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NEIGHBORLYShe stayed wet long after she left Bekki. When she heard the garage door go up, she was still trying to figure out how to tell Mike about her afternoon. “Hi, baby,” he greeted her and slipped both arms around her waist. “Mmmm, you’re so warm today.” He nuzzled her neck. She inhaled deeply and decided to waste no time. “Yes, that’s what Bekki said, too.” “Huh?” His breath stayed close to her ear but now his hands were over her ample breasts. “Bekki next door?” “Uh huh.” She put her hand over his hands and together they kneaded her tits through the soft sweater she wore. “Why would she tell you that you were warm?” “Because she was doing to me exactly what you’re doing now.” He said nothing but she felt heat rise from him now, too. It helped that she wasn’t facing him – it gave her the courage to tell him everything. “Tell me what you did, Marisa. Don’t leave anything out.” His cock, suddenly hard and urgently pressed against her backside, sensed excitement. “She invited me in for a drink,” she began. “It all seemed quite innocent, even neighborly. Once I sat down in her living room, though, and saw those beautiful breasts, the drink she gave me went right to my head. All I could think about was sucking her nipples. I was actually planning to seduce her.” “And how did you do it?” She chuckled quietly. “Come to find out, I didn’t have to do anything. She put a finger to my cleavage and traced it while she told me how attractive both she and Gilberto thought I was –” “Gilberto was there?” “No. She was just telling me they both liked me.” “Oh. Sorry. Go on.” “We were like young girls, Mike. We took our tops off and played with our boobies like boarding school adolescents. We rubbed ourselves with flavored oil and licked it off. She sucked my tits and I sucked hers. It was fantastic.” His voice was much lower now. “Is that all you did?” His hands were under her bra, tenderly twisting her swollen nipples as she continued. “No, we couldn’t stop there. By the time she touched my pussy, I was drenched from wanting her so much. When she showed me that she was just as wet, I was so relieved. You know how it is –sometimes people just want to tease you.” “Yes, baby,” he purred. “I know. But she really wanted 1xbet yeni giriş to fuck you, didn’t she?” “God, yes,” she gasped. “She spread my legs so wide and just stared at me before she starting eating. We didn’t use any toys – she has an unbelievable tongue and fucked me with it while she frigged my clit. Mike, I’m dripping just thinking about it.” He pulled her skirt up quickly and yanked down her panties. Her musky scent, a mixture of then and now, filled the room and when he stroked the puffy lips of her smooth cunt, she creamed in his hand. His cock slammed into her needy hole immediately and they both came within seconds. She didn’t tell him she’d invited Bekki and Gilberto for dinner until much later that evening. The meal passed in the same kind of slow motion blur that her drink with Bekki had only a few days before. The sexual tension in the room overshadowed even the delicious pasta primavera and mescalun greens salad. Her neighbors were walking genitalia, huge, pink, throbbing reminders of what awaited her soon but not soon enough. “So, Mike, I’m sure Marisa has told you about our afternoon together,” Bekki said confidently. Marisa’s head snapped to attention. Bekki wore a clingy jersey top that accentuated every voluptuous curve. Her dark brown eyes burned like coals in their sockets and as she sat with one knee crossed over the other,Marisa couldn’t determine exactly who Bekki was trying to seduce. She was strikingly beautiful, just short of super-model perfection and may not have been aware of how devastating her looks really were. Marisa couldn’t take her eyes off her. Mike’s color deepened but only temporarily. “Yes, she did. I hope you don’t mind.” Marisa and Mike were very careful about their sexual adventures. Promiscuity did not turn them on, nor did coarseness. If Bekki was going to cheapen their experience by saying too much, Marisa would not hesitate to simply walk out. She waited to see where Bekki was going with her line of conversation. “I told Gilberto, too. We’re very particular about who we play with but we’d already talked about how interested we were in experimenting with the two of you. So, when I told Gilberto I’d made love to Marisa, he wanted to 1xbet giriş hear all about it.” “What did you tell him?” Marisa asked, curious to know if the scene in their house had