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Arched Back

Subject: Not On The Floor [urination/incest erotica] Hello, Nifty readers…it’s me Essfitcee [author of many titles on this site, just search for my name.] This erotica is my first urination and incest story all in one, so enjoy. The story involves a slightly underage teen and his older brother. If t offends you, then how the hell you ended up here? You should not see this story anywhere else other n here, unless it’s from my Tumblr page(s), BlkGayIncest.Tumblr/BlkPiss.Tumblr. _______________________ Not On The Floor Sixteen year old Kelvin woke from his sleep, hearing a thumb in the living room. Being the neighborhood they were in, he went to grab a weapon…then remembered, it’s probably his twenty-four older brother coming in from a wild night. “Damn, bruh…I’m fuuuucked up! Ha!” Tylon slurred. “Clearly…” Kelvin said matter-of-factly as he tried to help his big brother to his room as quietly as he could. Big bro wasn’t making it easy. Despite not being in a not so flattering state at the moment, lil brother couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked. He’s rarely this close to his bro except for a few brief brotherly hugs, here and there. His brother was hot. “Help me get dis shit off…” Tylon asked of him while he began to take his shirt and pants off at the same time, but failing in his drunken state. Kelvin needed to hurry and get his brother to his room; the longer this ordeal continues the more aroused he will become. As Kelvin helps his big brother pants off; his dicks swings in his loose boxers. He helps him take off his shirt, as his arms lifts Kelvin can see his sweaty armpits glistening. “Hmm…” Kelvin softly moaned as it went unnoticed by Tylon as HE put his right arm back on his lil bro’s left shoulder. Lil bro’s dick starts to respond as he could feel his big bro’s bare and wet pit on his shoulder as he quietly sneaks a few sniffs. “Nigga, I gotta piss.” Tylon confesses, but knees giving out as he falls to the living room couch, sitting there in just gaziantep escort a wife beater and his boxers. “Fuuuuck, I gotta piss.” Tylon whines as Kelvin tries to pick him up from the couch. “Well damn, get up and let’s get you to the bathroom.” He tries to pick him up again, but getting no help from Tylon. He could not carry his big bro himself. “Come on then nigga!” Kelvin was now getting frustrated. “….gotta piss.” Tylon said to no one in particular. Falling in and out of consciousness as the pressure from the need of urination began to make his dick hard; Kelvin noticing this as his brother’s dickhead begins to peek out at the bottom his boxers. “Shit man.” Lil bro said to himself. He wanted to reach out and touch it. “No! Not on the floor, nigga…Ugh!” Tylon had begun to squirt a small stream of piss on the living room. He could not stop him; there was no bowl or cup close by. How could he stop his drunk brother from pissing in the family living room. Lil bro had to think quickly; he got on his knees and took his big bro’s blasting dickhead into his mouth, as he immediately started to drink his bro’s piss as it had nowhere else to go. Yes, t is the excuse he would stick to. “I gotta piiiiiiiiiiiisss.” As big bro’s whines remixes into moans. Tylon still drunk out of mind felt something wet on his dick, but too his sluggish to care. “….gotta pisssss.” He kept moaning as his little brother had put his piss shooting dick in his mouth, immediately feeling his hot piss bursting down his throat. “Mmmm*gulp, gulp*…mmm.” Kelvin gulps, he could not believe he was doing this, but it had to be done. He couldn’t let his big brother piss on the living room floor…how was he gonna explain the living room smelling like a bathroom to mom. Tylon slowly put his hand on the back of lil bro’s head as he began to be somewhat be conscious of what was happening. Slurring he encouraged, “Take dat piss. Drink my pisssss, lil bruh.” Kelvin was drinking every drop of suriyeli escort his big brother’s piss, he had to no choice. Once the last