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National Lampoons Clark and Ellen

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National Lampoons Clark and Ellena few doors down the hall, Clark and Ellen Griswold were just finishing up some packing. Clark was messing around with their new camcorder and Ellen was finishing up a shower. Ellen stepped out of the shower and Clark walked into the bathroom filming her. “Oh Clark come on, get out of here” she said as she put one hand over the camera lens and one over her face. She was wearing a towel that covered her nice body. Ellen had a great body for her age. She had nice athletic legs and full B cup breasts. The best part was her strong nipples. They sat on her chest like small erasers, hard almost 90% of the time. “Come on Ellen, why don’t you do that dance you showed me that one time at Christmas” Clark said. He kept pointing the camera her way. “For a going away present.””Well, do you promise you’ll erase it before we leave?” she said.Clark didn’t even respond as he just nodded his head sitting on the toilet to tape her. Ellen stepped back behind the shower curtain to begin her routine. Clark hit a button on the radio they keep in the bathroom and sexy dance music began to play. After a few second of music, Ellen’s long sexy leg jutted from the shower curtain and he hand ran up and down her thigh and leg. She kicked her leg then pulled the shower curtain open. She stood there with a smaller towel on, one that strained to just barely cover from the middle of her tits to the bottom of her pussy. Clarks eyebrows raised seeing her sexy body. She tuzla escort stepped from the shower, moving sexily and slowly toward Clark. She came up to his and moved her hands to the top of the towel. Moving her hips back and forth, she slowly untied the towel. She put a leg up on the toilet and began grinder her hips toward Clark. Her cock began to grow watching his hot wife dance for him. She then backed away and turned her back to the camera. She pulled both hands to the side, pulling the towel wide open as she did. Then she slowly let the towel drop past her upper back, then to right above her ass, then finally she let the towel drop as she bent over and grabbed both her ankles. Now Clark was full erect as his wife’s shaved pussy came into view. One hand held the camera and the other started massaging his dick. Ellen saw this through her legs and slid her hands all the way up her legs before turning to Clark. As she turned to the camera her amazing breasts came into view. Her nipples erect as always. “Can you fuck this American girl until she cums?” Ellen said into the camera. Clark motioned the camera up and down to indicate yes. He put the camera on the toilet to continue taping. He stood up and pulled his pants off, exposing his rigid 9 inch dick. It didn’t take Ellen any convincing as she dropped to her knees and began rubbing her slender fingers up and down his length. She took the tip in her mouth, playing with the head of the dick. She then slowly slid his tuzla escort bayan penis into her mouth. “oh God Clark I’m so wet, will you fuck me now,” Ellen said after a few minutes of bobbing on his shaft. Clark grabbed her arms and pulled her up. He then bent her over the edge of the sink and lined his cock up to her pussy. “Do you want me to shove my dick inside you?” He said”Yes Clark, do it!” Ellen yelled.”Tell me you’re a dirty slut who wants to get fucked from behind.””I am a slut and I want to get fucked from behind by your big dick!” Ellen said as she threw her head back.Clark began to wiggle his dick at her entrance, teasing her. Her pussy was now dripping wet. Finally after what felt like a year for Ellen, Clark slid his member into her waiting hole. He started slowly at first, going inch by inch into her. After about 6 inches he withdrew then slammed the rest of the way in.With the camera still rolling, Clark was slamming his wife faster and hard. “Oh god Clark that’s so good” Ellen shouted as he fucked her over the counter. He moved in and out at a faster and faster pace now. Ellen was now moaning. One hand played with her tits as the other held her body up. She moved her fingers around her nipples, pulling at them and pinching them. Like always they were like little rocks in her finger tips. After minutes, Clark pounded harder and started to run his finger nails down her silky back. He knew that this is what turned Ellen on the most.”Oh jesus fucking escort tuzla Christ Clark,” she said nearly falling to the floor with pleasure. “Fuck me… fuck me I’m going to cum soon!” She shouted as her orgasm approached. Clark didn’t need to be told again. He started to pull out until just the tip of his penis was inside her and then slam the entire length down. He continued to do this, working her pussy harder and harder each thrust. Ellen reached down and let her fingers play with her hard clit. After a minute of this hard fucking and playing with her button, Ellen could handle no more. “Oh Clark I’m cummmmmminnngg!” She said as she collapsed on the counter top, legs quivering as she made a few final tweeks to her clit. Clark pulled his dick out of her as her pussy juice ran down her legs. Ellen hungrily gobbled his dick into her mouth. Clark was close to his own orgasm so a few seconds of his wife’s talented mouth play was all he could handle. After sucking him and stroking his shaft, Clark erupted his load into Ellen’s mouth. She took the first load and swallowed before pulling his cock out of her mouth and letting the remaining spurts land on her face and tits. After Clark finished his load, he sat on the edge of the bathtub. Ellen took her index finger and swiped some cum that had landed on her tits. She looked at the camera as she put the finger in her mouth, sexily licking it clean. “Here I come Europe, think you can handle this American Slut?” She said as she hit the stop button on the recording. “You’ll erase this before we leave tomorrow right Clark?””What?” He said still trying to gather himself after the hot sex. “Oh… yea… I will,” he said only half hearing her.

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