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Night of the Rubberdolls

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Night of the Rubberdolls“It’s settled, ladies,” announced Phil ‘Mandi’ Reeves on the three-way call.“I’m so excited,” replied Doug ‘LeeAnn’ French.“Me too,” added Gary ‘Sylvie’ Barber.“Me three,” giggled the fifty-two year-old Mandi.The three ladies were all avid rubber doll crossdressers. They had each been involved separately in the fetish, but made the acquaintance of one another over the course of the past two years. Mandi, who in her male life was a sales manager, was recently divorced and offered up her spot for a nice little weekend getaway for them to all play.LeeAnn had quickly latched onto the idea since she live farthest north. The fifty-eight year-old, married realtor was happy to head down to the Gulf Coast. She had explained to her family that she was going to hit the famed Robert Trent Jones golf trail with some old friends. No one thought anything of it.Finally, there was Sylvie. She was the only one who was constantly effeminate in her day-to-day life although she still lived as a man. Sylvie was the youngest member of the crew at forty-nine. She worked as a cosmetologist and had a strong clientele of white women in their golden years living off secure pensions and/or sizable inheritances.The plan was simple. They would meet at Mandi’s new townhouse to spend Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, they would head about thirty miles east to another city, check into a hotel, and patronize a nightclub frequented by a more mature clientele called ‘Star View Lounge’. Mandi had scoped it all out and was getting giddy just thinking about it.Three weeks passed and now the gurls were all united. Friday evening had been fun as they got together their outfits for the next night, sipped wine, and shared the things they hoped would happen. Sylvie went first, “I’m looking forward to turning heads and making people wonder why we’re dressed like this and it’s not even Halloween.”Mandi laughed, “I know. It’s going to be rich. I can’t wait to see if anyone offers to buy us a drink.”“Oh you know they will,” added LeeAnn. “I’ve not really experienced Southern hospitality before. I want to see how true it is.”Sylvie grinned, “It’s a real thing for sure. I know I wanna get laid too.”“I’m sure you won’t have any problem,” Mandi reassured her.“Oh I know I want. Now, have you been to this bar before?”“I scoped it out a few weekends ago.”“How was it?”“Decent crowd. Definitely forties and older. Mostly Black.”“Is it safe,” checked LeeAnn.“Of course,” Mandi shot back. “I was there in guy mode and the folks were friendly.”“Don’t be racist, LeeAnn,” chided Sylvie. “Besides, Black men love this booty.”They ‘ladies’ were now checked into their individual rooms. They spent some time together exploring the small downtown and ate an early dinner at a local seafood place. It was delicious. Around 5:38 p.m., Mandi declared, “Gurls, it’s time for us to get back to the hotel and get ready. We wanna go up to the lounge around eleven.”At 10:45 p.m., they met in LeeAnn’s room. Each was wearing her breast form vest. Sylvie’s half body suit gave her HH boobs. Mandi owned an 8XL version that had GG tits. LeeAnn’s was double the size of Mandi’s and weighed damn near twenty-one pounds. All of them wore their Femini leggings which added hip and ass size to the white men. The latex bottoms had penetrable anal openings that were fashioned as vaginas. Also, the female masks they had on had movable mouths so they were able to speak, eat, and drink freely.Mandi was dressed in a sheer little black dress, black stockings, and black kitten heels along with her red wig. LeeAnn wore a red satin top since it was the holidays. She also had on a black A-line skirt, black fishnets, and red heels. Sylvie donned a shimmery gold catsuit and red heels. She topped it all off with a dark mink bolero jacket. LeeAnn’s wig was blonde while Sylvie’s was brunette.The trio walked out into the hallway and waited to ascend the fifteen story tower’s elevator. Mandi stepped out first and led the way towards the entrance of the spot. The guy watching the door, known as Combs, held up his hand. “Hang on there,” he grimaced. “Is there a problem, sir,” inquired Sylvie.