stream was drunk, Tylon pulled his dick out his brother’s mouth and shook extra drops in-between Kelvin’s open lips as he lazily fell back on the couch. Kelvin wiped his lips and proceeds to get his brother into his room. After helping his brother in his bed, now going into his own…realizing t dick own dick was hard as metal, he paid it no mind and went to bed. The next morning Kelvin woke hoping his brother was too drunk to remember last night. He got up brushed his teeth and rinsed out his mouth THREE times. “Morning ma.” He hugs his mother. “Go wake your brother, so he can take me to work. He said he needed the car today.” Kelvin heart sunk. He hoped not to HAVE to interact with his big brother so soon after last night. “Bruh, BRUH!” He shook his brother awake. “WHAT NIGGA! DAMN!” An angry Tylon expressed his distaste in having his sleep interrupted, of course, he was very much hung over. “You gotta take ma to work, ‘member?” Kelvin reminded him and turned to leave. “Oh yeah…wait, before I do t..e here.” Tylon called him back. Kelvin thought, “Oh shit.” As he went back to his brother bed with an attitude. “What Tylon?!” “Gotta show you sumtin nigga.” He claimed as he grabbed his lil brother and pulled him down to the bed swiftly and then moved his head down under his sheets to reveal he was completely naked. “Suck it.” Older bruh demanded. Kelvin on his bro’s side of the bed, with his dick in his mouth, tried to break away. “Nah, nigga…suck it.” That’s what Kelvin did. “Yeah, like t cos yo ass didn’t mind last night. “I gotta piss, lil bruh.” On hearing those words Kelvin immediately feel his bro’s hot piss flooding inside his mouth. “Drink it bruh!” Big bruh commanded. “Mmmmm.” Kelvin moaned and slurped and drunk his brother’s sweet and golden black dick juice. “…but the door–” Kelvin rus escort took his bro’s squirting dick out his mouth to protest as piss splattered on his face and across the room. “Fuck dat! You didn’t mind last night bro.” Tylon said matter-of-factly as he shoved his pissing dick back into his little brother’s wet mouth. “Drink dat morning piss. Drink my piiiiiiiiss. Fuuuuuuck.” *Gulp, gulp, gulp, slurp* “Omphahmmm.” *Gulp.* Kelvin enjoyed this as much as his brother did. The weird feeling of pissing with a hard on, it hurts, the feeling is awkward, but at the same time weirdly pleasurable. Now imagine getting your dick sucking while letting go your morning piss. It turned Tylon the fuck on to know his piss only had one place to go and t’s down his own little bro’s throat…with his bedroom door wide open. His lil bro licked and sucked on his dick like a baby as he continued to feed him his hot piss. “Like dat shit, don’t you? Like ya bruh’s piss, huh? Huh?!” Tylon began to really fuck his mouth causing salvia and piss to splash between them. Older bruh ripped lil bruh’s pants and underwear off, with his ass facing directly towards his bedroom door. He start to finger fuck his lil bruh. “Swallow…yeah. Tell me you love dat piss!” His lil bruh would not answer, so he took his dick out and pinched the head of his dick to lock his piss inside. “Tell me.” He still demanded. “I love drinking your piss.” Lil bruh submitted. “You wanna drink my piss every morning, huh? You wanna keep drinking your big bruh’s piss?” Kelvin moans. “Yessss, I wanna drink big brudda’s piss. Its so sweet, brudda. Ahnmphmm.” *Gulp* As Tylon slowly put his dick back in his mouth and let loose all the piss t remained. Kelvin didn’t realize it, but… “Hm, hmm, hmmmaphm.” Kelvin had cum while drinking his bro’s piss. “Shit! You nutted from drinking my piiiiiissss. I’mma cuuuum.” Tylon’s dick did something he didn’t recall ever doing, he was pissing and cumming simultaneously. “Ahmm…”Kelvin, of course, swallowed all his cum. “Sweet piss and cum…” They both giggled. It all started by not wanting any piss on the floor, but now it seems Tylon won’t to piss in the toilet either. Not when his little brother’s throat is so willing. (c) 2015 Blk Gay Incest/ Blk Piss

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