed back. At that the team broke through the paper mascot screen and formed their gauntlet. Coach Lee introduced Coach Tom Henry who introduced the Defensive Line first. Next Lee introduced Coach Billy Higgenbothan who introduced the Offensive Line. Coach Lee introduced the quarterbacks himself. As Larry’s name was called the crows started the Larry Chant. Larry ran the gauntlet and took his position on the stage. “What do Stallions do?” he called. “Run Wild!” the crowd yelled. “I can’t hear you.” Larry screamed. “Run Wild!” The group bellowed! “Damn straight Stallions Run Wild!” The whole team screamed as they stormed the stage front. Larry was handed two flaming torches. He approached the Homecoming King and Queen and bowed. He handed them each a flaming torch. The royal couple approached the huge pile of wood with a Green Wave emblem hanging above it. They counted to three and tossed their torches onto the faggots starting the bonfire. They returned to their thrones. The band started the fight song “Stallions Charge On.” Clay and Sean found each other in the crush of people. “Let’s get out of here. I’ve got news and a really bad itch,” Clay told Sean. Chief nodded his assent. They headed for the shuttle. Riding back Clay lowered his voice. “We had a Stallion quit the team today. Kolby Rader, one of our better defensive ends, quit because his complaint against Coach Lee and me was ruled groundless. He told Knox he couldn’t continue on a team that endorsed the gay life style.” “WOW that is sad. Maybe he’ll regret it and come back.” “Nope, won’t happen. Coach Lee won’t have him. He told us the same thing Cross did. “Deal with it or turn in the uniform.” “How does that affect the game tomorrow?” “We have three others that can play that position. It will be a bit harder but not by much.” “Well it’s still a damn shame. I want to go to the pool when we get back.” “But I got an itch Chief!” Farm Boy whined. “You’re turning into a pushy bottom Farm Boy!” Clay made a pouty face with sad puppy eyes. At the apartment Sean changed into his swimsuit. Clay dragged his feet about going. Sean told him, “Suit yourself,” and taking only his keys left for the pool. No one was at the pool. After doing 20 laps Sean moved to the hot tub. He settled in and relaxed closing his eyes. He was aware of someone getting into the hot tub with him. He didn’t open his eyes but drew his legs to one side. A hand touched Sean’s knee and moved up his thigh. Sean’s eyes flew open. Clay smiled at his boyfriend. “I’m sorry Chief. I missed being with you.” Sean smiled wickedly at his partner and ordered, “Take your trunks off.” Farm Boy looked at Chief in disbelief. “Chief you are joshing me?” “If you want your itch scratched tonight get them off,” he ordered. Clay swallowed hard and took off his suit. Sean began kissing him and telling his boy how special he was to him. His hands roamed Clay’s body. Farm Boy got into the kissing and heavy petting and forgot his suit being on the side of the hot tub. The timer went off shutting down the hot tub’s circulation. Sean told Clay to stand up. He took off his own trunks. “Lean over the side of the hot tub Farm Boy, time to take care of your itch.” Clay leaned over as instructed. Sean moved in behind him shoving Farm Boy’s legs apart to get the right angle for his cock to enter. He fingered Clay’s ass a few minutes then place his cock head at the boy’s ass-lips. Farm Boy was already panting in anticipation of being entered. He thought, “Anyone looking at the pool from their apartment will be able to see me being fucked.” It excited him. “Clay we’re doing this without lube so do as I tell you. Bear down like you’re going to shit,” Sean ordered. Farm Boy listened and Chief began moving inside him. “Now relax lover boy.” Clay relaxed and as he did Sean sank in to Farm Boy’s ass. “Ahhh! That’s what I needed Chief, Fuck me!” Sean did just that with pure abandon. His balls swinging in the hot water and hitting the bubble butt their owner was fucking. Sean played with Clay’s tits. Each squire or pinch made the quarterback’ sass twitch and tighten. “Chief, I’m, I’m, I’m cumming!” Farm Boy’s ass spasmed with each of the 8 loads of cum he dumped into the hot tub. Sean came moments later shooting 5 thick ropes of man seed to Clay’s well plowed furrow. Chief pulled out and sat down. His hand reached for the timer and started the tub again. After he caught his breath he pulled his suit on. Clay donned his suit. They sat beside each other and kissed and complimented each other. They got out and walked back to their building and up to their apartment holding hands.

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