Mar 14

On the road again…

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On the road again…I meet this guy online who lives two hours away. He’s immediately possessive and serious. When I go out, he tells me to pretend we’re married so that I’ll be good and not flirt with anyone. All kinds of stuff like this before we meet. We talk sex stuff but he’s all like he doesn’t want to have sex the first time we meet because he wants it to be serious, not just about the sex. He invites me to drive down and stay the night, I can sleep in a separate bed if I want. We’ll go out to eat, then come back and watch Netflix and drink and talk. So I warn him that I’ll be a little wary about the drinks he gives me, considering the whole d**gging thing. He gets all offended about this. So I end up showing up to his place bringing my own drinks. We go to dinner and I’m struggling. I’m not attracted to him. And this is my first new guy in like twelve years. But I wanted to get this out of the way, this having sex with someone new thing. I wanted to get on the road again. So I start consuming one of my drinks but then go what the hell, fix me one of your Crown and Cokes. I’m not a big drinker and had never had Crown before. I proceed to throw down three or four of these drinks straight. So we’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix. My head starts spinning and I’m like oh I feel the buzz. So he says embrace the buzz and jumps on me. He pulls up my shirt, sucks my breasts, then batman rus escort pulls my shorts down. I’m sitting on the couch and he’s kneeling in front of me giving me head and I come pretty quickly. He had previously told me via text that he was guaranteed to make me come this way because he uses his fingers on the g spot and he was right. So the next thing I know, he’s standing there unbuckling his pants and it’s like everything goes in slow motion with the unbuckling of the belt and the sound of it in my ears and I’m like what the hell is happening. This is all too quick and I’m sooooo drunk. So I’m like wait, I need a minute. And I go to the restroom to sit down and think. I come back and he’s all naked sitting on the couch with his black cock in the air and I’m like, I’m not sure about this. It’s all happening so fast. So he starts in with the begging and the whole “oh just let me stick it in and pull it out” business. And even in my trashed state, I’m like what kind of line is this? What’s the difference between that and fucking? Lol. So I contemplate drunkenly and say go ahead. At this point he’s fucking me on the couch but my body, in particular my vagina, feels miles away from me. So he’s just going in and out miles away and then he pulls out and comes on me. I’m like what the hell, that’s the quickest coming I’ve ever seen. He tells batman rus escort me he hurried because he was afraid I’d change my mind any minute about letting him fuck me. But he tells me we can go round two.So from here the rest of my night is fuzzy to where I remember parts and pieces. He then puts his fingers up my shorts and into my vagina. I straddle him on the couch with him sitting up, his back against the back of the couch. We fuck a while like this until I drunkenly tell him I want something different. He takes me to the side of his California king bed which seems even bigger and I complain about having sex in front of his picture of Jesus. He doesn’t help me out but keeps moving forward. So we first do missionary. He gives me head again. I remember him telling me in a bossy manner to suck his cock. I do. I remember feeling like I was watching from above, not really in control of what I’m doing. I remember asking him questions about liking what I was doing and feeling like I was talking like a porn star. At one point he has me in doggie style where I’m having to hold onto his foot board for support as he fucks me hard from behind and is forcefully spanking me. This was my favorite part of the night. So at some point in the night I go into his closet and put his jeans on. Nothing else. I go parade in front of him. He’s not amused. rus escort batman I throw the jeans into his closet and ask his permission to go run around in his back yard naked to look for the full moon. I do this and find the full moon. By myself. Days later I’m on my phone at work and find a picture of myself in just his jeans in the bathroom that I took. I don’t remember taking it and this unsettles me a little. I at some point later in the night run into his bathroom door frame and break my toe. I don’t tell him until morning. Now am I a fun drunk or what? At some point later in the night he tells me I squirted and proceeds to take me to the bed to show me my wet spot. So I wake at like 5 am with no hangover and just wait and wait for another fuck. I have this little lacy nightgown that I somehow remembered to put on and I give up on the fuck. So it’s like 8 am now and I go into the living room and I’m bent over my bag going through my clothes. He comes in from smoking a cigarello in the garage, comes straight to me, and lifts up my nightgown from behind and sticks it in and fucks me. The whole time I’m just trying to keep my balance and loving it and my face is hot and flushing from how great it is. Then he shifts us to where I can hold onto the lamp table and keeps fucking. Then he stops because he thinks I’m uncomfortable bent over in that position for that long. He then goes and brushes his teeth while still having a hard on. So I go climb on the bed and spread my legs open towards the bathroom door and tell him to finish me off. So we do missionary and then he turns me on my side and fucks me a couple of ways like that. He earned the title hardest working dick from me on this weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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