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OHGIRL: Insatiable

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OHGIRL: InsatiableMy lips and tongue felt Mikey’s cock begin to throb before he ejaculated in my mouth, feeding me the third creamy, hot load of his cum that day. My husband and I had made love all afternoon and late into the evening and each time he had finished in my mouth, giving me what I had craved the most, his sweet, sticky jizz. It had been a while since we had been able to have sex all day with so much free time together, but my two youngest c***dren were off for the weekend, my son visiting his father, and my infrequent lover, Shawn, and my daughter was visiting with a girlfriend, so we made good use of our time. I had returned to being an escort nearly 7 months earlier, with the idea of keeping my sex addiction under control with a scheduled client once or twice a week, but as of late, I was having sex more frequently and spending less time with my family. Over those 7 months I had embarrassed myself and my family when a few of my indiscretions became public, through a couple of mishaps and lapses in clear thinking. My c***dren were now aware of my private sex life, but it was too late to turn back time and what had occurred. I was enjoying my foray back into my former profession and I was hoping that this weekend would open the door for me to discuss increasing my workload with Mikey. He wouldn’t be happy about my time away, but I knew he would enjoy knowing that I was loving the sex and many of the exciting situations that I was experiencing once again as I returned to the life of being a hooker. I was originally satisfied with one or two sexual rendezvous each week, but now I wanted more and in the last two weeks I had been getting fucked nearly every day by a different client, sometimes more than once a day. I looked up lovingly at my husband as I continued to drain his semen from his spent cock, holding it in my mouth to continue sucking it until it was dry. The look in his eyes let me know that he would be more open for the discussion as we laid in each others arms after a few more minutes of oral seduction. Mikey was a little reluctant at first, but he soon gave way to my requests and pleading to allow me to increase my client scheduling to the possibility of 5 days a week or more. Some days I may not have anything scheduled, I had told him, but I knew full well that I could schedule one or more men every day of the week for the next two months. I didn’t want to take advantage of his goodwill, but the thought of having more sex was exciting and Mikey licked my pussy until I was screaming, especially when he knew how wet it had made me when he had said yes. After he fell asleep, I went out on our balcony from our master suite and had a cigarette. I had been wanting a good smoke earlier in the day, but I had put it off and after the orgasms that I had just experienced, I deserved a little addictive indulgence. I was sitting naked in a lounge chair with my I-Phone, filling my schedule from my full list of messages, until well after midnight. The light from my phone shone bright as I worked at trying to coordinate all of my client’s requests and I had finished off nearly my entire pack of cigarettes by the time I returned to bed and fell asleep with my hubby. My week would start on Monday, so I had one day to spend with my family before I began my life as a full time prostitute once again. So many years had passed since I was an 18 year old girl and had become a stripper. It had led me into the sex industry where I had plied my sexual talents for nearly 12 years. In that time I had been with nearly 5000 different men and in the process had ended up pregnant 8 times, with five of those pregnancies ending with c***dren, all by different men. After retiring to raise my c***dren, I now found myself going back to the lifestyle and the job that I always loved. I had admitted long ago to my sexual addiction and my profession had helped me to control it, but I had been retired for nearly 15 years and here I was, almost 46 years old and returning to the work that would hopefully help to quench the recent fire that had lit and rekindled my sexual desires. It was only early morning and I was already on my back, my legs wrapped around the back of my client as he fucked me with his hard white cock. He was a referral from another customer whom had told him about my propensity to fuck my clients bareback. He was telling me over and over, while he pumped me with his stiff cock, about how he was going to fill me with his cum and I was waiting patiently as he drove his dick deep into my wet tunnel. I was thrusting back with excitement as my clit rubbed against his long shaft with each downward plunge and my cunt began to spasm as I experienced my first orgasm of the day. My wetness kept him sliding easily in me and he rode me for a good hour before he stopped moving, his tool shoved in me to the hilt, then exploded with a massive rush of hot cum. He didn’t lie when he told me that he was going to fill me with his spunk and my pussy overflowed with his warm, sticky load