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Naughty Spot Ch. 03

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This story concerns characters who are well over 18 and has some bodily function play as well as spanking occurring amid erotic coupling, so if any of this offends you, don’t read the story.


I woke up and felt my life had evolved a lot in only one week. After I had returned home and taken a good job, I decided to save some money by living at home. I had not included in my planning the prospect that my mother would resume treating me as she had before I had left for university.

She kept scolding me for not keeping my room clean or putting my clothing away. I even was subjected to her having me pull down my panties so she could see if I had stained them. I had forgotten about some of this childish treatment while I had been away at school because my home visits were infrequent.

Fortunately, as I’ve related earlier in this series, my persecution at the hands of my mother, as well as my Aunt Charlotte and her daughter, my cousin Pamela, has come to a grinding halt. My mother amazed me by arranging to have first my cousin and then my aunt submit to being disciplined by yours truly in partial recompense for the nasty way in which they had treated me.

My mother had designated a place in our living room near the entrance as my “naughty spot” which was a circle in red where I would be told to stand with my skirt raised above my waist and my panties down at my knees when she had decided that I had earned some kind of punishment. This normally featured my being spanked over my mother’s lap.

This all changed when I had a heart-to-heart talk with my mother. I found that she first was upset at how Charlotte and Pamela had behaved. My mother is the older sister to Charlotte and apparently she made it quite clear to Charlotte that she and her daughter had been out of line and needed to be taken down a peg. I was given the opportunity to discipline them and ever since those two have been quite friendly and have acted like one would expect close female relatives.

I remain wary of them because I do remember when they showed such disdain for me and even suggested extra ways in which my mother might humiliate me. I had warmed up in my contact with my mother, something it seemed she wanted to happen. She no longer scolded or even gave me any advice.

I had been focusing my hours away from my office at putting together a decent social life. I still had some friends in town and went out with a few of them for drinks and music frequently. Soon I found that I was being sought after both by my friends to go out as a group and to attend their parties, along with two or three men with whom I enjoyed going out.

In view of my mother’s controlling behavior, I had not brought them home but that did not prevent me from occasionally spending the night at one of their places. My mother had cast a dim eye when I told her I probably would not be home that evening but she now did not bother to raise any question much less opposition.

Lately I had been spending one night each weekend with Brad Landseth, a litigator with a large law firm with whom our company had some contacts, as his firm represented us. I was pleased that we had not had any direct business interactions because I found Brad a very pleasant companion. It would be better, I felt, not to mix a business and a romantic relationship.

Moreover, Brad was becoming more than a companion. I found him to be very sexually compatible with me. We would go out to some informal place for dinner and maybe dancing or some light drinking, and then repair to his place where he made love to me in exactly the way I had always desired.

In addition to his treating me with a great amount of affection, his increasing ardor manifested itself in his applying his oral talents to my quim. He would chuckle when he would get down between my spread legs and find that I was already quite wet with anticipation. He would bring me off with his tongue and then I only wanted that charming cock to plunge into me.

I thus was a well-fucked woman and enjoyed it a lot. Brad did seem to like to give me a few spanks on my panties now and then, and with my bringing up which had featured that as a punishment, I didn’t mind it at all. I even grinned at him and told him that if he wanted to play that way, he should be prepared to get across my lap.

“Are you quite serious about that?” he asked with a whimsical look on his face.

I said yes with a laugh and then decided to be more direct in responding to what was likely not a searching inquiry.

“Brad,” I began, and saw that he realized I was being more serious in dealing with this subject, “I was brought up in a home where my brother, sister, and I were spanked by my mother on our bare bottoms in front of each other until we went away to university. Until beşevler escort recently, before some events occurred into which I will delve should we need to proceed in that direction, I was being spanked regularly by my mother as if I were still a naughty teen.”

I took a breath and continued, “I am delighted to be able to tell you that this has all changed. My mother essentially backed off. I’m now able to stay on there and be treated like a grown woman. Part of this change resulted after my mother actually arranged for me to discipline my aunt and my cousin who had treated me abominably since I had come home.

“You should understand, sweetie,” I smiled, “that in being able to punish them, I realized that I enjoyed being in the handing-out role in that kind of relationship. So yes, I might indeed enjoy putting you through your paces over my lap with your pants down. But I also feel an occasional need to be taken charge of by someone of the male persuasion who would take down my panties and apply some kind of implement to my cute little bottom.” (I figured that it wasn’t the moment to talk about my equal—or greater—desire to be taken charge of by someone of the female persuasion.)

Brad held me tight after that and applied his talented fingers to feeling me up in the way he knew I liked a lot. I felt them massaging my breasts beneath my bra and then move down my back right into my panties and into my crack with the fingertip poking into my anus. This was just the kind of turn-on that pleased me immensely. This man knew what got me going and he realized he didn’t even have to concentrate on my quim. Time enough for that when we both had stripped.

We then proceeded to do just that. He unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his trousers, followed by his slipping out of his shorts and his undershirt, followed by his socks. I unbuttoned my blouse, slipped my nice pale blue hicuts down and off, rolled down my thigh-his, and unhooked my bra, placing it on the side table.

