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Never going back

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Never going backHe knew it was me , he caught me on xhamster posting pictures of my shaved bubble but in panty showing my toy trained shy sissy holeHe set me up i never saw it coming until it was too late for meAt first Mike wasn’t sure looking at the picture stroking his hard 8 big black cock, looking for a local sissy to suck on his str8 recently divorced cock——-”i know that house”he said looking at the pictures , the bedroom and the living room , he knew this place…maybethe cute little sissy ass up , examining each picturesit took him a while , and anther session i posted online to be sure”i did some work in this house i know it”strolling past job he did for customer until he got it right and square, each pictures matching”god i knew it”he found itthe apartment complex not a house, where he installed water tanks for a while He sent a message and wait to see if he got an answeraround 10pm he got one——-I was out of the shower , smooth and kept hairless in my white panty n camisole like i love to be my panty always feeling so much better freshly shavedmaking me feel perfect as the smooth cloth rub in my crack as i walk to my roomopen my computer i saw the txt and looking at the blank profile replied by curiosity”you are very sexy , iam 56 divorced and looking to have a girl friend like you in my life””ok can i see a pict?”i wasnt expecting thishe was chubby legs spread holding a beer on his couch a very hard and strong looking bbc between his legsI wasnt expecting such a hot picture i wanted to reprociate and took one doggy ass up on my computer chair ”wow i wasnt expecting this you are making me horny””i never had been suck by a sissy but ive been thinking of it very often since i divorced””oh ok , i never did anything in real myself with a bbc””oh you are cute , you did with white guy?””no i meant i only had my toy im just playing in secret but i may want one day to try more, just too shy””when did you started ? ””about a year ago, ive watch sissy porn and wanted to be in panty””then i bought a toy and yeah i like it , ive been buying panty i like since then””you are cute , can we cam?””ok…”i turn on my cam and there he was smilling”you are beautifull”stroking his bbc sit on his computer chair”i want you to parade in your sissy stuff””what do you mean?””i mean for you to go dress up and show me your cute panty and come back showing how cute they are”god i felt hot changing to get back infront of my cam in a new panty shaking doggy for him my lil bubble white ass”you are a beautifull white sissy boy i love your ass””thank you daddy””go change i want to see all your cute panty”i had so much fun looking at him all hard and stroke looking at me parade he made me feel hot for his hard bbc i dance and showed my cute sissy kit to him starting to really like him to tell me what to dofeeling cute for this older cool daddy and his bbc”tell me, what would you do if i was sit bahis siteleri on your couch?””i would suck you all night , i would let you teach me to suck and get good at it””mmmmm i like that””i would love it. i think of it alot in secret, to suck a very bigblack cock like yours””good girl, tell me more, i for myself think of sliding it in pretty mouth and see how deep i can go””some time i pass by that black guy working late night and wish he would drag me behing the store, in the alley and fuck my mouth ””you are cute, so he could walk you behind by force and put you to your place?””yeah ””good girl, you are shy and want a black daddy to own you ?””yes i would like that””in secret just coming to stretch up your pretty pink sissy holes?””oh yes ””but you are too shy and need to be forced and teach?””yes i do , my god you make me horny ”he close the screen smiling like he found somethingi was sad he had to go i wait 5 minute before looking at some sissy pornknock kbock kockmy hearth flip and poundedknock knock i went out in my white pant and camisole looking at my door eye i felt dizzyit was himhe was there…how the fuck”open up now sissy girl daddy is here”god he makes too much sound i cant make him yell that in the hallwayi was tremblingi ope it and went backward my door opening ”there you are my cute shy virgin sissy girl””daddy dont want to force you”locking my door ”but you need to have a daddy and i need one of you white boi girl””omg how ……how who are you””i told you, Iam your daddy””come here cindy , its time to suck daddy cock”he just put me down and pull out the bbc i saw on cam”stop pretending you don’t want this, open up and be a good sissy ”i was shaking he took my head”comon open up for daddy , you are a girl who need some teaching you said””daddy gonna teach you , open up ”god he was in, sliding downi had a stranger older guy bbc down my mouth , after so many time thinking of it i was having it and nothing could stop him , alone , dress like a sissy sucking a bbc”oh yes you love this go on have fun we are alone this cock all yours ”i train for this , i knew what these vids teach me, my mouth acting on its own , both my hand rubbing on his big balls full of cum”oh yes baby massage my balls oh baby yes , you are good, a real natural , oh god im happy i found you””you happy i found you my cute boy girl?”nodding , looking up his bbc in my mouth feeling way to good , i watch so many sissy do this i went right away to sissy modenot caring anymore, happy little sissy living the dream”i want you in that pink little skirt no panty and back between my legs”i look up mouth sliding off his cock”ok daddy””bring me a beer too”i move quick and came back in pink skirt and pink translucent top giving him a beer”good girl”he put me down and i sucked doggy he drank his beer a bitreaching for my ass teasing it spitting on his finger teasing me open, my toy canlı bahis siteleri training making my hole open on its own”i did this with a date back in college , she