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Noises Through the Wall Pt. 07-08

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Big Tits

All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 7

You can bet your ass I avoided Christopher at school after that. I was eighteen, but I wasn’t naive. You cheat, you get the cleat. I think he was embarrassed, or maybe worried I’d make a scene, because he didn’t try and talk to me. He did text like crazy, but I ignored my phone. I surrounded myself with friends. I told them I’d caught him cheating, but didn’t tell them who the bitch was. They wouldn’t have believed me anyway.

I made a brave show of it, telling everyone I was over him. But that was only sort of true. I mean, we’d been together mostly for the sex. Everyone knew Christopher was a dope. But the Lord blessed him with an incredible cock and the instincts to use it. So, dope that he was, I was done with him as a boyfriend for sure. But motherfucker that he was, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. My heart wasn’t broken, but my pussy wasn’t quite right. I became obsessed with the memory of the bliss written on Mrs. Green’s face when she let him spray her.

If Mrs. Green and Christopher were capable of that, anyone could do anything really. What was I capable of? When I wasn’t at school, or hanging with my friends, I was reexamining my beliefs. Aided by my stash of weed, I opened my mind. I went down more internet rabbit holes. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was readying myself to make a move.

Late one night, it occurred to me just as the crest of my orgasm passed. With my legs still spread, I reached over to check my phone. For the millionth time, Christopher had texted earlier that day that he wanted to meet at his house. He claimed he was worried about me. Fuck it. With sticky fingers, I replied for the first time. I would meet him after school the next day. I wrote that he didn’t need to worry about me. That I was fine.

Of course, I wasn’t fine. My mind burned with thoughts of Christopher and his mother. I was going to find out what I was capable of.


“I want your mom to sit in on this talk, too.” I watched Christopher turn several different shades of pink at the mention of his mother. We sat in his living room. I curled my legs under me on the couch, smoothed out my dress, and thought long and hard about what I was about to do. I was sober for this. I didn’t want to make any mistakes. I also wanted my wits about me in case I might need to get the hell out of there and leave a Gwen-shaped hole in the wall.

“I… um… I’m not sure… she…. um…” Christopher stammered. Eighteen years old and dumb as a rock, bless him.

“Go… bring… your… mother… here.” I rolled my eyes. “Or do you want me to leave?” To think it was not long ago that we whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears. How quickly things change.

He got up without another word and left the room. A minute later he came back with Mrs. Green in tow.

“Hello, Gwen. It’s good to see you. I’m… um… very sorry about last time.” She smiled brightly like she wasn’t apologizing for getting caught fucking her son.

“Apology accepted.” I nearly laughed at the relief on both of their faces. I think they mistook my smile for a show of friendliness.

“Okay, great. So, no hard feelings then?” Christopher stood awkwardly next to his mother, trying to keep some distance between them. Like that would make me forget the way his cock looked as he slapped her cum-covered belly. When I didn’t say anything, he exchanged a glance with his mom.

“Look, I don’t know how it happened, Gwen. But I promise nothing like that will ever happen again. It was just… a fluke.” Mrs. Green looked so earnest. She was really selling her bullshit. I knew for a fact that it wasn’t a fluke. The way they humped was like a well-oiled machine. Even with Christopher’s talents, that didn’t come without practice. Lots of practice.

“So, we can just forget about it then?” Christopher looked so hopeful.

“No.” I shook my head.

“Um… what was that, Gwen?” Mrs. Green’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She was so pretty, the look on her face was almost beguiling.

“We’re going to do the opposite of forget.” My hands shook as I held them firmly clasped in my lap. My pussy gushed in anticipation of what I was about to say. “I want to watch you two do it again.”

The shock on their faces was downright comical.

“Look, what Christopher and I did was a mistake. We’re not going to do it again.” Mrs. Green’s eyes searched mine. She had thought she had a handle on the situation, but she was realizing otherwise. “I just think –“

“Stop lying, Mrs. Green. I’m not stupid.”

“No, of course not, dear.” She was still in cover-up mode. She hadn’t figured out that the ship had sailed. “But you have to understand, we stopped. If this is about punishing us…” Mrs. Green clearly didn’t like that I had the upper hand. I was beginning to suspect she had some sort of competition going with me. Well, checkmate motherfucker.

“Why, Gwen?” The yalova escort expression on Christopher’s face was somewhere between jubilation and dread. I could read him like a book. The dope wanted to hump his mom with an audience, but he didn’t know what the consequences might be.

