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Older FriendJohn moved in to the house 10 doors down about 6 years ago, he is a 74-year-old man that would pass for someone in their mis 50s. He moved in with his wife, she sadly passed 4 years ago.I chat to John on a regular basis and help him with his garden and share the od beer over a warm summer night.I had arranged to meet john on Sunday to help out, it was 10am and I arrived at the back door. I knocked, no answer, I called out. The door was open so in I went.This led to the laundry room, there was another door leading into the kitchen, I knocked on that and called out, opened the door. I could see into the kitchen and on to the hall and the front door n the distance. I called “John”.John came down the stairs in the distance, he had a towel wrapped around his waist, he said “I’ve just got out the shower, make a pot of Tea and ill be with you soon”.I must admit that John had a good body for his age.As John walked towards me down the hall his towel caught on the side table and the towel fell off.John was standing there quite naked, he did not say anything or go to pick up the towel, just silence.I looked at John he had a semi hard on cock, it looked very impressive. I think the ha been more than showering upstairs, maybe a bit güvenilir bahis self-gratification.I said nothing, I was silent, no words of shock or “oh my god” just silence.I stretched out my right arm in a gesture of acceptance and continued to move towards John.We meet and I held his now stiffer cock in my hand, John cuddled me and gave me a small kiss.His cock felt good in my hand it had grown, it was about 7” long with a nice girth. I was slowly masturbating him and at the same time I felt my cock begin to throb.We ended up in the living room, sat on the couch, John pointed to the space between his legs, he wanted me to take his cock in my mouth. I moved to kneel of the floor and took his stiff cock in my warm moist mouth and began to suck him, I wanted to suck him dry.I had not sucked cock for a long time but that I was this was pure orgasmic.John was pushing my head down his shaft, I was sucking his glorious cock head, after a bout a minute there was a sweetness, that filed my mouth, pre cum, so sweet, I loved it. It brought back all the memories of the cocks I’ve sucked and tasted over the years.I had been sucking John for about 2 minutes when I saw his abdomen tighten, his legs give a jerk and then my mouth was filled with güvenilir bahis siteleri warm slightly salty cum, John came a lot, my mouth struggled to keep it in, I did not want to swallow straight away but to savour him and enjoy his cum. I eventually swallowed his come and for the fist time John spoke “God I fucking needed that”John said “Thank you, I like to cum quickly the first time so that later I can stay longer, Lets go upstairs and I can see to that cock of yours”We moved upstairs; John undressed me paying attention to my stiff cock. He was sucking me and teasing my cock end with his tongue.We lay on the bed and moved to a 69 position; John was now stiff again.I was impressed at his recovery rate.We sucked each other stroked each other’s bodies and move to kissing. I did not like kissing when I first went with men but now it’s essential.John knew how to use his tongue and was a very sensual kisser.We were rubbing cock on cock when Johns cock slipped between my legs and up between the cheeks of my ass. I was so sensual, I wanted John to fuck me and have his cock deep inside me.I noticed on the bedside table some lube, I got some applied it to my ass and the tip of Johns cock.I took control and began to sit on Johns iddaa siteleri cock, it felt good at the edge of my ass, I slowly lowered, my ass stretched. I had not had cock for a long time, my ass hurt a bit as it stretched to take the cock head in. slowly, I lowered and then the head passed in, my ass twitched and then I was down all the way, heaven. I moved up and down it was brilliant, he felt so good, I did not want to stop.I did this for a couple of minutes then John rolled me over and took me from behind, I don’t know if his Cock had grown but he felt bigger inside me and he began to fuck me deep and hard, gathering speed and momentum after a short while he pulled out and sprayed my back with cum. I was in heaven. When I rolled over, I noticed that I was damp around my cock, that during being fucked Ii had come myself. We both collapsed together and had a kiss and a cuddle before nodding off and having a morning nap.I woke about 40 minutes later; John was awake and smiling at me. He said he had enjoyed our session and that he had another hard on.I said to wank in front of me, I like to see a guy wank. Then to cum over my face so that I can taste his cum again.John did this and I licked up every drop of cum that he had left.John said that he wanted to meet again and would I like to. “Of course,” I replied.I did ask if this had been staged, me coming in and his towel slipping, John said “ I’ll let you decide on that”No date was given but I know that it will be very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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