as he remained motionless and continued to ejaculate into my deep, dark hole. He laid on top of me for nearly 15 minutes, his limp cock still stuffed in my cream filled muffin. “That was so fucking hot.” he told me as he began to kiss me. “I want you to suck me off and get me hard again for round 2. This time I’m gonna feed it to you.” he let me know with a smile, as he pulled his wet, spunk covered cock from my twat and slid up over my chest to stuff his dripping prick between my lips. I sucked and licked his limp sausage, stroking him and sucking on his balls for nearly 30 minutes before he became erect once again. This time he bent me over for a hard banging from behind before he made good on his promise and came in my mouth to watch me swallow his load of goo. He had fucked me really well and had fed me a nice hot mouthful of semen, but I had to get cleaned up soon if I was going to make my second appointment of the day within the next hour. My pussy was still wet as I put on a new pair of panties after I showered. The thought of being fucked by another man so soon after my last client made me feel like a young hooker again. My sex sessions were much longer now than they were when I was younger, but they were much more enjoyable. The short sexual interludes that I engaged in when I was a stripper had allowed me to fuck and suck more clients in one day back then. It was no wonder that I had fucked or sucked so many men in my life, at the rate that I had been going for the first 12 years in my profession. If all went well, I would be able to get in two more clients this day and I just knew Mikey was going to love hearing how I had fucked 3 different men in one day. I was already wet with the anticipation.The drive in my Lexus was a short one as I made my way to meet my regular client, John, at the Truck Stop. He paid me well, but we saved money buy having sex in the back of his big rig. I had been meeting with him quite a bit lately and getting caught having oral sex publicly with him had been one of the more exciting things that had occurred to me in the last month. Being used by the two police officers had brought back memories of me having sex with a number of the city’s Vice cops when I was younger. They got it for free, but I stayed out of trouble and didn’t have anyone hassling me. John and I were a bit more careful now and we took our business up into his truck where he took his time fucking me until he filled me with his baby batter and I left happily on my way back to my condo for my third appointment of the day. I had showered and dressed and had time for a cigarette before my new client arrived. His canlı bahis name was Lewis and he was an accountant for a large business in town. He was also a referral, but I had met him personally, to set up the details of our meeting. He was one of my very rare black customers. The majority of my clients were white men, but occasionally I would get a client that was black, Hispanic, Eastern Indian or Asian. During the early years of my career, I had gone through spells where I had fucked predominantly white men and then closer to my first retirement, I had been pimped out for a few years, by my lover Shawn, to a majority of black men. I had been addicted to d**gs during a nearly 5 year stretch and that is when Shawn was my pimp and I had been irresponsible with my birth control. I had been pregnant once before and had lost the pregnancy during a car accident, so I didn’t think that I could become pregnant again, so my use of birth control was not consistent, especially for a hooker that fucked all of her clients bareback. During that 5 year span I had gotten pregnant on 7 more occasions and 5 of those ended in the births of my c***dren, all of whom had different fathers, two of them unknown. I had fallen on hard times and had definitely fit the stereotype of the inner city, d**g addicted black hooker. I was fucking so many men that it was a miracle that I didn’t have 15 c***dren by now. I had gotten my tubes tied after my 5th c***d, so that had prevented any further accidents before I had retired from the business. Today I would be having sex with a nice professional man and not the d**g buying thugs that used to line up to bang me for nearly free. Lewis was a married man, but he needed a way to relax and release his sexual frustration from the busy days at work and his hectic nights at home with his own 6 c***dren. I met Lewis at the front door of my condo wearing a sexy negligee under a sheer black robe. I loosened his tie and wrapped my arms around him to give him a hug and passionate kiss before taking his suit jacket. He had wanted the fantasy of coming home to his sexy wife, to be greeted at the door and pampered with sensual attention, so that is what I was going to give him. I hung up his coat and led him to the couch, where I massaged his shoulders and then kissed his neck and ears as I did so. My hands slid down his chest and I unbuttoned his white shirt to rub his hairy chest. Lewis was a tall man, nearly 6 foot 4 inches tall and still had a nice firm body. His pants were bulging upward as my hands brushed his legs and then