“Uh, well. I can’t see y’all faces,” Combs retorted.“Well, we have our IDs,” güvenilir bahis she said smoothly. “We can gladly step in the restroom over there and remove these masks. It’ll just take a lotta work.”“Dang,” the thirty-nine year-old, never married man thought. “Tell you what. Give me them driver’s licenses and I’ll let y’all in. What’s the occasion?”“Occasion,” checked Mandi.“I mean why y’all dressed like this.”“Oh,” Sylvie explained. “It’s just a thing we like to do to unwind.”“Whatever’s clever,” he sighed taking the identification. “Go on in.”The three ladies turned heads as they walked inside. LeeAnn picked a table and they sat down. Sylvie was eager to show off and offered to go to the bar and buy the first round. She ordered a a glass of Chardonnay for each. The bartender laughed slightly and filled the order. A middle aged woman came over and asked if she and her friends could take a picture with them. Sylvie agreed so the chick helped her carry the wine back to the table.Several of the men remarked about the goings on. A few of them wanted to investigate, but only one had the courage – a brotha named Albert McGee. The well-known lush was already pretty far gone by the time he made over to them. “Hi, there,” he slurred his speech. “What’s up?”“Not much,” answered Mandi. “How are you?”“Pretty good,” he replied. “What are y’all doin’ out tonight?”“We’re just celebrating friendship,” Sylvie shared.“Good for y’all. What’s up with the costumes?”“It’s just something we enjoy doing,” said LeeAnn. “It makes us feels good.”“Gotta do what makes you happy,” he concurred. “So, y’all are dudes under there?”“You might say that,” Sylvie piped up. “But, no one ever refers to me as a dude even when I’m not in this suit.”“I hear ya. Y’all looking for some fun later.”LeeAnn gasped, “That’s a little…”“Yes, hun! Where can we find it,” interjected Sylvie.“Best bet is to peel off one by one right at last call. None of these niggas is gone really do too much out in the open, but I know they wanna fuck. Hell, I would, but I gotta meet my ol’ lady in about five minutes downstairs. Good luck,” Albert opined standing up to leave. He stumbled away.“He was helpful,” Sylvie shared.“I think so,” Mandi mused.“I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to split up,” protested .Sylvie huffed audibly, “Calm down, gurl! We’ll be fine. He was a very nice man offering good advice. I need another…”A decent looking waitress walked up and said, “These are for you.”The trio accepted the wine. Mandi inquired, “Who are these from?”“They’re on the house. The manager says you all are making quite a scene and the customers like it. Perhaps y’all wanna dance.”Sylvie downed her drink and got up almost immediately. She was joined by Mandi. They basically just moved in place and made sure their luscious breast forms were bouncing. They became a spectacle with the thinning crowd paying attention and laughing. LeeAnn observed for a couple of songs and worked up the nerve to join. Seeing as she had the largest tits of the three, she got considerable attention from the onlookers too. There were a few catcalls. Another round of drinks appeared for them. Mandi called them in for a huddle. “It’s getting late. Who wants to leave first?” LeeAnn volunteered, “I can go first.” Mandi instructed, “You gotta talk to someone. Don’t just leave.”“Like who,” she asked.“I’d suggest going into the lobby and hanging out for a minute or two. They’ll come to you,” offered Sylvie.“Exactly,” said Mandi.LeeAnn walked away being watched by much of the room. On the way out the door, she tripped. Mandi saw it happen. She was terrified. The guy watching the door, Combs, leapt to his feet and interrupted her fall. Sylvie reached out a hand to stop Mandi from rushing over. “Oh my. Thank you,” gasped LeeAnn.“I got ya. You good,” Combs consoled her.“Thanks again!”“Like I said you good. Most of these folks probably think you did it on purpose to show them tig ol’ bitties,” he chuckled.“If only I had thought of that.”“I think you did. You just wanted me to catch you.”LeeAnn finally noticed his grill-enhanced smile. “Perhaps I did.”“Good,” he grinned. “Where ya goin’?”“My room,” the dressed up doll replied.“So soon?”“Well, a gentleman stopped by earlier and told türkçe bahis us to split off if we wanted to some company.”