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Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy gird

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Norton Towers – the apartment block for sexy girdJoan and Jim – two into oneJoan and Jim lived in number 34 and were by all accounts very quiet and not what the others would call ‘adventurous’. One Friday about 3.00pm I had a call from them asking if I would help turn in their new digital TV which had been delivered the day before.Jim answered the door and directing me to the living room added, “We’ve been trying to tune it in and link up the DVD but the thing doesn’t want to work” Just then Joan entered. She was buxom size 18 and looked around 60 but plain – not ugly – just plain ordinary and seemingly dowdy. “ Robert, we’ve heard that you can fix most things and we were hoping you could get it going for us” She went over to the TV and turned it on showing just a blank white screen. “I followed the instructions and it says it auto tunes itself. Look.” Hitching up her dress she squatted down to press the right button. “I’ve pressed this but there is nothing doing” Swivelling around with her knees apart – and with no knickers in the way – I got a great look at her fat and extremely hairy cunt. Smiling, she added: “do you see what I mean?”Not thinking anymore of it I asked if she could move aside so I could see what the matter was. Reverting to normal, Joan then asked if wanted a drink and went out to make the proverbial cup of tea.Jim obviously saw it as well and when I was round the back of the TV checking the connections he added “Did you like what you saw? Not many men like big ladies. Myself I love em…lots more to hang on to. Joan has heard that you enjoy watching ladies flashing so she thought she would give you a treat but was apprehensive as she is rather tubby”.“Jim, I really love plump hairy women” and to get him really going, added “ especially around a lovely fat cunt….As a matter of fact, if you think Joan is up for it, I think we could all enjoy ourselves ….after I have got the TV working.” Jim’s eyes lit up. As I was working out how to retune it, I put it Jim that we could make an afternoon of it with some sexual role playing. “Joan obviously likes flashing …what else… what about you?”“Um that’s a tricky one, as far as sex goes, it takes me güvenilir bahis while to get really hard but with the right stimulation I am up for it. After about 10 minutes Joan was back with the tea. By then I had got the TV working fine and she looked flushed but seemed happy. Also I noticed that she had changed into a house coat that was just belted around her ample waist. She looked for all the world like a staid buxom aunt who would not say boo to a goose. Pointing to the settee, she said “Robert, sit down there next to Jim…. Jim move over a bit. Asking how many sugars I took, she leaned over the coffee table to pour the tea and as she did so, displayed the most gorgeous pair of tits. To get things going, I said “Joan, I had call yesterday from a friend of mine who has a company that designs and makes exotic and sexy lingerie for mature ladies. It’s not what you think but very sophisticated. Anyway, he is looking for models for his new catalogue. And I couldn’t help but notice that when you poured the tea I caught a glimpse of what I would call a lovely item of lingerie. So it just came to me that you would be an ideal model for his new lines. If I have embarrassed you I apologise, it was just an idea. What do you think, is it something you would consider?”“Robert, what a surprise…I’m flattered. I’ll have to think about it” Sitting down across from us, she said “what do you think Jim, you know me, not 16: more like 60”. “But darling” replied Jim, it is a great opportunity; you know you’re proud of what you’ve got. “For example you legs, you know I get horny just looking at them”.That was the cue she needed. Slowly lifting up and crossing her legs Joan’s flimsy housecoat fell apart she said, “what, these old things”… caressing the sheer 10 denier seamed stockings she added, “ I know they turn you on, Jim but what about you Robert, do you think they pass?” ….. As the words passed she gradually parted her fat thighs and d****d a leg over the arm of chair.With her fat pussy tightly encased in transparent panties and a protruding bush of lush hair poking outside she added “well, Robert, will I do?Again sitting primly I asked Joan to show me her bust türkçe bahis and just as quick she shrugged off the house coat and stood up in a stunning sheer literally see through white one piece corselet which showed her full tits and very dark areolas to best advantage . This was one lady who adored showing herself.Running her hands up and down her body she explained that she always loved silky lingerie and spent a fortune on it. Making no attempt to put back on the ‘prop’ housecoat she sat down with what one would call an expectant smile. “Tell you what Joan, what if I took sample photos to send to my friend, just to give him a better idea of what a fantastic model you would make. Would that be ok? In fact he said that he was looking for new ways to help show off the lingerie…to stimulate his customers’ imaginations. After all they are interested in the ‘erotic’ so to his reasoning was that they would not be offended if he showed them how his products can help sensual mature ladies get the best results. “Jim, would you get me you camera?” As Jim went to get it he was proudly displaying a bulge in his trousers and added “Robert, this is just great, keep it up” Whilst he was rummaging around for the camera, I decided to see just how far they wanted to go. “ Tell me Joan, you’ll have noticed that I too am getting excited but what has turned me on is your extremely hairy cunt, is there a reason why you don’t shave….don’t get me wrong I like it as I slowly rubbed my bulging cock. And by the size of Jim’s bulge, he does too”.“Why Robert, using those words makes this exciting…yes, I just love watching the reaction of men, when they see it… as you’ve seen with Jim. Oh, here he is” Jim handed me the camera and I after I had run of half a dozen shots of Joan in the usual posing positions I casually said “Joan, those panties look a little slack, I went over and gently turned her around facing Jim and to get him going, I tugged up her panties and forcing the crotch deeply between her fat labia and up into the crack of her arse showing him a really juicy camel-toe.“ There, what do you think, Jim?” Well, his eyes popped out but Joan remarked in all seriousness, “Well güvenilir bahis siteleri it’s fine for you two to get turned on but what about me? Time you boys showed me exactly how appreciative you are!”Me I didn’t need asking twice. Frankly my cock was in agony and after I swiftly took off my trousers so did Jim. As Jim dropped his pants, I got the biggest shock of my life – his cock was at least 2 inches longer than mine and his circumcised head was dripping with pre-cum. “Well, what can we do with this situation”, added a smiling Joan who mentioned that she had never seen Jim so hard in many a year….in fact ever since they had a threesome some years ago. With that she slipped off her panties and sat down beside me. Caressing her swollen fat and now moist hairy labia she purred, “Robert, as well as being extremely hairy I have a large cunt and love it filled, but my I can only really cum when there is another lovely cock up here”. Lifting her leg up she grabbed my hand and pushed it into down into her similarly hairy arse adding “Don’t I Jim, honey. And now you two can give me what I want. That’s right honey bun. Two at once. Now, why don’t you two get better acquainted as I get myself ready in the bed room.She left us with our erect cocks in a highly excitable and ready to burst state. Jim’s massive eight inches and mine were really hard and really wet too. I was fascinated and mentioned to Jim that I would be no good for Joan as I would shoot my load as soon I entered her. Slowly rubbing his cock, Jim replied “Robert, I have not been this hard in a very long time and the reason is that when we do a threesome I just love feeling another cock when I am in Joan. But I can see what you mean”, leaning over he wrapped his hand around my dick and slowly started to wank me off. “Go on, don’t be shy, I can see your dying to hold this” pulling by hand and placing it on him upright flagpole. “There isn’t this good” he added as slowly we wanked each other off, the pre-come acting as a real turn on. Needless to say, we both shot wads up our stomachs. Jim then began to explain how Joan likes to be fucked. Apparently she likes to go on top of him and whilst they ‘get going’ she loves to have her arsehole explored first 1 finger, then two and then reamed with a lovely oily dick. He added that when I get really deep, I will feel his cock in her cunt and it will blow my mind….and send June crazy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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