He opened the bed and lifted me lovingly into it, laying me on the crisp white sheets. Then he clambered in right next to me and began fondling me all over, using his finger to tease my clit very very gently after he had slipped it right through my plenteous pubes. I was finding being in bed with him to be completely delightful apart from looking forward to having fantastic sex.

He must have purposely not moved his hands directly to either my quim or my rear. And he even stayed away from my bare breasts. Instead we cuddled and held each other. He nuzzled my ears and kissed me all over my face. I did feel a hand softly caress my lower thighs and I spread them to convey my intimate welcome.

Soon Brad begin to kiss my nipples and they responded as only that part of my body can. He was now down between my legs and as he licked my split from top down and then let his tongue tip tickle my sensitive anal opening, he pushed my legs up so that my split and my holes were all together there for him to lavish his tongue in pleasing me.

It was so nice not to be in a hurry. It was also wonderful not to have felt I ate or drank more than I needed. While we had been out, I made sure to go to the ladies at the restaurant and clean up totally while in the stall attending to that business. I allowed myself to interrupt my own reverie by turning my own attentions to him.

I began caressing his body and softly and gently ran my finger up from under his scrotum to the very tip of his warm cock. It responded even more promptly than my nipples had. He seemed to respond when I just softly ran my nail down his shaft. I then pressed my finger down below into his anal opening and in far enough to reach that marvelous male erogenous zone: his prostate.

He moved himself in that subtle way to convey to me that the prostate stimulation made him more than ready to be received. I was delighted that I didn’t have to invite him inside. He felt me lie back and spread my legs so he could easily be there and I did reach down to point him into my outer folds and then he slowly pressed as my wet hole readily expanded to speed his entry and I was now starting to feel that fullness that is what keeps me bi.

There’s no such thing as pure, uncomplicated fucking. It is always different and this time I was very very highly stirred by our fabulous foreplay. It just felt so good to have him sliding in and out with a motion that awakened every sense in me through all those nerve endings. I was so happy, too, that his finger went into my rear so that I was being filled both ways.

I know that some people like rough thrusting but I’ve found that doing it gently makes the pleasure last that much longer. That’s not to say that having my vagina plumbed to its depth by a large long member can’t büyükesat escort turn me on in a major way. It can. But I now cherish long and gentle—otherwise it won’t be long because the roughness or the fast in-and-out will make me sore.

This was perfect and as if it were proceeding on its own, my orgasm came upon me and he felt it coming just as I did so he pressed just a bit more and as I crested, I felt him spurt into me as I went into a succession of cums. It wasn’t exactly simultaneous and that doesn’t really matter anyway, it was beautiful.

We grasped each other as he receded from my warm interior. He spent some time kissing me deeply and we held on to each other, not wanting the juncture to end. The fucking had lasted just the right time and now I felt so loved as he held me and I him. We were finally lying side by side and he was kissing me softly around my face and running his fingertips lightly around my breasts and up to the nipples.

I felt his now flaccid member, with no particular aim of rearming him because what we had experienced was enough, it was what we both must have been hoping would happen.

It was early enough so that we didn’t fall asleep or even feel like it. I did love the fact that Brad didn’t fuck my brains out only to pass out once he came.

“Susan,” he said quietly but in that steady tone I was coming to cherish, “what you’ve told me has stirred my senses. I can’t remember any time that we’ve had or that I’ve ever had that was so marvelous as what we just had. I’d like to try something if you feel like you would, too.”

I didn’t know where this was leading but there was something in his tone that made me anticipate what was on his mind.

“I’d like you to take charge of me just to see how it plays with us both,” he ventured. “Your telling me how you spanked your cousin and your aunt made me feel that it might be yet another dimension of everything I adore about you.”

He smiled that winning happy look that is irresistible to me.

“This is sounding,” I said as I employed what he would hear as a sterner voice, “like someone feels he has been naughty and needs to be brought in line.”

He nodded and then said what he knew had to be said right then, “Yes, Miss.”

I smiled a very happy smile and we both sat up on the side of the bed. I managed to stand and then sit down in a straight chair adjoining the bed. I patted my lap and he knew that that meant he would assume the position across my lap. It was fun that we both were bare.

No clothing to get in our way. I felt him drape himself across my lap and I opened my thighs so that his now firm cock easily slipped down between my waiting thighs and I clamped them shut softly so that his member was securely locked between my legs but was not being pressed more than it needed to be.

“So you’ve been naughty, have you?” I questioned in a very probing kind of way, expecting the right kind of answer.

He nodded affirmatively as I gave him a hard stare.

“You were looking up the receptionist’s short skirt, weren’t you?” I posed my leading question to him.

“You were imagining what color her panties were under that yellow skirt as you followed her sheer hose right up her fetching legs,” I continued. “And then you started to think about what she looked like under those tiny panties—she probably had a thong on, right?—and you hoped she shaved because you wanted to see her cunt and be in her cunt, right?”

I reached down and ran my nail up his hard shift between my thighs. “You were thinking with this, weren’t you, darling?”

