Nis 23

Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 07

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Big Tits

This beautiful day, Matthew was taught a very valuable lesson: that despite being raised as a Christian, the paradise was never meant for him. He was destined to be used at the hottest orgies in hell, where demonic cum flooded every possible hole and musky scent of men’s sweat was filling brain with submissive fuzziness.

Master Goldman was on top of him, pounding his tight asshole. His warm, naked body was crushing his own. Matthew couldn’t stop watching his massive pecs with a bit of dark hair on them, glistening with sweat, rubbing against his small chest. He was so much bigger than him, so much stronger. His thrusts were tearing him apart. Their bodies generated so much heat, he had sweat dripping from everywhere.

“Please, sir… may I hold your back?” Matthew asked shyly, stuck in awkward position, spreading legs as far as possible for the bull conquering him, yet respectfully keeping his hands away.

“Grab your daddy. Worship me,” he gasped.

Even though usually Matthew would be turned off by the word “daddy”, when nice cock was stretching his most vulnerable hole, hitting the most defenseless place, he suddenly became much more open-minded. He surrounded master Goldman with arms and squeezed him, feeling in with his entire body how powerful the man fucking him was.

Oscar came just seconds ago, leaving David on the floor panting, sweating, with huge, gasping hole dripping with cum. The stinky shoe was lying next to his blushing face. Jock seemed broken and shamefully satisfied. Something in his expression clearly hinted that this was exactly what he needed from a long time: tension release.

Suddenly, master Goldman started moaning into Matthew’s ear. Boy felt his ecstasy in slower but much stronger thrusts. He wished he could feel better the sticky, warm seed that was flooding his insides in slow, repetitive loads now. Goldman gasped in exhaustion, pulled himself out and stood up, in his manly glory. His cock had white spots of semen on it, was almost purple, swollen and full of veins. Matt smiled, knowing that this monster just violated his asshole.

“Shit. Why does it always have to happen when we’re recording?” Master Goldman asked, breathless. “Can’t we act professional for once?”

“It was very professional. We’ve tested the product,” Oscar answered with slight smile. “But we’re not done yet. Now we have to record me fucking your sex doll over there. But we’ve got two problems. Firstly, I won’t stick my dick in, knowing it’s filled with your cum. Secondly, I came and I’m not hard anymore.”

“Yeah, buddy, it’s not really difficult to miss that the monster between your legs is not scaring people anymore,” Goldman responded. Matthew gazed at Oscar’s crotch, curious about how his cock looked when soft. Not much changed, it was still a huge piece of meat hidden under foreskin. Only now, the boy noticed an appreciated his balls, a great pair of hairy low-hangers. His sack had a very interesting tan, darker güvenilir bahis than the rest of his skin. “I think I can solve both of your problems with one stone, as they say… Yo, babe!” Goldman called David, who was still lying on the floor, coming back to his senses after this merciless fucking. “Stop sleeping, princess. It’s time for you to return a favor and clean your slave buddy’s bum.”

Matthew was hesitant, not that he had an option to refuse. He felt very dirty, not only sticky from cum but also sweat. The thought that he would be this intimate with someone, while being so disgusting, made him uncomfortable. But then David approached him on the knees, with this horny expression on his face, clearly ready to fill his mouth with whatever filth he could and Matt stopped worrying. After a moment he even reached and grabbed the back of David’s head to pull his face even deeper into his ass crack.

“Better get used to these sensations, boys,” master Goldman instructed them, while watching with his muscular arms crossed on his chest. “Doms in our club always compete at finding new ways to humiliate faggots both by torturing them physically and making them do disgusting things.”

Turned out, Oscar was a healthy, young man, despite his mutated, Chernobyl cock, so he got hard just from watching David slurping on Matthew’s asshole, with saliva dripping from his chin.

“Have you sucked all of my cum out already?” Goldman asked, making the jock pause.

“I think so, master,” he responded. It was still strange to hear respect in his voice.

“How did it taste?”

Seeing David’s raging erection, it could be a rhetorical question.

“It was… delicious, sir.”

Goldman thrown Oscar a surprised look.

“And my ex-girlfriend was lying that it tasted like shit. Good thing that I got rid of that bitch.” He picked up the camera. “Well, let’s get started, Oscar. The bitch is so lubricated, you could slide your leg into him.”

Matthew, still lying on his back, pulled his legs up, spreading for his new boss. From this perspective, he couldn’t stop admiring him. Oscar was this type of guy who was completely average looking, yet had such incredible confidence and charisma, that one smug smile was enough to make him a reincarnation of Adonis.

“You’re right, like knife into butter,” he commented, entering Matthew’s hole.

But he exaggerated. Matthew’s face has shown delicious struggle in reaction to the torture of being impaled on a log. His cruel invader had no mercy, piercing him with powerful thrusts, each time seemingly diving deeper, smiling down at defeated boy. As pain became increasingly stronger, Matthew closed his eyes shut and bit on his finger. When it became not enough, he started moaning like a cheap porn star. Nothing was helping but he was ready to try anything.