“I’ll be honest. I can’t get what you two did out of my head.” I squeezed my hands tighter. They weren’t going for it. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t need this. I know you are still doing… that stuff. I can tell.” I took a deep breath. “You only have do it one time with me watching. Then, I won’t bother you again.”

“No.” Mrs. Green’s head shook emphatically.

“Mom, maybe we should –” Christopher was pitching a pretty good tent in his shorts. I pretended not to notice.

“Absolutely not.” Mrs. Green stomped her foot. She was literally putting her foot down. Okay, it was time to bring out the big guns.

“Does Mr. Green know about all this?” My smile was cold. I hoped my nerves didn’t show.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Christopher looked like I’d stabbed him through the heart.

“I would.” As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t. Jeez, can you imagine getting mixed up in that level of drama? No way. But they would never know that. “I totally would.” I set my jaw firmly. That was the last word on that.

“Okay,” Mrs. Green squeaked. Her shoulders sagged. Whatever game was going on between us, I was racking up the points. “Let’s go to Christopher’s room.”

I could tell Christopher was working hard not to jump for joy. What a doofus.

“No.” I remembered how exciting it had been when Christopher and I had sex in his parents’ room. “I want to go to your bedroom, Mrs. Green. Upstairs.”

And so, I followed them upstairs.

Once we were in the bedroom with the door locked behind us, Christopher turned to me. “So, we get undressed?”

“Yeah.” I scrunched up my face at him like he was an idiot. Which he was.

It was pure magic watching them slowly take their clothes off. Christopher’s poorly disguised exuberance clashed beautifully with Mrs. Green’s hesitance. Before long, they were both naked. I sat cross-legged on the floor and looked them up and down. Casually, Mrs. Green reached out and slipped her fingers around Christopher’s hard cock. I’m not sure she even realized she was doing it. Some habits are hard to break, I guess.

“Go on. Pretend I’m not here.” My heart practically beat out of my chest. I was going to get to watch them again.

In silence, Mrs. Green dropped to her knees, her back to me. Soon, her head bobbed while she held his hips in her hands. I could hear her murmuring around his cock. Soft, slurping sounds filled the room. Christopher looked down at me, seeking eye contact.

“Look somewhere else, dummy. You’re killing the vibe.” I made a face at him. He sighed and looked away.

The blowjob lasted a good long while. I watched her shapely ass as she worked him. I had to admit, she had some crazy curves. I wondered if my body would look like that someday.

“C’mon, Mom.” Christopher pulled her to her feet. It thrilled me to hear him call her “Mom.” It was Niagara Falls between my legs. As they moved onto the bed, I lifted my dress and pulled my panties to the side. This was so much better than the internet. Christopher flopped onto his back and his mother straddled him facing away from me. She was giving me a great view of her ass and pussy. I could see the moisture on her lips as she settled down on him.

“Oh… Chris… sweetie… so biiiiiiiig.” Her hips found a rhythmic motion. She undulated on top of him, her hands pressing into his chest.

“Faster… Mom.” Christopher clamped his hands on her hips. I swooned over the indentations his fingers made in her ample flesh. I slid two fingers in my pussy and pumped myself to the same rhythm with which Mrs. Green rode her son. I watched his fat balls shake with the percussion of their movements. I knew how much cum he stored in there. Holy shit, what if he unloaded in her? Maybe I was getting a little carried away.

Mrs. Green’s whines became more insistent. She sounded like such a slut. Her back was to me. His face was shielded from me by the angle of the bed. Now was the perfect time. With my free hand I reached into my bra and fished out my phone. I took picture after picture of her wobbling ass. I looked at my phone. Those were keepers. I stuffed the phone back in my bra and went to work on my pussy in earnest.

“Oh… so good… so good… eeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii.” Mrs. Green thrust her pelvis down onto his and held it there, convulsing on top of him. Her screams of pleasure pushed me over the edge, and I came, too.

They moved positions. Soon, Christopher was behind her. They were still facing away from me.

“As much as I love your meaty ass, Chris. I want to see your mom’s face while you give it to her.” I wiped my fingers off on my thigh, content for the moment to simply watch. “Turn her around.”

“Okay.” Without leaving his mother’s pussy, Christopher turned them yalova escort bayan around. He then slammed into her with those magic hips of his, making her butt ripple. Her head was down on the blanket, but I wanted to see her arch for him.