“Musta been Albert. He ain’t lyin’ though.”“That’s good to know. I’m just not used to this so not sure what to do.”“How about you give me your room number and I come down when I finish up in an hour.”“717.”“Don’t go to sleep. I’ma be there.”Sylvie leaned in, “Looks like she bagged her BBC.”“Yep,” giggled Mandi.“You wanna go next?”“Sure.”There were a few cats remaining at this late hour. Most of them watching the two gurls in the middle of the floor. A couple of them had started to leave so Mandi headed out as well. They had already hit the button for the elevator. On the ride down, one of them said to the other, “Tonight’s been crazy, man.”“Hell yeah,” said the other. “Shit. I left my glasses. Press eight.”“Dammit, man.”“It’s all good. I’ll get off and run back up to get ‘em.”“Okay, I’ll catch up with you later.”The man without his eyewear got off. Mandi exited at the next floor. The man still on wished her a good night.Out of the door leading to stairwell, came the man who had gone to retrieve his glasses. “Hey,” the five-foot-eleven, solidly husky man whispered loudly.“Hi there,” responded Mandi.“You want some company?”“Yes, sir.”“Let me run downstairs real quick and I’ll be back in ten. What room?”“You promise you coming back?”“Yeah, baby! Room?”“720.”“Ten minutes.”The guy called for the elevator and Mandi went to get changed.Back upstairs, Sylvie had gotten a final glass of Chardonnay. She was sitting alone at the bar finishing up when a dark-skinned man with a salt-and-pepper full-rounded moustache approached. “Close me out, Gina,” he barked. The bartender brought back his credit card and the bill. He signed the receipt. When the lady headed off to do other things, he said, “Settle up, gurl. Meet me on the eleventh floor. I’ll be waiting.”“Yes, sir,” Sylvie beamed.“Good gurl,” he walked away.Sylvie quickly downed her drink and waited two minutes before leaving. When she stepped off the elevator, she looked around. The eye slits were helpful, but limited her view.“Over here,” said the tall, slender gentleman.“Oh, hi!”“Hey! I’m Lou,” he offered his hand.“Nice to meet you! I’m Sylvie.”“Yes, you are!”“So, what’s up, Daddy?”“I wanna see what you about?”“Well come to my room.”“Give me the number. I’ll be there in five.”“704.”“Okay. Go on down. I’m comin’.”Almost exactly as promised, there was knock at Sylvie’s door. She opened it to see the handsome guy standing there. “Come in! Have a seat.”“So, what’s going on,” he asked.“You,” she replied. “Would you like something to drink?”“Sure! Whatcha got?”“Brown.”“That works.”“I’m glad you said hello,” Sylvie admitted as she poured the beverage.“Oh yeah?”“Absolutely! You’re quite handsome!”“Thank you! I gotta say I ain’t never seen nothing like this.”“Whatever do you mean,” snickered Sylvie.“All of this. You dressed up like a doll.”“It’s what I’m into. Lots of guys like how I look when I put this on.”“I hear ya. I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”“Good,” Sylvie added. “Tell me. How old are you?”“Might be too old for you.”“I’m just curious. Please tell me, Daddy!”“I’m sixty-two. You?”“Forty-nine. I never would’ve guessed that. You look good.”“Thank you!” “Would you like to see these,” she checked pulling down the top of the glittery catsuit.“Yeah,” Lou’s eyes bugged.In room 720, Mandi’s gentleman caller had returned. They were sipping on some Paul Masson the man had retrieved from his vehicle.“Whatchu call yourself,” he asked.“Mandi. And you?”“Luther.”“Nice to meet you, Luther!”“Yeah! Y’all had the room messed up tonight,” shared the fifty-five year-old, utility supervisor.“How so?”“Y’all looked kinda weird, but hot at the same time.”“Oh, really?”“Yeah! Like real life dolls. Then them big fake tits bouncing. Round asses and hips.”“So, that’s why you approached me?”“Yeah. Y’all got me worked up. Thought I’d give it a try.”“So, you never fucked a gurl like me before,” she inquired.“Not nobody dressed like this. Shit, I never even seen it before,” Luther said.“Oh okay.”“But I been with a couple trannies and fembois before. I like fuckin’ y’all!”“Nice!”“So, come on and get that mouth on this dick! I can’t be out all night. güvenilir bahis siteleri I’m married.”Mandi knelt down. Luther pulled out his already erect seven-and-half-inch, thick dick. He slid it into the tight mouth opening. It felt warm and wet.