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ONE IN THE MIDDLEJust got into this about 5 months ago. 6 of us got together and drew straws the shortest straw was in the middle. I lucked out the first time, though I wasn’t too sure.THE RULES:1. Middle guy lays on his back nude, butt elevated on a pillow legs up and pulled back and well lubed, jacking up hard.2. Guys all line up in order largest straw firs, all of them hard and ready.3. Each guy must rim the guy in the middle before he fucks him. 4. After he fucks moves to the guy’s cock and suck it up.5. After he suck his cock, in the next rotation he move up and the middle guy sucks his up hard for 2nds if he can make it.6. The fuckers just rotate from riming, fucking, sucking, sucked and back to the fuck.Howard was first giving me a delicious long riming tongue licking my crack & may balls, then both mu ass-lips on each side of my butt-hole then tongue fucks me, güvenilir bahis believe me I am stroking with every lick.Then he moves up and just pushes his fat 7″ cock with a helmet cock head just into my ass-hole feeling my small ass-crack squeeze and then wrap around his cock head, and I flinch my butt muscle milking his cock loving the feeling of his cock penetrating my tight ass-crack, By this time I’ve worked up so that my pre-cum is oozing from my cock head and I’m rubbing it on my cock, giving my very sensitive mushroom shaped cock head the most attention, and truly turned on watching the other guys fondling each others cocks ETC waiting their turns.Howard by this time has rammed his cock balls deep into my ass-hole and is fucking like crazy with me stroking my cock with each ramming fuck for several minutes when I start blowing my load making my ass-crack türkçe bahis and butt-muscle squeeze and really milk his cock into blowing every wad up the length of his cock to burst from his piss-slit deep in my ass and soon running out around his fucking cock and down my butt crack. Then he moves over and licks up my cum off my belly, legs ETC and sucks down on my still throbbing cock.Ernie was next and I really loved the gentle way he licked Howards cum up and down my crack, his gentle nursing on my cock rubbed puffed up wrinkled ass-lips nursing the smears of cum off of each, slurped it up off of my slightly open butt-hole-crack. I must add that I was humping Howards slurping mouth making my butt-crack squeeze down a bit on Ernie’s tongue fucking. Ernie moves up and very slowly eases his big round cock head into my ass while he feels my ass-crack squeeze down and güvenilir bahis siteleri butt-muscle start its milking he never stops moving in 2″ and back 1″ until he is balls deep. Ernie likes to stay deep and just barely move his ass feeling my but muscle squeeze and milk that very fat base of his cock. Rather like that as I humps slowly stroking and he soon speeds up and is really banging my ass for some time before he fill me up with wad after wad that also leaks out down between my butt cheeks.Howard moves up and starts feeding me his cock about half hard and I love sucking and nursing on it as I feel Ernie sucking on mine when Ron starts rimming my ass. We are really in sink with me sucking cock, sucked and rimmed almost in sink-even before Ron starts to fuck I blow my 2nd load its really fantastic feeling a hot tongue fucking, a mouth nursing on my cock and the delicious taste of Howards cock.With Ron fucking, being sucked and sucking cock the round really begins. I must say that by the next two Bud’s got there turns my well fucked as was a bit loose, I cum one more time with Harry the last guy,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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