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One Night of Desire

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It was the first rainfall for over three months in a city aching for relief from the summer heat, and the sweet, dusty smell kicked up from the sidewalk was almost intoxicating. Straight ahead, the neon sign flickered sporadically as those initial droplets of rain hit, illuminating the otherwise gloomy alley with bursts of pink light. “DESIRE” they called it, but it might as well have been called ‘NEED’ – the need for tongues, and fingers, and cocks stuffed into every hole, over and over again. Model employee; respected boss; it didn’t matter. The need was hers and hers alone – the dirty little secret that her family and co-workers must never find out about.Kate sighed as she neared her destination, but didn’t hesitate; ignoring the curious stares of a couple of hookers as she crossed the street without bothering to check for traffic. Not that many cars frequented this part of downtown anyway, certainly not at night. Anyone loitering in this district after dark either wanted to get high or get fucked and Kate wasn’t much interested in getting high.She was dressed as instructed in a black, knee-length overcoat that was belted tightly shut, providing her only protection against the inclement weather; and black four-inch heels that clacked loudly on the sidewalk with each step. Her makeup was minimal – dark red lipstick; dark grey eyeliner – and her shoulder-length red hair had been curled up and pinned into place for the evening.Master was waiting for her arrival, opening the door at the third knock just wide enough to let her into the building, allowing access to a narrow, dimly lit corridor that smelled faintly of stale tobacco and sweat, and which always looked much longer than the twelve or so paces she had committed to memory. She stared up at him as the door was firmly bolted shut behind her. Master was two or three inches north of six-foot, with a broad-shouldered, gym-honed body that wasn’t purely for show. Kate knew her companion had competed in various martial arts tournaments over the years and despite his obvious bulk, he moved as lithely as a dancer; a heady mix of coiled energy and grace.Tonight, he wore a tailored black tuxedo with matching bowtie; the pristine white linen shirt standing in marked contrast against the suit’s darker fabric. He’d cut his hair close to the scalp again, which Kate always liked, and he’d freshly shaved too; his strong jaw was finally freed from the week-old beard he’d sported earlier that day, and Gaultier aftershave subtly filled the space around him. Master’s nose had been broken and reset more than once, lending a pleasing imperfection to otherwise perfectly handsome features; but it was his eyes she instinctively gravitated to – light blue, almost icy eyes that seemed capable of cutting through any bullshit or hesitation.Kate wanted nothing more than to for him to force her up against the hard steel door and fuck her until she could take no more and came there and then, impaled on his thick cock whilst the hookers on the street corner opposite heard her cry out. But tonight he had other plans. She would have to wait a while longer before he would take his pleasure with her, and she trembled, her cunt already wet with anticipation, thinking about what was waiting for her deep in the bowels of the club.As she waited for his command, the unbidden question resurfaced n the back of her mind: why am I doing this?And as ever, the answer whispered from some dark, inner place: because you need to. Because you love being his slutty whore.*****Jason had oozed confidence from the minute he’d set foot in her office.He’d been her final interviewee for the day – a last minute addition to the list after an old friend forwarded her his resume – and she’d been taken aback when the tall, handsome young man came through and took a seat without even asking, as if he owned the place and Kate was nothing but a sitting tenant awaiting his arrival. Yet despite her initial reservations, she found herself entranced as they began talking; Jason effortlessly answering every question thrown at him whilst simultaneously parrying with his own, displaying detailed knowledge of the industry that had Kate re-evaluating things she’d previously taken as gospel.Somewhere along the way, the conversation slipped from the professional to the personal, and the allocated forty minutes rocketed to almost two hours. Almost ten years her junior, he’d just celebrated his thirtieth birthday in Las Vegas with a group ankara travesti of close buddies he’d made whilst completing his MBA; and Kate laughed as he described how they’d dressed up as Elvis impersonators, gate crashing two weddings and a bat mitzvah. Even as she walked him to the door she was already offering him the job; when she’d shook his hand goodbye, she felt a jolt of electricity course through her body. Later, as she sat alone at her desk confirming his contract, Kate realised that the fabric of her panties was soaking.Jason started with the firm the following Monday.It took him just two weeks to make the first move.Kate was working late again, eyes glued to her laptop, assuming she was the only one left in the building, when the knock came and she looked up to find Jason standing in the open doorway, his suit jacket folded neatly over one arm.“I’m heading home,” he said. “Are you going to be staying much longer?”Kate looked at her watch, raising her eyebrows. “Shit – I didn’t realise the time.Maybe another twenty minutes or so, then I’ll call it quits.”She’d expected him to leave then but instead he nodded, strolling into the office as he usually did without being invited, laying his jacket on the leather sofa by the door and pointing towards a table pushed up against one wall, which held a selection of charts and diagrams.“Are those the new plans?” he asked.