“Damn, bitch! That feel good!” Mandi sucked until he made her stop. “Let me see them titties.” Mandi pulled them out. “Damn! Let me titty fuck you.” She got on her back and handed him some lube. He squirted in between the 46GG tatas. He squeezed them around his manhood and pumped a few times. “Goddamn, bitch! I wanna fuck you.” Mandi flipped over and exposed her ass. She lifted the bottom of the dress. Luther found the anal opening and pushed inside.“Owwww,” she yelped.“Take Daddy’s dick, baby!”“Yes, sir! It feels so good!”“This ass tight!”“You like it, sir?”“Yeah! You like that big Black dick?”“Oh, I love it! I love big Black dick!”“Take it, slut!”Luther pounded away until he could no longer contain himself. He pulled out and ordered, “Show me them tits!” Mandi flipped back over. Luther started back titty fucking the realistic silicone boobs and nutted all over Mandi’s mask. He got dressed and let her there spent.Sylvie and Lou were already in mid-coitus after she had pleased his nine-inch dick with her supple, moist mouth.“These muthafckas got me turned on,” he said playing with HH cups.“You really like them, Daddy?”“Yeah, babydoll!”“I love the way you fuck me with that big dick!”“Oh, you do? You like Black dick, huh?”“I love big Black dick, Daddy!”“I like fuckin’ yo’ white pussy!”“Fuck me!”“You look just like a damn woman!”“I’m better than a woman. I’m a dool. A real life fuck doll. Don’t you love it, big Black Daddy?!?”“Hell yeah! You gon’ make me nut.”“Cum, Daddy. Come in that sex doll pussy.”“Ahhhhhhhhhh!”Lou was not spent and collapsed on Sylvie. She smiled underneath her mask satisfied with the pummeling she had received.LeeAnn was beginning to get anxious. She had changed out of her clothes from earlier and was now wearing a sheer black robe. She checked the clock for the hundredth time. Finally, there was a knock. She opened the door with the security latch still engaged. “It’s me,” Combs confirmed. She closed it and removed the latch.“Come in,” LeeAnn said.“Thanks! I brought sum tah drank!”“Nice. We can sit on the bed.”“We sure can! I like what I see.”“Well, thank you!”“Where you get all this stuff?”“What stuff?”“You know those bigs fake titties?”“Oh. I ordered them online. There’s a few sites that cater to girls like me.”“Expensive?”“It ain’t cheap. But it’s not too bad.”“Good shit!”“How was your night,” LeeAnn inquired.Combs shared, “Not bad. Yours seemed pretty good.”“It has been. Plus now you’re here!”“That’s what’s up. How long you been doing this shit?”“It’s been a while off and on.”“I like it!”“Thank you!”“Yeah! You got yo’ self lookin’ like a true thick bitch. Make me wanna fuck!”“Tee hee,” she giggled.“Lemme see what dat mouth do!”Combs stood up. LeeAnn pulled out his stiff eight-and-a-half-inch member. “Oh my,” she remarked. “I’ve never had one this big.”“Fah real,” he quizzed. “Who been fuckin’ you?”“I don’t get to play too much. Not many guys like you where I live.”“Where you from again?”“South Dakota.”“Damn! You a long way. Suck dis dick!”LeeAnn opened as wide as she could force the mask to go. It was barely big enough to fit the thickness of Combs’ cock. He shoved it forcefully in and out of her mouth. “Oh yeah, baby,” Combs yelled. “I wanna fuck yo’ big ass! Bend over!” She hunched down over the bed. Combs slid in behind her.“Ooooh,” wailed LeeAnn.“Shut up, sissy,” commanded Combs. “You dis what you wanted.”“Owwwww!”“Dis asspussy tight! You like dis big Nigga dick, dontchu?”“Feels good,” the visitor whimpered.“Hell yeah, bitch!”Combs pounded. LeeAnn whined. “I’ma own yo’ ass tonight,” he explained. He pushed her up higher on the bed and slammed into her now open booty hole repeatedly. He was anything but gentle. Underneath the mask, LeeAnn was crying. None of this was of any concern to Combs.“You enjoying it,” he asked.“Yeah,” she sniffled.“Mane! If you ain’t into it. I can go.”“I’m fine! You’re just so big!”“Relax, you stupid ho!”“Yes, sir!”He continued fucking. His nuts began to ache. “I’m finna bust,” he announced.The next morning, the three ladies were back in guy mode and met from breakfast.“How was it, ladies,” asked Mandi.“I had a blast,” Sylvie replied.“Me too,” LeeAnn concurred.“We have to do it again sometime,” the hostess decided.

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