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Now Get Out of That

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She sighed, the baler twine cut into her wrists and ankles and despite her struggles she was unable to escape her bonds. She cursed her stupidity and how easily she had been duped into this seemingly impossible situation. Sarah looked around her, she was lying on the straw bed of a stable on the back yard of the Abbyway Riding School, the evening stables had been done so she knew that she should be alone for sometime, and that was the catch, Hilary had given her the way to get out but with that there were consequences, she felt the string tied to her index finger, she just had to pull the string slightly and a knife would drop down to let her cut herself free. But of course it would never be that easy, pulling the string would also release the bucket and goodness knows what that contained… and as her jodhpurs and polo-shirt had been taken by Hilary she would be left to dash across the floodlit yard covered in mess and no doubt watched by the rest of the stable staff. She cursed and thought back to how she had got here…


Two Days Earlier

Sarah smiled, the trap was set and Hilary would be sure to fall for the bait, in fact she could hear her approaching as she turned around.

“Sarah Hi…” Hilary smiled, she was immaculately turned out as always, a white blouse and white jodhpurs with polished long riding boots. Sarah could certainly tell why her female colleagues were jealous of her and that she was the object of desire for most men. Of course they did not know that she only really had eyes for Sarah. But theirs was a relationship built on fun and an increasingly complex set of pranks. “Look I am in a hurry, I have a lesson to teach, have you seem my riding hat?” Sarah shrugged and then glanced towards the muck heap.

“Oh…” She smirked. “Is that yours?”

Hilary sighed and strode towards the steaming heap. He hat was perched dikmen escort on a pitchfork which had been left standing at the top of the heap. She gingerly climbed to the top and reached out towards her hat. As she took her next step the heap gave way beneath her, she plummeted through a sheet of cardboard which had been sprinkled with straw and into a deep hole, landing with a splash in a waiting pile of manure.

Sarah walked towards the heap as Hilary was struggling to the top of the hole. “Are you okay?”

Hilary snarled as she crawled across the top of the heap and to her feet. She tried to brush herself down but Sarah had made sure there was a good quantity of sticky hoof oil puddled in the hole. She was coated in muck and oil, her jodhpurs and blouse wrecked. “I will kill you…” She snarled.

Sarah laughed. “Oh yes… Now run along, haven’t you got a lesson to teach?”

Hilary shook her fist and made her way to the indoor arena where Sarah could hear her trying to explain her appearance.

One Day Earlier

Hilary had been seething about Sarah’s latest prank, something had to be done so she planned with the other stable staff, as she was doing evening stables they would grab her and mess her up. It was simple but effective. During her lunch time she drove to the supermarket and bought large quantities of jam, eggs and even paint She smiled to herself as she went through the checkout, this would be the end of this silly series of pranks.

As she returned to the yard she passed the bags of messy food and paint to one of the grooms and ensured they knew what to do. Hilary laughed as she thought about what was about to happen, that would serve her right.

The afternoon went slowly, Hilary had a number of lessons to teach and was glad to finish for the evening. She was even more happy to see that Sarah emek escort was in a quiet part of the yard sweeping up. Hilary caught the eye of the grooms and nodded, the time was right to grab her. Sarah was oblivious as the grooms quietly approached her and grabbed hold of her arms. She shrieked struggling against their grip.

“No, this is payback time Sarah!” Hilary laughed.

“For who?” Sarah smiled.

“What?” Hilary frowned. “For you… I am going to….” Her voice died away as the grooms let go of Sarah and started to approach Hilary. “No… This isn’t fair.”

She did not fight as the grooms grabbed her. She was resigned to what was about to happen to her. A wheelbarrow was pushed behind her and she was pushed down heavily into a layer of sticky jam. Sarah took a box of eggs and removed Hilary’s riding hat. She placed six eggs into her helmet and then placed it on her head forcing it down. A slick of runny eggs covered Hilary’s face

“I hate you…” Hilary smirked.

Sarah unbuttoned Hilary’s blouse and smeared her bra with peanut butter taking time to ensure her breasts were well covered in the cups. She then pulled open the front of her jodhpurs and poured in a can of golden syrup making sure that she had rubbed it in. Then she stepped back and left the staff to mess up her friend. There was a frenzy of treacle, jam, baked beans and then finally bags of flour until there was just a wheelbarrow with a white statue shuddering in it.

The girls laughed and left Hilary and Sarah alone. Sarah took Hilary’s sticky hand and helped her out of the wheelbarrow. “Sorry Hil’s I know that was meant for me.” She held her arms out and gave her a big, sticky hug. Hilary laughed.

“Okay, I deserved it…” She smiled. “Can we put an end to the pranks now. I think you have messed me up enough.”

“Alright.” Sarah smiled. eryaman escort “You have been pretty messed up. Truce”

“Truce” Hilary smiled and hoped that, under the mess, Sarah could not see her crossed fingers.


The day had been long for both Hilary and Sarah. Hilary smiled as she approached Sarah. “I think we need some quiet time this evening.” She gently took Sarah’s hand. “You are looking very sexy.” She kissed her gently and led her across the yard to an empty stable. “I have just bedded this one down.” She pulled Sarah down into the deep straw bed and they embraced.

They both lay down exhausted in the warm straw. Hilary slowly stood up and reached into the corner, she approached Sarah with a handful of orange baler twine.

“What are you doing?” She giggled. Hilary knelt over her smiling.

“Give me you hands…” Hilary gently took her hands and pulled them together wrapping the string around them.

“Oh kinky!” Sarah giggled.

“More than you know…” Hilary whispered.

Hilary tied Sarah’s wrists and ankles and then pulled her into a tight hogtie leaving her face down in straw.

“That is a bit tight…” Sarah struggled against her ties.

“Well, you can get out at any time.” Hilary tied a piece of twine to her finger and explained her predicament.


Sarah struggled, she knew that she would not get free. Reluctantly she tugged the string, there was a metallic clank as a bucket tipped, Sarah felt a thick liquid start to pour across her back and seep across her body this was followed by a pile of white feathers which fluttered down onto her. She sighed and slumped into the straw. The knife dropped into her fingers and she was able to cut herself free.

If she though that she would be able to escape unnoticed she was wrong. There was a cheer as she appeared around the corner, naked apart from a coat of molassus and feathers. The grooms laughed and applauded. Hilary approached her and gave her a blanket to wrap herself in.

“Sorry… Are we equal now?” Hilary smiled.

“Oh yes…” Sarah giggled. “Until the next time…”

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