been similar to hers. “She kept talking about how sweet you tasted and how luscious your tits were. I have to tell you, Marisa, I haven’t thought about much else since,” Gilberto interjected. “Shall we move to the bedroom?” Mike asked. Gilberto and Bekki moved like panthers around her body. She was the center of attention, with Gilberto removing her clothing and rubbing erogenous zones she didn’t know she had while Bekki’s tongue seemed to multiply, exploring crevices Gilberto missed. Mike positioned himself in the corner, settling into the small armchair and extracting a hard-on that would have made Marisa weak even without the enhancement of her guests’ fondling. They exchanged meaningful glances, his telling her that all he wanted was to see her reach new heights of ecstasy at the hands and mouths of these two amorous neighbors. Once Marisa was naked and simmering in her own juices, Bekki laid herself down on the bed, spread-eagled. “Do you see how wet you make me?” She asked Marisa. The woman’s bald beaver glistened with slippery invitation. “Show us how you ate Bekki the other day, ” the handsome Gilberto urged her. Marisa didn’t need much prodding. Her nose followed the scent of Bekki’s fragrant pussy, drawn to its irresistible power. She placed her palms on Bekki’s smooth, shapely thighs then ran her tongue along the length of her hairless labia. Bekki’s cunt blossomed at her touch, engorging and opening with anticipation. With one perfectly manicured finger, she rubbed Bekki’s deep pink clit in circular movements, as she had that fateful afternoon. The woman moaned and squirmed in response, smearing pussy juice on Marisa’s nose. She glanced over at Mike, who was stroking his massive erection and completely enthralled by what was taking place on his conjugal bed. His eyes darted to her ass just before Gilberto’s thick cock pushed its way up her cunt. The blond man plowed into her hard, causing her titties to bounce hard against each other and her rib cage. Feeling her own tits jiggle reminded her how much she 1xbet güvenilirmi wanted Bekki’s, so she reached up and grabbed a handful while she continued to lick her pussy lips and tongue-fuck her sweet hole. She’d never know whether it was Gilberto’s thickness or unexpected entry that sent her pounding into orgasmic convulsions. She vaguely heard the two of them speaking to her – “hot little cunt” and “eat my pussy” swam around in her head like misguided ping pong balls – but her body pulsed with hungry spasms, sucking up Gilberto’s cock, clutching it, milking it dry. When her release subsided, she looked over at Mike fucking his raging hard-on with his fist. “I have to eat you, Marisa,” Bekki blurted while she ground her cunt into Marisa’s face. Someone shifted her onto her back – she was too disoriented to know who it was. All she was conscious of was a glorious cock knob at her lips and devilish tongue-snaking between her legs. Bekki’s nose was in her pussy while her tongue rimmed her asshole. Meanwhile, agile, practiced fingers danced darkly among the folds of her shaved cunt. Bekki masterfully played her clit like a professional handles an instrument, caressing it for optimum performance, coaxing heights of excellence from it that only pure appreciation could evoke. Bekki instinctively knew how much pressure was right, how many swirls per minute her pulsing clit could tolerate, and how to pace the frigging so that climax was just far enough away to be necessary. Gilberto fucked her mouth with a controlled and rhythmic pumping that stretched her lips. His thrusts pushed the tip of his cock against the inside of her mouth at first, but then he switched the angle so her tongue could wrap around him better. As she lapped up his prolific pre-cum, he filled the palm of his hand with her tit. He jiggled her as he fucked her mouth. When she turned to watch Mike, he spurt in grand, messy eruptions the moment their eyes met. His orgasm triggered her own. She felt herself ejaculate into Bekki’s burrowing face but the woman did not stop licking. Gilberto’s cock fucked her mouth even faster, muffling what would have been her screams of delight. He fed her thick ropes of semento quiet her further. When she awoke, feather touches danced at her calves. She was still on her back. Bekki grinned from her place near Marisa’s feet. “The men went out for a while. I think they were tired. May I stick my nipple in your cunt while we wait for them to get back?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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