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Nerd sexdeleteddeleted This girl is what some people would call a nerd. She’s into computer games, anime, my little pony, things like that. I don’t judge people. If that’s what they like, than fine. She is also a good looking girl too. I met her at work, she was a newbie. I showed her around, answered questions she had, the usual stuff. When we started to get to know each other more and more I would start to go over to her place. Wasn’t anything fancy, she lived with her brothers at the time and they thought I was her boyfriend and I was like nope, just a friend, here to hang out with all of you. I wouldn’t know her nerdiness until she moved into her own place. It was a bit further than before, different neighborhood but much more fancier. I helped her move along more of my and her friends. We all stayed, had a couple drinks, dinner, stuff like that. Then one day I got a random text from her”Hey, I need your help with something and all my friends aren’t available””Alright, give me a bit”I show up to her place and she has on nothing but a tank top and small booty shorts. She’s not a small girl or a big girl. “I need help moving my TV and afraid I’m going to break it” she says”No problem” I tell her, kind of weird that she calls me over just for this but I try to be a good friend.After we move it she tells me to sit on the couch, relax, she’ll get us drinks. As I’m sitting there I’m looking around and see all the stuff she’s into. She catches me looking. “Yeah I know, I’m a nerd” she says”Hey, it’s what you like, everyone is into their own thing” I said as I take a sip of water”Wanna see what else I’m into?” she asks”Sure” I reply”Ok, come into the bedroom, it’s in my closet” she says”Umm, ok” I said”Sit on the bed, I have to put it on” she saidI sit down, waiting patiently, then she walks out of her closet wearing one of those anime güvenilir bahis costumes. I am not familiar with any of them so I can’t tell you who she is but I will say that she is looking pretty damn good.”wow, nice, I like it” I tell her”Yeah? Not too weird is it?” she asks me”I don’t think so but I’m not into that” I reply”You’re too sweet, and you’re honest up front with me, that’s what I like about you” she tells me”Was raised to be like that” I tell her, now not sure where this is going She walks over, pushes me down, gets on top of me and kisses me. I kiss back now realizing where it’s going. We make out for maybe 5 minutes as we feel each other up. Now she sits up and pulls one arm out of her costume then the other (it’s one piece) and slides it down her chest revealing her good size tits. “Suck on them” she saysI don’t say anything, I sit up and grab them and start to suck and nibble the nipples. I grab harder each time. I hear her start to moan”Yes” she says quietly”Mmm, yeah that feels really good” she tells me”I want you to eat my pussy” she saysShe gets off me and slides the rest of the costume off, standing there fully naked. She gets back on top of me, sit on my face and pushes my head into her pussy. I don’t need any help as I love eating pussy and hers tasted great. I lick and suck on the clit making her shake and squirm. “Oh god yes, keep going, I’m so fucking close” she says, not whispering but not yelling yetI know she came because she grabbed my head with both her hands and pushed deeper and I tasted her juicesThen she turned around and started to unbuckle and unzip my pants and I am still eating her pussyShe reaches in and grabs my cock and starts to suck right away. She is stroking and sucking me really good than if she keeps this up I’m going to cum but I think she knows what she’s doing because she stops türkçe bahis and lets me not cum.”Ok, get on your back” I tell herShe gets off me and lays down, I take my pants and boxers off and get on top of her and stick my hard cock into her wet pussy. “Oh! Wow! That feels great and you barely entered me” she saysShe puts her legs on my shoulders and I grab her tits and start to pound her pussy hard”Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” she yells”I’m cumming again!” she yellsI give her a couple more big thrusts getting her to cum again”I want to ride you hard now, it’s my favorite” she tells meI pull out and lay down and she gets on top, puts in my cock herself and takes overShe grinds her hips nice and slow as I grab her tits hard, pulling and twisting her nipples”Oh my god, this feels so amazing” she tells me”Good, cum and scream, I love hearing you” I tell herShe puts her hands on my chest and grinds me harder nowI am watching her face as she is riding me and I know she’s getting close. I grab her hips and pump my cock faster and faster as she reaches down and kisses me”Oh god I’m going to cum” she tells me as she’s looking into my eyesI again give her a couple more big thrusts”FUCK!!” she screams as she cumsShe gets off me as she is catching her breath. “Get off the bed and stand right there, I’m going to suck your big cock until you cum” she saysI do what she says as I have a big smile on my faceShe gets on her knees and starts to suck me good”You like seeing me on my knees? You like seeing me fully naked, sweaty, wet pussy and sucking your cock?” she asks me”Yes I do, I love it” I tell her”Good, I love being a slut like this. I’m a big cum slut actually. I want you to cum all over me, especially my face” she says”Keep sucking me like this and you’ll get what you want soon” I tell herShe goes back to sucking my cock. Stroking it with one hand güvenilir bahis siteleri and grabbing her tits with the other.”I’m getting close” I tell her”Ok, cum all over my face. I’ll play with my tits so you have a good view” she tells meAs I’m stroking my cock I look down and see her on her knees, grabbing her tits, mouth open, waiting for her reward.”You ready?” I ask her”Fuck yes, give me your cum” she saysNo sooner she says that that the first spurt comes flying out and lands on her right eye, nose and open mouth”Mmmm yes!” she yellsThe next few spurts are the same size as the first and land on her forehead, cheeks, eyes and mouth. The tail ends of those land on her tits. I keep jerking as more is flying out.The last few I control as I have land on the rest of her faceOnce I’m done cumming I stick my cock into her mouth”Mmmm!” I hear her in surpriseShe swallows what’s in her mouth and cleans what’s left on my cock”Oh my god, this load just feels huge, and sticky” she tells meI help her up and lead her to the bathroom, she rubs off a little bit of cum from her eyes and looks”Jesus! That has to be the biggest I’ve ever had on my face!” she tells meI stand behind her with a smile on my face, letting my ego get biggerAs I’m behind her I grab her tits and push her over the sink, finger her pussy and stick my still hard cock back in her pussy”Are you serious??! You’re still hard??” she says in a stunned voice”I can stop if you want” I tell her”Fuck no! Pound my pussy!” she yellsI grab her hips and love handles and start to pound her pussy hard. She grabs the edge of the sink and just screams in pleasureI smack both her ass cheeks as they get more red with each smackI pull out and push her back onto her knees and cum again”Jesus! You are loaded today!” she somehow says as I cover her face with another loadNot as big as the first load but decent. I start the shower for her as she again moves cum from her eyes”I want to see my other reward” she tells me”We have to do this again” she tells me”We shall see” I tell herShe hops into the shower, I get dressed and leave

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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