“Grab her hair, Chris. Really give it to her.” I was nearly beside myself watching her eyes roll as he manhandled her. This was even better than I’d hoped. “Tell her she’s your slut.”

He looked at me with questioning eyes as he pounded the shit out of her. She was crying out with every thrust now, her fingers gripping tightly to the blanket.

“Tell her.” I tried to make my voice stern, but I think I was a bit too giddy for that.

“You’re… uh… uh… my slut… Mom.” His muscles flexed wonderfully as he humped away.

“Yes… oh… yes.” Mrs. Green had clearly forgotten about me.

“Tell him, Mrs. Green.” I smiled from ear to ear.

“I’m… ugh… your slut… Christopher.” She really was.

Christopher’s grunting grew into a growl. He was close.

As much as I wanted to see him spray his mother again, I wanted his stuff inside her more. “Tell her you’re going to cum inside her, Chris.”

He didn’t even hesitate. All he needed was a little nudge. “I’m… gonna cum… inside you… Mom.”

“Ugh… ugh… okay,” Mrs. Green said. She was going to let her son knock her up. I guessed from what I’d witnessed last time that this would be a first for them. I wondered if she was on the pill.

“Mom… oh… Mom… gggggggrrrrrrrrhhhhhh.” His growl, the longing in the way he said “Mom,” and the last few erratic thrusts from his hips, I knew I’d never forget any of it. He was cumming in her, and it was clear that he’d spurred her own orgasm in response.

They collapsed onto the mattress together, still joined by that long dick. After a few minutes, Christopher’s hips started again. I cannot tell you how delightful that squelching sounded as his cock displaced the cum in her pussy.

I took out my phone and checked the time. I didn’t want to be here when Mr. Green got home. That was enough for one day. I stood but they were so busy with each other that they didn’t notice me. I took a couple more pictures before I left. This time their faces were clear as day.

I felt hot and flushed on my bike ride home. It was strange to pedal with such soaked panties. I hoped I wouldn’t chafe. When I got home, I went straight to my room, pulled out my phone, and looked at the pictures I’d taken. God, that dope owned his mom’s pussy. I spent the rest of the afternoon masturbating and looking at the photos. Eventually, I cleaned up for dinner. I wondered if Christopher and Mrs. Green were cleaning up for their own evening meal, or if they’d fuck their way right through it. The thought made me shiver.

As I sat down to dinner and tried to make small talk with my mom, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d witnessed. I knew what I’d done hadn’t let off the steam from my obsession. It had just turned up the pressure. I wasn’t going to let it be a one-time thing. I was going over to Christopher’s tomorrow after school. Maybe next time I’d get some video.

Chapter 8

I was so giddy and excited when things progressed with Christopher that I hadn’t thought of consequences. I had opened my box for him. It turned out I was a Pandora of sorts. Now, his girlfriend had us both in a vise. And I didn’t know what to do about it.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I did know it was time to get back on birth control. The day after I’d let my son fill me, I went to the doctor. When she asked all her scripted questions about why I wanted birth control, I did not spill the beans. Can you imagine her face if I’d said that I had started an illicit affair with my eighteen-year-old son, and his eighteen-year-old girlfriend blackmailed us into unprotected sex? But the good doctor did give me the news that the pill wouldn’t start working until I started my cycle.

“Well, I’m almost to the end of my cycle, Dr. Bennet. So, I should be safe if… you know… my husband and I do it tonight?” I smiled sheepishly. I should have done more research after what happened, but I was trying not to think about the sperm inside me.

“That’s not quite how it works, Mrs. Green.” She smiled benignly, like she was used to this level of ignorance. “You can ovulate at anytime during your cycle. If you are looking to conceive, we can –“

“We both know I’m not looking to conceive.” My cheeks flushed, and I felt a bit dizzy. I didn’t know if I was safe or not.

“Well in that case, tell your husband to keep his horse in the barn until the first day of your new cycle. The pill will work just fine then.” She gave me a perfunctory smile and turned to her computer.

The whole drive home I chewed on my bottom lip thinking of ways to keep Gwen at bay. Without her, I knew Christopher and I could keep it safe.

But a few hours later, Christopher arrived home from school with Gwen by his side. I gave my escort yalova son a betrayed look when they found me in the kitchen. “Are you two dating again?”