“They came through this afternoon, but I haven’t had a chance to review them all yet.” She stood and came around to where Jason was already leafing through the documents. Nudging him to one side, she selected a cardboard tube from the top of the pile, pulled out the rolled plans tucked inside and smoothed the papers out across the table, bending over slightly to prevent them from curling back up again. “Here,” she said, “these are for the Layman project.Her heart quickened as he pushed up close behind her, leaning over her shoulder as he eyed up the draughtsman’s work. “I see,” he said, his lips lightly brushing her earlobe.  “And those?”Jason reached around, pointing to part of the plans close to where her hand pinned the document down. Kate blushed and tried to focus her attention. “Those? They’re for the… the…” She realised she was stammering, but couldn’t get her words out.God, he smells so inviting!Still pushed in close behind her, almost pinning her against the table with his body, Jason nuzzled her earlobe gently with his mouth.“Fascinating,” he said, withdrawing the hand back to rest atop Kate’s own; but it was his other hand that she was more interested in. Having been slowly sliding across her ass since the conversation began, it had finally come to a halt against the bare skin of her leg, just above her knee where the hem of her dress ended.Now, it slowly pushed upwards, bunching the fabric with it as it ascended on its slow, inevitable ascent to her sex. Kate continued staring at the framed photo of her graduation day, her younger self staring back at her from the far side of the table; heart pounding as his fingers traced a lazy line upwards along her inner thigh. You could end this now – before following that thought up with the equally treacherous response: No – no, you couldn’t, because you don’t want to end this.She gasped as his hand finally brushed up against her panties and began rubbing at her pussy through the fabric, fingers curling slightly as he ran them back and forth along her slit.“Someone’s very wet,” Jason purred into her ear, Kate’s breath quickening in time with the movement of his hand. “So very, very wet…”This last statement was said as his fingers slipped beneath the thin fabric protecting her modesty, plunging straight into her pussy, his thumb pushing its way between her unresisting ass cheeks to rub against the puckered rosebud of her anus. Kate bucked her hips back to meet his knuckles as she tried to prevent him withdrawing, her breathing coming in short, sharp gasps as she writhed towards orgasm.It was if her pussy had been laying dormant, waiting for the return of its owner. Now, at Jason’s unfamiliar yet familiar touch, it suddenly became alive as if for the first time as he ran his fingers between the soft folds of her vulva and plunged them inside, twisting them gently to stroke the sensitive areas hidden within, revelling in her complete abandonment to everything except her pleasure; her sex weeping and dripping as he increased his pace.In just a few short minutes, it was all travesti ankara over – Kate crying out loudly as she came with Jason’s fingers buried deep inside her until finally he withdrew and took a step back, allowing her room to straighten up and turn to face him.He held out his hand, fingers still glistening from Kate’s orgasm. “Suck them clean,” he said.  Kate stared at him, hesitating; and Jason shook his head, his face suddenly stern. “I said, suck my fingers clean,” he repeated in the same, calm voice.Silently, Kate leaned forward and took his hand in one of hers, bringing his fingers up to her mouth and popping them in one by one, licking them clean of her juices.  It was the first time she’d ever tasted herself, and she was surprised at how much she enjoyed the tangy sexual odour that touched her palate. Finally satisfied, Jason withdrew his hand and stepped back, unzipping his flies.“My turn, I think,” he said, and without hesitation this time, Kate dropped to her knees in front of him, reaching for his cock.*****With the door bolted behind her, Master waited patiently whilst Kate undid the belt holding her long overcoat in place and slid it off h er shoulder, handing it to him. Underneath, she wore nothing but a black garter-belt and a pair of black stockings; the seam running up the back of her legs and visually exaggerating their length. Years of yoga and regular gym sessions had helped her retain her slim figure, even after childbirth; and although her tits were not as big as some of her friend’s, they remained pert and firm. Tonight the tufts of curls just above her sex were neatly trimmed to a small section, leaving her puffy labia clearly visible between her legs; and having removed the jacket, she ran her hands briefly along her thighs as if smoothing out a skirt that wasn’t there.Aside from the lingerie, the only other item of clothing Kate wore was a leather dog collar fastened loosely around her neck; and after neatly hanging her jacket up on a wall hook close to the door, Master withdrew a length of steel chain and attached it to the hook on the collar.“You did as requested?” he asked, staring down at her, his face unreadable in the dull light cast by a single bulb located further down the corridor.“Yes.”“Tell me.”Kate carefully recited her evening’s movements.  She’d followed his instructions to the letter – parking close to the metro, under a streetlight to provide extra illumination.  There, she’d exited the car, stripping naked in the car lot and taking care to fold her work clothes, laying them on the backseat of her Range Rover before retrieving the collar, stockings, garter and heels from where they’d been stored. The last item of clothing had been the overcoat, and she’d been freezing by the time she gratefully scrambled into it, her skin covered in goose-bumps.Of course, there’d been one part of her anatomy that had been red hot, despite the outside temperature.Master waited until she’d finished before asking: “Did anyone see you?”She blushed, averting her eyes to the floor. “Yes.”