gently touched his growing erection. I gave Lewis a deep open mouthed kiss before I slid down between his knees to slowly release his throbbing tool and I was happily surprised when his 10 inch chocolate thunder stick popped out to greet me. Lewis had an enormously thick, long cock. It wasn’t the biggest I’d had by any means, but it was well past the average limit and something that was causing me to drool as my lips began to caress his black shaft and my tongue began to stroke the tip of his long, black schlong. Soon my head was bobbing in his lap as I attempted to get the length of his cock into my mouth. I had become somewhat good at deepthroating a dick, but these types of monsters were nearly impossible unless you were born without a gag reflex. I sucked Lewis’s hard pole until he finally took control and picked me up and placed me on his cock as he stood. He was a strong man and I slid down easily onto his huge member. I think that he was surprised himself when my wide, deep cunt took him all in and he began to bounce me on his stiff pecker. I was moaning loudly as he fucked me with his giant black phalis and sweat began to run down his brown as his muscular arms lifted me up and down to rapidly slide onto his cock. My cunt was spread wide open when he finally laid me back on the couch and I teased him by shoving three of my fingers into my wet hole to masturbate while he watched. He didn’t last to long and his dick was back in me as he pushed my legs up around my head and drove his dark log into my gaping chasm. My pussy had been stuffed with thousands of cocks over the years and I had engaged in sex with two other men this day, so getting pounded by Lewis was not something I couldn’t handle. I’m sure there were plenty of women who wouldn’t have been able to take his entire length or whom would have grimaced at the pain from each of his powerful, thrusting strokes, but my well fucked cunt took him like a pro and he soon took my urging to fuck me in the ass. Lewis marveled at my ability to take his thick, long tool in my ass, once I had lubed it up, and he took advantage of his opportunity to give me a hard ass fucking. His long, thick fingers pumped in and out of my wet hole while his black missile shot in and out of my slippery asshole. Lewis was soaked in sweat and so was I as we fucked for the next 2 hours. He put me into as many positions as he could imagine and his shiny, black hose found every orifice that it could enter. I was loving his hard, black dick and I came twice as we fucked. His stamina was impressive and he was entranced as he enjoyed watching his long ebony monster invade my openings, often just staring as his cock pumped one hole or the other. I was lying on my stomach in my living room, my legs together while he lay on top of me, his cock stuffed into my asshole, as he ground me into the bamboo flooring. I was grunting as his cock pinned me to the hardwood floor, my wet, sweaty body leaving an imprint. Lewis was definitely blowing off some steam and I was getting the best fucking of my day. I didn’t want it to end, but his massive cock exploded in my behind and I felt his warmth deep inside as he blasted my rectum with a full load of cum. He began yelling out and cursing as he jammed his cock faster into my ass, releasing long, strong streams of jizz that made me quiver. His cock slipped out of my ass while he was pumping me and it slid back into my cunt as I felt him jettison another series of jizz missiles deep in my pussy. I felt his warmth against my cervix and I began to cum as he continued to fuck my well used hole with his huge black cock. We laid there with him on top of my back, his cock filling my cream pie pussy as his spunk bubbled from my hard fucked asshole. Lewis got off of me after a short while of kissing my neck and shoulders and I led him back to the couch to suck his semi hard cock clean. He loved the attention and the tip that he gave me was huge when he left. I had allowed him to clean up in my shower and had entered to suds him up as he let the water beat down on him. I took the time to wash his cock and nearly brought it back to life as I lifted his long, black shaft up to rub his balls with my soap covered hands. After a few kisses though, I realized that he was spent. Lewis expressed his desire to become a regular customer and I made sure to enter him into my I-Phone as a 5 star account. Hopefully during our next time he would fill my mouth with all of his sweet cream. I made it home in time to have dinner with my family and everyone was happy, including me. I had smoked two cigarettes on my drive home just to get my fill of nicotine, so that I could relax from the fucking I had gotten that day. Mikey noticed the change and knew right away that I had some good stories for him tonight. I just knew that they would work up a good cum shot for him to give me in bed that night. My k**s didn’t say anything, but they enjoyed the family dinner time together. They knew that I had been working off and on for the last 7 months, but now they were aware that I’d be gone more often. Hopefully my days wouldn’t bahis siteleri be too late, but there were