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Not Like Anyone Else

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My name is Alice and I’m 17. I’ve never really been like everybody else. Never really bothered to I guess. I’m me and I don’t like to pretend to be somebody I’m not. But there is one thing that I have to cover up by not being myself, and it’s something that I really don’t know how to handle. It’s sexual and I’ve never really gotten it. My friends always discuss guys. How hot they are or how cute they are or just simply how ugly they are. And I agree guys are hot. There’s just something lately that’s made me think twice about my sexuality. Am I a lesbian, or am I not? I can’t really answer that, because I don’t know. I think girls are hot too. But that’s a secret so this story is just between you and me okay? Good. Yes, girls are hot to me. How did I find out? Well, thinking about girls when masturbating, that’s how. I wasn’t thinking about girls in the first place, but then all of a sudden two girls pops up in my mind and I had the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had. I felt so gross afterwards but the thought didn’t escape my mind. Me myself is not hot. I’m only 5’3 my weight is not important but I’m not skinny, nor am I fat. I guess you can say I’m very athletic. My boobs are small, my ass is kind of big, and my stomach sadly isn’t flat. I live home with my baby sister and my parents. We live in a nice neighborhood with nice people. There is one neighbor that I like more than the others. Her name is Ann, she lives alone single mom of two children, and neither lives at home anymore. To me she’s the nicest person alive. She’s no more than fifty, and she looks really great. She had her kids at an early age and has had plenty of time to get her great figure back the way it used to be. To me it didn’t look like she’d had any kids at all. Once a while bahis siteleri she invites our whole family for dinner and we always have the best time. She makes the best dinners, has the best talks and she treats me like any other adult person. She’s really nice to me, and I love it. What I’m about to tell you are the best thing that ever happened to me so read slow and just enjoy. It was a Friday morning during summer, the sky was grey and it rained like crazy. I love rain. To me it’s calming and it relaxes me. Usually. This morning I didn’t feel good. I was home alone for the week so both my parents and sister was away. I was sitting on the stairs and I was thinking. Thinking about my life and how I didn’t fit in anywhere. Did I like girls? Didn’t I? I’d sucked a guy’s dick before but it wasn’t nice. More gross than anything else. But that was it. Other than that I hadn’t been doing anything sexual with another person before and I didn’t want to until I found the right person to do it with. As I was sitting on my front porch it only started to rain more, I didn’t want to go inside so I just sat there, doing nothing. “Alice?” A familiar voice broke my thoughts. Looking up stood the beautiful Ann clothed in a huge raincoat looking at me like I’d hurt myself. “Are you okay?” She asked. I smiled at her concern. “I’m fine Ann.” I was soaked through the bone and I was cold. I’d felt better. She touched my hand and it surprised me. “Gosh, honey.” She started. “You’re freezing.” She said. “Why don’t you go inside take a quick shower get in to something dry and cozy and come over to my place for a nice cup of warm tea?” That sounded like an offer I couldn’t deny so I agreed. “That sounds really nice.” I said. “I’ll be as fast as I can.” “Great.” canlı bahis siteleri She replied and we parted to make things ready. I almost ran inside suddenly in a better mood and jumped in the shower. My physical condition was pretty good, and I was in much better shape than my super skinny classmates, which to me was a good thing. I washed my hair, double shampooed it and conditioned it. I’ve always been the a person who loves hair. My hair is curly slash wavy and I’ve always been complimented on it. It reaches me down to my nipples and it’s dark blonde. My curls are nice and they look very natural. I guess you can say that my hair is the one thing I’m really proud of. I got dressed in dark sweat pants and a white thin sweater. I only bothered to put on some white panties and a sports bra, knowing it was only her that was going to see me. Soon enough I was finished, my hair still wet hanging down my shoulder, an umbrella in hand, my iPhone in the other and the rain was still pouring. I walked fast, crossing the small street and rang the bell at Ann’s. She smiled when she saw me and invited me in. The tea was set on the kitchen table and it smelled really good. “You still like honey in your tea, right Alice?” I smiled. She knew me too well. “You know it’s my favorite.” She offered me a seat and I sat down, half across from her. She looked me in the eye. A weak smile was forming her round face. “What’s bothering you, Alice dear?” I tilted my head. “Nothing.” I said plainly. Could she read me that well? “Really Ann, it’s nothing.” I offered a smile. “Bullshit” she said and waved her hand. “Don’t you think I can tell when something’s bothering you?” I smiled again. “I don’t know, everything’s fine Ann, I promise.” “Don’t give canlı bahis me any of that.” She said still smiling. She leaned in closer and my breath caught in my throat. She cupped my cheek with one hand and looked me in the eye. “Don’t you think I can tell when something’s bothers you and your beautiful face?” And then all of a sudden I got this weird feeling in my body. I looked down and took a deep breath. “I – I don’t want to tell.” She sighed. “You know you can tell me everything, honey.” She said. “It’s embarrassing.” I told her still not looking at her. She tilted her head to the side and she placed her hand under my chin tilting it up for me to look at her. “ You want to talk to me or your own mother?” I knew my own mother was not an option so I guess I gave in. “Well, okay then.” I said. “You’ll probably think I’m weird or gross or something like that.” She looked at me and placed her hand over mine. I shivered. Hopefully she didn’t notice. “Just talk to me.” “Okay.” I said. “It’s about my… my sexuality.” I said carefully almost whispering. She looked at me still, furrowing her brows a little in confusion. “Your sexuality?” She asked and I looked down embarrassed. “Yes.” I said still looking down. “I’m.. I’m a little confused.” “Oh, honey.” She started. “That’s perfectly normal.” She said and I looked up. “Can I tell you a secret before you continue, dear?” “Of course.” She leaned closer and laced our fingers. “I’m bisexual.” That shocked me. I’d never thought that about dear Ann. Maybe it explained why she’d been single for so long. An attractive woman like her wouldn’t normally be alone. “You are?” I choked out. “I am, sweetie.” She squeezed my hand. “And I do prefer girls, actually.” I felt myself blush. “Oh, well that’s nice to know Ann.” I said with a smile. “Tell me something dear.” She started and she had my full attention. “Have you ever made love to someone?” I was taken a little bit back by her choice of words but I smiled and shook my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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