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Neighborhood weirdo

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Neighborhood weirdoThis is totally fictional, but some elements are true. You figure out how much is true however nothing i*****l ever occurred. When i was younger, i lived in a mobile home park with my parents. I only had one friend, paul. We got high together, had the same taste in music, looked at the same hot girls, blah blah blah. We were constantly on the prowl for weed and pussy without much luck either way. It was such a bitch having money in my pocket, and not being able to find weed. At one point we were joined in the hunt by david, pauls other friend. After a couple days searching with no luck, we were hanging out, and paul was acting weird, giggley. When a dude says another dude is giggley, you know something is up. Anyway, dave had a lead on someone who had weed but there was a catch. It seems there was this older creepy guy who had tons of great weed but he wouldn’t sell any. What he did was use it as an opener to seduce young men.David went over there to inquire and was invited in by this guy in a girly silky robe. Of course while dave tried to steer the conversation back to can i get some weed the guy acted cagey and kept talking about sex. Eventually his dick flopped out and this was the tipping point where he came out and asked dave if he could see his. Dave says he got out of there…Of course this was our ample opportunity to rip on him. Dave probably did something with this guy and loved it, probably he’s got another date for later blah blah blah, ha ha ha.But, we were smoking a joint dave SAID he stole from his mom, and it was some bomb ass weed.What nobody counted on, was even at a young age, i was a total perv. I mightve let an older guy use my teenage body without the incentive of weed. I knew where the guy lived and one Saturday night i went knocking.Sure enough a nice looking older guy answered the door. I told him my name and mentioned quietly that my friend dave knew him and said he might have some good weed. His name was kevin. He acted kinda pissed when i mentioned dave but his eyes twinkled at me as we chatted. Eventually he invited me in and rolled a joint. As we got high he asked me how i knew dave. I explained he was more of a friend of a friend that I was more of an acquaintance. He seemed satisfied with that so we continued to get blazed.I told him a story escort bayan about sniffing rush to get high while smoking a joint to get high while waiting for paper acid to kick in. He was interested in the fact that I was such an advanced partyer, but when i said rush, he asked me if i meant poppers. I had never heard the term, but he said the top pops when you open it. I remembered that. Anyway he laughed and took out a fresh bottle of rush, no, poppers. We both took a few snorts and immediately i remembered i jacked off once or twice on it and really enjoyed it. I noticed him rubbing his erection under his silky robe while my head was buzzing and my own cock started getting hard. I was pretty high but still nervous. He skipped the pretense of having it fall out. He just pulled it out and started stroking it. We passed the joint and the popper bottle back and forth while he played with his growing cock. It was nice size. Slim but really long. Maybe 10 inches but 2 inches thick. He asked me if i wanted to jack off with him so i took mine out. He commented that my dick looked already hard even though I haven’t touched it yet. I laughed and said i had a great buzz and he touched his own enough for both of us.He thought that was funny as he handed me the joint and popper bottle and then grabbed my cock. I hit the joint while he squeezed and pumped my dick and then took a huge sniff of the poppers. I set both down, and as soon as he asked if this was ok, his mouth touched my cock, i blew out my weed popper hit and said yeah.He kept his wet mouth suctioned around my cock for five minutes. I loved how he was sucking me and i was getting really horny, so i reached down and got a hold of his cock. He immediately stopped sucking me, stood up and popped the head of his dick right in my mouth. Well this wasn’t really what i signed up for. I figured i would get a free buzz and let some pervert suck my dick. I guess he and i both knew what this was. It wasn’t the first time I had a cock in my mouth but it was the biggest, and oldest. It caught me by surprise, but I’ll admit i loved it. I started to suck in and squeeze out while I held the base tightly. He took a couple huge hits of the popper, pulled his dick out of my mouth, grabbed my head roughly, shoved the poppers under one nostril, pushed tuzla genç escort the other one closed and told me to sniff hard. As soon as i was done inhaling he shoved his cock back in. I worked it in a little back and forth but as i let the popper hit out my nose he eased his cock in really far. My mouth was watering really hard and so were my eyes but an amazing amount of cock went into my mouth. As i tried to take it in and out i started to gag and needed to breathe. Again he pulled out his cock, forced the poppers in me and shoved his slimey cock back in me. We did this over and over again with more of his dick going down my throat and more saliva coating his dick. By now i was high as fuck, horny and getting into taking his dick all the way to the base. He was getting into it, throat fucking me deeper and harder. I was making all kinds of sucking gagging and moaning sounds. Soon i let go of my cock and grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into me. He kinda yelled fuck yeah. I was getting sore and tired and eager for him to cum. I rubbed his butthole with one finger and he immediately backed up against it. I rubbed some saliva off my chin with my finger and stuck it in his ass. He immediately sped up and started fucking back and forth between my finger and mouth. I popped my finger out of his ass, licked my fingers really quick and plunged three of them up his ass and returned his throbbing cock to my throat. As soon as i got all 3 fingers as far as they would go, and my mouth squeezed down on his cock, he grabbed my head and humped his cum deep into my throat. I gagged and choked over this enormous load spewing out of his dick and mostly out of my mouth. He squirt six or seven times while he held me on his cock and then pulled out and shot four more times on my face. I pulled my fingers out of his ass with a pop and he collapsed backward onto the couch. I was so far gone by then i started licking my fingers and wiping cum from my face into my mouth and savoring the funky ass taste on my fingers while i pumped my cock. As he watched and caught his breath he watched me. Then he came back over to me, licked two of his fingers and started to work them into my ass. I was so hot i lifted my legs to give him better access. He squirmed his two fat fingers into my hole and tuzla kendi evi olan escort then sucked my cock into his mouth. With his fingers up my ass and his face hitting my belly i came in maybe five strokes. It wasn’t some great big legendary load but it shot really fast. Instead of like ten hard pumps the speed of a heart beat, it was like a hundred in like three seconds. He swallowed it all and sat back while we both recovered.He washed his hands and started to roll a joint. We laughed at the intensity of the whole thing and chatted about stupid shit for a few while he lit up. He told me the story of what happened when david visited him.It seems dave didn’t tell the whole story. Apparently right up to the point kevins dick fell out was true, but after that dave diverted from the truth. They got high, and then kevin sucked daves dick and dave licked kevins ass. At one point dave asked if kevin would fuck him. While kevin was grabbing a tube of lube, dave pulled up his pants, grabbed a baggy full of weed and ran out of the house.Obviously kevin was pissed. He was like hey if you don’t want to suck and fuck fine but don’t fucking steal from me. I agreed that wasn’t cool especially since he was so free sharing his weed. He laughed and told me he didn’t even like to smoke when he started, he just got some because some young guy he was trying to nail wanted some. Now he couldn’t really get horny without it.As we smoked and talked i asked him if he liked having his ass licked. He said it was the best thing ever and we should try it. We got the poppers going again and took turns sitting on each others faces. I liked getting that close to his hairy ass, licking and kissing the edges and tongue fucking the hole. I loved the smell. After he had his tongue crammed up my ass i begged him to fuck me. He said he would like nothing better. It was painful and tight at first but he had worked on my ass pretty well already and i was really into it by then. He got the whole thing in and fucked away like i was a ragdoll but i loved it. I remembered the way it hit that spot way up inside me that made me cum so hard. I had fingered my own ass before and fucked myself with a few smaller objects before but nothing really hit that spot quite the way his cock did. I came hands free while he was on top of me facing me. When he came inside me he dropped down and sucked my cum up off my belly. It was hot.We fucked each other every which way all night long. After a couple more visits like this he made me promise to help him get revenge on dave.I’ll tell you that story next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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