“Did that turn you on?”He didn’t wait for the answer, instead reaching down and running his forefinger along the length of Kate’s vulva, smiling as he examined the glistening evidence of her arousal before glancing over his shoulder as a door opened briefly, letting a sliver of light spill out into the otherwise gloomy corridor, accompanied by a sharp bray of laughter.  When he returned his gaze to her, for the first time since she’d known him, Master seemed hesitant; almost afraid.“Are you sure you still want to do this?” he asked, softly.Kate nodded. “Yes,” she said, reaching up with her hand to gently cup his face. “More than anything I’ve ever wanted. I need to do this. I’m ready.”He smiled, leaning down to kiss her before taking the chain in his hand, leading her down the corridor towards the laughter and the light.*****Jason.Master.The nicknamed seemed so perfect.It began with little instructions. Sometimes, these were late night text messages ordering Kate not to bother wearing panties for work the following day (she didn’t; Jason rewarding her obedience with a knee-trembling lunchtime orgasm in her office, Kate squirting over his face as he ate her pussy). Others were little post-it notes left on her desk, tucked away under files or other papers, telling her exactly what he planned on doing to her when they were alone. In all of these, Kate gave herself unhesitatingly to Jason’s ankara travestiler total control.Gradually, without either of them really noticing it, the afterhours fucking in the office moved to his apartment where Jason introduced toys to their sessions, soon following these up with restraints – simple silk ties, steel handcuffs and spreader bars at first, and later by complex shibari rope-work that enabled him complete access to her body without Kate being able to resist. Not that she had any intentions of denying him anything. Jason had woken something inside her that she never knew existed and to her surprise and delight, she found herself shedding long-held inhibitions.It was late; Kate moaning away through her third orgasm of the evening as she lay on her belly on Jason’s bed. The room absolutely reeked of sex; of her sweet, tangy odour and Jason’s own scent as he ground his sweaty body atop hers, desperately trying to prolong his own climax.He’d hogtied her using a beautifully intricate series of knots, arching her back lightly to attach her wrists to her ankles, leaving her legs spread wide open so that he easily fit his own body between them as he slowly worked his way into her tight anus. It was only Kate’s third attempt at anal sex, all of them with Jason, and she soon found herself craving the exquisite combination of pain and pleasure of having her rectum stretched by his thick cock. Tonight, he’d pushed through yet another one of her boundaries by introducing a vibrator into her pussy first, so that both her entrances were being filled at the same time.“Fuck!” Jason muttered, feeding the last few inches of his penis into her hole. “I’m not sure how longer I can last!”“Please, just a bit…mmff! Just a… mmm… harder! Push harder, Jason!”Kate moaned softly as her lover withdrew his cock, leaving just the head inside her opening for a few seconds as he teased her, drawing out the pleasure before burying himself back to the hilt in one quick push. Despite her restraints she tried to wriggle, frustrated as she kept reaching the limits of movement available to her as she tried to match his thrusts by pushing back onto his erection, desperately seeking his release and her own orgasm. Failing to budge against the ropes she tried a different tack, squeezing her ass muscles tightly around his cock, smiling to herself as her persistence was rewarded by a groan of pleasure from Jason. She felt his hand brush her thigh as he reached between her legs to flick a switch on the vibrator, changing the way it pulsed; whimpering as the warm fuzziness in her pussy changed from shallow waves of pleasure into an oncoming tsunami of orgasm. She squeezed her ass tightly again.“Please,” she said. “Cum in me. I want to feel you cumming in my ass.”Jason slowly withdrew his cock, pausing with the fat mushroom head almost completely out of her bottom.“What did you say?” he asked.“No! No! Push it back in! I need it in me now!” Kate wailed, helplessly thrashing under his body as she begged.“I asked you a question,” Jason said, pulling his cock completely free now. Kate could feel her asshole pucker as if it couldn’t believe it was empty and only sought to be filled once more. “What did you say?”“I said, I want you to cum in me! I want you to cum in my ass!”“Whose ass?”“My ass! Please, please! I need you to cum in my ass!”“I said, whose ass?”“Yours! It’s all yours, just please – please put your fat cock back inside!”She screamed in pleasure as he spread her buttocks wide open, plunging his cock into her stretched rectum until his hips collided with hers. He gave a series of quick thrusts – three, four; then she felt his hard cock swell inside her as her came, flooding her insides as he emptied his balls deep into her anal canal. Kate writhed as her own orgasm hit with enough force to push the vibrator clean from her pussy, soaking the bed-sheets under her crotch.For a few minutes they collapsed; Jason almost immobile atop Kate as exhaustion overcame them, before slowly withdrawing his softening member from her backside and beginning the painstaking job of unpicking the knots. Afterwards, they lay side by side, his arms wrapped around her, Kate’s head on his chest.“That was fucking amazing,” she said, kissing his torso. “I don’t know how we can top that. Fuck! I’ve never cum so hard!”Jason laughed softly. “There’s much more out there, if you want to explore things further.”“Really?”“Sure. But some of it gets pretty intense. I mean, it’s just the two of us, but there are clubs where–”“Where?”“Where you can really push boundaries and see how far you’re willing to go.”She pushed herself away upright, turning to face Jason, her green eyes seeking and holding his gaze.“All the way,” she said.

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