going to be times that my clients were scheduled later in the evening. My daughter and son were 17 and 16 respectively, and even though we had never come out directly and told them that I was having sex with men for money, it was difficult to hide it from them. They were intelligent young adults and they had learned a lot about my history in the last year, including my younger days as a stripper and escort. They knew that we didn’t need the money, since we had always been fairly well off, but I couldn’t come out and tell them the truth, that I was a sex addict and this was the only profession that I could do that would allow me to make a great deal of money and control my habit. I didn’t get much sleep after making love to my hubby, but my first appointment the next day wasn’t until 3 pm in the afternoon, so I was able to sleep in until I left for my condo to meet my new client. I had a lot of new scheduled customers over the next few weeks, so I was going to be getting a lot of strange cock and the thought excited me. My new client was named Dalton and I have to admit I had never had sex with a guy named Dalton. I’ve always remembered many of the names of the guys I had fucked and it was rare to find a male name that I hadn’t sucked off or let slide their cock in me. I was about to add another to my list when the doorbell rang and I met Dalton at my door. He was an older man, probably around 52 and he was a nice looking mature businessman. He was dress as if he had just left his office job and I made small talk by leading him into the room by his tie instead of his hand. I loosened it up to get him comfortable and offered him a drink and was surprised to find that he asked if I had any pot. I left the room and when I returned I had my stash that Shawn had given me and a small bong. I turned on some music as I let him pack the bowl and then I began to dance for him as his took the first couple of hits. I had removed my panties and made my way onto his lap to take a couple of big hits from the bong. We began kissing and traded the pipe back and forth before he packed another bowl and we smoked some more. I was buzzing and he was fingering my pussy as we sat there rubbing his hard cock through his pant. I began to unbuckle his belt in in short time I was stroking his erection as I took another hit from our third bowl. We were both stoned and I was riding his stiff cock when I took the last big hit off of the bong. His hands were holding onto my tits as I bounced on his pole and I leaned over to allow him to lick and suck on my erect nipples. I was extremely horny and my clit was so swollen as I rubbed it while I slid up and down on his shaft. I began to cum and my pussy’s fluid soaked Dalton’s pubes around his dick and on his scrotum. He thrust upward as I slid down and we were in perfect harmony to the music that was playing as his wet groin slapped against my swollen lips and soaked cunt. I was purring and scratching at his hairy chest as I began to quicken the pace and soon his cock was a blur as his hips jack hammered upward to bang my twat. The pot had seriously increased his lasting power, since I continued to ride him at a breakneck pace for nearly an hour. My legs were tiring and I was breathing heavily while the sweat from my body dripped down onto Dalton. My cunt was still very wet, so his cock drove up into me with ease, but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep up the fast pace. I don’t think that I had ever fucked anyone for so long and so fast without them cumming, at least not in this position. Most men typically came faster when they were not in control of the speed and motion, but Dalton kept a grip on my hips as he helped me to keep sliding on his hard pecker. Another 10 minutes went by before I collapsed onto his chest and laid there resting as he kept thrusting upward. He must have gotten the hint and he rolled me onto my back to begin banging me at the same speed, but now he was doing most of the work. I held my legs spread wide and straight as he jammed me full of his cock and his sweaty balls pounded out a beat on my ass. Another 30 minutes passed before he lead me into my bedroom and took me from behind. I experienced my third orgasm and was moaning loudly while he slammed me from behind. Dalton could sure fuck fast and furious for a long time. He finally pulled out of my worn snatch and flipped me over onto my back while he straddled my chest. He grabbed a handful of my hair on the front of my head as he stuffed hic hard cock in my mouth and began to fuck my throat. His rapid thrusts had me gagging on each stroke and my mouth filled with mucous and his pre-cum as I drooled uncontrollably from the forced deepthroating. I was trying to take a breath between each 3rd or 4th stroke, but I was having difficulty with all the saliva and the angle at which his cock was sliding into my mouth. My eyes began to water and tears ran down my face as he continued to drill my mouth with his long, hard cock. I was able to take a long deep breath right before he pulled up hard on my hair and held his cock in my throat as his body began to shake. I couldn’t breath and