was scared i coudt fit in her tight white cunt”he took his bbc out of my mouth and hold my head tilt putting the beer bottle i my mouth beer flooding down”drink it up , drink it all up ”i did my best the bottle pushed in my mouth the beer pourring down until there was no more and he kept moving it in my mouth making me suck the beer bottle all wethe took it out and put me head down back doggy sucking between his legs in front of the couchgod the beer bottle was pushed in the firs part sliding in easy the bigger section trying to stretch me upi moan my panty help back up the very little brazilian panty were too small for the big part to be out of my tight holei felt every inch pushed down by the tight cloth i squeal and moan my ass open up ”oh no you dont try to remove it, this will get you open for me in no time”my arm stop from reaching my panty he tied up my arm in my back and lift me to his side cuddling me head down pushed on him again”you moan so cute you know”making circle on my ass touching the bottle circle endmaking lil push down to make me moan”oh yes so cute”tap tap tap little tap like i was his lil girl on my bottle , moaning each time he did , helpless under his complete control ”good little sissy girl , thats how daddy drink beer with his white girl”tap tap tap”where did daddy shove his beer bottle baby””in me oh god daddy , fuck ah ah ah””yes right in that cunt, gonna be open and real nice for daddy bbc””you stay like that until you cant feel that bottle”god i was going to be wrecked he was even bigger and i know there was no escape this bbc going in me one way or anotheri was afraid mouth around itit feel bigger each time he told me i look close to get fuckmaking me wait and suck that cock about to get in me and turn me into a pussy forevergod i moan like a slut now and he was rightthat bottle just felt right at its place by nowhe took my panty down and it poped out slowly he lubed his bbc with a cream and lift me over ithe smile at me right over it about to be sit on his lap face to face”look at the man who turns you into a girl now””when iam done you will want this cock again and again ””you will have a pussy, a real cute pussy ”and he help me down on it eyes locked”look at me dont close your eyes ”he kissed me his bbc getting my ass slided down on ituntil i was on his lap sit, looking at him smile”iam all in you, you took it easy little girl”i moaned on him as he bounce my up and down slowly , god i was getting fuck and prepared so well it didnt hurthe fuck me like a loverkissed me called me cindy , pumped slow then fast holding me as i moan on his bbc”i knew you would love this , dont be shy i love you cindy”i bounced up and down on my own , i cant stop its too good, ”fuckkkk i love your cock””yes canlı bahis go on dont resist be a real sissy we both want it”he flip me legs up looking at him pound in my wet hole”tell me to cum and own that cunt, tell me you want this cock again””oh my go yes cum cummm make me your bitch”fuck did all of this was real and not a jokemy eyes widen as his bbc git bigger i squeal like these sissy kitten in the vids , he cum hard and pounding it down in mei yell and shook my lil cock squirting everywhere”oh fuck yes cum cum sissy cum with me”pounding me to a ball of lust moaning mouth drooling eyes flippedthat sissy cindy was bornbbc kept pounding in and out, making wet loud noise of a full pussy , full of cum and fucked for moreass up face down weak and moaning high pitch like a lost bimbodaddy slapping my ass ”thats a good sissy, a very good sissy full of daddy cum, moaning and still wanting cum””oh yes a good little white useless cock sissy boy , thats is what i need ””fucking little bitch you are mine , oh you dont eve understand how much this pussy going to be my cum bucket””gonna cum here all the time now fucking you , oh yes fucking my cindy cute cunt full of cum ”just like these hot vids the sissy weak and moved around eyes empty and smilling under bbci was her , i was a sissy fuck doll, one night it all it needed for it to become reali pass out only to wake up legs up fucked by daddy”morning sissy, daddy woke up all hard and wanting his girl pussy”cindy keot her mouth shut and only moan, helpless knowing nothing she can do will stop this nowhis bbc easy in and out fucking her holes , no more a boyone of these sissy owned by a older bbc horny guy who will take care of cindy foreverthe vids i look at was now mine, daddy making lots of these showing how a good sissy i have becomethis is how it happens, how iam just one of those gurl vids i watchthe vids with the most like ther one daddy had me dress up like a school girl and pict me up at the parc cindy back in the car for a lift homedaddy asking her if she like candy to suck oncindy showed a big box of colorfull condom all fruity savour”choose one, sucking on a condom is not like doing the real deal you know””iam not sure mommy would like me doing this mister””mommy not here you can try and if you dot like you stop”the next scene cindy is opening a pouch and getting the cock in the red rubber ”you are so big mister””yes and little girls love to suck my big candy ”30 minutes of a little girl teached to such until he had her quick ass up on the benchand he fuck her callig her a little slut”mommy know you are a little white slut who love bbc?”the sissy moaning of joy daddy pounding in her so hard so big excited by the scenehe ****d fantasy the school girl who endup moaning she love bbc her cute skirt up taking daddy bbc like a lil bitch for the camcindy the sissy porn star was bornthe vids took so many views daddy made money and bought her tittiesthe big reveal was made into the most viewed of cindy new lifeher cute new titties bouncing as the cam film her big smilecindy was happy holding her cute titties moaning on daddy bbconly a night ago, a secret sissy waiting to be found

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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