“Yes,” he said calmly, “yes, that’s all correct, exactly. So yes, I deserve to have you punish me, darling, for being so naughty.”

We both recognized the special character of that word “naughty” which conjures up so many images, most of them from years before when we were told that we had done something naughty and would be punished accordingly.

“Boys who behave like that, who have those naughty feelings and let themselves get carried away like that, have to be punished,” I said in a soft but firm voice. “So you know that you have earned a good spanking, one that will keep your head focused on me and on my cunt. You made such lovely love to me now and that’s what I love about you. Now we will deal with this other behavior of yours.

“How would you feel if I called you into my office tomorrow?” I asked him in a very threatening way. “You would enter and you would see Gwendolyn there, in her short yellow skirt. I would say to her that I was aware that Mr. Landseth had been staring at her, especially at her legs and trying to see up her skirt, and that I was very disappointed in how he had behaved.

“I have asked you to join me here in my office, Gwendolyn, çankaya escort because I know that Mr. Landseth is sorry about how he was—let me be clear about it—he was stalking you when he was out there trying to see what was beneath your skirt. Am I right? Isn’t that what you felt?”

Our receptionist seemed frozen at first by this situation but managed to nod at me. Gradually, she let a smile emerge on her pretty face and she said, slowly, “Yes, Miss Susan, he was trying to see my undies, I’m sure.”

“Well, now he’s going to pay the price for being so naughty,” I said sternly. I looked directly at Brad now and resumed, “You will take down your trousers and shorts and come over here and get across my lap right now.”

“I would watch as you did what I ordered,” I told Brad now, “and then when you were across my lap, I would start spanking you with my right hand, starting slowly and gradually increasing the tempo until the slaps would be strong and steady and coming faster. Soon you would be starting to plead to me that you would be good, that you were sorry and that you hoped that Gwendolyn would accept your apology for embarrassing her and discomfiting her.”

Now I started to spank him, just in the way I had described in the scene I imagined for him in my office. I spanked him on alternate cheeks and aimed low, at the sensitive place between his cheeks and his thighs. I squeezed his cock still between my own thighs.

“You have to stop thinking with this,” I lectured him as I squeezed his member.

“Now stand up,” I told him. “Imagine the receptionist is really here and I ask her if she would like to have you apologize to her now.”

“She answers in a high-pitched voice that she would like to hear you apologize,” I intone. “So you will do just that.”

Brad is willing to play. “Miss Gwendolyn, I am truly sorry that I disturbed you and made you so uncomfortable by my staring. I hope that Miss Susan’s spanking me in front of you makes you feel that I have been punished for my behaving like such a naughty boy.”

I smile at him and decide that he should be given a final tease that might humiliate him just by having him think it could happen.

“You don’t know that I have discussed this whole situation with Gwendolyn to find out what she would like to see happen and so what happens next would occur directly after you apologize,” I tell him.

I look over at Gwendolyn, who gives me a tiny smile which you don’t see, and then she says, “I want him to apologize to me very very personally in a way that shows he knows how bad he was when he tried to look up my skirt. Miss Susan, I think he’s one who wanted to see more than my panties.”

“So you think he wanted to see more, Gwendolyn?” I continued.

“Yes, Miss Susan,” Gwendolyn now had regained her ability to assert herself. “He was wanting to see my little cookie. You know what I mean. That’s what these boys want these days.”

“Go on, Gwendolyn,” I say, to encourage her as you start to wonder just what she may have in mind. Just so you get the idea that this will shame you, I squeeze your cock between my thighs hard enough for you to feel it.

“Miss Susan,” Gwendolyn says in her high-pitched voice, “I want Mr. Landseth to get down on his knees and then I will squat down over his face and I want him to give me a big deep kiss with his tongue inside my bottom, right in my hole back there.”

You are taken aback by what she is demanding but I answer, “That sounds perfectly fine to me, Gwendolyn” and I look askance at you and tell you to get down on your knees.

Then Gwendolyn walks over and squats over you so that your head disappears up under her short yellow skirt and of course it becomes clear to you instantly that she is not wearing panties. It flashes through your mind that maybe she wasn’t wearing panties when you tried to peek up her skirt, but now your face is between her legs and she is pressing her bottom on your face so that your mouth is up against her anal opening and you know that she is waiting to feel your tongue push into her little anal opening.

“Get that tongue up her back channel!” I order you from my seat behind my desk.

Then your tongue passes through her anal ring and you taste her full, acrid taste as well as the musky flavor made by the small traces of Gwendolyn’s poo that are inside her bottom.

“That’s right, naughty boy,” she coos as she enjoys the feel of your tongue touching her sensitive nerve endings inside her anus. It doesn’t take much for this to bring her to a speedy climax and when she cums, she emits some liquid from the heat liquefying the small amounts of shit that were inside her rectum. It’s as if she let out one of those silent but deadly farts that well-bred women can do, because we know that real ladies never fart.

For a moment you wonder if you will be able to keep breathing but as her orgasm fades, you hear me telling you that you can now remove your head from between her cheeks and come out from under her pretty, sexy skirt.

“How’s that for a first roleplay?” I ask Brad.

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