Unlike with master Goldman, sex with Oscar wasn’t pleasant. No matter how hot he was, his dick was impossible to enjoy. Full of türkçe bahis Christian-related thoughts — for god knows what reason, as he thought he was free from this since he was 11 — Matthew was convinced that Oscar’s dick was a weapon gifted by a god, meant as a punishment for all faggots who dared to sin and open legs for other males.

Pain was so strong that Matthew didn’t really remember much from this encounter. When Oscar finally came and pulled out, he felt no relief at all, just pulsating devastation. Even his hands were shaking.

“Do it now,” Oscar ordered mysteriously, but Matthew’s eyes were still closed and he had no energy left to care what it could mean.

It changed when he felt Goldman’s strong grip pulling him up to sitting position. Then his hand started checking out his dangling balls and dick, which went full soft mode from all this pain.

“What are you doing, master?” Matthew asked in a weak voice.

“I’m rewarding you, boy. You’re going to get the best thing an alpha male could ever gift a fag like you.” After a minute, Matthew’s cock was locked in a chastity device. A little padlock was locked and the key was passed to Oscar. “This is a symbol of your defeat. If you ever go to a doctor or get checked by security, they will recognize you for what you are: a dirty cocksucker. And they will treat you accordingly.”

“But how is that good for me?” Matthew asked in a weak, sleepy voice, quite confused.

“Oh, it’s not. It will be good for them, though.”

“Alright,” Oscar interrupted. “Let’s all shower together. We can use this opportunity to record the trailer. After that, take them to the club’s house. We have to hurry if we are seriously thinking about opening the house tomorrow.”

“I informed Ethan to take his fag’s things when he will be moving in, but what about the other fag?”

“I will have someone take care of this. Just don’t let either of them to spend this night in their houses. We need them with all the other slaves, so they create the dynamic.”


After showering at the gym, master Goldman drove them to this infamous sex mansion that was supposed to be their new home. It was a pretty nice house, perhaps not the best one, but it had a pool and it was huge. Matthew was not dumb, though. He was aware that the best parts of this place were meant for lucky guys like his roommate Ethan. Matthew, on the other hand, will be lucky if he gets his own bed.

David was sitting next to him on the backseat of master Goldman’s car. He was silent all the way long but sometimes he was throwing hostile looks at Matthew. His submissive demeanor disappeared once he was clothed again and whatever jock remains he still had left, were now active. Matt couldn’t stop himself from teasing him a little bit.

“Licking your ass crack was so hot,” Matt said, smiling provocatively. “I wish I could suck it after master Oscar came inside of you, though.”

“Disgusting fag…” he growled. güvenilir bahis siteleri “You were enjoying every second of it, that’s fucking disgusting…”

“You seemed to be enjoying sucking my asshole, too,” Matthew shrugged. “Of course, not as much as sniffing that stinky shoe, but I don’t really blame you. That guy must’ve had some amazing working out sessions in these sneakers… Personally, I wish I could get my hands on his socks, too… Just think of that ripe aroma, when they would be freshly pulled off his sweaty feet… you could squeeze this sweat right into your mouth…”

“Shut the fuck up, disgusting pig!” Jock screamed, clenching fists.

“You better listen to your own advice, bitch,” master Goldman intervened, gazing at David through the interior car mirror.

Tamed a little bit, David dropped the screaming and instead whispered to Matthew:

“You’re retarded if you think I was enjoying any of that,” his tone implied that he could tear Matthew apart right now. “I pretended to not make things worse for myself…”

“Well, I hope you will soon get to have one of your outbursts without our master stopping you. I think it’s only fitting for a fag like me to be covered in bruises.”

David clearly couldn’t believe that Matthew just said that straight to his face. Creeped out, he turned his gaze to the window, and just mumbled:

“You’re fucking sick in the head.”

Matthew couldn’t care less. His asshole was in constant pain, his closed dick couldn’t find a comfortable position in his pants and all he could think of was how much he craved this. Master Goldman was right, it was a reward but one that could only be appreciated if Matthew was ready to reject his own comfort and fully commit the task of satisfying men. And he was. In perspective, cleaning Phillip’s nuts with his tongue — something he, not so long ago, though was the biggest mistake of his life — turned to be not only a fine erotic encounter, but also the game changer for his sexuality. Who would have thought that becoming a slave and being stripped of all rights would be the thing that truly freed him?

… this was the kind of silly thoughts that filled minds of all dumb, submissive boys like Matthew. Dominants knew all too well which buttons to press to make their silly toys work well and with passion that enhanced their own pleasure. It took so little effort to make subs start romanticizing what was really just free, dirty sex from dom’s perspective. Even though he knew he became just a warm meat with tight holes that feel good when you stick your cock in them, he was also convinced there was some philosophical depth behind that, while in reality, there was just lustful void and money.

But at this point, Matthew was already trapped. Cage on his cock would prevent him from getting rid of these silly thoughts with few loads of warm cum after jerking off. Now he was stuck in a constant state of excitement, submission and deliciously frustrating lack of satisfaction. He knew it would make him a great servant for the dominants he was about to meet, but he was forgetting that he had a life beyond sex and getting back to it with constant cumbrain would not be so easy.

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