I felt my face reddening and my veins bulging as his dick spewed his thick, hot fluid into my mouth and down my throat. I began gagging but couldn’t pull my head back to slide his dick from my airway and my vision began to blur as more blast of his cum choked me. I swallowed as best I could, but the majority of his cum sprayed directly into my esophagus at the back of my throat and ran down into my stomach just like I was doing a beer bong. Dalton let go of my hair as my head felt like it was about to explode and when I fell back onto the bed, his cock slid from my mouth and I began gasping for air as I swallowed the rest of his warm jizz. He rubbed his slippery cum and spit covered cock on my face and soon I was licking it as I reached up and held it still over my mouth. He had cum quite a bit and I still felt the warm in my stomach as it seemed to have bypassed my mouth and ejaculated directly into my gut. I savored the flavor of his jizz as I licked him clean and drained his cock of the remainder of its semen. I laid there as he went to the bathroom and reached over to grab my cigarettes and lit one up to smoke. When he returned, he was dressed and my legs were spread open to show off the results of his marathon speed fuck. My cunt lips were swollen and spread wide to show off the depths of my gaping hole and he stared at it hard as I took a puff on my cigarette and blow out my smoke. “You seem very satisfied.” he said with confidence as he smiled down at me while I lay there teasing him with my dripping slut hole. “I am, but if you’d like another round, my pussy is always open.” I said with a smirk as I sat up to grab his hand and pull him back to the bad. He sat next to me as I smoked my cigarette and began rubbing my slippery, stiff clit with his thumb as his other four fingers stroked my huge opening. I began to moan from the pleasurable sensation and Dalton stood up to begin undressing again. “Well, maybe I can be coerced into going another round.” he said as he guided his cock to my smoke filled mouth and I began to blow him. Dalton was banging my wide gash once again and it was nearly an hour and a half later when he finally came in my sore, red, worn out cunt. I think that he enjoyed watching his cum pour from my spread open slit and I stuck my finger into my vagina to coat it with cum so that I could lick it for him. He definitely enjoy my slutty behavior and the fact that I loved the bahis firmaları fucking I had received and the way I let him know it. My poor little vagina was spent when I finally made it home later that evening and I wore a dress without panties to keep from irritating it even more. My hubby understood and I sucked him off as I told him of my most recent day of sex. I would definitely remember Dalton’s name and he assured me that I would be getting more of his business in the near future. I had made the mistake of making two appointments for the next day and I hoped that my hard pounded cunt could take the abuse of another two cocks. I was a professional again, so I had to take it like one. I soaked in a warm tub that night and made sure to moisturized the outside of my pussy and lubed it well that night so that it would be in good shape the next day. I was sore and irritated and didn’t want it to dry up and become more tender. Lucky for me I woke up the next day in a horny mood with my twat feeling just fine. I ran a razor over it to keep it smooth and bald and then dressed for my noon time meeting. My first client was a city inspector and he was an older, overweight guy who was single and looking to have some fun during his lunch break. He didn’t have a lot of time, so I sucked his cock to get him ready and he nailed me from behind as he bent me over my kitchen table. Many of my clients liked sex in a variety of places that didn’t include the bedroom and I often found myself being fucked on the floor, in the bathroom or kitchen and sometimes on my balcony for those whom were more adventurous. Gus found his pleasure in pumping his cock into me from behind and when he came, his excess jizz dripped onto my tile floor as he kept sliding back and forth. His cock soon softened and his lunch was over for the day. I had a few hours to clean up and get the place ready for my next John whom I had scheduled at 5 pm. 5 pm came quicker than I thought, since I had showered, cleaned up the condo and decided to get high. I’m not sure why I felt the need, but my head and clit were both buzzing when the doorbell rang nearly 30 minutes earlier than expected. When I opened the door, Shawn was standing there and he had two of his buddies with him again. This time they were a different crew than the last two he had brought over to sell me to and let fuck me. “What are you doing here?” I asked in annoyance and he pushed his way in with his 2 friends. “Just stopping by to see my favorite baby mama.” he said with a laugh. I excused myself and pulled him into my bedroom to talk privately. I told him that I wasn’t working for him and that the day I fucked his friends was just for fun and that I didn’t care if they had paid him for the privilege or if he kept the money. I explained