“I’m not interested in dating your son, Mrs. Green.” Gwen had a far-off look, like she’d been smoking pot. I thought I could smell it on her. “But I am interested in you dating your son.” She beamed at me like this was all normal.

“I’m sorry, Mom. She said she’d send the pictures to Dad if I didn’t bring her home.” Christopher looked down at the floor.

“And I would.” Gwen’s gaze darted away from mine. I wasn’t so sure she would. But how could I risk it?

“So, you want Christopher and I to…” I walked over to my son and took his strong hand in mine. This wouldn’t be so bad, as long as she didn’t make us try and conceive my own grandchild.

“Yeah, I’d like to watch you two do the nasty.” Gwen nodded enthusiastically. “Get in it to win it, Chris.” She slapped his butt.

“Fine.” I tried to look as stern as a mother can. “But I have some ground rules. You can’t take pictures. And Christopher finishes… um… outside.” I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation. My whole life had twisted with new levels of insanity.

“That’s fine.” Gwen giggled. She really did seem high.

“Are you sure, Mom?” Christopher looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

Of course I was fucking sure. What choice did we have? But I didn’t say that. Instead, I nodded curtly and said, “Let’s just get it over with. Gwen will get tired of this game soon enough.”

At this, Gwen giggled even more.

Twenty minutes later, I bounced in Christopher’s arms. I had never had standing sex before, with Christopher or anyone else. It drove me crazy. Much like when he took me from behind, I felt like I was his, completely owned by my son. His penis spread me, his hands clutched at my ass, and I held on to his shoulders, mewling. How had my son grown into such a strong man? I completely forgot about our audience after my second orgasm.

“Oh… Mom… Oh… Mom.” Christopher sounded like he was enjoying himself as much as I was. His telltale grunting had started. I knew it would get louder and louder until he came.

“Maybe… we should… ugh…” I was having a hard time focusing. “I’ll finish… you… with my… mouth.”

“Not… yet.” Christopher squeezed my ass tighter, as if he was afraid I might try and escape. But I was going nowhere.

“Oh, shit. You two are on fire today.” Gwen sat in a kitchen chair fingering herself under her skirt.

My son kept pummeling my pussy, suspending me in the air. I thought he might get tired and have to put me down, but he worked like a man possessed. I came again, and another orgasm was just around the corner when his grunts gave way to a low growl. He was close.

“Okay… okay… put me… uh… uh… down.” I was powerless.

“No… Chris…” Gwen’s fingers worked like lightning between her legs. “Cum in her… again.” She didn’t even bother threatening us. She must have known he’d finish inside me with the tiniest bit of encouragement.

The way Christopher gripped me, I knew he meant to follow his ex-girlfriend’s direction.

“Wait… oh… wait… Christopher… sweetie… I could get… ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Fireworks exploded in my mind when he released in me. I think all three of us came at the same time.

As I wiggled my hips, encouraging his continued eruption, I knew I really had opened Pandora’s Box.

Finally, Christopher did put me down. With my legs trembling, I let him turn me around and take me again with my elbows on the countertop.

When we bought that house, I was enthused about the spacious kitchen. I never would have guessed that it would be put to such a use.

After about a half-hour of relentless humping, Gwen told him again to finish inside me. I didn’t even bother to protest. What was the point? I simply braced myself against the counter and accepted another load.

We finally stopped after that. Christopher went to take a shower. Gwen washed her hands and stood in the kitchen doorway overseeing me scrub my own juices from the kitchen floor. I had put my panties back on so I wouldn’t leak, but they were already soaked through. Maybe I should have been leaking more. I wondered if I should go on the toilet to let Christopher’s stuff drain out of me.

“No school tomorrow, Mrs. Green.” Gwen smiled at me. Other than the panties, I was naked, and I could see her cheerily staring at my hanging boobs.

“It’ll be Saturday,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Is your husband going to be here?”

“Yes.” I attempted to scowl at her, but my body still hummed with joy from what Christopher had done to me. I tried not to think about all those swimmers. With any luck, I wasn’t ovulating. I deserved some good luck.

“Come over to my place at two, tomorrow. My parents will be out in the afternoon.” She winked at me and headed for the door.

“Jesus Christ,” I muttered. I was going to be sneaking behind her parents’ backs like I was a teenager. A shiver went down my spine.


“Welcome to my home, Mrs. Green.” Gwen stepped aside to let us in the front doorway. “You’re looking handsome today, Chris. Don’t you think, Mrs. Green?”

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