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office affair

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Big Balls

office affairI sat in my office one morning when me new p.a knocked to report for her first day. she was a short petite dark ebony woman aged 26 looked like she had a very toned body as her fomal dress hugged her body tightly to expose a perfect round ass as she walked away.i leaned over my desk to catch the last sight. Sitting back i was mesmerized. I ran through the cv the interviewer brought me. Her name was nozi. had a few years experience on the job. as the day passed we sat down talking during tea and lunch getting to know one another.3 weeks passed as she pitched up one day late. apologising as it is due to a break up with her bf. we talked as she started bursting into tears. i walked over to comfort her not knowing wat to do or say. she looked up at me with her hands placed on my chest. i could feel my cock istanbul escort getting erect. wats happening i thought as we made eye contact.I leaned forward kissing her passionately and deep. i felt her get heavy in my arms as she pulled away shocked… she lunged up at me kissing me rough. pulling me down to her. my hands moved down from her back to her ass as i had two hands full. it was tight and firm as i sqeeuzed them. her tears seemed to stop as her eyes looked like diamonds. i picked her up taking her to the office couch. as we sat with her on top of me. she started undressing me hastly.. as she got onto her knees i opened my legs. she reached in and pulled my cock out she seemed shocked and loved the sight of my erect white cock standing avcılar escort up firm in her hand as she started to suck and stroke it … i moaned out her name softly as she did a great job. her lips sealing around my shaft. she got up and walked ove to the table leaning forward as she said.. you’ve always been checking out my ass now its your chance to fuck it. i walked over with my pants on my knees as i spanked her ass softly she bent down onto my table. i stood open legs behind her as i held my cock stroking it. i moved closer as i rubbed the tip over her wet almost dripping pussy as i thrusted in slowly she braced against the table pushing herslelf back. i penetrated her fully as she said.. is this how the boss’s cock feels.. i smiled moving in and out in and out. şirinevler escort her pussy was somewhat tight.as she told me to move faster and harder. she moaned out a name which i take was the ex bf. i loved it.. as i held her by the hips fucking her. a knock on the door caused us to stop. waiting for another knock. my cock stayed in her as she shaked her as left and right… she stood up layoing on the desk facing me. as she told me. fuck my pussy fuck it hard. i pulled her closer shoving my cock in deep on her command. as i went back and forth her moaning increased as i bite my tie in her mouth to avoid the noise getting louder.i felt her pussy creaming on my cock as it tightened and opened. her climax arriving before mine as she pulled me in and out using her fit legs. her arms werre moving around trying to grab something to hold on as she bumped and pushed things around on my desk. i paused to watch her.. as i moved faster and faster i felt my nuts pull uo in my sack as i pushed my cock in and out i burst in side her with a loud moan i knocked against the desk bumping the laptop of it. she held onto me for dear life as i kept on pumping her full of cum..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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