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New friend passes my “Submissiveness tests&qu

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New friend passes my “Submissiveness tests&quA couple months ago, I started chatting with a 35 year old married woman on AM. She seemed normal enough, cute face, a tall bbw with big tits, good sense of humor, etc so I invited her to meet up for coffee one day. She’s a big gal and my profile has a nice muscular pic of me on it. She said she was surprised that I was into bbw’s and didn’t think I’d be interested in her. Basically, her story was that she had been married for 10 years and had caught her husband cheating several times. He had even professed to be “in love” with his last affair. She, on the other hand, had been loyal through it all and was trying to stay together for their k**s including a 5 month old baby. She found out that he had seen this last affair again very recently and had enough. She plainly stated that she wanted a “revenge fuck”. She had a cold that day so we just agreed to meet up the following week when she was feeling better.We made plans to meet up at a hotel. I had learned through chatting in between our meetings that her sexual history was pretty…vanilla. She’d only ever slept with one other man besides her husband and he was never able to make her cum without her helping herself out. When I asked her what her kinks were, she said “doggystyle” lol. “Ugh you poor thing, you’ve never been fucked properly have you?”. “What do you mean?” she said. “Don’t worry about it hun, I’ll take care of you.”I could tell she was extremely horny in her sarıyer escort kisses and she got over her initial shyness quickly after some making out on the bed and her groping the bulge in my pants. I got my first hint of her submissiveness when I told her to go down on my cock and she did so quickly. I could tell from her technique that she had some practice at this at least. Nice and slow, mixed up her hand and mouth action, and lingered when she did certain things that made me moan. She kept her glasses on which was kind of cute:) She was obviously into this as I let her go at it for 15 minutes while I just watched and enjoyed.I gave her her second ‘submissiveness’ check. I told her to look at me and take a deep breath. She followed instructions and I pushed her deep onto my cock. Her face and glasses pressed firmly into my belly. Again, super impressed as she stayed on it for about 10 seconds before gagging a bit and pushing off. The satisfied gasp and her immediate attention back to my cock after catching a quick breath let me know I was onto something. I had her do this for a few more rounds working up to a 25 count (I do it out loud to give my subs a goal and so they know they’re doing a good job.)Third ‘submissiveness’ check: I told her to look at me and tell me what she wanted more than anything right now. “You’re cock” she said with a raspy voice, smudged glasses, and eye makeup streaking down her cheeks. “Inside me.” This esenyurt escort poor soul was a submissive girl and never knew it until now.”Not yet hun” I said as I guided her onto her back and grabbed her ankles to spread her legs apart. “I need to play with my new toy”. I wanted to learn her pussy a little bit so I’d know where her spot was and how best to give her the best time. Wow, talk about sensitive! I made her cum just by lightly fingering the outside of her pussy and gently licking her clit. Seriously it only took maybe 2 minutes before she was squirming and moaning. “Are you for real?” I said. “That’s the first time anyone else has made me cum in 5 years” she said happily. “Holy fuck, I’m going to have a lot of fun with your pussy hun”.She was sooo wet! I easily got two fingers deep inside her feeling for her spot…which I did…and which resulted in an even more intense orgasm which I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers. “Ohhhh fuuuuuck” she yelled. This is too easy I thought lol! I noticed I had more room to work in there so I decided to push her limits. Three fingers, four fingers…four fingers and half my thumb was where she could take it…for now. I rubbed her spot with almost my entire hand inside making her clamp down and turn into a cock craving mess a few more times. She was absolutely begging me to fuck her now. I almost felt sorry for her lol. I decided it was time to give her what she needed.I fucked her avrupa yakası escort for almost two hours. Alternating between long slow strokes and just outright jackhammering from the missionary position. This is why I tend to enjoy bbw’s. They just seem more able to take every ounce of power I can put into it. In that time I counted over a dozen orgasms. A little whimper in concert with that clamping down feeling which after 4 or 5 I found that she particularly enjoyed me continuing to fuck through.Fourth submissive check: Time had gone by so quickly! She had to be home by a certain time and I was a little bummed we didn’t get to explore more positions, but we were both enjoying what we were doing. Plus I knew she’d want this again. I decided I needed to wrap things up and cum, but before I did I had one more question:”Who owns this pussy now?””Oh my fucking god, YOU DO!”Right answer:)We both came simultaneously. Her pussy clamping down on my cock 3 or 4 more times milking every drop of cum out of me. Fuck I love that feeling. I collapsed on top of her for a few minutes. Room spinning.Dead silence for a few minutes as we both came down from the high…”No one…has ever…fucked me like that…EVER” she said. God I love hearing that.”Sooo, you’ll want this again?” I said jokingly. “FUCK YES””Do you feel bad about doing it” I said, half seriously. “FUCK NO”She got dressed while I stayed on the bed naked. I gave her a little pat on the ass and a hug goodbye. I promised her a few new tricks next time now that the initial awkward first time was over. “That was you being uncomfortable?!! Oh my god!” she said as she walked to her car. I laughed.The next morning she sent me a wonderful text telling me how sore she was. And that she liked it.Part II coming later;)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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