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Older for YoungerI had only just turned 18 when I happened to stumble across my old head master in a shopping centre. Now I had always had a crush on him when I used to attend his lessons at school. You see I have a thing about a father figure. We said hello to one another in passing like you do on seeing someone from your past. He asked me if I would like to go for a coffee in the precinct. I agreed to his suggestion as I was at a loose end, and I thought to myself, “Why not”. We got talking about the old times. Opening up to me he told me that his wife had left him for a younger man, and that he now lived in a street not far from me, and giving me his address said that I could drop in on him unannounced anytime that I was passing.He was 53 years old, but kept himself in good shape. About a week later I decided to call in on him to see how he was coping with life, and to give him any moral support should he need it, I’m like that you know. I was still a virgin at the time, as up until then I had been saving myself up for Mr Right ( “Is there such a thing” )? I found the bungalow where he was living and walked up the path and tentatively knocked on the door. It swung open. “Hello” I shouted out; but there was no reply. It was then that I could hear the shower going, so I followed the sound of rushing water to the bathroom. “Hello” I called out again. Still no reply. So I ever so slowly pushed the door open slightly, and there he was, vigorously drying his hair in the nude with a towel covering his face, and giving me an eyeful of his personal credentials. Obviously he couldn’t hear or see me at the time. Standing in front of me totally unaware that I was there. I was transfixed by his well toned muscular body which was still wet as it glistened in the overhead light. He was very hairy all over from head to toe, but most of all he had a rather large penis flanked by two big balls which I just couldn’t keep my eyes off.I had never seen a naked man before, let alone one this close up and in the flesh!It was at this moment that he realised that I was stood gawping at his naked figure. “Oh hello I didn’t know that you were there” He said in a voice that slightly suggested to me that he knew that I was there all the time, and just wanted me to ogle his naked body, which indeed I had. “See anything you like” güvenilir bahis he ventured with a warm smile. My face went the colour of a beetroot as I realised that I had been caught red handed staring at his impressive equipment.I opened my mouth to say something, but could not think of anything appropriate to say. It was at this point that he moved towards me, grabbed my hand, and placed it around his thick shaft. I could not quite encircle all of it, as it’s girth was massive. It was like I was hypnotised as I held on tightly to it, which in turn made it grow even longer and wider for goodness sake.“Dry me off would you sweetie” he said handing me the towel. I took it as he turned around for me to do his back, bum and the backs of his legs first. When I had finished, he turned round so that I could do his front for him. I started with his chest, and then skipped the sensual area, and went straight down to his feet and legs. Then, when I could put it off no longer, I saw to his middle region. His cock jerked as the towel came into contact with it. I found it mesmerising as it seemed to have a life all of it’s own.He motioned me to kneel down on to the floor in front of him. Then placing his hands on my shoulders he moved in right up close to me, his one eyed man snake waved around in close proximity to my face. “Open your mouth” he said. I did as I was told as I had always been very obedient. As I did so, he slid the head of it into my mouth. It only just about fitted “Lick and gently suck it” He commanded. I love it when a man is all masterful. I duly followed his request, a first for me. It was not as unpleasant as I suspected that it might be, just a little slimy and salty tasting. “You are doing very well my little one” he said as he made contented type noises. He was definitely enjoying what I was doing to him, that’s for sure.Lifting me back up on to my feet, he took my hand once again and said “Let’s go into the bedroom where we can make ourselves more comfortable.” He led me to the room. I followed him as if in a trance. Once inside he closed the door behind him. I felt very apprehensive but also sexually excited. “Sit on the edge of the bed” He said. When I was seated, he started to talk to me in a low soft voice, whispering sweet nothings in my ear as he once again stood in front of me. türkçe bahis This time he undid my blouse buttons as I remained transfixed with his pre-cum leaking from the end of his big penis. He then removed my blouse completely revealing my white lacy bra. Reaching around my back he unfastened it, making my boobs spring out at him. “Wow! they are just beautiful” He stammered as he gazed at my nipples hardening on them.I was pleased with his comments, and yet nervous by his response thinking about what he might do to me next. I could have stopped it there and then I know but, I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to see how far he would go with me. “Take your shoes and socks off” He told me. I complied. “Now stand up” He instructed me. Once upright, he knelt down in front of me and removed my skirt, which collected in a pool around my ankles.”Nice legs” He commented. “Thank you” I replied. Grabbing hold of my wet panties which I felt very embarrassed about, he hooked a thumb in under the elastic top on each side, and ever so slowly slid them down to join my skirt on the floor, revealing my downy covered pussy, which glistened with the start of the flow of my love juices in the light. “Oh lovely” He exclaimed, as he moved his mouth so close in to it, so that I could feel his warm breath on my pussy. His hot wet tongue rasped across my clit making me gasp and my body buck involuntary. On the one hand I felt ashamed of myself for letting a man old enough to be my parent do that to me, but on the other hand, not wanting it to stop.He next started to eat me out, making my body quiver with the sensations he was giving me. Sliding his hands up my trembling legs his hands gripped the top of my thighs. He lapped away at my engorged love button, with quite a pressure making me squirm around beneath him as his attentions sent little electric shock waves throughout my perspiring body. “What are you doing to me” I cried out in ecstasy. “Mmmmm” was the only reply I received. Making his way up my body, I could feel him nudging my private entrance with his meat pole, before pushing the lips to the sides as the head of it started to penetrate me, making me gasp, because of the size of it. Millimetre by millimetre it very slowly edged it’s way inside. I tried to relax my virginal muscles as much as possible to accommodate his güvenilir bahis siteleri throbbing shaft as it gradually impaled me. I felt like I was being split in two as it edged it’s way in. All of a sudden there was a sharp pain, and then it was gone. He had taken my virginity!I started to relax and fully enjoy the delights of intercourse that I was experiencing for the very first time. It was a heady mixture of intense pleasure and a slight discomfort as his hot rod slowly disappeared inside me, giving me feelings that I had never felt before. I instinctively locked my legs around his back and held on to him tightly, digging my nails into his back as at last I had completely accommodated him to the full.Feeling that I now how grown accustomed to the size of him, he started to withdraw his penis out until just the head was captured inside before slipping it back in again up to the hilt, building up momentum, until he was slamming his dick into me like his life depended on it. I closed my eyes and rode his frantic fucking which sent me spiralling over the top for my first ever orgasm. But he wasn’t finished yet; oh no. looking into my face and seeing my facial “Oh my god I’m cumming for the very first time ever in my life” Expression, it just seemed to spur him on to greater heights.Next he instructed me to kneel doggy style on to the bed. When I had assumed this position, with my butt up in the air and ass cheeks parted, displaying my rosebud, he started to lube up my rear entrance first with one finger. “What are you doing”? I queried. He didn’t answer, just kept on with the business in hand that he was working on. Once I had got used to this initial anal invasion, another finger was added to it and then another and so on until all of them were inserted in me, bringing tears to my eyes I can tell you. He then withdrew them, I knew what was going to happen next after that, and I wasn’t wrong either. I felt my anus being nudged by his weapon of choice. After a struggle to gain admission, the head of it had penetrated inside me. Giving me a little time to adjust to his hugeness, he started to slide the rest of it inside me, until I felt his hairy balls bounce off my bum cheeks.Slowly building up a tempo, he proceeded to give me an anal pounding, before eventually shooting his load inside me, which left me sore for a few days after I recall.Now no longer a virgin, and all of my entrances more able to accommodate his penile onslaughts, I visit him now at least once a week now for a good seeing to, and never felt happier, how lucky am I?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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