that I was back in business for myself and that I wasn’t going to be bullied or pressured into being his whore again. “How about if I show this to our boy then? Let him know what his momma really do at work.” he said with a smirk. He held out his cell phone to show me 5 or 6 photos that he must have taken of me fucking and sucking his two friends that day. “You are such an asshole. Why would you do that” I asked. “Cause I’ve always been your pimp daddy and you know you love dis here cock.” he said as he tossed his phone on the bed and began to pull down his drawers. I backed up and put my hands on his chest to push him away, but he shoved me onto the bed and slid up my dress that I was wearing. He put his hand over my mouth and was between my legs, his foot long cock sliding into my hole before I could say anything or try to fight him off. His cock began pounding my vagina and I was overwhelmed with my addiction as my cunt squeezed his ebony pole and I immediately had an orgasm. I had always loved and craved Shawn’s huge black dick and he knew it. Had I not have been stoned and horny, I would have fought him off, but in my current state, I wrapped my legs around his waist and let him drive his cock deep into me at his pleasure. He yelled to his two friends and they came in to see him fucking me on the bed. He stood up and pulled me toward the edge of the mattress, his cock still sliding into me as he pulled my dress over my head and threw it on the floor. His friends moved closer and he handed them his phone and they began taking photos of Shawn and I. After about 5 or 6 minutes, he pulled his long, wet tool from my pussy and his friends took turns fucking me and making me blow them. I didn’t complain or even try to deny them as I sucked both of their black cocks and invited them into my cunt to slide their thick, hard members. I looked up at Shawn as he snapped off one photo after another as I was double teamed by his friends. Their cocks filling my mouth and pussy as they drilled me with abandon, skewering me between both of them as I sucked one cock and got fucked with the other. I was moaning loudly when I heard the doorbell ring and looked over to see my bedside clock and that nearly 25 minutes had passed since they began their sexual use of my body. My new client was knocking and ringing the bell as I was being taken in my bedroom by two of Shawn’s friends. Shawn went to the door and I heard him tell my customer to come back in an hour before he closed the door. His friends continued to pump their cocks in me before one of them blew their load on my face and the other pulled out to spray my tits. I was covered in thick, white cum and Shawn stepped in to stuff his cock back into me as his friends dressed. He took more photos of me with my face and tits covered in jizz as he drove his cock deep into my vagina and his balls slapped against my taint. I was in heaven as I came again and then Shawn pulled out and unloaded on my face too. His spunk shot into my hair and closed my one eye as he blasted me with a large amount of warm, sticky semen. I grabbed his large cock and rubbed it on my face, licking him and his friend’s cum from his cock. Then I used my fingers to pick up and lick the cum from my tits as he took photos of me being his cum slut. Three big loads of cum and I was eating it like it was an afternoon treat. I had been used as his whore again and I have to say that I had enjoyed it. Shawn pulled up his pants and joined his friends as they began to leave my room. I laid there, licking my fingers and enjoying the cum, my body and face still sticky, as I reached for my pack of cigarettes on my night stand. I placed one between my cum covered lips and Shawn came back in to light it for me, then returned to his friends and collected their money in front of me, to let me know that he had just pimped me out. I took a deep drag and began rubbing my clit as they left and I heard the front door close. I kept rubbing my erect little friend until I began to cum again, sucking on my cigarette and blowing smoke like a chimney as I moaned out loud. I quickly showered and dressed after I had finished and my client was once again at my door, knocking and ringing the bell. I was smoking another cigarette when I answered and my head was still buzzing from the d**gs as well as the multiple orgasms that I had enjoyed while being used by Shawn and his friends. He was perturbed, but I relieved his tension with a quick blow job in the entrance hallway. I continued to smoke as I sucked him off and he finally came in my mouth, feeding me another blob of jizz. He was turned on as I swallowed it and then I led him to my room, where I explained that due to his inconvenience, I was going to do him again for free. He laid back as I teased and sucked him for the next hour before his erection returned and I rode it for another explosion. When he left, he was a happy client and my cunt was purring happily too, as his cum leaked between my labia and I tasted it as I once again smoked another cigarette in my bed, relaxing from a fun day of being a whore.

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